New Bill Would Ban AR-15 Receivers, Barrels, and any Necessary Parts to Assemble a Semi-automatic Firearm

Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) has proposed a federal gun bill in the United States House of Representatives that would ban the sale and possession of 80% Ar-15 receivers. However, the way the legislation reads, it actually bans much more than receivers. It appears to include virtually any part used to build a semi-automatic weapon.

H.R. 2910 was introduced on August 1, 2013. The particular lower that is referenced is one that is not considered a firearm because it still requires some basic machine work before it is ready to be used in building a firearm.

The benefit to purchasing an 80% lower versus a completed lower is that you can complete the work yourself. Once you have done that, there is no need for the gun to have a serial number or be registered as long as it remains in your possession for personal use.

AR-15 receiver


Obviously, this is a loophole in federal gun legislation, which should not have even been law in the first place. Thus, anti-gunners such as Henry Waxman are only too happy to attempt to plug the hole in the law and prevent you or me from building our own gun without having to register it.

However, it is the scope of the bill that is shocking.

The text of the bill reads in part:

(b) Prohibited Acts- It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer for sale, manufacture for sale, or import into the United States for sale, to a consumer–

(1) an assault weapon parts kit; or

(a) Terms- For purposes of this title–

(1) the term 'assault weapon parts kit' means any part or combination of parts not designed and intended for repair or replacement but designed and intended to enable a consumer who possesses all such necessary parts to assemble a semiautomatic assault weapon;

Notice the mix of language. An assault weapon has legally been recognized as a fully automatic firearm, not a semi-automatic weapon. However, when referencing an "assault weapon parts kit" the legislation defines it as "any part or combination of parts not designed and intended for repair or replacement."

Basically, this ends up targeting any rifle part that can be used to build a firearm.

Think about it. Should one want to change out the lower on an existing AR-15, this legislation could be interpreted that the new lower purchased falls under the restriction. Furthermore, assume one wants to change the barrel. Doesn't that also fall under the text of the legislation, since it is also used in the building of a firearm? In theory, any parts on a firearm are essentially covered with this legislation.

Currently the bill is in committee and has 6 Democrat sponsors.

One would hope it dies in the committee, but just to be sure, perhaps you want to contact your representative to make them aware of this sweeping gun control bill and voice your opposition to it. You can do so by clicking here.

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  • Tea Party Marine

    As each day goes by the state of California melts into a socialist state. They will be much easier to take over when Obama launches his final destruction of America. The sheeple will lay down their guns while being herded off to work camps.

  • thewizardofaz

    I disagree with the statement, "Obviously, this is a loophole in federal gun legislation, which should not have even been law in the first place. Read more:" and you offer no reason for saying it. Why should a person not be able to do this? There is no good reason. It falls completely within the purview of "shall not be infringed". If one has the technical skills and tools to make one without a serial number, then why should he have to? You are sounding more and more like an anti-gun liberal yourself.

  • truecolours44

    Once again the D.C. tyrants create "laws" to undo/circumvent/usurp the 2nd amendment. They are all illegal and unconstitutional. We must assert this point that what they are creating is illegal and unconstitutional and that they are breaking the law/oath by using their positions to push illegal legislation not once but over and over and over. This is not a game Waxman. Time to send this clown to Gitmo with fascist Frau Feinstein too.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Waxman and the marxist minions in congress are all a bunch of rubber holes

  • $2398599

    These are the same idiots who could not tell the difference between auto and semi auto.
    We need to educate all politicians on firearms, by sending them to the front lines in Afghanistan for a 6 month stint minimum.

  • fred murtz

    this is what the 3-d printers are will soon be able to manufacture any weapon, piece by piece (even missiles) if you can obtain the 3d CAD drawing! The 3D printer will even (eventually) be able to "print" the propellant and the explosive charge!

  • Robert Myles

    the Rights of the PEOPLE Shall NOT be INFRINGED. until our so called politician's gt that thru their thick skulls we have to fight them on every level

  • mike

    Any politician, after taking an oath to uphold the constitution, should be kicked out of office and stripped of all benefits. "...shall not be infringed.

  • Kent2012

    Waxman needs some ventilation holes.........

  • 1Psuche

    Another step forward in their attempt to neutralize the Second Amendment. The vilifying of AR-15's and other "assault weapons" is to eliminate from the citizen any PARITY to match the threat that could come against them.

    Since the Second Amendment is TYRANNY insurance for the citizen, these enemies of the Constitution are working hard to disarm us in any way possible.

    Obviously, the law abiding armed citizen is an OBSTACLE to their ambitions. The armed law abiding citizen is a threat to NO ONE except the TYRANT! Don't let your policy laps!

  • HDpixels

    Damn!!! The benefit to purchasing an 80% lower versus a completed lower is that you can complete the work yourself. @HDpixels:disqus

  • cowboytex

    these fools never give up,go ahead and make another law that is unconstitutional and get ready for the CONSEQUENCES!!!

  • professor j

    I am somewhat appalled not by what Waxman proposed, as much as by reading the quote by the author that "Obviously this is a loophole that should have not been law in the first place." Why not? If an American wants to build his own firearm it has ALWAYS been his prerogative. This is not a new feature of law, but just one that has caught Waxman's attention. In fact, vendor's of such parts must get approval from the BATFE that their part does not have more than 80% of the manufacturing done before it can be sold to a customer. For those who think this is an easy way to get a gun without a serial number, consider how much easier it is to buy a gun and grind off the serial number, or better yet steal someone else's and grind the numbers off. Compared to manufacturing one, either option has to be a lot easier. The last thing we need is people writing articles for "Freedom Outpost" about how existing freedoms must be due to a loophole that shouldn't exist!!!

    this is a loophole in federal gun legislation, which should not have
    even been law in the first place.

    Read more:


  • Red Steiner

    We are not a communist nation, why are we letting an Elected Dictator and his lackeys control us?

  • junkmailbin

    this has the feinstein touch to it

  • YehudaPa

    What bs legislation. I hope the people who voted in Waxman see him for the fraud that he is. What has he done to help his constituency? I'll be nothing. He is too busy writing anti-gun OWNER legislation. People remember the legislation no anti gun. There is no discrimination against guns. They want to discriminate against YOU owning a gun.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Wax on, Wax OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ElderAmbassador

      That's a good one!

  • S democrat smith

    Time for this old idiot to retire.

  • David Hedricks

    This loophole seems to make no sense. I built my own AR-15 and I had to have the lower receiver shipped to an FFL, do paperwork and a NICS check because it had a serial number. After I completed it what am I going to do - file off the serial number? That would be too obvious to anyone not to mention messing up the appearance of the weapon. Seems stupid to me.

    • ElderAmbassador

      You bought a finished receiver. I think what they are referring to here is one that is NOT finished. The purchaser would have to do additional work, I presume including some machine work, to make it into a finished receiver. Once it is finished, you complete your AR and as long as you do NOT take it out of State or sell it, it's perfectly legal.
      This is the concept behind some moves to set up manufacturing of firearms in a State for sale and use only within that specific State. Purchasers would not have to go through an 01 FFL dealer to buy as the product is NOT in interstate commerce.

  • Ben Miles

    All this crap will stop when we get off our A$$e$ and start using our guns as they were intended to be used. That intent by the founding fathers was to "defend and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC! That intent also included defending the American way of life which is actually, factually, and historically based on Judeao Christian teachings! So let's lock and load and let the blood begin to flow from the tyrants, those who seek to subvert our country and change it into a 3rd world cesspool and the invaders from other countries and beliefs!