Mayor Rahm Emanuel Creating Murder City In Chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to have to work hard to spin this. Chicago is turning into a murder capital. Obama's former chief of staff is running a disaster city, and his strict gun policies are backfiring. He's a disaster. And the only person who doesn't know it is him.

The numbers are dismal. They're appalling. Rahm Emanuel, the ultra liberal anti-gun advocated is running a city that Al Capone would be proud of. His tactics have failed, every policy he has tried to implement is catastrophic. It seems he's cut from exactly the same cloth as his former boss, Chicago community organizer turned warmonger Barack Obama.

In August alone, there were 53 homicides and 224 shot and wounded in Chicago. This comes after the passing of the strictest gun safety laws in Illinois, not to mention in the country. Chicago's gun laws couldn't be more restrictive. But the blood is running down the streets. Rahm Emanuel's policies are a joke. But the joke is on him.

Rahm-Emanual-APWhen are the progressives going to wake up to the fact that gun control doesn't work? Emanuel has made a career out of pushing uber leftist policies. He's cut his teeth in Chicago, and built his reputation during Bill Clinton's presidency. He began his "political" career in the Illinois Public Action organization. He's a more less a community organizer too. And it shows.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." This comes straight from the mouth of Rahm Emanuel. This is the ultimate mantra of a leftist.

But how to spin the Chicago crisis and not let it go to waste? For someone as maniacal as Emanuel, this shouldn't be too big of a problem. Maybe try more gun control. That has worked so well in the past. Or maybe he'll do what other leftists do when their policies fail. Just ignore them.guncontrolchicago

Emanuel was elected Mayor of Chicago in February 2011. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has done nothing to help a city mired in crime, and riddled with bullets.

Emanuel said in 2012, before enacting gun control legislation,“As somebody who stood by President Clinton’s side to make sure we had a ban on assault weapons, I do not want to see more weapons on the street,” Emanuel said.

Chicago is failing. But the last person who will admit that is Rahm Emanuel. His policies are only intensifying the violence.

He has been dubbed “Mayor 1%” by his enemies for cozying up to corporations, and the “murder mayor” for closing 50 public schools, some of which were in gang-troubled neighborhoods.  Also, Chicago “has budget problems and crime problems, problems of inequality and racial division, problems of mutual suspicion and failing schools, of high unemployment and aging infrastructure. And behind it all, special interests so deeply entrenched you need spelunking gear to go after them.”

Emanuel is the "murder mayor." Over this past Labor Day weekend, 11 people were shot and killed and 25 shot and wounded. It's a vicious cycle that shows no sign of lessening. Could it be due to the Chicago corruption? It starts from the top down.

Another dirty Chicago secret is black mob violence. In late August, a police officer had his head bashed in with a baseball bat after responding to a call from an unruly mob.

No one tried to help him or stop the attack,” said one Chicago police officer. “That happens a lot: Mob violence. No assistance. If anything, most of the people are either participating or encouraging the violence. Not trying to help.”

Where was Rahm Emanuel when this was happening? Probably in the same place President Obama was when Benghazi was happening. He was AWOL. This is not the kind of incident that looks good for a high ranking politician.

But Rahm Emanuel hates to waste a good crisis, so surely he'll be able to work something out. Unless the crisis is your own. And numbers don't lie.

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  • $23050701

    Rahm is insane, he continues to try policies that do not work but he expects different results!

  • colleenf

    Welcome to the next Detroit.
    Congratulations, dems, THIS is the culmination of all YOUR insane policies.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Let those people in Chicago kill each other, its a black city like Detroit, they move in the whites move out and they ruin what good was there so let them kill each other, hell send some cruise missiles their way not at Syria

  • Dempsey Coleman

    No worry Rahm has Bullitt proof windows

  • jo johnson

    SSSHHHHHHHH.............don't tell the moron until most of the scumbags are gone !!!

  • John Patriot

    The state run media will never report this, only private media that is not federally funded. So the reports will come out on the obombatube that it has accomplished the mission in chicogo and use it for a poster city for more gun control.

  • 1Pummalo1

    Chi town is on its way to best the results that Detroit came up with and will be the next big city to go bankrupt and already is looking like Hiroshima after the atom bomb.

  • Si Simmons

    Rahm Emassacre --

  • Taskmasterendgame

    Where is the Mighty Jews of Chicago ???
    I saw New York's Jews kick the living day lights out of the
    Pervert Wiener.
    My fellow American Jews get a hold of Mr. Rahm Emamuel and put him straight.
    This Israeli/American Jew is a Disgrace to his people.
    Straighted Emanuel out or get rid of him !

    • dr.b.helthi

      How do you think he got to the top of the pole ?
      It was not by demonstrating solidarity with Jewish belief - - .

  • Doc

    It's okay as long as the deaths aren't caused be someone defending themselves with one of those evil ol guns.

  • YourNameHere

    Wherever liberals go you'll find human misery and suffering. (Look at America under the negro). I keep telling people not to listen to them. That is their end agenda. Misery and suffering, THEN YOUR DEATH.

    The murders and mayhem here indicate the policy is working fine in Chicago. I predict Rahm, will thus, keep pursuing policies to keep it that way.

    All working find and dandy in Chicago. Nothing to see, move on....

  • babsan

    Birds of a feather flock together.Rahm Emanuel destroys Chicago and Obama destroys America,what a pair of idiots

  • greyhound44

    There is NO BLACK Leadership!
    They all need to be Nuked!

  • harrison j. bounel

    obama wants to blow up israel. best way to do that is attack syria. duh. they already said if usa attacks, israel will pay the price. they cant do much to the usa, but, they can sure attack israel. all of them at once. they have done that many many times since 1948.
    obama wants to be like bush. the war president with a nobel peace prize. what an ironic twist of fate. i bet the nobel peace prize commission wont be handing out peace prizes for leaders, like obama, that ''might'' do peaceful things. like kill via drone, attack libya, cut egypt loose and into chaos. just like jimmy carter gave away iran in 1979, obama is giving away iraq, egypt, afghanistan, libya and soon syria. syria protects christians and their churches one but israel does that. not egypt, not any more. how to attack israel and the jews, and at the same time attack christians???? obama attacks syria. shame shame shame


    whites dont have to kill blacks they are killing each other off. maybe they need to go to Rahms hood and play there...


    what else would you expect from good old Obama loving Rahm. The idiots that voted him in deserve everthing they are getting...they asked for it....Oh yeah they may not have voted him in for real due to the democratic party and the criminal VOTER FRAUD

  • kalli

    Chicago, America's own war zone. The only surprise is why the military-equipped police units haven't been called on to stage a "Boston-type invasion" to search without warrants, enter living quarters, remove residents at gun point and disarm every household. If Black Americans aren't losing their lives in Chicago, they are losing them to abortion. You'd think Black leadership would have something to say about that!


      They do its called "ITS THE WHITE MANS FAULT" that's all they can come up with.....we here in the real world called it racist brainwashing of the ignorant..