Rand Paul: If There is a Government Shutdown, It Will Be Entirely Barack Obama’s Fault

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on CBS' Face the Nation and told host Bob Schieffer if there is a government shutdown because of a failure to find an agreement on the future of Obamacare, it will be entirely Barack Obama's fault.

Paul explained the Republicans had moved from their position of full repeal to what they view as compromise in asking for a one year delay, something that is already a part of many aspects of Obamacare. As a result, they are asking Democrats to compromise.

"But see, he is saying 100 percent of Obamacare or the highway," Paul said. "The president is the one saying I will shut down government if you don't give me everything I want on Obamacare. That to me is the president being intransigent and being unwilling to compromise."

Though Schieffer said that Obamacare had "already been passed," implying that the time for arguing over whether it should be law had passed as well. It seems he never made that argument when Obama decided not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) or when Obama decided not to enforce immigration laws and his administration told Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents not to enforce immigration laws. Hypocrisy Bob?

Paul suggested that the House and Senate leadership come together and hash out the differences.

"I think there is a way," Paul said with respect to a resolution. "And I have been saying all along that we should negotiate. See, historically Bob, the way it worked is if the House is Republican and passed something and the Senate was Democrat and passed something you had a conference committee, equal number of Republicans and Democrats, and you hashed out your differences. Why don't we have a conference committee on this? You could appoint one today, they could meet tomorrow and hash out the differences. That is the way it is supposed to work. Republicans and Democrats are supposed to find a middle ground but right now, it is the president saying my way or the highway, if I don't get everything I want, if I don't get Obamacare -- which Democrats passed without any Republican support -- the Democrats are saying they are willing to shut down the government."

Frankly, I can remember lots of those little meetings between leadership resulting in nothing good for the American people. Some of the latest of those little conferences was the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling deals. To borrow a word that Chris Matthews attempted to use against Senator Ted Cruz, You cannot negotiate or compromise with terrorists. Barack Obama and the Democrats are nothing more than domestic enemies of the Constitution and the American people (and no, I'm not apologizing for saying that).

However, Paul is right. Obama and Reid haven't compromised one thing. They have simply stood their ground and from the beginning Obamacare was rammed through along the Democrat Party line. Not one Republican voted for it, not one!

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) appeared behind Paul and attempted to rebut his suggestion of setting up a conference committee to negotiate differences between the resolutions in the House and Senate.

"Conference committees are the normal course of action," Durbin said. "We have been trying for more than six months to get the Senate Republicans to agree to a conference committee on the budget. They refuse a conference committee, when it comes to our budget. When it comes to healthcare reform, there should be an orderly process."

"But look what we have to work with on the other side," Durbin added. "Almost forty-five times now the House Republicans have voted to abolish ObamaCare, not to change it, not to come up with any specific change. The closest they have come is with this medical device tax. But, if there's to be a constructive conversation about the future of healthcare reform, it's going forward; I fully support that. But let's sit down in a bipartisan and calm way—not with the prospect of shutting down the government or shutting down the economy."

Frankly, when it comes to funding, that is Congress' job and they can fund or not fund whatever they desire. That authority is their's per the Constitution. They also have the ability, due to the balance of powers, to challenge the Affordable Care Act. There is nothing wrong with that either.

Democrats are just attempting to apply pressure here. Those Republicans who believe Obamacare is not only unconstitutional, but simply bad law, should stand their ground. They shouldn't compromise one inch. Do they see Democrats compromising? I don't. When it comes to that issue, they could learn a lesson from the Democrats and stand on their principles rather than seek to compromise. Compromise is only good for your adversary. As Margaret Thatcher once said,

"If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing."

…and as Andrew Carnegie adds to that sentiment:

"The 'morality of compromise' sounds contradictory. Compromise is usually a sign of weakness, or an admission of defeat. Strong men don't compromise, it is said, and principles should never be compromised."

This is the mindset of many in the Republican leadership. They are more concerned with being liked and the media not beating them up than they are with actually achieving what they say their goal is. My advice to Republicans is, let Obama and the Democrats shut the government down. Stand your ground and you will be rewarded for it by your constituents. If you don't stand your ground, you will face your constituents' wrath.

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  • OpenUrEyes

    Do something about it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy Wayne Barnett

    The Dumbocrats haven't put forth a budget since Obama has been in office.And Obama has changed the law on his own and that is unconstitutional for any president to have the power to out right change the law.They claim millions will have insurance but in fact they will be millions that won't have insurance that they claim Obama care will cover,and the fact that congress is exempt is wrong,if we are forced to have this shoved down our throats then Congress shouldn't be exempt and must accept what they voted on to be included in this train wreck!

