Hillary Clinton Heckled About Benghazi Following Her Reception of Liberty Medal

I wrote last month that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was to be awarded the American Patriot Award for "defending our nation" and the 2013 Liberty Medal, which would be presented by Jeb Bush. Well, she was presented with the Liberty Medal on Tuesday evening at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Following her acceptance speech one protester began heckling her, ironically the Benghazi attacks.

According to the International Business Times, Clinton stayed far away from any controversial issues in her speech:

Clinton paid lip service to the pressing questions of the day: how the United States should respond to the use of chemical weapons -- the question at stake in Syria -- and how it should balance the need for both liberty and security. But she did not offer any concrete answer on these highly divisive questions.

The use of chemical weapons "demands a strong response from the international community led by the United States," Clinton said. "This debate is good for our democracy."

Clinton's remarks at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where she accepted the group's 2013 Liberty Medal award, came shortly before President Obama was scheduled to speak to the nation about the situation in Syria in a rare Oval Office address.

First, we are not a democracy. We are supposed to be a Republic that uses a democratic process. Clinton knows this, but this is the push among socialists, to get people to believe we are one thing and not another.

Notice in this clip that following her speech, at least one and possibly more protesters are heard chanting "Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!" All of this took place on the eve of the anniversary of the attacks in Benghazi, Libya that left four Americans dead and the Obama administration, including Clinton blatantly lying to the American people about it.

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  • bull57

    My morals and ethics are higher than Geo. Washingtons, "George Washington could not tell a lie, I can, but choose not too"!
    --Mark Twain--

  • ciscokid16

    This is absolutely ridiculous that this woman received this medal.. after Benghazi... just unbelievable.. U KIDDING ME!?!?

  • SeaShel

    All she and Obama have left is the liberals who insist on giving them empty "awards" of some sort, even the Nobel committee giving Obama the prize for peace was a major mistake, which they, nor the press will admit to, however the American people as well as the rest of the world are laughing.....not Alfred Nobel!

  • BeatriceJShepherd

    because they have government criminals steal from those who work and give it to the scum....http://qr.net/kXhK

  • A. Levy

    Giving Hitlary a freedom medal is like making Hitler an honorary Rabbi.

  • fliteking

    Billary getting a Liberty Medal is Akin to Ob*ma's Nobel. Unearned, not deserved, simply a joke.,

  • popham

    What a shocker.....the esteemed former secretary of state and presidential
    wannabee was heckled because of Benghazi. What a disgrace to be heckling
    such a formidable and wonderful woman as Hllary Clinton.
    Yes, Jeb Bush presented her with the Liberty Medal. We are going to vomit.

    • patriotusa2

      How right you are! It's disgusting and I feel sorry for the families of those four patriots that still haven't had any closure. Benghazi-gate will always be there for them but Hillary and Obama have long since forgotten.

  • msbets


  • C D

    Not that your arguments of semantics
    aren’t week to begin with, because they are, but quote mining on
    top of that. Shame on you. Here is the rest of the quote. “This
    debate is good for our democracy. As our founders knew, fervent
    arguments are the lifeblood of self-government. How could a republic
    last if citizens had no opinions about the issues of the day or were
    too intimidated to express them?”

    • LittleRoot_48

      It has come to the point that when US citizens today have an opinion about an issue they are paid a visit by the IRS in order to intimidate them into NOT expression that opinion...especially if it happens to run afoul of what the government thinks.

  • Lynn Graham

    this was the lefts way of getting rid of Jeb.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

    • Petemer

      Bush is as left as Hilary, that is why he chose to present his hero with the medal.

  • chamuiel

    hillary clinton was committing crimes (Whitewater) before we even knew who obama was.

  • David S. McQueen

    Clinton is just another of a long line of lyin' leftists who hate America and love their own hyperbole.

  • Michael

    Killer Clinton in 2016?

  • Gman

    Just goes to show every one how these awards like this and the nobel, that was awarded to the white house clown, are so fake and are given to idiots by idiots. They're meaningless now.

    • Jamie Huff

      You are so right my friend. In fact, the great majority of awards these days are liberals awarding and kissing the asses of other liberals for their great liberalism. All of the liberal entertainment industry awards, the liberal political awards, etc. They have lost any validity in my eyes. The Nobel Peace prize is a joke. I could be wrong but I don't think that there was a single Republican of note present at the Martin Luther King anniversary ceremony recently and he WAS a Republican. Sickening, self-congratulatory buffoons!

  • pateboo

    She LIBERATED 4 Americans from their LIVES!!! Forget prison, she, Obama, Michelle, and Holder should all be tried and executed for treason.

    • Ken

      Agreed 100% and many more.

  • Elizabeth W.

    She has a history of lying just as she did about Whitewater! Another "transparent" accolade just to make her look more of a presidential possibility. Taxpayers pay their salary and they work for us, I say we deserve honest answers to all questions and she needs to be heckled more!

    • A. Levy

      And yet, tens-of-millions of your fellow voters are chomping at the bit to vote for her. And once again, the MSM will take full advantage of those fools and see to it that she's elected in 2016.

    • Elizabeth W.

      And once again those of us that seem to know better, pay a steeper price for our sense of right and wrong because that is how we live. She is too full of herself just like her partner in crime.

    • Garnette

      Google hc being fired from WATERGATE due to lying and unethical behavior..
      She has a very long history of personal and political corruption and is unfit to run for anything other than a prison chow line. Those who consider voting for her due to gender or political party while ignoring her history need need to wake up. She is unworthy and unfit for political office.. certainly going forward as we work to rid our government of corruption and fraud. JUST SAY NO!!

    • LittleRoot_48

      Amen. Idiots in this country in 2008 elected a president based on the "skin color du jour", repeated the this stupid move in 2012 and we are reaping the consequences. We need to think seriously before we elect the next president based on gender. We don't need a repeat performance.

  • babsan

    She should be in jail with her boss plus a few more of the same ilk

  • parlayer

    This is a Surprise?, almost like when the Blue Dress Was put on Display.,