Soros-Funded Group Petitions against Freedom of Speech for Christian Ministry at Minnesota State Fair

A petition started by Michael Chergosky from Saint Paul, Minnesota at the George Soros funded, targets the Christian ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, specifically calling for the ministry to be banned from the Minnesota State Fair. If you recognize the ministry, then you also recognize the fact that it is headed by Bradlee Dean, a personal friend and contributor to Freedom Outpost. So what is all the fuss about?

Mr. Chergosky claims to be with the Minnesota State Fair, according to the petition, and from the groups he is engaged in on his Facebook page, he is a practicing homosexual or at least sympathetic to homosexuality. His petition reads as follows:

I was surprised to see a booth at the State Fair representing "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Intl." It is a youth ministry based in Annandale that has received criticism from a number of different people, including state representatives Dean, Zellers, Clark, Morrow, and Dibble; Rachel Maddow; the Minnesota Catholic Conference; the Minnesota State College Republican Board; and the SPLC (which has designated it a hate group). It's hard to imagine all of those people agreeing on anything.

YCBRBYCHI has been criticized primarily for advocating violence against gays and lesbians, and for misrepresenting itself as a non-partisan educational group in order to proselytize in schools. The group hosts a talk show on the Patriot, which was suspended a few years ago after a "six-minute long spiel" mocking African-Americans.

The State Fair hosts many religious and political groups, and people aren't going to agree with all of them. That's democracy. However, YCRBYCHI crosses the line by advocating violence and deliberately misrepresenting itself.

The State Fair bills itself as "The Great Minnesota Get-Together", and I believe Minnesotans will agree that this embarrassing and divisive organization should be excluded from the guest list.

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in Chergosky's petition? It seems he wants everyone to get together except the Christian ministry that calls homosexuality what it is, and also calls for those engaging in homosexual behavior to repent. Just like a mother and father, who love their children, will correct their children when they are doing something wrong because they love them, Dean and his ministry do the same thing for those in sin, just like all Christians do who love their neighbors.

Furthermore, Chergosky casts all sorts of aspersions into the mix, claiming that the ministry has received "criticisms." Of course, they have! Jesus received them too, as well as His apostles! What's new there?

The one thing Chergosky leaves out is any evidence of truth that validates his claims. He points to people like Rachel Maddow, who completely distorted Dean's words regarding Muslims and homosexuals. He referenced state officials and their criticisms without actually listing any and even went so far as to mention the Southern Poverty Law Center's designation of Dean's ministry as a hate group (and we all know just how hateful the SPLC is, don't we?).

Most striking is a claim that Bradlee Dean's show was "suspended a few years ago after a 'six-minute long spiel' mocking African-Americans." He also claims that while there are other religious groups at the fair, "YCRBYCHI crosses the line by advocating violence and deliberately misrepresenting itself."

Again, Chergosky provides no evidence for his claims. He merely spouts gossip and it isn't contained to, but I provides the same libel against the ministry on his Facebook page. Chergosky is in effect engaging in his own hate speech.

Anyone that listens to Dean's daily radio show should be able to understand exactly what he communicates. He doesn't advocate violence in any form, and he certainly isn't racist! The man's Facebook page is covered in quotes from the late Martin Luther King, Jr, and he quotes him weekly on his show. He even has a guitarist in his band who has dark skin along with a Hispanic singer. Obviously Chergosky has not taken the time to actually interact with Dean or his ministry. He is merely gossiping and spewing his own hatred out of ignorance, apparently from what he's gotten from socialist politicians and media outlets.

State Fair general manager Jerry Hammer says even if you don't agree with the message the group is promoting, it's a matter of free speech.

"We'll have between 1.7 – 1.8 million people at the fair this year. I guarantee every one of them will find something somewhere they disagree with," he said.

Hammer says any political group can have a booth if they submit a registration and pay the fees. The only time a group isn't allowed to have one is if it threatens public safety.

"It comes down to how the information is presented," Hammer said.

"If you don't like it, don't go to the booth," Hammer said. "From an administrative position, we treat them all the same."

As far as the SPLC is concerned, well, Mark Potok, director of intelligence at Southern Poverty Law had told on himself about his organization's goal. "Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate crimes and so on... I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them."

"It's true that conservative Americans who really believe in the Constitution and the Bible are being found guilty of 'thought crimes,' and their detractors won't stop until they are completely silenced," Dean said in reply. "We will not stop, we must preach the truth without compromise.

Dean told Freedom Outpost,

"This is not about attacking any particular people. This is about protecting a particular people that are under attack, namely our posterity."

The Minnesota State Fair told Freedom Outpost that they are all for freedom of speech and that they have had absolutely no problems with Bradlee Dean's ministry. The spokeswoman also indicated that Mr. Chergosky does not work for nor speak for the Minnesota State Fair, even though he lied about it in the middle of his petition (see below).

According to the Minnesota State Fair Marketing and Communications Staff:

The Minnesota State Fair, as a state agency, neither condemns nor supports the views presented by this or any other organization that exhibits at the fair. We do support, however, the right of groups and individuals to speak freely and express their views. The fair is an open forum for the exchange of ideas and, as such, must allow for the free expression of opinions.

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    Lying Homo Atheists on the loose again...........and they are totally misrepresenting Bradly Dean ...who was invited by the Minnesota State legislature to open their session one year with a prayer to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!

  • Don_in_Odessa

    I read a thing a minute ago and felt compelled to share. I am sure it will rattle the cupboards around here so, since I just love the musical sound of glass hitting the hard floor, here goes:

    It was the Pope of all people who came out and said: "The most important thing is the first proclamation: Jesus Christ has saved you. And the ministers of the church must be ministers of mercy above all."

