British Al Madinah School In Derby Is A Warning, Will U.S. Listen?

The Al Madinah School in Derby is the first taxpayer funded Islamic school in Britain. With this, Britain made a deal with the devil and one that cannot be undone. The school is implementing full Sharia law on its faculty and students. Great Britain is being overrun by Islam in every way, shape, and form. But with Christianity forced out in nearly all areas of life, it is only natural that Islam would take over; and take over with a sword. America is playing deaf and dumb. America, are you listening?

No, America is not listening, nor is the country heeding the warnings that a merciless invader is sweeping in to take over. With schools in Montgomery County, Maryland demanding that Islamic holidays be fully observed in schools, all under the guise of CAIR, the UK is being overrun with the terror that is an Islamic public school. What is happening at the Al Madinah images6school in Derby is a dire warning about what happens when you bow to Sharia, give in to Islam. Political correctness killed Britain, and with it the entire block that is Western Europe.

The Al Madinah School in Derby is not a school, but an Islamic indoctrination center. Thanks to the cowardly British government, who so easily gave into the demands of the Islamic mob rule, this school is now public. It is enforcing its code of terror on everyone, and there isn't a thing anyone can do about it except submit or get out of the way.

WOMEN teachers at Al-Madinah School in Derby claim they are being told to cover their heads and shoulders with a hijab – an Islamic scarf – whether or not they are Muslim.

There is no getting around this stipulation. The school is Islamic now. However, many of the faculty were not prepared for what they would face, nor what they would be forced to do to comply with the new Sharia "rules."

The school banned "fairy tales" and stringed instruments because they are "non-Islamic." No song will sung that isn't Islamic. Yet this comes as a surprise? This is an Islamic public school, not a secular setting.AFP-Getty-Images-Arif-Ali

Andrew Cutts-McKay resigned from his role as head of al Madinah School in Derby in August, two months after deputy Suzanne Southerland stepped down from her post. Both allege they were ‘bullied and sidelined’ by members of the school’s trust, which is predominantly Muslim. The school strongly denies the pair’s claims.

One teacher, with 20 years of teaching experience, quit the school. "It wasn't until an induction session, just before the school opened, that female non-Muslim staff were told they must wear a head covering, which was not made clear at any time during my interview for the job or was part of any contract. I reluctantly complied and either wore a head scarf or small hat, but took it off when I wasn't in the classroom, but for which I was reprimanded. Wearing the head covering was difficult for me because I am a Christian and had I known it was compulsory for non-Muslim staff I would never have accepted the position."

There are 200 children who attend the school and the current climate has many very concerned. However, there is little, if anything, they are going to be able to do about it.

AL-MADINAH is an Islamic Free school. Within the school we value and esteem our teachers and consider them to be strong role models for all of the students and representatives of the school with all external individuals and organizations. We wish to create an Islamic environment within the school for the sake of the students and to cater for the sensitivities of the community.

The school strongly denies enforcing such stipulations on faculty or students. While the school is being investigated over grant irregularities, classes continue. This is just the beginning. The floodgates have opened.

Is anyone in America listening? This is a dire warning that Sharia is coming to a public school near you. It's already there, just slightly concealed. It's in textbooks, in visits to Mosques, and passing out Korans. And while public schools in Kansas learn the 5 pillars of Islam, the public isn't getting the message that it is but a short trip from this to the Al Madinah school in Derby.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, they'll give in to the pressure. CAIR will make sure of it, and so will the people. The school district says, "If a student is observing a religious holiday, it is considered an excused absence and the student must be given ample opportunity to make up any work and cannot be penalized in any way." It's done. The warning was sounded, and the U.S. will ignore it.

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About Janna Brock
I am a Christian and a staunch conservative. I am very interested in civil liberties and also arts and entertainment from a conservative point of view. I am interested in a wide variety of topics that have to do with the liberal war against conservatives. Christians are being attacked on all fronts, be it the homosexual agenda, abortion issues, and other forms of persecution. It is time to stand for Christ in a sin sick world. Janna Brock also contributes to The
  • Fawad Malik

    Christians ruled hundreds of countries with sword and bullets and still they are bombing muslim countries . but still you guys think Musims are terrorists? get a life and be honest. look at the history . christians killed millions of ppl around the world but still they think they are innocent and civilized/

  • gavinwca

    Heil Hitler great Briton, Maryland, Tennessee , Kansas and the rest of the Muslim White House and administration in Washington D C.

  • John Patriot

    We fought the British over religion and won; we can fight the muzlums and win sooner. They are lousy shots, easy targets and you can smell them a mile away.

  • A. Levy

    There are several tax-payer funded Muslim "schools", and hundreds of mosques in America. That's mainly because, generally speaking, Americans have a history of being the last ones to know when they're under attack and at war. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 being two of the most glaring examples.

    What the American people have never learned is that, weakness (what Americans call compassion and tolerance) begets aggression, and this is especially true when dealing with Islam.

  • LittleRoot_48

    Looks like the entire camel has gotten under the tent in GB. Coming to a school near you in the USA.

  • Bandit

    Well of course they are listening NOT. when you have a mouse-lam in the W/H and is and has been pushing for the same thing here then where are you to go. REMEMBER PEOPLE THAT BAMBA BOY IS A MOUSE-LAM AND WILL AT THE FIRST CHANCE HE GETS WILL DO THE SAME THING HERE IN THIS COUNTRY. After all in his first week in office, bamba boy did say that America was no longer a Christian nation but a mouse-lam nation.

