Senator Lindsey Graham Is About To Get Maced - Nancy Mace Set To Challenge For Senate Seat

Nancy Mace, first female graduate of the citadel, small business woman, will speak at Berkeley County GOP breakfast this Saturday to address her decision on SC's 2014 U.S. race against two-term incumbent Lindsey Graham. See Facebook event HERE.

In June, Mace told the Post,

"...I think that if anyone is going to primary an incumbent Senator they need to have a statewide grassroots network. They need to have a message that resonates with not only the one corner of the Republican Party, but all corners of the Republican Party whether you are a veteran, whether you covet the right to life, whether you are Second Amendment supporter, whether you are a tea party person, or a liberty person, or if you are just a regular Republican who is a patriot. It's going to take someone who can bring folks together. No one that I can tell at this point can raise the amount of money that Senator Graham has in his war chest right now, but I don't believe that it takes this kind of resources to win a US Senate race in this State. At some point it reaches saturation level and I don't think it's necessarily won on TV yet, I think it's won on the ground in grass roots."

See exclusive interview here.

Picture is from her Facebook Page.

 Nancy Mace is a wife, mother and small business owner. She is the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, the military college of South Carolina. She holds a masters in mass communication from the University of Georgia. She is the author of In The Company of Men: A Woman at The Citadel (Simon and Schuster, 2001). Nancy is the daughter of retired Army Brigadier General Emory Mace and school teacher Dr. Anne Mace, PhD.

UPDATE: On Saturday, South Carolina businesswoman Nancy Mace officially announced her campaign to challenge Sen. Lindsey Graham in the Republican primary for US Senate next year. Mace is the first female graduate of the state's storied military school, The Citadel. She told supporters she is running because Washington is too big and out of touch.
"We cannot change Washington unless we change who we send to Washington," Mace said in a statement. Mace owns a public relations company in Charleston. She is the second challenger to Graham, joining businessman Richard Cash in the campaign against Graham.

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30 thoughts on “Senator Lindsey Graham Is About To Get Maced - Nancy Mace Set To Challenge For Senate Seat

  1. Lindsey Graham dug his own hole and now Nancy Mace will cover it up!

    • She was co-owner of a site which regularly posted smut and nudity and promoted a rape video demeaning women. She has more than a hole to cover up.

  2. I'd vote for a Komodo Dragon, before I'd ever give my vote to that disgusting, lying, sodomite Graham.

    Go, Nancy. Beat the pants off that traitor. It shouldn't be hard to do!

  3. As an Ohioan, I have long pities South Carolina under the Graham-Cracker Regime. Now, the RINO who is really a closeted "you know what" as well as communist/socialist pig will have a real woman to run against. He is so queer he reeks. South Carolina, get behind Mace and go for it. We need more true conservatives in Washington. He and his liberal left-wing friend McLame from AZ are both liars. McLame has attempted to make people think he was in a "prison camp" in Vietnam. Real men, American unknown heroes who were there, say he was actually being held in a luxurious hotel in downtown Hanoi while his wife suffered at home. Of course, as soon as he was released, he divorced her after she had stood by her man. Both the queer Graham-Cracker and McLame should be kicked out of the Republican Party to make it pure along with others.