New Obamacare Lawsuit May Reach Supreme Court & Deem Obama/IRS Actions Unconstitutional

Last year, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, was upheld to be constitutional as a tax. Though it's been three years since Obamacare has been the law of the land, problems have arisen (we all knew they would), and costs have skyrocketed from their projections (we knew that too). As a result, some parts of Obamacare will be delayed by one year. However, it looks as if the Supreme Court may just get a second hearing on the unpopular, and in many of our opinions unconstitutional law.

How's that? Well, when constructing the sweeping legislation, apparently lawmakers, specifically Democrats, made an error by allowing states to decide whether or not they would set up their own insurance exchange, which they would control. If a state chose not to set up an exchange, then the federal government would establish one. States establishing an insurance exchange under Obamacare would tax employers who did not provide insurance under the employer mandate. The money would be returned to employees to purchase insurance through the state's insurance exchange.

The problem comes because more than two dozen states have chosen not to establish state insurance exchanges.

Barack Obama and the Democrats didn't place a tax in the bill for states that opted out of the state insurance exchanges. Therefore, they cannot be taxed. So much for setting up federal exchanges in the states.

So what about all of that? How does it make the issue unconstitutional? In order to correct the glaring problem, Barack Obama bypassed Congress and had the Internal Revenue Service re-write the law. I know, you are shocked, right? Obama and the IRS, once again involved in criminal activity against the people of America. This is not a scandal, it's criminal.

The United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 1 reads:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

This means that what Obama and the IRS did was illegal.

Now a new lawsuit has been filed by the state of Oklahoma challenging the illegal power grab by the IRS and the Obama administration.

Michael Lotfi reports:

Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General, just took a major step forward in having his case heard by the Supreme Court. A federal judge in Oklahoma ruled last Monday that Oklahoma has the legal standing to sue the federal government over the subsidies in the federally run exchanges (see video above). This is the first time a federal judge has ruled against the Obama administration with regards to the Patient Care Act in quite some time. Opponents of the Patient Care Act will certainly keep a watchful eye as this story continues to develop.

Lotfi also said that in an interview with Communications director for US Congressman Scott Desjarlais (R-TN), Robert Jameson, he was told:

"They made a huge mistake here. Congressman Desjarlais will be taking action on the issue and watching it closely in the Supreme Court. If we are successful in upholding this as unconstitutional it will make the states who have opted out of the state run exchange very attractive to businesses who bring jobs and prosperity. It will also make Obamacare even more unsustainable than it already is, which will leave the door open to defunding it."

Well, this should not be that hard to rule on. The IRS and the President do not have the authority to make or change the law. That power is granted to Congress. In fact, the state of Oklahoma should not even have to bring a lawsuit and cost taxpayers money to fight this. This should be handled by the Congress. They should be the ones pointing this out and challenging it. I'm glad though that AG Pruitt is doing his constitutional duty to protect his people from the illegal activity of the man in the Oval Office and a tyrannical Internal Revenue Service.

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774 thoughts on “New Obamacare Lawsuit May Reach Supreme Court & Deem Obama/IRS Actions Unconstitutional

  1. I would really love to believe this will end Obamacare but with Justices (I use that word loosely) like John Roberts and politicians like Boehner & McConnell who both vowed to end Obamacare but have yet to lift a finger, I have lost all hope.

    Not only is Obama the worst crook to ever be President, he has the most corrupt court system to back him and most inept political opponents to oppose him.

  2. This is also the sole purpose of the Department of Education...they were Deliberately created to DUMMY DOWN

    the Masses...... How are people today suppose to be able to protect and fight their rights and freedoms when they do not even know what they are????? They don't want you to know what they are so when the Bought and Paid for Traiterous Main Stream Media whores go on TV and tell you something stupid...they just want you to believe it.

    The only way to lose your Rights and Freedoms is for good men and women to sit back and do nothing.......

    Thomas Jefferson.........

    They warned you back in the day what is going on would happen just read their words and writings......

    Do not listen to babbling idiots like Calvinius below....... Everyone in DC who Supports the New World Order
    who supports Disarming Americfa and supports giving our Sovereignty Away are committing very open acts of High Treason and their actions are going to get themselves hanged at the Gallows for Treason....

