A Teenage Black Mob Gang Rape And The Media Is Silent?

This is getting out of control. A teenage black mob gang rape occurred in Wilmington, Delaware on Thursday, leaving two white women battered and broken. Reports claim 12 black men raped two white women, aged 32 and 24. Where is the the outrage at such an atrocity?

The reports keep coming daily, and they are sickening. Another black mob gang rape, a murder, or a brutal beating. It's a twisted, vicious cycle. The two women who were brutalized by 12 black teenagers deserve an angry, public outcry.

But instead, there's sterilized headlines across the country. God forbid we mention race here. A Philadelphia station reported the story and title it "2 Women Gang Raped By Juveniles in Wilmington Park." That's it. And this isn't the Huff Post, which is becoming a state run media operation, now that Obama underlings are writing for the leftist outlet.

The bottom line is this is a teenage black mob gang rape. That cuts throw the media sanitizing of the situation. And there will be no denying what happened and by whom. Two women were attacked in Wilmington, Del, at Kosciuszko Park around 7 p.m. on Thursday by up to 12 teenagers. They were sitting on a park bench talking when the attack occurred.

Wilmington, Delaware is not a safe haven anymore. Sadly, "The once great city of Wilmington has become just another urban jungle … overrun and in many ways taken over by savages.”

And who are the savages? Could we include the black mob gang rape perpetrators in this category? Like with every other racial crime in America, to speak of the fact that the perpetrators zzzare black is worse than talking about the crime itself. But this is a gang rape, one of the most brutal and horrific crimes that anyone can experience. Where's the media outcry? Where are the leftist feminist screaming about the horrors of rape?

Rape is an unspeakable crime. But racism is worse. So the feminists won't say a word and neither will the leftist media outlets.

The ages of the teenage black mob is as disturbing as the crime itself. Each perpetrator is between the ages of 12 and 17. But Wilmington is falling apart.

 As horrific as the crime was, few are surprised it could happen in that neighborhood or that city. Last year, Parenting magazine named Wilmington the most dangerous city in America: “Wilmington managed to snag the number one spot on our list for highest rate of violent crimes per 100,000 people. And while the overall state of Delaware ranked moderately well in the peace index (which looked at factors such as police per capita, percentage of population behind bars and access to small arms), Wilmington came in the top spot for sex offenders per capita.”

Wilmington, Delaware it on its way to becoming another Camden, NJ. With no suspects in custody as of today, detectives are imploring for the suspects to "take accountability, step up, turn yourselves in so that way we could move forward," Cpl. Jamaine Crawford, of Wilmington Police, said in a statement.

It is Sunday and various media outlets are just now reporting in their articles that the suspects are black. The New York Daily News Headline reads, "Two women gang raped by 10-12 juveniles in Delaware park: police." They're not mentioning the race of the suspect in the actual headline, but under it.

The Huff Post headline reads, "Kosciuszko Park Gang Rape: 2 Women Allegedly Assaulted By Nearly A Dozen Juvenile"

Heaven forbid the media reveals the truth and tells the facts in the headline. Yes, the savage gang rape perpetrators are black. The victims are not in the hospital anymore, but this is all that is known about their condition. No one saw what happened or heard anything. And none of the suspects are in police custody.

Is anyone going to sleep well tonight knowing that this is the new American reality? This could happen anywhere. And there is no outcry. Just cowardly silence. Notice the title of this video doesn't match the report. The video merely reports that this act was committed by "juveniles." The truth is there, but no one wants to speak it for fear.

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About Janna Brock
I am a Christian and a staunch conservative. I am very interested in civil liberties and also arts and entertainment from a conservative point of view. I am interested in a wide variety of topics that have to do with the liberal war against conservatives. Christians are being attacked on all fronts, be it the homosexual agenda, abortion issues, and other forms of persecution. It is time to stand for Christ in a sin sick world. Janna Brock also contributes to The BrennerBrief.com.
  • WASP

    Another gummint-sanctioned crime by some of our spoiled, entitled, silly Americanized Africans. We need to stamp out this criminal subculture, starting one at a time, then ramping it up.

