2 Million Bikers Invade D.C. and Remind Us That 9/11 Still Means Something to Real Americans

I am not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. I heard about this "Million Muslim March" and did some research. I found out that it might be more like a "Dozen Muslim March" and I wrote an article about that. Why? Because I thought that a lot of bikers were going to D.C. only to be disappointed.   I was trying to help them out, but, as sometimes happens with me, I was failing to see the big picture.

A few days ago I was talking to a friend that is going and he told me that I was missing the point. This was not about 12 Muslims who will be looking for a place to hide. This is much bigger than that. This "2 Million Bikers" ride is more about sending a message to our government than to intimidate a few Muslims. I believe his exact words may have been, "Dean, this is the warning shot. There will not be another."

That's a pretty bold statement, don't you think?

When I first heard about these 2 Million Bikers, I couldn't really believe it was possible. I thought about the IRS Tea Party protests and the disappointing numbers. I thought it would turn out being 20,000 bikers and that would be a very good showing. I was very wrong. As of Tuesday afternoon there were reports of 800,000 bikers on the road and headed for D.C. Wow!

The above video didn't impress me that much at first, but then I thought about the scope of this thing. This is just one road at one point in time. There are 800,000 on the road, at a minimum, and they really could hit the 2 million number.

Today I wanted to write this huge article about what 9/11 meant to me and why it is sacred to Patriots. There is nothing I could write that would inspire anyone more than what is happening right before our very eyes.

Two million, and yes I now believe that number is possible, bikers are headed to D.C. to take a stand for their freedom, my freedom and yours.


This country has shed many tears since September 11th, 2001. We shed many more tears on September 11th, 2012 as four Americans died in Benghazi.

We don't know the truth of who the enemy is or was.

Now we are being told that it is in our interest to support Al Qaeda in Syria. Did 10,000 people die at the hands of Al Qaeda so that we could support them? Who could blame our service men and women for objecting to the idea of supporting the terrorists who killed their brothers and sisters?

a8d37a2fd94fbdd3b975845eb2f_prev-e1378931862568Somehow the politicians are still failing to see this point.

We live in a land of confusion, scandals and political spins that none of us can keep up with.

We don't know if we have any friends at all in D.C. We send these officials to the Capitol to represent us, and they always seem to let us down.

So are these bikers going to D.C. to rattle a few Muslims? Nope. I get it now and I am kicking myself for not finding a way to go take part in this.

bikers1-e1378924837435There is an unspoken theme behind this ride.

Twelve years later we have finally decided that enough is enough. We are taking our country back no matter what Obama or his partners in crime say.

It is not negotiable. We are no longer begging these people to do the right thing. We are sending a message today that this 9/11 is much different than the previous 11. Twelve years later we are awake.

September 11th, 2013 will be remembered as the day when millions of Americans made a statement. This is our country and we are taking it back no matter how far we have to go to do it. It is a new day of independence.

dc2mb-550x366Much like July 4th 1776 when we declared that we were no longer slaves of Britain, today there is a new declaration being made. We will no longer be ruled by servants who act as our masters.

My friend was right. This is a warning shot and there will not be another.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who rides today in body or simply in spirit. There may be 2 million bikers in D.C. but even if it is just 20,000 it will not matter. For every biker there in body there are 100 there in spirit who are riding with them.

Thank you so much for giving us something to believe in on a day when we badly needed it.

God Bless America. We cannot rest and we cannot give up.

This is our time.

1174956_520863084650736_1595884589_nUPDATE: According to the event's Facebook page:


Keep in mind that many of the bikes were carrying more than one person. I think it's more than likely that the 2 million count was reached. If not, it was pretty close.

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  • underthewire

    Please tell me if there was one Muslim biker in the crowd?

  • Mike

    Yea. Biker's are are the bad guys... Sure, there's some 1%ers. Bet your ass I'd take them, over Obama's 1%ers, any day, anytime. And as far as my Biker Brother's and Sister's, that was just a small percentage of what's out there, there's plenty more where those riders came from.
    And there's some of us that can't ride, that will be a biker at heart till the day I day, that are just as willing to stand up for our Country as anyone else.
    Yup, there ain't nothin better than ridin a Scooter on any road in America. Don't even think that anyone will sit back and let that change.

