With Illegitimate Power Comes Illegitimate Laws

Throughout the course of the past year, America has been witness to some of the most abusive scandals in our nation's history. From the terrorist attacks at Benghazi, to the IRS scandal and the NSA spying program, these scandals only scratch the surface of the criminal behavior we have been witnessing; not just from the Obama administration but from many administrations preceding it, as well. Our so called representatives, many of whom were elected to stop the corruption and restore something resembling constitutional order to our House and Senate, have all but turned their backs on the people who have entrusted them with the duty of representation. Serving in the government was at one time considered an honor, and men of much greater character served for the purpose of preserving liberty and humbly returned to their careers of choice when their service was done. Today the allure of power and prestige has all but destroyed any semblance of what it once meant to represent the American people. Acting out of greed and a sense of entitlement, our congressmen and senators ignore the will of those whose consent gives them authority to govern as they plunder our wealth and the fruits of our labor for their own gain. There is little to no chance that today's political elite will solve the financial woes plaguing America today when they are, in fact, the ones who have realized they can vote themselves gifts and raises from our public treasury. There is little to no chance they will return to the arduous chore of representation when the chief executive grants them status above those whom they are supposed to serve. There is little to no chance any of this will correct itself as long as people turn a blind eye for their "fair share."

Currently in the peoples house of representatives sits speaker John Boehner who was elected as a tea party candidate. Promising to repeal the Affordable care act in its entirety upon election Mr. Boehner now sits exempt from a law his constituents will be forced to participate in. Not only is the entirety of the congress exempt from the law, they are currently refusing to defund it knowing full well the usurpation of power it represents. What kind of legitimate power does this corrupt body have to exempt itself from the law? What authority do they have to force us to submit to a law that has no constitutional legitimacy? The fact that it was passed without being read is enough to render it unenforceable.

According to the ideals of equality enshrined in our constitution, equality that supports the ideals of natural law in which all men are born with equal rights this body has no legitimate power to elevate themselves above us and live free from laws they use to oppress. They would have no office to exercise such power if not for "we the people" who have entrusted them.

In the face of such scandals where it is coming to light that gun running was the reason four Americans died in Benghazi on September 11 2012, John Boehner, instead of pursuing an investigation drives on with another part of the socialist agenda, immigration. Knowing full well the effects legalizing 30 million illegal immigrants will have on our country the progressive republicans lie to their constituents in an effort to get them to believe amnesty is the key to saving the Republican Party. Real leaders would be ensuring the American people that no agenda item will be considered until the truth has been revealed concerning Benghazi, as well as the IRS and NSA scandals. How could a president involved in so many "scandals" even have a legitimate position from which to push an agenda?

Failure to acknowledge the illegitimacy of laws that ignore the Constitution only renders those turning a blind eye complicit in the destruction of liberty.

The individuals we elected to represent us are no longer doing so. The truth is they have long ago sold out their offices to the "money" interests pursuing global collectivism. We are no longer respected as our representatives now look down on us from an elevated status from which they rule as opposed to people who entrusted them with a job to do. They live off the beads of our sweat and have the audacity to tell us we need to redistribute our wealth. Their lies have this country teetering closer and closer to an unpleasant civil unrest as those believing the lies await their handouts at the cost of those paying for them. All the while their wealth power and prestige grow. The stronger government becomes the less our voices are heard as we more and more are viewed as nothing but "Human Capital" from which the insatiable appetite of government draws its sustaining revenue. The more government grows, the more money it needs from us. Instead of respecting our rights to question government they come to resent the fact we would even dare; as if to say we are too dumb to understand what is at stake. They have come to view themselves as the elite, and we are mere peasants who know not what is best for us. It is time we remind ourselves of our duty to hold our elected representatives accountable. Its time they are reminded that we the people are the grantors of their power and their offices belong to us. It's time to tell them we want these offices back.

There is no authority in rules handed down by those who ignore the law.

Liberty can only be taken from those who are willing to surrender it.

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  • Ronald Nelson

    The People are now left with a choice... too, continue down the road to complete servitude and slavery or to make a stand. The latter is not likely as the people have been divided and set at each other by a government which promotes racial, religious and class warfare.
    What America needs more than anything today is leadership capable of amalgamating the many and varied public interest of the people under a single banner for reform. We need men and women of great CHARACTER and WEALTH... who are willing to pledge their lives, liberty and fortunes to the pursuit of restoring the Republic.
    Where are the Washington's, Jefferson's, Franklin's and Monroe's of today... whose love of liberty and our nation are greater than their love of power and wealth? Where are the true patriots and benefactors of liberty? Where will the people find such leaders and dedication to the cause of liberty and our Constitutional Republic? The answers to these questions holds the future of liberty, justice and the American way. Will men and women of strong moral character and the love for our country be found in time?

  • Joseph

    The solution to this is to repeal the 17th amendment. No one here knows what that even looks like. The 17th amendment was passed same month and year as the 16th. We haven't had what the Founders fought for for 100 years...and this current situation is where it has all been led....presidents who operate by decree and a Senate that is become lost from reality....

  • Daniel F. Melton

    If you want an honest government:
    1) Select Representatives by means of a draft lottery, qualifications for inclusion to the pool of prospective draftees to be determined by each state.
    2) Repeal the 17th Amendment. Give the selection of Senators back to the state legislatures, with the addition of term limits and the right of recall by the state Governor, the state legislature, and plebiscite.
    3) Remove the pay and benefits of federal legislators and staff from the federal domain. The state sending these people to Congress should be paying 'em.
    4) No 'retirement pay' or special benefits for federal or state legislators at any level.
    5) All laws apply to legislators and bureaucrats as well as citizens.

    We may have to impose these changes by force of arms

    • lakeside227

      The New Federalist Party. Read our Platform, see what you think.


    • willhen50

      The founding fathers never intended for the congressperson to be a "federal employee" it was suppose to be a honor to represent the people of the state and then go home after the term was over, Now it seems they only represent their party. It turns out the constituents are just as corruptible when showered with goodies for their vote. The democratic party is/has morphed into a socialist like party and probably more interested in repealing the entire constitution rather than the 17th. Obama has made references that the constitution blocks his way into making more radical changes.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      There are so many things the founders never intended that have come to be "acceptable". The opening chapter of Heinlein's "Starship Trooper" is prophetic, as I recall, with a classroom discussion of the fall of the United States.
      This prophesy can be escaped, but it will require pain and sacrifice to succeed.

    • willhen50

      That is the point, the United States was created as a nation of laws not regulations. The constitution was designed to evolve with the times and the political atmosphere, however "we the people" are/were still suppose to be in charge, but we just stood by and let the federal government entity become the regulating power and "we the people" just became subservient. Today is the time science fiction writers were talking about back then.

  • walter conell

    We already know these things.
    We can write about it forever and do nothing or do something.
    Now- what is it we do?
    Voting does not work anymore.
    Let's have solutions, not repeated articles on what we already are aware of.