The Ugly Heart of the Common Core Monster

I am a high school English teacher. I became a teacher because I believe that literacy, which goes beyond just reading the words on the page, is an absolute necessity for maintaining our Republic. Proof of that is found in the many laws against reading certain texts, or against reading altogether, that have been passed down by every tyrant since literacy became available to the general population. A few examples of such tyrannical laws are the Taliban banning reading for any female or laws against teaching slaves to read or the Soviet Union's banning of such books as A Wrinkle in Time, Where's Waldo, and To Kill a Mockingbird. The communist Khmer Rogue in Cambodia so hated literacy that just wearing glasses was cause for execution. Literacy leads to freedom and tyrants know it.

I have been teaching for over twenty years. Generally, I have been given either no curriculum or curriculum that was focused on skills, not specific texts. I would have to get those skills taught in whatever way I wanted to get there. Sometimes I was given more direction and that direction was generally pretty good including texts, key terms, supplemental stories, and suggested writing assignments. These directions were created at a school level by the teachers in the school. I helped write some myself. Mostly, I have had a lot of freedom in how I could achieve the learning goals.

Not anymore.

Today I was in a professional development session for my school district. Our school system has swallowed the Common Core curriculum whole. Why wouldn't they? The federal system has said that it is "voluntary", but "voluntary" means that the district gets cut off from major federal funding if it does not adopt the standards, so "voluntary" is subjective. Here is what the Washington Post reported Sen. Charles Grassley has to say about Common Core:

Current federal law makes clear that the U.S. Department of Education may not be involved in setting specific content standards or determining the content of state assessments. Nevertheless, the selection criteria designed by the U.S. Department of Education for the Race to the Top Program provided that for a state to have any chance to compete for funding, it must commit to adopting a "common set of K-12 standards" matching the description of the Common Core.

The Washington Post also reported,

"The Republican National Committee recognizes the CCSS for what it is — an inappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children…"

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Common Core, it is a curriculum created in the private sector but pushed onto states by the federal government and endorsed by Bill Gates. The cost of implementing the program runs from millions to billions depending on the state. It is untested and unresearched. It has been criticized for being not as rigorous as proponents claim, clearly biased to a liberal perspective, so much so that many see it as indoctrination, and it is being forced on the states in spite of the fact that a federal curriculum is unconstitutional violating the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which established the principle that"…the "power" to oversee education belongs to the states. This longstanding principle of local control of education is reiterated throughout our laws and government codes."

All of that sounds like something that makes NO connection whatsoever to most parents or teachers or American citizens as to why they should fight this curriculum. Here, I am going to provide you with a concrete example that shows the ugly heart of the Common Core. There is something deeply dark and offensive in this lesson created to support Common Core. It is a lesson designed to corrupt essential human decency.

The unit – sorry "module" – that I am using as an example is centered around To Kill a Mockingbird with the theme of "How individuals demonstrate individuality in the face of outside pressures." At the beginning of all of this, it looks good. I love the book; it is a great American classic and I have taught it many times. The module includes 30 days of lessons associated with the novel and multiple additional short reading assignments. However, as I looked this module over, I became more and more concerned. For me to break down the many problems with this module in detail would take quite a while, so I am going to show you an example of one lesson on one short reading assignment that left me speechless with horror.

This assignment in the module includes a short story by Guy de Maupassant, 19th century writer famous for The Necklace. Again, this seems rather innocent; this story is often included in high school texts, but not this particular story and, more importantly, not with this particular writing assignment.

The short story is The Mother of Monsters (link). A quick summary of the story is that a gentleman on vacation is introduced to the Mother of Monsters, a local oddity described as a "peasant" and the "Devil". Her story is that she finds herself pregnant while she is working as a simple serving girl. She binds her body with boards and cords to hide her growing belly. Her child is born horribly deformed. She takes care of the child, but resents it, until a sideshow man comes along and offers to buy the "thing" and to pay a yearly stipend for its use. Once she realizes how much money she can make, she repeats her pregnancy pattern by birthing monster after monster after monster of intentionally deformed children to sell to showmen. She lives a "bourgeois" life as a result (note the stab at the bourgeois here).

The narrator is reminded of this "Devil" when he later sees a popular "Parissiane" strolling on a beach followed by admirers. Her three children are also all deformed because she wants to maintain her trim figure throughout her pregnancies, so she keeps her corset tightly cinched. Peasant and lady; different, yet the same. Both the Mother of Monsters. Both display a level of selfish evil that most humans would revile.