  • grandmaforliberty

    and our local representative of cbs and nbc gave it a 30 second notice on the noon news...Now the Martin Luther King day celebration I had to endure 3x aday for a WEEK. think our news is being scripted??? You bet your life it is... God Bless our American bikers of any nationality or race... we love you all and thank you for your statement... keep it up...


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    • grandmaforliberty

      what has this to do with the topic???


      That would depend on how limited your perspective is.
      If you have a clue to the truth of what is going on in the world then the truth of Gods existence has everything to do with it...........but if you like being sold lies and not acknowledging the causes behind them then just disregard the existence of God and the evidence thereof! Evil has been suppressing truth for a very long time and there has been no truth about 911. Except by the evidence compiled by 1500 architects and engineers that signed a petition demanding the truth ! That was never delivered.

    • grandmaforliberty

      I repeat with my limited perspective, but a true and abiding belief in God... what has your rant got to do with the Biker's Ride???


      I would hardly call a submission of evidential support in the existence of God and the accounts of scripture a "rant"......In case you haven't noticed what the One World Order of Satan agenda is doing ......They are turning your X-God Loving Nation into a secular pig stye of ruin......My .."rant" as you refer to it was neither a reply for , or to you ....and if You can not appreciate God's evidence then that is your issue .....
      Personally .....I am a biker with quite a lot of $ and time invested in riding....I also invest time in devotion to a Faith in God as well...and I have an investment in the well being of this Nation , since I am a citizen , property owner , and business operator and employer ......the information wasn't directed at you , and if you have Issue with it then you should take it to God and pray for acceptance of others or ignore it and move along....What does anything have to do with God ? everything has something to do with God , since he is the creator , and without faith in him ,none of us, or anything would exist in any manner, I think if you even investigated the ride story ....you would find that there is or was a ministry of sorts behind it's organization as well....
      So, what do Bikers rides have to do with information about God ?....maybe you should be asking through your abiding faith what does anything or your next daily breath have to do with it ?
      I ride for faith in God and for salvation and maybe it's time we all saddle up appropriately!
      The bikers rode in opposition to the agendas of a Satanistic one world order of secularism that administrates our Nation !.....maybe it's time to get a new pair of glasses....if you blindly voted for it ......or are blinded to the real issues emerging in the world. have a wonderful day blessed by God and may you be directed to look for God or the absence thereof in all things because the direction of our focus determines whether we are actually abiding ,or not.

  • allen goldberg

    Obviously, the Muslim March was BOGUS. It was an attempt to create sympathy, and create misinformation. The fawning fraudulent news media....went along with the bogus story willingly.

  • f8tule

    The best pictures I have seen all year, and for years behind and to come..

    I have been ranting about us just sitting on the billboards, now I want to go buy a bike and ride it to D.C. every year from now on.. And they are correct...


    and by any means necessary,, Remember one thing.. This country was born of God, and when we sent him packing we lost, now WE THE PEOPLE not only need to do this for PATRIOTISM, but to glorify God, and bring him back to our country.. if we cannot do this, we lose.. both God and country...

    I still am in love with God and my country,, along with my wife and son, and am not ready to give up yet.. I am 6'3" 290lbs. and when I saw that top picture I had to hold back tears of joy, and tears of greatfulness for there are others out there that want to keep our freedoms in place, and it is not just a few.. good to see.. I might have hope now..

    WILL WE THE PEOPLE TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY?? I'll be praying the answer is yes, but we will see when and if it happens.. I guarantee you I will be there fulfilling my oath of ALL INVADERS, FOREIGN AS WELL DOMESTIC


      Amen brother!.......you spoke straight from my heart .....this year ,next year , and every year and for the righteous reasons.......w/o God nations fall to satan, history has proven it.......time after time again......it's time to stand for this land that one and only God gave us!..........I'll stand or ride with you and hope you aren't blinded by all the chrome on my scoot. let's make it 4 million strong if there is a next year and let's double the numbers every year ,Bikers , truckers, and everyone else ,let's start a revolution that has a family re-union in DC every year !

