The Designed Economic Crisis is Coming and It's Going to Be Worse Than You Thought

What is the game plan? Where is the United States headed? Most people appear to be oblivious to what is actually doing on throughout the world and especially within America.

We are seeing our rights eradicated on a constant basis. We are watching police units throughout America become more aggressive and tyrannical. Unconstitutional laws have allowed police to legally steal from innocent people, anything from money to homes.

Detroit has just claimed bankruptcy. They're not the first city to do so, but one of the largest. To make matters worse, Detroit used to be called the Motor City for a reason. It was home to large automobile manufacturers that employed thousands upon thousands of people. Several things have changed everything. Robotics has replaced the human being and many of the jobs that were once done by people are now being done by robots. Moreover, unions - while starting out to be a very good thing for the worker - got to be as corrupt and demanding as management was before unions existed. Because of it, companies could no longer afford to pay workers $40/hour or more to insert a few screws into part of a car as it rolled along the assembly line.

financial-crisisNow, with the tremendous poverty that is seen in Detroit, it also appears that the Chinese are coming in and buying up whatever they can at rock bottom prices. By the way, this is a favorite trick of the elite. During the housing crisis, who benefited? If you said the elite, you are correct. As homeowner after homeowner lost their home to big banking, the elite came in and bought those homes for often much less than they were worth, knowing full well that eventually, the value would go up. This is what the Chinese are doing now in Detroit.

Aside from this, millions upon millions of jobs have been shipped overseas because labor is extremely cheap. The people who produce the products Americans use and wear are paid slave wages literally. They live in abject poverty because Americans have priced themselves out of the job market and in order for companies to remain competitive, they feel they've had to go where they can produce their products the cheapest.

It seems though that the global elite has had a large hand in destroying the industrialized areas of America. It's as if the hands of time are going backwards, taking America back passed its beginnings and is designed to leave us as a third world country. Is that the direction, the plan?

Today, millions upon millions of people are on welfare. In fact, more than 100 million Americans rely on welfare. Part of the problem is the lack of decent jobs in America. More and more people who do work are being forced into part-time jobs and having to have more than one part-time job to survive. We are quickly becoming a fast food nation with respect to jobs. This type of system cannot continue as it is unchecked. Eventually, the money will run out and then what will all those people do who have been receiving entitlements from Uncle Sam? Just let your brain take you where it seems the natural answer lies.

Regarding inflation, the government tells us one thing, which we are supposed to believe. But for those of us who are able to critically think, we know that something is off because we see prices going up every week. "According to John Williams of, if inflation was measured the same way that it was back in 1990, the inflation rate would be about 5 percent right now. If inflation was measured the same way that it was back in 1980, the inflation rate would be about 9 percent right now. But instead, we are expected to believe that the inflation rate is hovering around 2 percent."

Ultimately, the Middle Class is going the way of the dinosaur. It is being forced into extinction. All that will remain will be the rich and the poor. If you are not rich now, you won't be rich in the future. Even if you are rich now, you could lose everything.

There is going to be a collapse because much of what our federal government has purposefully created is an artificial bubble. That bubble cannot sustain itself over the long haul and it's not meant to do that either. It is meant to remain only long enough for the elite to do what they need to do and then the air will be released from the bubble and the rest of us will suffer through the worst of times that humanity will have ever seen. America is being made to cave in on itself.

I really don't like to be a person who wants to create panic. That's not my goal. In fact, like most, I'd prefer to go along thinking that everything is going to be okay. Unfortunately, everything I'm seeing tells me that this is not the case. What we are seeing is not truly what exists. It is merely a cover, a poorly contrived artificial mirage that is designed to make us think that nothing is really wrong. Meanwhile, the reality behind that mirage can only be seen by those who have connected the dots. If you haven't connected them, it's because you either haven't been paying attention to anyone or you simply chose to ignore everything.

If we look around today, we see all the signs. We have an administration that is lying to us and to Congress. The federal government is terribly corrupt. We see the scandals that are far from phony. The NSA is capturing every bit of information from every one of us. We know now who gave the order to the NSA and it was Obama. Why does our government need to illegally capture every piece of communication from every American? They don't and it's illegal but that doesn't seem to matter.

As one example, we see Obama's reticence to complete the Keystone pipeline because he says it'll only create 2,000 jobs. First of all, he's wrong, but even if that were the case, isn't that better than the part-time jobs he's created, or the government jobs he's produced (that are paid by taxpayers)?

We have seen a escalation of racial problems since Obama took office and now with some of his Executive Orders (like the African American Education Initiative), race-relations are destined to become even worse. It is being designed that way.