  • gambleallen

    I don't think any sane thinking American wants Obamacare any more than we want Obama. Lets get rid of both ASAP.

  • madman

    The Lamestream Media will of course blme it on the Republicans.Harry Reid doesn't even negotiate with the House as he follows B. Hussein Obama's lead.

  • robocop33

    Of course it is Obamas fault as well as Ried and the Democrats. Still the media will go along with the lie that it is the fault of the Republicans

  • sovereigntyofone

    No matter how this turns out you can bet Obama has a statement to blame the House/conservatives for it. If they are stupid enough to " sell us out " again over Obamacare and it fails as it will, Obama will simply say " Well, yes it was my idea but they funded it ". Or if they refuse to pass funding for Obamacare, Obama will say: " well it would have worked had they funded it "
    See what I mean. So, what the House should do, is what is right and to heck with what Obama or anyone else says about it.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • J J

    The Democrats are counting on Americans blaming Republicans for a shut down of the federal government. I am not in compliance with the Democrats thought process. I feel that the Democrats are the ones who are holding Americans hostage to get their way on Obamacare which, by the way, is not the will of the people!!!! But Democrats want to ignore the polls, ignore the people, moving this country more and more towards socialism or worse!!! Compromise, negotiation takes two or more sides to come together, give a little and take a little - not sit there stubbornly demanding their way!!!! I feel very betrayed, sold out, extremely insignificant, hopeless, helpless at the hands of Democrats!!!

    The fact that Harry Reid and 'his' Senate are not even in the building, how can they expect Americans to be on their side?? Also, the arrogance of the president to actually say on TV, " 'I' will not negotiate.", shows that he only wants his way and doesn't want to listen to the American people on the Obamacare issue (or anything else).

    If Harry Reid had been doing his job for the past 5 years and actually presenting and passing a real budget, America would not be in this position!!!!! I am tired of going thru this nerve racking, belligerent, nasty, mean-spirited "continuing resolution" issue every 6 months. I feel like this is a liberal method of controlling the American people thru vindictive, vile, mean-spirited rhetoric placing blame instead of doing their job. And the debt ceiling is the very next issue - which shouldn't be an issue - the federal government should not be spending so much money. Our federal government should not have this much power, to affect the global economy in the way it does!!!

  • Vince Fox

    While Senator Paul is exactly right, it is the Administration, and Democrats that are unwilling to compromise and shutting down the government, it will never be reported that way. These interviews are perfect examples. Schieffer is a mouth piece for the Dems and Obama, who challenged Senator Paul at every moment, while never challenging Durbin, but setting up softball questions which were perfect set ups to allow Durbin to promote his position. The press simply won't allow the Dems or the Admin to be the responsible parties.
    And while Schieffer did bring up the Medical devices tax, he mentioned taxing wheelchairs. What about fishing rods? Out board motors? Certain automobiles? Bow and arrows? Coal???? All things being taxed under the" Medical Devices Tax". Since when is sporting equipment, automotives and fuel considered "Medical Devices"?

  • Joe

    Agree with Huey6367. Running the government is Obuma's responsibility, not using it as a means of extortion to get what he wants; i.e., a place in the history books as the man who socialized the medical system in America, a goal of the democrats for decades and a stepping stone Obama thinks is going to compare him to Lincoln rather than color him as the pariah he is. He also thinks re-making the country into one big gay bar is a good thing, so none of his ideas are meant to benefit the masses, only the few he identifies with. Think it through...Obama is gay, so he provides LGBT with what they want; he's a Muslim, so he picks up the phone and calls Iran, which is tantamount to Roosevelt calling to chit chat with Hitler. Obama is a Marxist-socialist, so he's trying to socialize this country's medical system. He is not a natural born citizen of this country, so he cares nothing about it or its people - including the ones at Benghazi. How did such a man of low character, lacking in integrity and devotion to the truth, justice and the American way ever become president? Twice!

  • Jack Parker

    The Dems are united in their insanity. Their weak-kneed opposition is not. The repubs eventually cave on every issue. What this country needs is more conservative politicians in congress who are not beholden to the GOP. Like, maybe, the Tea Party?

  • Progressive Republican

    "Rand Paul: If There is a Government Shutdown, It Will Be Entirely Barack Obama’s Fault"

    I suppose there is a measure of accuracy there since Obama has said that this time he won't capitulate to Rethuglicons as he has so many times before. Y'know, like when he dropped his idea for universal healthcare coverage and went with the Rethuglicons' idea that they promptly turned their backs on?

  • sandraleesmith46

    Oh now, I disagree; I think PART of the blame has to rest also with dingy Harry on this one!