1 Million Truckers to Shut Down America Has Facebook Page Pulled

As reported yesterday, the Facebook page for Truckers to Shut Down America was experiencing difficulties with the Facebook powers when the admins of the page were banned for using "God Bless America." Today, that Facebook page is gone. I reported yesterday that a website, ridefortheconsitution.org, has been established to promote this event.

Other Facebook pages have appeared such as the one for the Canadian truckers to shut down as well and/or drive to Toronto; it is still up. The Facebook page, Citizens in Support of the Washington Trucker Convoy, established on September 18, is still up and running with only 513 likes.

Dean Garrison at The DC Clothesline has also reported being unable to find the Facebook page, Truckers to Shut Down America.

So, let me see if understand this. Facebook will allow pages promoting jihad, Islamist ideas and any other foul disgusting thing you can think of but will pull pages like Truckers to Shut Down America and Uncle Sam's Misguided Children for promoting conservative and/or Christian beliefs. That makes sense when the owners and admins of Facebook are in cahoots with government and in bed with big money men.

Do I have any proof that Facebook pulled the page? No, but based on their previous actions regarding other similar social pages and posts, I would bet they did. And if the powers that be at Facebook did not, I'm sure they are more than welcome to write into Freedom Outpost or the DC clothesline to rebut the claim. I certainly will not hold my breath.

I had mentioned in a previous article about being an armchair politician or actually standing up to make a difference. Well, here is your chance. There is a flyer out now about this event. You can find it here.

With the social networking page nowhere to be found, it is now up to the old-fashioned, hit the pavement, door to door grassroots effort. We can also visit the Facebook page, Citizens in Support of the Washington Trucker Convoy, to promote it, pass it along until Facebook shuts it down.

Dean Garrison has a few suggestions.

What I am suggesting is very simple, but most people will not do it. Most people would rather roll over and die. If you have a printer you can print a handful of these off. If you don't, you can find a library or possibly a Fed-Ex Kinko's that can print some for you. If everyone would just get a handful of copies and pass these out to local truck stops it would make a difference.

But honestly how many will do that? This fight has been taken to the people now. We don't have Facebook to help us anymore. Printing 3 of those flyers or 3000 and passing them out will help. Do what you can.

Please, if you want to help in a big way, like passing flyers out door to door or putting them on car windshields, do yourself a favor and call your local police department and/or any retailers that are involved first. Getting arrested or fined is not the goal here. We must follow any local ordinance and respect private property. If you post on bulletin boards, in most cases it is required to speak to a manager first. Most won't care, but we do not want to give the organization a bad name.

In addition, you can also pass it along via email, promote it on your own social networking page by reposting articles, posting the Ride for the Constitution website and flyer, talk about this with neighbors, church members, co-workers and anyone else who will help pass this information along.

Right now, the folks are cruising the Jolly Green Giant through New Mexico picking up a load headed to Alabama. They are talking to every trucker they meet in the truck stops. They are on the CB radio talking about the event to drivers and anyone monitoring the channel. Let me tell you something, my parents are retired. That's right, they are retired but continue to work because my dad loves driving that truck. We are rolling to DC in October, and we are spreading the word.

While I am holding down the fort for them and doing my work, I am spreading the word through every means at my disposal. The time has come to "throw down." Either you will or you won't. The choice is yours.

UPDATE: Citizens in Support of the Washington Trucker Convoy confirms that the original Facebook page will be back up and running around 10pm.

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About Suzanne Hamner
Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
  • robert

    we the people,agree screw you facebook,you unconstitituional traitors,you should be called fecesbook.good bless america

  • Stephanie Snyder Staker

    There is a Facebook group page called 1 Million Truckers to DC. That page is up and active. So take your opinions, ideas, complaints there. All is not lost and I have to wonder who spreads these tales and who deliberately starts bad stuff and spouts vile opinions. Then we wonder why they get shut down? Let's use our heads, okay?

  • http://www.myheirloomseeds.com/ Troy

    You said Do I have any proof that Facebook pulled the page? No, but based on their previous actions regarding other similar social pages and posts" Then this whole post with baseless.

  • Richard

    Why was I able to go right to the fb page Truckers to shut down America?
    Oh and why was I able to go right to the fb page God Bless America?
    More Oh, did you know that there is a FB page called
    Christians Against Obama's Re-Election?
    Doesn't anybody check this?
    Do you all go to a different fb site than me?

  • rwp24382

    Maybe it's time for everyone to pull out of Facebook. Leave the libitards and any other liberal. A sudden drop of conservatives and anti-Obama people might get their attention. Even just quit using Facebook for a week might get their attention.

  • f8tule

    I guess it's time to make a conservative/freedom version where freedom of speech comes along with the site..

  • garyrose

    How in the World does anybody have that much POWER? Control the Computer ? The Newspapers all across America ? Television same thing? Radio same thing?Has to be away to Stop this Circus Act in America any where???????????

  • bathynomus

    They should start a Google+ page. I bet a lot of people would join it.

  • Mary
  • J J

    This is the censorship of the left!!! It doesn't matter whether it is the media, public or privately owned corporations - censorship is alive and well. We could all voice our opinions by removing our own Facebook pages. Why do we act like sheep and follow like fools even into the depths of Facebook or the Democrat run federal government???

  • James Maxwell

    I cannot prove it but have you ever thought about who might have set up all these
    social web sites? How about maybe it was the NSA, FBI, DOJ, FEMA or other
    Socialist Democrat agencies who wanted access to all your personal info and
    discovered that they could more easily monitor you if you willingly gave up your
    privacy via the Social Networks? Course I not sure if they actually smart
    enough to do that since they have been caught with their finger in the till so to
    speak more than once.