I see no way that America will miss a full economic collapse at the rate we're sinking. I see no way out of it. If a new "world" currency isn't introduced during Obama's term, it'll come with the next president.

I hope you have started to prepare for it. If you knew a terrible hurricane was coming your way, would you do nothing? Would you not buy extra food, maybe a generator, board up your windows, and do other preparatory things that will help keep you safe in spite of the coming storm? Yet, so many people today are doing absolutely nothing because they really do not believe that a storm is coming. They see the signs but interpret them differently or they ignore them as a passing trend.

Folks, I know this sounds conspiratorial. I know it sounds as though I'm wearing a tin hat, but the truth is that terrible times are on their way. Many are already experiencing the beginning of them and this is just the wind before the actual storm. This is a fully planned and full-scale destruction of America.

There are things you can do to help your family through the worst part of it. You do not have to be left the ravages of the elite who care nothing about us. You should have three months worth of food, emergency supplies, and a plan. If you don't have that, it's like being on the Titanic without a life boat.

The apostle Paul told Timothy the following.

"But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever," (1 Timothy 5:8).

The people in Washington, with few exceptions, are not listening to us. I have a responsibility to defend my family and provide for them. I take those words seriously. I hope you do as well.

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About Fred DeRuvo
Fred DeRuvo is the author of numerous articles and a growing number of Name Your Linkbooks related to conservative theology and politics. Fred received his Bachelor's degree from Philadelphia College of Bible and his Masters from Tyndale Theological Seminary. Fred received his Th.D from Northwestern Theological Seminary in Florida. Listen to Fred’s program and on MPR 105.3 FM in the Philippines. Fred began Study-Grow-Know Ministries several years ago where he fights the scourge of Leftist politics and policies that seem to be gaining a foothold in America. His blogs include Study, Grow, Know and Politically Correct Morass.
  • KG

    I find it interesting that the author used the American Standard Version of 1 Timothy 5:8. Was it because the King James version uses the word 'Infidel'? A word that has gained a certain emotional attachment for some people?

    BTW, he was talking about the religious leaders of the church who were passing around the plate at the end and collecting it rather than working and providing for their families. Exactly the same thing religious leaders do today.

    1 Timothy 5:8

    King James Version (KJV)

    8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

  • jhpoland

    There are saying for this ..'Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely' .,.and 'You can fool Some of the people ALL of the time !!! '

  • HDA

    Go on Netflix or rent it anywhere you can, 911: IN PLANE SIGHT.
    You will learn without a doubt what sick government we have.

  • jenniewalsh Satanic Illuminati's globalist crime syndicate's plan to destroy America is outlined.

  • centermass1

    I concur.

  • bull57

    The gov. Has always been somewhat corrupt and we all knew it, but they at least attempted to keep it hidden. In the last few years the gov. is blatantly showing how corrupt they are and don't even try to conceal it anymore. Just daring anyone to challenge them. Well da*m it I'm going to challenge them and I hope the rest of you AMERICANS stand up and say NO MORE!!!

    • Walt

      I agree but it seems we are now in the minority. The brain-dead freeloading voter is now in charge and we are screwed. Our only hope is that those of us smart enough can prepare and survive the coming times. When they are over, most of those others will be gone.

    • bull57

      I'm not so sure that we in reality we truly are the minority. I'm thinking, and feel free to correct me, but that the last 2 elections are a fluke. All the liberals, and blacks wanted to participate in the "monumental election" of the first black president. Without another candidate to worship like Obama I'm not convinced their numbers will show up at the polls! Remember we really don't need that many to be in control again. I also know that without a true conservative candidate I will be staying home! Having said that the GOP is really at the mercy of "we conservatives" for their survival!

    • LittleRoot_48

      Alas, but I have a feeling clueless women out there will transfer their worship to Frau Clinton in 2016. They love their "firsts." They've had the "first" president of "color." Now they'll want their "first" female president. They were too blind to see the mistake of the 2008 election and repeated it in 2012.

    • dontdoitagain

      Don't put me in that group! No all women are looking for a "sugar daddy" and in lieu of that getting the government to fill the void. That being said, I probably would have voted for the she-devil if it had been between her and that black b@#$%^d we have now.

    • iccarus26

      If you stay home and do not vote then you will be guilty of electing some liberal instead of perhaps someone who gives a damn about this country, I understand the way you think, but I do not agree with it, Vote

    • LittleRoot_48

      I've been thinking about why they seem to be so open with their corruption. I truly believe the electronic voting machines were rigged in this last election and therefore, they feel assured of future election victories for the Dems.

