Bombshell: Egyptian Media – Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood Member

Well it seems like the secret that the Egyptians have been promising has been revealed. The question is, will America listen?

We have been expecting this information, but did not know the exact nature of it.

Here is a short blog post that Pamela Geller put on Atlas Shrugs yesterday:


The Muslim Brotherhood terror TV network, Al Jazeera is reporting that Egyptian media is outing Barack Hussein Obama. I don't know if he is a card carrying member but he is clearly a huge supporter of these vicious jihadists.

Egyptian media says Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member Al Jazeera, September 2, 2013

Director of Research at the Brookings Doha Center, Shadi Hamid, tweets out about the Egyptian media depicting Obama as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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On August 14th we reported that Saad Al-Shater claimed to have information that could put Obama in prison.

In an interview with the News Agency Anatolia in Turkey, Saad Al-Shater, the son of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater, said his father "had in his hand" evidence that will put Obama in prison.

In a thinly veiled threat, Saad Al-Shater said a U.S. delegation was sent to Cairo by Obama to press for the release of the imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including his father to prevent the release of explosive information.

Then on August 20th we revealed that a second source had come forward:

Speaking yesterday on Bitna al-Kibir, a live TV show, Tahani al-Gebali, Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt, said the time was nearing when all the conspiracies against Egypt would be exposed—conspiracies explaining why the Obama administration is so vehemently supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose terrorism has, among other atrocities, caused the destruction of some 80 Christian churches in less than one week.

Al-Gebali referred to "documents and proofs" which Egypt's intelligence agencies possess and how "the time for them to come out into the open has come." In the course of her discussion on how these documents record massive financial exchanges between international bodies and the Muslim Brotherhood, she said: "Obama's brother is one of the architects of investment for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Anyone who reads Freedom Outpost will not be overly surprised by the revelation that Barack Obama is a member of The Muslim Brotherhood. We have all suspected it for a long time.

However, it feels good when someone finally acknowledges it. I don't know what to do with this information to be honest. A few conservative blogs have already shared it, and some of the right wing sites will probably pick it up, but this story is huge.

How can we wake people up?

We do have to remain vigilant in the search for the truth. This is just one source, and we can't independently verify the claims. With that said… No matter what Americans think of Al Jazeera, it is respected around the world. Evidently they think that this Egyptian newspaper story could prove to be credible.

We, potentially, just had the biggest bombshell of Obama's presidency dropped in our laps and the American mainstream media will do nothing with it.

YOU are the media. If you want this information out, then you must spread it my friends. Don't expect to see this on the major networks.

UPDATE: Some have asked about the translation and apparently it is authentic. So much so that Johnathan Spyer, senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center and an Arabic speaker, is attempting to debunk it.

The Blaze reports:

The article goes on to say that Obama originally embraced the thought of the Brotherhood while living in Indonesia, per Spyer, and further alleges that the son of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater had threatened to expose a document revealing the secret membership.

But Syper says such allegations are the result of an angry Egyptian populace expressing frustration.

According to him, the publication of this kind of conspiracy is rooted in the ongoing dissatisfaction on the Egyptian street with the Obama administration’s policy which some have viewed as pro-Muslim Brotherhood.

This was seen clearly during the summer demonstrations calling for then-President Mohammed Morsi to step down. Among the crowds, signs were held deriding President Obama and then U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson. They expressed frustration at what those Egyptians perceived to be Obama’s failure to articulate clear criticism of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood.

“The forces that overthrew Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood – namely the Egyptian army and the large civilian demonstrations that supported it — regard the current U.S. administration as a supporter of the deposed Morsi. They offer U.S. delays in arms deliveries and pressure to release Morsi as evidence of this,” Spyer tells TheBlaze.

“There is some degree of justification in their accusations. There is also a large degree of paranoid anti-American and anti-western sentiment in Egypt. As a result, the anger against the Administration has rapidly and predictably turned into conspiracy theories according to which Obama’s admittedly astonishingly naive and misguided attitude toward the Muslim Brotherhood can in fact be explained by the claim that he is a secret member of it,” Spyer explains.

Others including Eric Trager, an Egypt scholar at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, also says it is conspiratorial, along with the Middle East Monitor.

Brookings’ Hamid quipped, “The sheer, unbridled creativity of Egyptian media knows no bounds. This sort of outside-the-box thinking bodes well for #Egypt’s transition.”

That's quite interesting, but given that so many members of the Muslim Brotherhood are a part of the Obama administration, I don't think it's as much conspiracy theory as it is conspiracy fact!

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  1. What amazes me is that the White House exerts such control over mainstream media that this will not be reported by them EVEN WHEN DROPPED IN THEIR LAPS ! Then again mainstream media is owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch who is part of the Cabal pushing the New World Order. We are considered to be just pawns in their chess game.