  • michaelt47

    We need a very strong and hard hitting, truthful candidate who is not worried about stepping on toes and hurting some liberal giveaway's feelings. We need a badass yard dog for a candidate!! Run Hilla run!! We , the people will show you what difference it makes!! Please vote at every possible opportunity if you want to hold on to this country and our beloved Constitution.

  • michaelt47

    Wake up, you bunch of self-serving fat ass politicians. The people are coming. We the people!!

  • armydadtexas

    Thank you BIKERS!!! God Bless You! YOU COVERED AMERICA's BACK

  • AbuShy

    [email protected]

    This is not just a "shot across the" D.C. mentality that under Obama seeks to set up the next Muslim Caliphate in the Middle East, but what you see in these videos is something much more; to inaugurate something of much greater import, based on God's Word in the Bible. May this be an annual reminder that we ARE one nation under the Creator God of the Bible. Let this be a physical manifestation of the wake up call, once again, to the sleeping giant (Rip Van Winkle) to join the last Great American Awakening and by our country's (2Chronicles 7:14) humility and example in true, Biblical Repentance---that as a result---may we be the catalyst spiritually that YHVH uses to reap the final mighty spiritual harvest of souls, resulting in the Time of the Gentiles being fulfilled as we approach the season of the Last Harvest this Feast of Tabernacles. The Feast of the Ingathering or Tabernacles, or Succoth is the last of the Biblical Feasts that speaks of the result of such a harvest of the entire world: Yeshua ha Masheach returning to this planet to establish His Kingdom and His reign on earth for 1000 years of real Peace!

    God bless all the bikers who were YHVH's Angels (messengers---watchmen and women) on the walls of Jerusalem...and may this become a spiritual pilgrimage that will morph into/and or mirror the One In The Millennium when everyone goes up to Jerusalem this time of the year, each year to worship the One Who Sits On The Throne! Zechariah 14:16-21


      Amen...... for salvation of the King of Kings and the keeping of the Lords feasts.
      The only saving grace.

  • milmac

    God bless our bikers. God bless our country. I stand with God, my country, our bikers, and Israel.

  • D. Guardian

    memo to mao-mama: let our enemies fight it out, then, whosoever wins, get our boys in the air and bomb the hell out of them to your heart's content.....problem solved...

  • William 1


  • Troubleshooter

    Few Things are more comforting than the sight and sound of the Highways and The Cities, Especially our Nation's Capitol, filled with Milwaukee Vibrators. God Bless The Harley Family and The Davidson Family, for the heritage they have mounted on their Steel Horses. God Bless ABATE and, and God Bless Our American Military Veterans. It does my heart good to see my Brothers In Arms stand up.

  • dracothedragon

    Wish I could have been there!!!

  • $2398599

    Time for the U.S.of A., to start thinking ISOLATIONISM.
    Screw the rest of the world. Time to look after ourselves first and foremost.
    Throw Obammyboy OUT.

  • Eleanor Spanier

    What a beautiful site! Thanks to all the riders who where there, may God bless each and everyone of you. That's the things that make us proud to be an American.

  • Samuel Di Muzio

    Thank all of you bikers. You went to Washington not to talk with politicians but, really,
    scared the hell out of them. The next time, and you will know when, the politicians will poop their pants.

    • crustyone

      Biden would be the first to fill his drawers up.

  • Lloydl333

    As a Gold wing biker, I am so proud of the biker going to DC every year.
    I hope I can make the ride next year. Living in California it is a long ride for an old guy but I would love to be a part of the thunder.

    I have had a funeral ride with the Vets. It was an honor.

    Screw the Politicians. Permit or no permit, I'd like to see them stop that many bikers.

    Gods speed bikers.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    Kick ass!