  • tangela3brow

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  • Chosun1

    I don't have a problem with students having excused absences for religious holidays/special religious observances, etc. That is taking kids out of school to observe their religion and should be a decision left between students and their parents/guardians. I do have a problem with public schools, meaning the school employees, doing anything that promotes or attacks any particular religion. I also have a problem with any space being dedicated to religious education or observances at public schools. Let the students have the freedom to engage in their own religious observance but school property and school employees should not be used to promote or make special allowances for any particular religion. I do not have a problem with students speaking freely about their religion or expressing it at any time that is not disruptive to a school -- thus, I think it is perfectly appropriate for students to carry religious books, discuss religious themes or engage in religious activities at public schools -- teachers should neither aid in nor unduly interfere with such activities. This is a tricky subject but I think freedom of student expression should always be permitted when possible but public employees should not be a part of encouraging or discouraging such expression and they should be ever be required to comply with any particular religion's tenets in the public school workplace.

    • Chosun1

      BTW, I think this school in the UK is worthy of nothing but public contempt. What a disgusting use of public funds.

    • A. Levy

      Keep in mind, and as is the case in the US, these "schools" can only exist because of the highly misguided tolerance of the people.

  • Joseph111

    This is not about religious equality, b/c islam is not a religion - it is a political cult whose objective is to dominate and overthrow western civilization
    ask these same people pushing for religious equality to denounce al queda, hezbollah, and the muslim brotherhood, as well as all extremist muslims throughout the world - they won't
    why? because they are in total agreement with those groups
    forget political correctness - this is a judeo christian country and we do not recognize those who try to exterminate others to push their beliefs

    • Fawad Malik

      i guess you are blind. U.S is attacking Muslim countries and Britain is supporting her but still u guys think musims are dominating? whose got the most bombs on earth? christians is the answer. whose got the most atomic bombs? who attacked innocent civilians with atomic bomb? Christians is the answer.

    • Joseph111

      do you denounce al queda, hezbollah, the muslim brotherhood, and all other muslim terrorists for the cowardly acts of terrorism they committ on innocent civilians worldwide??
      when was the last time you heard of a christian terrorist or christian suicide bomber??
      Christianity is the religion of peace - islam is the cult of domination
      wake up to the truth - or just keep drinking your kool-aid ...

  • $2398599

    Great Britain is no longer great. It's home to some of the nastiest muslims you will ever come across. The Brits., brought them in during the fifties, being descendants of those who had served with the British army during the days of the Raj. Now they have exploded their families into so many that they have essentially their own sharia driven towns in ENGLAND. The Brits., have had their guns taken away from them and they have been turned into eunochs.
    More's the shame.

    • A. Levy

      Seems the Brits, like the Americans, are quite tolerant, aren't they. We'll see if they're able/willing to pay the price for it.

  • TurtleShroom

    I never thought I'd praise our interpretation of the Separation of Church and State, but here we are. The same BS that bans public expression of Christianity and school prayer will ultimately become a barrier that could save us from this.
    Don't expect the ACLU to actually do their job. They're too busy kissing Muslim rear.

    The claim that the UK is under siege is just and true, but comparing LITERAL TAXPAYER FUNDING OF THE DEMON SEED OF ISHMAEL to letting children be excuses for religious holidays is stupid.

    My school has a multi-week Winter Break to encompass Christmas (Winter Break is subtitled "Christmas Vacation"!) and other winter solstice holidays. We also have a Spring Break and an Autumn Break, as well as a dedicated Thanksgiving Break, which is three days long.

    In addition, people of minority faiths AND majority faiths are allowed to check out for holidays deemed sacred to their faith.
    What is wrong with that? If I had kids, I'd let them stay home on Good Friday if the school didn't adjust Spring Break. That is because I treat Good Friday as holy and like another Sabbath: a leisure day of rest and play.

    Why are you bad mouthing parochial leave and how does that compare to a literal subsidy of a faith seeking to kill you? Itʻs straw grasping.

    I am much more concerned with actions like Dearborne, Michigan. School absences are not infiltration. They're universal.

  • archipapi

    What is the queen of England doing? has she lost her mind????

    • TurtleShroom

      Her Majesty is a figurehead with no power to stop anything. Like Mitt Romney, myself, many Libertarians, and Dixie as a whole, the Queen of England is too civilized, gentlemanly, and proper to cause a scene.

      I believe we lost 2012 in part because we were too civil and classy and argued with facts when Democrats actually made a poster of a woman pinned to the ground and the caption "Republicans for Rapists".

    • archipapi

      Republicans should learn arithmetics. They never figured 1 more Mexican=1more socialist. We verified that in 2008 and 2012.

  • redneck4Christ

    The pendulum is swinging from feminism pervading our culture, society, and religion people call "Christianity" to Islam. Liberals embrace feminism and Islam and reject the tenets of true Christianity. And people who claim to be conservative and Christian embrace and fully accept feminism that is contrary to the Word of God. The Word of the only true living God is blasphemed by nearly every woman in today's society who calls themselves "Christian". The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) pursues and embraces Islam and, to some degree, all other world religions including atheism except Judaism and true Christianity. And most of Protestantism is moving towards the RCC as well.
    Jesus tells us that if we love Him, keep His Commandments (John 14:15) and if we are faithful to Jesus, we will go make disciples and teach them to follow His Commandments (Matt 28:18-20) rather than the perversions of our society like feminism and other idolatries of self.
    But who is leading us in the battle against heresies like Islam? Janna Brock, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin,... And the pendulum keeps swinging.

  • $3251463

    This is why the Western Governments are being besieged with Muslims. Check this out:

  • Sandy

    The Barbary Coast pirates (Muslims) were finally dealt with militarily by our Founders after decades of tribute paid. Time is past when America must again smash the devil's invention: Islam.

  • redbird

    seems like none of these Yankees have the gonads to stand up against this crap .

    • Sandy

      Free minded people fled Great Britain. There are no Yankees left in GB.