Pat Caddell: "John Boehner has been Purposely Suppressing Anything on Benghazi"

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) has turned down a select committee to investigate Benghazi, even though more than 160 of his colleagues in the House, 1,000 Special Operations veterans and many other Americans have called for one. Could statements made on Fox News' Political Insiders be a reason why?

Fox News contributor Pat Caddell made a pretty strong allegation against Speaker John Boehner, claiming that he has known the details of the Obama administration's intimidation campaign against CIA survivors of the attacks in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 by Islamic jihadists.

Caddell didn't stop with Boehner's knowledge. He went on to claim that Boehner has also made concerted efforts towards suppressing information about these tactics, which were brought to light last week during a CNN report.

"John Boehner, who has been purposely suppressing anything on Benghazi because he knew what we found out this week, and he had approved it," Caddell said. "These sales, these CIA teams on the ground which were sending weapons from Libya through Turkey to Syrian rebels without Congressional approval."

Caddell henn went down the line pointing out that Barack Obama has suppressed the truth and then followed with his Muslim CIA director John Brennan, who left the White House to take the job at the CIA and engaging in polygraphing CIA employees to keep them from telling the truth. "And the Congress won't act in its own defense," he exclaimed.

One of the hosts said that two committees needed to be formed, one on Benghazi and one on executive abuse of power.

The tide turned slightly to the IRS scandal and the mentioning of former White House Counsel Bob Bauer's involvement, along with Lois Lerner's.

However, Caddell was so fired up over this that he said, "I'll guarantee you, this stuff goes directly into the White House and members of the White House staff!"

Pat Caddell isn't the only one though that has spoken about Boehner's motives. Talk show host and author Mark Levin has done so as well.    

"It's obvious," said Levin. "He's (John Boehner) been asked over and over again by a majority of the Republicans in the House to set up a special investigative committee, as is the tradition in these types of investigations, so that you concentrate expertise, resources and time in one special committee, rather than multiple committees that are also investigating other matters and overseeing other matters and handing bills and so forth."

"It's as if the Speaker of the House doesn't want to get to the bottom of this," said Levin.

Levin then soberly said, "We have to draw a very sad conclusion. John Boehner does not want to know what took place in Benghazi on that horrific day and I'm honestly starting to think that he's cut some kind of deal with Obama, because why else would he do this?"

No one still knows what Obama was doing for approximately eight hours during the attack. Presumably he went to sleep. The White House has been back and forth about whether he made calls on that night or not and yet, it appears that John Boehner doesn't want to know the truth nor does he want anyone else to know. As Levin says, "John Boehner is what stands between setting up a special investigative committee and not."

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) is not giving up on his resolution though. He continues to press that issue no matter what the Speaker has said.

Frankly, Boehner's excuse that it will cost money falls on the deaf ears of Americans when he and his leadership chose to fully fund Obamacare and cut a fiscal cliff deal that resulted in higher taxes on Americans.

While Levin and Caddell guess at whether Boehner has made a deal. I've been saying all along that the man doesn't have a spine and that he should rightly have a label of Democrat, since that is who he is siding with on most occasions. Again, pay more attention to what he does than what he says, though at times, what he says lines up exactly with what he does.

I think there has been a deal made and I think you can't trust Boehner any more than you can trust Barack Obama.

Perhaps this is why John Boehner can't lead on the issues: he's a compromised man.

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221 thoughts on “Pat Caddell: "John Boehner has been Purposely Suppressing Anything on Benghazi"

  1. bohner needs to go he is in bed with obama wake up america

  2. Boner is a spineless wimp. But so are 75% of the Republicans in the House. A major House cleaning is way overdue.

  3. Bonehead needs to go-said this long ago, he's another traitor to this country!

  4. Brian Woodard says:

    Donald I agree with with you

  5. Brian Woodard says:

    John Bohener you are a disgrace to the people of Ohiq and an obamaa follower

  6. Boehner must leave. When he refuses to set up a special investigation committee to look into this, there can only be one conclusion, this RINO made a secret deal with Obama to keep this hush-hush.

  7. Are you talking about Speaker John Boehner, Obama's flunky who talks tough, cries then gives in to every Obama wish. If the Republicans have any hope they not only have to get rid of Boehner because it goes a lot deeper than that. What the party needs is to replace the whole upper bracket of the Republican National Committee. Their outdated ideas and unwillingness to fight the fight because of Political Correctness is killing the party. It's time for the Boehners, McCains and other like them to go! Why is it every-time there's a vote on something the American People don't want enough RHINO'S vote for it just to pass it, not even knowing what's entirely in the bill. Look at the last election, here you had a president whose policies are not only a failure but are intended to bring harm to the American way of life and nobody held him accountable, nobody challenged him, nobody introduced the facts against his policies and non-policies called Executive Orders. But then again we have ourselves to blame. Why, the Republican Voter Base failed to come out and Vote! Why, Because they didn't like Romney. So you don't vote and ensure that a man who is out to destroy this county with his policies, wins! Brilliant play people.