Surprise! Barry Soetoro Voter Registration FOIA Request Denied By DC Election Board

A few weeks ago we reported a bizarre story about Barry Soetoro being registered to vote in Washington D.C.

Soetoro was registered with a White House address and had Barack Obama's August 4, 1961 birthdate. We know that the birthdate was the same because that information was required to do a search. Below is a screenshot of our original findings.

Before I go on. For those of you who are not aware, Barry Soetoro is Barack Obama. The Soetoro name was taken from his adopted father while the young Barack was in Indonesia. And now that I've cleared that up…

There are those in the blogging community who were not willing to accept the fact that the registration was removed a few days after being discovered. They wanted answers and rightfully so. Sonoran News, who originally broke the story, sent a Freedom of Information Act request to attempt to get those answers. Linda Bentley reports:

WASHINGTON – A few weeks ago, we published an article: "Voter fraud at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?" exposing a voter registration under the name Barry Soetoro, the name President Barack Obama used while attending elementary school as a citizen of Indonesia, using the White House's address. It was also pointed out that both Obama and the First Lady are registered to vote in Chicago. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was submitted on July 22 to the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBEE) director asking for a copy of the voter registration, if Soetoro voted in the Nov. 6, 2012 election, and what the process is for verifying voter registrations submitted by mail and online.

Senior Staff Attorney Terri Stroud responded almost immediately to acknowledge the request and state she would respond to the request on before Aug. 12 by making the documents requested, or a legally segregable portion thereof, available or notify me of her determination not to make the requested document available.

Stroud responded on Aug. 12, as promised, denying my request.

She wrote, "I am writing to inform you that your request for a copy of a voter registration application submitted under the name "Barry Soetoro" is being denied pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 2-534(a)(3), as it is a record which is the focus of an investigation into a specific alleged illegal act which could, if proved, result in civil or criminal sanctions.

"With respect to the questions posed in your FOIA request concerning voter history and the Board's process for verifying voter registrations submitted by mail and entered online, under the law, an agency 'has no duty either to answer questions unrelated to document requests or to create documents.' Zemansky v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, 767 F.2d 569, 574 (9th Cir. 1985). The law only requires the disclosure of nonexempt documents, not answers to interrogatories. See Di Viaio v. Kelley, 571 F.2d 538, 542-543 (10th Cir. 1978).

"Please be advised that if you deem this response to be a denial of your request, you have the right to appeal to the Mayor, or you may seek judicial review in the Superior Court, pursuant to D.C. Official Code § 2-537 and 3 D.C.M.R. § 2012.1. If you elect to appeal to the Mayor, your appeal should: 1) be in writing; 2) include a statement of the arguments, circumstances, or reasons in support of the information sought by your request, and; 3) include a copy of our written letter issued to you."

Just another case of government stonewalling. I am sure that The White House was consulted to see what action should be taken. There is a real possibility that we have a sitting president who committed voter fraud, by potentially voting in both D.C. and Illinois, and we may never know.

Tim Brown reported on July 31st:

I discovered this little tidbit of information at the DC Board of Elections website. In a press release dated June 14, 2010, the DC Board of Elections wrote,

The Board's regulations direct that any voter whose mail is returned undeliverable is to be deleted from the voter registration list if they do not cast a ballot and fail to respond to notices over the next two subsequent general elections for federal office. However, the Board does not entirely delete any record from its voter registration database. While records of individuals removed from the list of registered voters are marked as 'deleted' and do not appear in the poll book at precincts on Election Day, the record itself remains on file permanently and can be reinstated.

District residents are encouraged to register to vote or update their registration using the Board's online tool at and to submit their completed voter registration application by mail by August 16, 2010. Between August 17 and August 30, residents can only register in person at the Board's office. Once early voting begins on August 30 and at the polls on Election Day, residents can only register and cast a ballot if they bring with them a current photo ID, utility bill, bank statement, or government document listing their current address. Those individuals will be required to cast a special ballot, which will only be counted if the Board verifies that the voter meets all qualifications and has provided proper proof of residence.

So, this voter registration was made in October, which meant that Barry Soetoro had to appear with a current photo ID, utility bill, bank statement, or government document listing his current address. Furthermore, one wonders why the record of his registration is deleted after less than a year. According to the DC Board of Elections, they don't do this. Thus, the plot thickens.