  2. what bombshell,we the people by me,have known that ovomit/satan is part of the muslum brotherhood for 4 yrs.and a threat to we the people,and the constitituion and all politicans/judges who allow this ineligible treasonous muslum war crimes,racial hate crimes traitor to remain in office are a party to this threat to we the people.ovomit bending over to kiss the Saudis ring,not prosecuting 2 black panthers for racial hate crimes,2 black panthers standing in frt of a philly polling place,and one of them had a bat or baton in his hand.and both ag holder and ovomit said because there black,we will not prosecute,and ignoring a Georgia supreme court subpoena.if me or you ignored a supreme court subpoena,what do you think will happen,no one is above the law,no rescue attempt for 4 dead americans in bengazi,a stand down order,and about another 30 treasonous acts against we the people,and the constitituion.again ovomit we challenge you to bring all your id,such as ss#/college records/drivers license/birth certificate/ and we will do the say were and when,one condition allow us to bring live internet stream,so the world will know you are a legal American citizens.fair enough,thats an easy request

  3. Sterling Wulff says:

    AND America's very FIRST HOMOSEXUAL president. He said it himself and News Week magazine printed his GAYness on the front cover !

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  5. Is anyone surprised? I was told by a man standing in a line behind me at Miller Theater in Houston one day when I was talking to a friend on my cell that I was full of sh-- that Obama is not a Muslim and he knows because he keeps up with the news. It will all come out and you can bet you a-- he's trying to help them take America.

  6. Not only by his words, but by his actions make it crystal clear to me that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood plant.There are operatives working right in our White House.

  7. Daniela Todescu says:


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    In 1983 the military chief of staff was made responsible for appointing members of the center's board and technical staff. The military was also to authorize all appointments in the center's new branch for applied science, the Higher Institute for Applied Science and Technology (HIAST).[4] The director-general of the center was raised to ministerial rank.[4][5]The production of chemical weapons became one of the center's main projects. News media have reported production plants for sarin, VX and mustard gas near Damascus, Hama,Homs, Aleppo and Latakia. Some or all of the plants were established ostensibly as civilian facilities.[4]

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  11. So, we're going into Syria to support MB who is the enemy of our enem(ies). Either way, we will be supporting radical Islamists and promoting their agenda, which coincidentally doesn't mesh with OUR agenda. Are we nuts? This has trap all over it. But, the low info voters and the DEM congress will back BO no matter what happens to this country in retaliation. Nice. These people suck!

    • etexfisherman48 says:

      They are sick mentally that's for sure but they are proving more and more everyday it is something similar to what communist do, which is "power to the party" over honest representation of the people that elected them. This is easily proven with what in my opinion clearly defines them. The Democrats are notorious for although they don't admit to such, "I was for it before I was against it" or "against it before they were for it". In other words, they will decry anything a Republican president does and when they get their chance at power turn around and do the same thing.

      Our Secretary of State John Kerry (unfit for command for selling out his fellow soldiers in Vietnam in France) raged at Bush over his actions threatening impeachment along with then Senator Obama and others in the Democrat Party but now have created chaos in Libya, Egypt and want to do the same in Syria. I for one didn't agree with Bush but aside from that the point is they have emulated his actions to a large extent.

      What people must understand and I am speaking specifically about the Muslim countries that were a part of the Old Roman Empire or the Eastern Leg are being propagated and formed as the rebuilding of the end time Revived Roman Empire the last form of Gentile world power using surrogates such as the Muslim Brotherhood to get it accomplished.

  12. Shame on the MSM and the dumocraps... just had the biggest bombshell of Obama's presidency dropped in our laps and the American mainstream media will do nothing with it. This is a disgrace from the word go and the dumocraps know this but, don't give a rats arse if he is the devil incarnate he is their God and their God is satan!!

  13. Obama threw Mabarak under the bus and supported Morsi and his Moslem Brotherhood. This is just another of his foreign policy screw-ups. Unfortunately, his administration's amateurism will get us involvement in a big debacle if we get ourselves involved in Syria.

    We are about 18 mos too late.

    I didn't realize that Obama was referring to us about the red line - I thought I heard him say very specifically that it was his red line. Kindergarten lies again.

  14. I was offered a free year renewal on both the car and stand-alone radio due to this happening EVERY time my subscription expires.

    Then yesterday I just saw ANOTHER Monthly charge on my VISA for $19.98 (or whatever) for ANOTHER Monthly charge,, verifying the lies I'm told over and over again.

    I just haven't found the energy to call back AGAIN re this issue..

  15. POTUS Is a treasonous SnAkE taking U.S. to the gates of HELL.

  16. If it is true that he is a Member of the Brotherhood and His Brother is the Brotherhood International Financial Person or Officer, ALL I GOT TO SAY, PROVE IT !!! If you can prove it beyond a shadow of doughty the masses (Citizens ) of the US will most likely demand impeachment or his resignation for this, as well as all the other reported articles of impeachment. You can't be a Protestant CHRISTIAN and be such a member and uphold the many evil's as he has.

  17. metheoldsarge says:

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