  • Jeana

    I really don't think i have seen so many racist hateful comments in once place in a long, long time. Janna Brock, you call yourself a Christian but your writings sound so full of hate, judgement, hypocrisy, and just plain ignorance (not that I have forgotten that ignorance is proudly heralded by young and old, christian and atheist). This comment will never change your views on how a 'proper christian' should act but I hope that some day you will realize that your (and your followers) small minded, hateful views of the world (and its inhabitants) are not in any way related to the bible and they stem from your own judgements. The comments on this article- that the KKK should come back, that parents should go to jail with their children, that curfews should be enforced- are so ass-backwards it makes me sad just to read them. The KKK IS a violent, evil gang of people who have a superiority complex and curfews and the like do not even make sense at all (also, more government control-that is pretty liberal I must say). If you believe in a loving God, how could you not think that God loves everyone? People make these terrible choices to commit violent crimes, it is not a symptom of being a certain color.
    Take a political science or history classes to try to better understand why certain races are poorer than others. Think about how not everyone had a good, middle class lifestyle and education to keep them out of trouble. Things like gang violence are a systematic issue, with deep roots in the history and politics of the United States (and rest of the world).
    i guess my first point is to please, take a step back and think about this things you are saying. And secondly, try to educate yourselves on these issues and try to understand why things like this happen from a loving-rather than hateful- perspective. Not that any human ever needs to love or forgive people who do terrible things like this group of boys, but it might be good to try to think of races as people-rather than races.

    One last thing- what is the definition of a race? How many races are there? Because as far as I can tell, black and white people can interbreed and produce viable offspring. Which would insinuate that we are all one race- the Human Race.

  • amler

    What do you think our proud unafraid white ancestors (Spartans, Vikings,
    whites even 60 years ago in America etc..) would do in these
    circumstances today? Would they sit idly by as a bunch of negro ape
    destroy their cities? Would they cower down when confronted? Would they
    let their women be raped without consequences? Hell no, they would get
    up and take action immediately, it's time white people stand up and show
    whats really inside us when we get angry, we've stood by long enough,
    we need show these 60 IQ violent cowards a little piece of our ancestry
    and ancestral virtues, confidence and courage, and non tolerating of
    bullshit! LET THEM KNOW through the internet as well! Keep the comments
    rolling! If you see monkeys messing with a white in public help him out!
    It's time we make a difference! I never worry about action, only
    inaction. Inaction breeds doubt and fear, Action breeds confidence and
    courage and courage is contagious. ...

  • Boxmug

    Blacks and Latinos (and Muslims) are some of the most bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic males in this country and abroad! Yet white Christian conservatives are the only ones to receive bashing from the progressive left on these issues. Anyways, check the infant/elderly black on black rape epidemic in South Africa and the Congo. Then there is the relatively recent Swedish rape phenomenon (committed primarily by Arab and African immigrants) Such a wonderful culture...white Western feminists ought to be ashamed of their silence.

  • Rusty

    More sons of Obama ....

  • f8tule

    These idiots are what you call Niggers, not to mention Slaves of the state... not black, not white, not anything else but trash.. Scum of our society.. I know plenty of hard working black folks.

    All the guilty in this (which is everyone of them including spectators - if any) need to be put in General population. and sometime in the future, no matter how much of a bad ass they are, they will get the same...

    No matter how old those women were, their lives are now destroyed... they will be in my prayers

  • Girlie58

    Maybe the lynching of some of these thugs should take place once again to instill fear in them so they would stop and realize that even if the president is black, they, as blacks don'll all get to kill, beat or rape whites and think that they can get away with it.