  • popham

    And so we have about 32 days before the next "economic crisis" begins.
    It is likely to be worse than 2007-08.
    Hang on folks. It's going to be a very bumpy ride.
    Good luck, America.

  • Becky

    And some of us know exactly what is going on and have no funds to do a darned thing about it!

    • Modres

      I hear you and I'm sorry. Can you partner up with people? Can you grow your own food? We do that anyway since it helps.

    • Becky

      I'm really limited in that I'm disabled. There's not a whole lot I can do Fred but thanks anyway. What so badly burns my butt is that I worked hard and long and would have had myself well taken care of, but it was pretty much all stolen by a big brokerage firm. NOW there are laws to compensate people who have been wiped out by theft, but I couldn't find a lawyer to help me. Close to 800 thousand stolen and had it not been stolen a couple hundred thousand at a time, I would have had plenty to care for myself AND my family.

    • Modres

      Very sorry to hear that, Becky. That's got to be difficult.

    • Becky

      LOL Fred! To put it mildly....Thanks for your kindness though.

    • Doreen Hughes

      There are plenty of us who "know" what is coming, but who are not able to do much to prepare, or to defend ourselves from those who will come "looking" for what we DO have for ourselves and our families. As a single mother, I feel at a loss as to how to protect my girls and myself. It's scary. But I have God on my side and I have to trust that HE will protect us and provide for us when the times comes. He has always been there before. I can't give up my faith in Him now! =D

    • Becky

      No you sure do not want to give up on your faith. That is probably all that is going to get a lot of people through these next man years. We'll have to hang tough..

    • Walt

      At least buy a large bag of rice and a little olive oil. You can get by on that for a long time.

    • Becky

      Thanks Walt. I do live on olive oil now - and lots of rice. I might have to take up hunting! Just concerned about getting the weight of anything I get home.

  • Lynn Graham


    • Doreen Hughes

      Exactly, Lynn.

  • melvin lafleur

    "Folks, I know this sounds conspiratorial."
    no, you sound exactly like your grand poohbah rush limbaugh.

    • Modres

      Funny, I don't even listen to Rush...though I'm glad to hear you don't think he sounds conspiratorial.

      - Fred

    • LittleRoot_48

      Give me 3 examples of where Rush has been wrong about this corrupt administration.

    • Modres

      Don't expect lafleur to be able to count that high, LittleRoot_48...

    • ADRoberts

      Look at his picture. I think he is a union man. If he would admit it, he is an ultra liberal.

    • LittleRoot_48

      Thanks, Modres. I guess I wasn't thinking. Actually, I doubt he could give me 1 example. He probably doesn't even listen to Rush. I do and I've never seen where he was wrong. He knows these Dems/liberals inside and out and they hate him for it.

    • beentheredonethatalready

      If you could find a way to wean yourself off of that kool-aid you might just see the light of day.

    • HYDRO

      You sir evidently are one who has drank the kool aide and nothing anyone will say will change your thoughts - if you can't see the writing on the wall - Fema Camps resurrected Over 800 of them, Box Cars being fitted with restrains in the North west, Massive amounts of Weapons and ammunition being bought by every government department ( including EPA, Social Security Etc.) Cristianity being taken out of the country - Chaplains in the service can't even close with in Jesus Name, Men marrying Men and same with Women totally against what the scriptures teach backed by the government, lasws that are unconstitutional , a President who refuses to prove he is even an American citizen, Edicts from the President taking over the airwaves at his choosing , NDAA Citizens can be placed in the Fema Camps without being charged - one can remain in them according to this law, All factions of the government interfering in our private lives, Obama Care with Death Squads for the elderly ,Guns being taken for reasons that don't make sense from our returning soldiers - A tragedy at Fort Hood called domestic Violence, Bengazi where Americans were left to fess for themselves when help was hurs away, IRS using their power to dictate to all of us , NSA out of hand spying on all of us, if you are blind to all of this along with the Debt and now Amnesty for all Illegal immigrants - you sir have definitly drank the Kool Aide. You will have nothing and no right to complaignwhen the America we all gre up in collapses

  • jkdriss

    Fred, nothing you wrote sounds conspiratorial to anyone who understands how to use their brain housing groups. I witnessed first hand how our education system traps people into this self destructive style of thinking while they are taught that the one big mistake "communism" will work if tried by the right people.

    • Modres

      I spent over ten years teaching in the public schools of California and can also attest to it.

      - Fred