    Finally, this man has actually read the Bible and understands the priority of Jesus' Great Commission. And I read somewhere that some "smart" guy thought this man was the antichrist. Never ceases to amaze me how Satan can turn so many eyes in the Church to himself and away from the truth. So many looking under rocks, in the alleys, in other's bedrooms, or name the proverbial apple tree for the devil, when they should be looking for God in their own heart and His Word.

    Now, after 500 years the rest of Christianity can learn an old thing that has become new again from the Catholic church. Fire and brimstone was conquered by Jesus. Time the whole church woke up to that fact and start preaching it instead of casting words of stone. And, insisting on making their fellow man, slaves to the "Law". Which my friends, if you even think to break one, you are guilty of actually having done so. And the end there of is death. Obeying the Law is something none of us can do. But, we have liberty and freedom in Jesus. Once we have repented and accepted Jesus the Holy Spirit will lead us through and give us power to conquer sin in our own lives. NOT OTHERS LIVES.

    Here is the link, careful though truth, has a way of upsetting a lot of "good" folk.

    • Tim Brown

      The obvious question inquiring minds want to know is freedom and liberty to sin? Sin is transgression of God's law. Therefore, has Jesus made you free and given you liberty to sin? I mean if you are conquering sin and repenting, then you are by definition obeying the law:) The natural man can't do that. The spiritual man can.

    • Don_in_Odessa

      It was good that you used the word "conquering", a verb in the present tense. The process is ongoing until the spiritual man is set free from the flesh at the resurrection. The liberty we have in God through Jesus is the freedom from the responsibility to pay the penalty of sin, not permission to commit it.

      Not that this has anything to do with the subject of my comment though Tim. My comment was directed at those who use God's law as a club for their main tool when witnessing or preaching. It is not supposed to be the objective in witnessing or preaching, as the Pope said. Jesus' command to his church was to spread the good news. It was not to write the laws of the land. God has written His law in the hearts of men. When we accept Jesus as Savior the blind see and the deaf hear and the lame walk and the dead live. Because of that Spiritual rebirth we can see, hear, experience and live the sin in our lives. Before we were oblivious to it, now we know it and we are ashamed. Our sin is revealed. As long as our spiritual man wears the flesh of the natural man we can not be perfect. Our perfection is only seen by God through the work of Jesus. And the renewing of our minds through he rebirth of our spirit. Our battle with sin in our own lives is an ongoing struggle until we go home.

      The difference between the saved and unsaved is that we have a mind and a heart for Godly things and we make the effort by the strength of the Holy Spirit to defeat sin in our lives. Whereas the sinner has no motivation, save that which deters from ordinary crime for the sane and by the effects from the culture in which they are raised. The sinner is not grieved because he sins against God. If he is grieved it is usually only the case because he got caught and exposed and suffers some sort of penalty for his actions. He has no reason in his heart to ask God's forgiveness.

      Mathew 18:21-35 I believe explains God's forgiveness of His servants better than I can. And because these verses are in the Scriptures at all proves that we continue to sin even as Christians (the servant in this passage)

  • Kent2012

    hoping to looking into the news one day soon and reading an article that discusses how the body of one g soretoes was found with 57 bullet holes, coroner suggests that the shooter started with his feet and worked towards his lips......

  • Bubblegum199

    It's time to arrest him, ayers, Alinsky and Obama

  • dangkids

    Just another homosexual trying to stir up some lies because he doesn't want them there. Well, I say too bad F@G H@G. If you live your life like that, then you will get repercussion from those who believe it's WRONG!

  • Jim

    I can only hope that Bradlee Dean wins a multi million dollar libel lawsuit against George Soros and this group. That would help Bradlee fund his ministry very well for the upcoming years. In no ways does he condone violence but he is well known for speaking the truth. Your day in court should shut them up.

  • LittleRoot_48

    If this ministry group is banned from having a booth at the fair, every Christian who had planned to attend should boycott the fair. Hit them where it hurts the most, in the pocketbook.

  • Que Dub

    So this proves g. sore azz is a mushlum !!! he hates Christians

  • kalli

    It's taken me hours to open and read this column as its headline begins with a name that just makes me want to puke.

  • Elizabeth W.

    Did Chergosky have any scathing remarks about the quaran? He should have if we are to believe anything he says about this group. Where were his scathing words for the muslim who spoke such hate at a memorial service for sixteen dead airmen while the families sat and listened in shock? As a Christian I know I have to pray alot for many people even when I see them as the enemy. My prayer list just got longer.

    • Hapax

      He would not dare to insult the Muslims ( who are known to stone homosexuals to death ) because he is afraid of them. No need to be afraid of most Christians , because most Christians cower in the corner when confronted.

    • Pat Nash

      Hold up now, there are plenty of Christians that will not bow down or cower as you put it. This group is an example. and there are more. Surely we can agree that in these last and evil days, we're to solicit God for that boldness that the early church demonstrated through the Holy Spirit. Can I get an Amen?

  • Don_in_Odessa

    Purchasing a booth for witnessing at the fair grounds sounds like a great idea. Like Mr. Hammer said: ""It comes down to how the information is presented,"... Purchasing a booth gives them the same rights to be there as any of the other booth operators.

    If Mr. Chergosky has brought libelous accusations against the ministry he should be dealt with as the law allows and to it's fullest extent.

    • dangkids

      The drama Queen (Chergosky) has no idea what defaming a person's character is, since he has no character to begin with.

  • Modres

    Gee, that's odd, but I don't recall Dean's ministry advocating violence against homosexuals.

    Interesting how those on the left lie, lie, lie. They obviously speak the same language as their "father," Satan.