  3. but so far the ones that were elected to represent the people are mute on the subject and confined to their seats inaction, so it proceeds forward costing time and money and providing the distraction to keep the people from looking at who it is behind the curtain.

  4. IF Obamacare is a tax, then it is still illegal, since it originated in the Senate. And NO MONEY bills can originate anywhere except in the House. Roberts should have gone ahead and immediately ruled it illegal with his determination that it was a tax.
    But then, apparently they NSA had tapped his telephone and had the goods on him. So he did not dare rule that Obamacare was illegal. Either that or they had part of his family kidnapped and threatened to kill them. Something sure was wrong. Roberts was NOT supposed to be that bad a guy.

  5. this stupid bill should never have been declared 'constitutional'. it is a travesty of the Constitution.
    Roberts was allegedly threatened in a number of ways if he didn't 'go along'.
    It is Unconstitutional that the SC 'rewrote the bill to be 'legal'.
    The tenets of the Constitution were written to preempt such a BS move.

  6. They should forget the lawsuit and just impeach Obama, fire the IRS employees who were involved, and let the whole tyrannical group face the criminal charges they deserve!

  7. I want to move to Oklahoma! If only there were jobs I could do.....

  8. What interests me even more is the so called investigation into the so called IRS scandal. So, before we put all the blame on the IRS, who is it under the Constitution who makes the rules and regulations for the IRS to follow? Oops, did you say the Congress? Yep you're correct.

    And who's investigating the IRS? Did you say this same Congress? Yep again. What really happened is that the Congress got caught with their pants yanked and is now attempting to put all the blame on the IRS. And does anyone really believe that anything will happen? To me it's just another Dog and Phony show.

  9. So what if SCOTUS decides that they are unconstitutional? Who is going to hold the law breakers accountable? Does anyone think that the DOJ is going to have the FBI arrest anyone? The people who broke the laws are the same ones who were supposed to know better and not break them in the first place. Does any one really believe anything will be accomplished by these rulings? Only if Congress is totally overhauled with people who really have this country's interest as the originators intended it to be not as the libs want it to be can anything be really done.

  10. Congress should also enter the suite to prevent the Supreme Court from dismissing the case for lack of legal standing.

  11. Hooray for Oklahoma! They are fightiing the good fight on many fronts. If they are heard, I suggest they give a copy of the Constitution to each member SCOTUS who don't seem to know what is in it.

  12. I wouldn't put too much faith in the courts, especially the SCOTUS. What I think will have to happen to rid the country of Obamacare is for the people to fully oppose it. This has been done in the past with other laws, for better or for worse, depending on one's view point, but the emphasis is that it can be done by the people (let's see...prohibition, segregation laws, the draft, women being prohibited from voting, etc). All of these laws were overturned eventually starting with initial action by average people - and a main tool they used was civil disobedience.
    Actually in that regard Obamacare is much easier - there are no provisions in the law for jail time or property confiscation. And also, the screws can not only be put to the government, but also to the insurance companies - who sat idly and silently by when the law was being rammed thru like proverbial sheep before the shearing. If enough young people refuse insurance (AND refuse the fine/tax or whatever they have deemed it to be, but just the first refusal alone will help a huge amount), the insurance companies books will bleed red ink and they will likely beg to go back to the olden days when they just sold policies to whomever wanted to buy and most of them made a profit. And we all know that large industries can afford to lobby for such things.

    Obamacare is like a two-legged table - there is no way it can stand up on its own, even if it were to work as its creators seem to have hoped. And the people, like Lilliputians overcoming Gulliver, can easily pull the whole thing down, tie it up and be rid of it.

    This is what I think must happen to be rid of Obamacare. Don't depend on your congress persons, the courts, elections, etc, to do the job - plan on doing it yourself.

    • Very well stated. You're right. Our congress are all traitors. I wish there was some law saying, If a elected public official willingy defies the oath of office, he or she can be fired and or jailed on the spot. The so called oath of office means nothing anymore.

  13. CharlieFromMass says:

    Where's the CTRL+ALT+DEL for the Federal government? The votes aren't re-programming things properly, time to do a hard re-boot.