  • smogdew

    Blacks have become an inconvenience for the masses ( all other ethnicities) in more ways than one. They are non-discriminatory so anyone is fair game. Considering the black population is less than 13%, their actions in a society containing 87% 'others' are rather foolhardy.
    If one has followed the jargon since the GZ fiasco, blacks have been called by less favorable names and groups such as the KKK, Arian Brotherhood and others to whom blacks are the worthless - as is evidenced by history - are part of normal 'comments' following web emails. The favor in which they have been placed by our president and for whom Jackson/Sharpe will ever plead, the lack of media information and less than appropriate penalties for their crimes, has emboldened blacks to the point most find disgusting. Two months ago they were black kids and now they are 8%)$@& black thugs and 'whitey' is sick and tired of them and I don't think it will be much longer before that feeling is evidenced in society as 'two' can play their game. For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.......at a ration of 7.3 of us to every 1 of 'them'. And you asked for it.

  • Todd Hill

    At first I thought how terrible it was that the media was trying to pick sides to protect the rapists, more than helping the women. But after reading the comments, it occurs to me that perhaps the liberals are onto something. I have now read three pages in which I am told that blacks have no use for me because I am a conservative, that this behavior is typical of black males, and how their fathers are obviously in the system and should be located by DNA. If this is how you REALLY FEEL, then their actions are not only understandable, but should be expected.

    I read a lot of wrath and hatred towards blacks, but that's not the part that bothers me. I am no stranger to bigotry. What does concern me is the lack of recognition as to the causes of this problem. Not one solution has been offered to reverse this tide of racial hatred that the Government is using to keep us divided. But beating, incarcerating and providing more justifications for hatred seems to be the order of the day. People like Mac Boy justify this type of violence.

    As a conservative myself, I find it sickening that teenagers of any race are raping innocent women of any race, but not one of you self-righteous bigots show any concern for two women who have been brutalized by a gang of thugs. Sure comparing all African Americans to Islamic Terrorists may seem like a good idea, but what does it solve?

    This is the reason this is so easy for POTUS to destroy our country. He is not destroying the E Pluribus Unum...we are. We as conservative blacks do it when we quietly sit back and say nothing about the fact that Trayvon was hopped up on homemade hallucinogenics. We as conservative blacks do it when we don't spend our time telling others that we are the norm, not the exception. But you wouldn't know this, how could you? You don't talk to us, you talk about us. You use terms like Mac Boy does and you are surprised you are reviled and hated by the group that you view as sub-human.

    As long as you are willing to see everything from the perspective of racial epithets, that is all that will be presented to you. Poor, uneducated, maligned people have been directing violence as Wealthy, educated, well-off people since before blacks ever arrived in this country. That has never changed. But for a little while, for a few short periods of time, we were able to get beyond that. Now you are letting this race-baiter pit us against each other, so as to prevent us from ever combining forces and taking our country back.

    It is easy to rob a single man of his rights by judicial fiat. It is not difficult to separate a group of men from their dignity with legislative charity. It is effortless to take from an entire race their definition of self in favor of easily attained goods. You did it to the Natives that were here when you arrived, and brought slaves by force to the Americas. Tell me, if you hadn't dumped them into permanenet desert interment camps with armed guards (Oh, sorry, reservations), and had left them to stave in the inner city and prevented them from rising up through education and opportunity(Instead of generous BIA settlements and free college)...What do you thing THEY would be doing now?

    But to expect a group of people who have been denied opportunities, rights and basic civil liberties for so long to suddenly turn into model citizens is ludicrous at best, intentional set up for failure at worst.

    You roll your eyes in disgust at fatherless young men, but take no ownership of the Great Society. You seethe at a generation with no future, yet take no responsibility for the past that you created for them which lead them here. You rail at the unfairness of the reality that the cesspools you have confined them within are unsafe for human consumption.

    All you see is race, and when it isn't mentioned, you go out of your way to make it an issue...then you call people like Al Sharpton race baiters. If you disagree with their position so vehemently, then why copy them?

    Because it's easier. Why bother to understand the problem so we can work together for a solution when you can just spew racial slurs and blame an entire race of people for a situation you created?