So there is a good chance that Barry Soetoro actually voted in the general election. Hopefully out of respect for the process they asked for two forms of identification and he showed a valid birth certificate.

I am tired of being called a conspiracy theorist. Any time we come up with one of these stories, we are just hoping that a big conservative media outlet or a congressman will take it to the next level. It never happens. We have evidence that, at the very least, deserves an explanation. But no one with the resources to get any real answers has the required backbone to get it done.

So we keep seeking the truth and keep being told we can't have access to it.

I wonder who Barry Soetoro voted for?

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  • Jd Logsdon

    Hmmmm. Does this mean that BO not only orchestrated voter fraud but committed it himself ?

  • sirwiley

    Criminal leaders make a criminal country.

  • teller123

    I would bet my life he is a complete fraud. If we don't accomplish anything else we should demand voter ID laws. The Liberals excuses about hurting poor and old people are ridiculous-which is what makes it obvious to me they have plenty to hide. Even the lowest information person should be able to see through that scam.

  • Harold

    So what is new with the this Nazi or KGB administration?

  • llellc

    The Destroyer- a scourge upon the earth.

  • dr.b.helthi

    How could "Barry Soetoro" possess a valid birth certificate ?

  • fcsuszka

    The more rocks you turn over the more BS you find. When will they stop hiding this illegitimate persons information. It seems as though you turn over a rock an bingo it goes dark. What in the world do these people think we are, stupid? No wonder so much is being played out by leakers. Our government and the people within are so corrupt you can smell DC on the other side of the nation and no matter where you go, the smell of BS gets you every time. There is not down wind about it. They say it runs down hill. In this case with all the stuff flowing out of the Whitehouse and congress, it's flowing downhill so fast it looks like a flood. Kind of like a motorhome at a dump station.
    Flippin liars cheats and thieves. It is written that if you're one you're all. This really waters me off.

  • Carolyn

    This illegal president stuff is getting out of hand. I saw a "Putin for President" bumper sticker today.

    • Jim

      He would be much better than the one who is illegally in office now.

    • William Wallace

      Sad to say that Putin probably has America's interest at heart better than our President.

  • MainahBillyW

    All democrats vote twice in every election!...nothing new here!

    • William Wallace

      Those are the lazy ones. The hard working Dems, vote early and often and then go to at least 3-7 precincts to vote.

  • reggiec

    I wonder if he is registered in Hawaii as Barack Davis? You know after his real daddy, Frank Marshall Davis.

  • J J

    So, who exactly is that top resident of the White House, anyway?? How many aliases does he have and how many times does he get to vote without having to show any form of valid ID?? And what happened to that transparency Obama is constantly touting us with??? He is still shrouded in secrecy as is his Presidency!!

  • Ladydonnalands

    Surprised? The color of the law seems to match this mans fraud!

  • Cornville

    There is no doubt in my mind that President Obama is a stooge for the Communist/Socialist left wing of America. These people found a patsy for all of their crimes against the American People. They have the press, and TV on their side to distort the truth, regardless of what it is. Obama is like the circus clown, we want to laugh with him and at him, but no one really takes him seriously. In the meantime, the Communist/Socialist agenda keeps on marching on destroying the rights of the people. The US Army is subdued, as well as the opposition political parties namely the Tea party and the Republican/Conservative Party. It is time, we took back America, if we do not act to put in a Right Wing form of Government in the elections of 2014, we as Americans, will have lost the Greatest Country on Earth for all time.

  • blackhawk132

    Wow ; What a guy . He must be able to split himself in 2 to vote in 2 places. Why not ? He probably can also walk on water.

  • tom nogaro

    so let me get this straight: a president may have committed voter fraud
    via multiple id, which multiple id may strike at the heart of his
    eligibility to be president in the first instance. a citizen makes a
    legitimate foia request regarding same which is denied on the basis of
    an ongoing criminal investigation. so far so good. very legally perfect. very clever.

    so now where is:

    1. the media, our fourth estate, to bring all this to light and daily hammer the issue, if
    accurate, as woodward did in watergate with nixon, so the matter does
    not blithely die the natural death of oblivion?

    2. the moron clown class, johnny the boneless and his deboned rino gang, along with
    our busy insider trading congress, to investigate and hold hearings, to
    keep the heat on?

    we pay for, with taxes and elections, and got a greatly polluted system in stark need of a major cleanup operation.