    • Absolutely RIGHT, Charlie! Let's find that little pin-hole on the back of the enclosure and stick a straightend-out paper clip thru it. RESET the CPU, clear the cache RAM, clear the main SDRAM, clear the hard drive except for the OS (aka the US Constitution) and then kill the power for 30 seconds. Heck, maybe download an old version of the BIOS to make sure the Democrats haven't corrupted THAT, TOO.

    • CharlieFromMass says:

      You work in MIS, don't you?

      When I was in college, I got this very funny list of computer commands in an e-Mail, and the idea for this, along with a lot of other things, came from that. I wish I could find it, or the list again. It was truly side-splitting funny, along with "101 way to kill Barney" (the dinosaur).

    • Nope, I'm an old hardware design geek. A few years ago at a trade show I saw a PCB that I designed in the early '80s with a microprocessor on it- and they were STILL selling it for real money! I had to reset a LOT of CPUs to get the design working.

      And yes, even ONE way to kill Barney would be wildly appropriate, and appreciated by millions of parents.

    • CharlieFromMass says:

      Among my favorites for Barney...
      1. Torn and mutilated by Canada Post (seriously, ever get a letter from Canada? Not pretty).

      2. Barney scrapple

      3 Abandonment in a sensory-deprivation chamber.

      4. Use as a crash-test dummy.

      There were a few others. This got me to thinking, I really need to see if there's some archive of stupid/silly/funny/joke e-Mails from the 1990s out there someplace.

    • Translation: elections aren't going your way, so you want to overthrow the government.

  14. This lawsuit will be right up there with the gazillion challenges to Rowe v.s. Wade. Which also means If a Republican president doesn't enforce these laws, they are, for all practical purposes, null and void...Just like Oba mama enforcing the one's He favors and ignoring the rest.

    However, we already have one lawless president and I think that's plenty. But, this is what you get with an Imperial presidency.

    After Slick Willie committed a felony in office and was exonerated the president has become virtually invulnerable and reading the constitution to him and his minions is an exercise in futility..

    Soon it will be the Republican's turn and the Empire spirals out of control because we lose the concept of self-rule and holding these gangsters to account.

    And until we can reform the constitutional process we have no one to blame but ourselves. Too whit...

    I make sure I participate in the primaries looking for the good guys. I will not vote in the general elections for the lawless people I disagree with..Republican or Democrat...(most incumbents will hate people like me as I scare them. Make sure they you scare them too!)

    There's more to being a free person than freedom to whine on the internet. We don't have to agree in the open exchange of ideas we just need an open exchange...

    Molon Labe...

  15. Put this lying POS in jail where he belongs and abolish the IRS.

  16. All Congressmen and Senetors, the FBI CIA JHoint Cheifs, Supreme Court Justices and other Federal Judges have been informed by Legitimate Law Enforcement and the Military and other Intel sources that Obama is a known fraud USURPER but still they all ignore the issue make you think all is A OK like they are all legitimate and they are not and still all of them continue to bow to this Fraud USURPER as President with the help of this Treasonous Main Stream Media who is knowingly aiding and abetting and assisting in the biggest cover up against the American people....Most of them are all members of the Communist Party and members of the Buildaberg Group and Supporters of the New World Order which alone is an open act of High Treason and a major violation of their sworn Oaths but if you have studied your history 1871 you would know they are all bitches and whores for England.....look it up 1871 King George and the hiding of the Origional Constitution and the Origional 13th Amendment.....and the Creation of the USA CORPORATION a Criminal Defacto Government that truely has no power over any of us......They did this to enslave the American people to a Debt Slavery system for England and have been paying England all these years to this date behind your backs as Englands pay off.... Obama is a whore for the Bilderbergs New World Order the UN and a Queen that is truely not legitimately heir to the Thrown!

    • You Birther lunatics truly are the stupidest people who ever lived. And really, the "Original 13th Amendment"? The "USA CORPORATION"? Please, seek psychiatric treatment immediately.

  17. Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 in the Constitution is clear:

    As long as a Fraud USURPS the Office of President Congress and the Senate can make and Pass no laws...nothing they have done since 2008 isConstitutionally Legal it is all NULL and VOID including OBAMA CARE!