    Better question: If it is wrong for blacks to do that, what makes it okay for you? And please don't insult your own intelligence by saying you are "fed up". There are a group of people who have been enslaved, downtrodden, denied opportunities and provided with nothing but the crumbs and leftovers of American Society for 300 years.

    They are fed up.

    Unfortunately, they are now SO BITTER, it is difficult to reach them and tell them that the war is over. Like Japanese infantry men in the South Pacific, they are continuing to fight a war that had been over for years, because they have seen no evidence that the hostilities have ceased.

    And this...makes them dangerous.

    What do you intend to do to break the cycle? If your answer is to continue with the racial slurs and insults...then this is the type of thing you should expect to see get worse before it gets better.

    • Shirley Crowfoot

      Previously, I have decried the bigoted, racist comments some individuals insist on spewing forth so I agree w/you that such language is unproductive and only adds to the problems.
      However, you should have stopped while you were ahead. Your reference to the how much better the Indians have it is ludicrous. Reservation Indians are among the poorest people in the nation. I challenge your "generous BIA settlements and free college" statement. Their proud culture has suffered under the government's protection, just as the poor, black families have been decimated by the Great Society's War on Poverty.

      Tribes that weaned themselves from the gov't teat have been successful. Tribes w/o an abundance of natural resources, face the grinding poverty, drug and alcohol problems, high unemployment, and high drop-out rates which are all problems they share with those in poor, black ghettos.Your claim that the blacks have been denied equal opportunity and civil rights was certainly true of those in the Southern states all run by Democrats, but even there there was a strong, black middle class though it was segregated. Black doctors, lawyers, bankers, small business owners, teachers, pastors, served their segregated communities well. Those communities were populated by proud, God-fearing, hard working individuals that, though suffering under vitriolic racism, succeeded.
      I have nothing but admiration for those who lived, strove and achieved varying degrees of success under dire circumstances while you seem to ignore their ability to be "model citizens", The last 50 years have seen great strides in achieving racial equality across the entire spectrum of society. Witness the large number of folks who have achieved the American dream in spite of their race. Witness the very large number of bi-racial marriages and mixed race children that are an accepted reality of today's society.
      Poor blacks today are not the victims of racism as much as they are the victims of a government that has made them victims of the welfare state. Fathers are as hard to find in the projects as millionaires because the WOP demanded that the fathers could not be living in the household if welfare funds were given. To compound this problem, 70% of all black babies are born to single moms who are usually in their teens and high school drop outs.
      Knowing that the Progressive movement promoted the policies leading to the

      deplorable conditions of the fatherless, unemployed, uneducated poor, black communities allows me to be sympathetic w/their plight; however, it is up to the individuals to step up and take advantage of the opportunities that surely do exist. There are too many examples of successful blacks who, though born into this mess, pulled themselves out of the morass.
      You profess to be a conservative black voice, then quit making excuses for these criminals. We both know that when conditions were MUCH, MUCH worse, those folks did not use it as an excuse to be less than a "model citizen"/

    • Gramma76

      Todd Hill, you are correct in most of all you have stated. However. you keep saying "you" as to indicate all white people, well I for one have never owned a slave, nor did my parents and grandparents and great-grandparents. IMHO, one of the main causes is the breakdown in the black family unit, there are far too many girls having babies, really babies having babies, and the young men that are "partially" responsible, get off scott-free, they accept no responsibility. And then the little girls are forced into the welfare system and the cycle goes on!
      Have worked with a lot of black gentlemen and always had respect for them and their families, FAMILIES that is the answer!
      The Rap singers(?) of today are partly to blame, too. As are the race-baiters that have cropped up like weeds the past few years.
      How can we begin to heal as a nation? Esp with the likes of Eric Holder, who is supposed to be the highest LAW enforcer in this country refusing to prosecute the crimes being brought upon white people?
      God forbid the situation gets worse!

  • JamesPF

    Find and exterminate them, [ being merciful to thugs is throwing pearls to swine ] expose the media bias giving blacks a pass to do what ever evil they feel like at the moment. This atrocity has to be stopped by severe measures since the black community remains silent which is same thing as approval. The media is even worse. Racial profiling is an oxymoron. If the people doing the crimes are black then that is what it is: Crime by type are charted by name, and by who commits the crimes. If black males have to be the top offenders that is what it is GUILTY.

  • http://www.il-ccw.com/ Paladin

    The ladies should have just soiled their pants or told them they were menstruating. I'm sure that would have deterred the mob or at least sent them looking for another (white) woman who was not so adept at thinking on her feet to distract and defer their furious intentions onto another helpless victim.

    THIS IS EXACTLY why you cannot limit the number of bullets a person can carry for self defense.

    • Librrlintlickers

      These two INNOCENT women minding their own business in a public park should not have to poop in their pants to avoid being brutally raped by those ANIMALS! I would have told them I had AIDS!!

  • johnsonarlt

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  • James Linnstrom

    This is just a replay of Scottsboro boys, 9 black teenagers accused of gang raping 2 white women.

    These black teens may now be called 'Wilmington Boys' and they may get acquitted and their story made into a musical.

    • Taleeb Starkes


  • James Linnstrom

    This is just a replay of Scottboro boys. "9 Teenage blacks accused of gang raping 2 white women". These 'Wilmington boys' would also walk free and there would be a musical made to celebrate them.

  • USN

    You can't start the KKK because they were against all blacks and there are many blacks who work hard and are law abiding citizens. I've worked with them and served with them what we need is conceal carry law nation wide, that way they will never know who is carrying and if their dumb enough to try to attack someone it can be nipped in the bud either by victim or someone close by.

  • a_redrunner

    You know, a couple of shots from a 12 ga shotgun into these punks by some honest citizens would certainly go a long ways to curbing the problem. The cops don't know anything and couldn't or wouldn't do anything even if they did know. Their hands are pretty tied up by all of the liberal, pansy ass laws protecting the criminals!

  • Debra Mcdaniel

    The sad reality is the same boys that beat up this white boy will be in prison in a few years down the road,and anyone that takes up for these little thugs well your no better than them.If it doesn't stop soon we will just have a crowded prison full of black children if those parents don't wake up.

  • Sgt. York

    when are women going to learn a 38 or 45 cal will keep the odds more on there side?

  • Dave Tincher

    Some of these attackers could be obama's sons like trayvon! Where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,Andrew Young, CBS,ABC,NBC, Washington Post? The answer is no where because these groups cannot handle the fact of the people who are committing most of the crime in this country, so all I can say is when you see a situation like this come to the aid of the victims while you have your conceal carry permit, and I would not suggest you ask the attackers to leave, but rather encourage the attackers to scatter!

  • LST

    I have nothing against blacks, everyone should own at least two or three of them! Just make sure they're spayed or nuetered.

    • James Linnstrom

      Arab muslims have traded African slaves for more than two thousand years of recorded history - as lately as in 1970. But while black slaves are brought in from Africa, all males were cruelly castrated. They were not allowed to breed. That is why there are not too many black people in Arabia. When they needed more slaves, they simply imported more from Africa. Their slave system was much tougher and much crueler than the one in America.

    • Ray_Downen

      James tells the truth and someone doesn't like it! Slavery is bad. All slavery is bad. In the U.S.A. no one should be enslaved. We should not seek to profit from slaves in other countries. But we should recognize and honor truth even when we don't like the truth.

    • Ray_Downen

      Some of my good friends have been negroes. They were patriotic, honest, hard-working people. Others of my friends have been in their past Mexicans, but now are citizens of the U.S.A. just as good as any anglo-saxon person. God loves all people. No race is superior to any other race. Everyone is equal to everyone else in the U.S.A. So why this ignorant ranting against people of a race other than the one of the ranter?