Now as a high school story, this story may have a lot of meat to chew on for discussion…for maybe 11th or 12thgraders, but this is a story assigned to incoming 9th graders, students who are 13 or 14 years old. Students this age are not ready to handle the truly disturbing elements of a story which reveals some of the most perverse sides of human nature. That is bad enough; however, it gets worse. You may wonder what this story has to do with To Kill a Mockingbird and the theme of individuality. Here is the writing assignment associated with this story:

Write an essay that compares the cultural experience reflected in To Kill a Mockingbird and The Mother of Monsters and explain how this experience helped a character demonstrate individuality in the face of outside pressure.

Individuality! Outside Pressure! These women chose to deform their children for their own selfish gains or selfish vanity! The first pregnancy of the peasant woman we might forgive out of mercy, but the purposeful birthing of the rest of the 11 children that she intentionally deformed is unconscionable and unforgivable. The same holds with the Parisienne.

To judge these women as demonstrating their INDIVIDUALITY in the face of outside pressure is absurd and defies human decency. It is like insisting Jeffery Dahmer was expressing his individuality through cannibalistic murder. Additionally, it is not a major leap to conclude that if deforming your children in order to express your own individuality is acceptable, then killing your children to protect your individuality (or selfish inhumanity) is perfectly fine too. This is obviously a pro-abortion message. This story paired with this assignment is a repulsive perversion of the concept of "lesson"; it is a corruption of anything descent and good.

There is something deeply repulsive in this lesson, especially as it is aimed at students as young as 13. I have been told that I must teach this module. I can make some adjustments, but not too many. I am struggling to find a way to NOT perpetuate the ugliness found here. I am certainly NOT going to teach this story, though I may find myself in trouble with the system as a result. Some things are worth refusing to do even if there is a cost.

This is what is going on in our schools. This is what you need to see with open eyes. They are doing more than trying to increase rigor; they are indoctrinating our children into one way of thinking—their way! Schools should teach how to think, but never what to think. This is why we must fight what some are trying to sell us as "hope and change" to America.

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About Dana R. Casey
Dana R. Casey is a veteran high school English teacher of more than two decades in an East-coast urban system. She is a life-long student of theology, philosophy, and politics, dedicated to the true principles of the Enlightenment, as defined by our Founders and enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. She longs for an America which includes civil discourse, individual freedom balanced with personal responsibility, and a diversity of ideas. Her website is
  • Deltarose

    on the "teaching how to think, not what to think", trouble is they are teaching both!

  • Aint So

    You can be sure that predatory child mentors and "instructors", never having been satisfied with ponderous IV infusion of their slow acting poison, are delighted they can now pursue a more unrestricted implementation of the log needle into the hearts of their young charges. As you may be aware, this will mitigate that inconvenient transition period between innocence and the unconstrained wholesale adoption of deadly evil in the now cognitively compromised little ones.

  • David Johnson

    Thanks for the clearly-articulated post -- the first I've seen that contains substantive detail rather than just generic hype.

    Let me say that I've not ready "The Mother of Monsters," but from what you wrote, I have another separate concern. Connecting that story with "To Kill a Mockingbird" could certainly be about promoting a positive view of abortion. Am I the only one, however, that sees an arguably more dangerous inference here? By suggesting that students draw lessons about individuality from something so grotesque, are they not conveying the idea that non-conformity is actually the evil here?

    • Dana R Casey

      Yes, I can see that. It is a gross inference that can be made. I shudder at the thought.

  • D.J. Heath

    I home schooled my eleven year old granddaughter last year. It was an eye opening experience. In the sixth grade World History lesson about Hinduism...the word "aphrodesiac" is introduced!! A sixth grader does not need to know this word or what it means. Since it was completely in my hands to just gloss over it...I did. I automatically took it out of the lesson and made my complaints known in a survey that is typically done after each "module." Also, Buddhism and Hinduism were taught in two separate "modules" with emphasis on the tenets and culture borne from that faith. Not so with the brief mention of Christianity when Roman and Greek cultures were introduced. If it was all added up, there was maybe two paragraphs taught about Christianity. In one part, they even had a picture of Jesus (a typical likeness of how he is portrayed) with the heading of "Healer" as a paid job in the ancient world.

    It is disgusting with what they are getting away with because most parents do not even know what the "Common Core" is and they have no idea what is being taught. There is no more PTA anymore. It has been revised and no longer has the value it had when my own children were in school. It is now called PTO. I think we should stand up to this underhanded way of taking over the teaching of our children. Whatever it takes. Sadly, most parents cannot home school or afford private schools. There must be an answer to this travesty.

  • aa

    I suggest you add the Jungle Book movie to the curriculum; particularly the scene where it appears that Baloo the bear has given his life to protect Mowgli from Shere Khan. Bagheera tells Mowgli that the greatest love is when a friend lays down his life for another. Then ask them to compare that to the Peasant/Parisienne. What is the difference? Their beliefs. One gives; the other takes. Which belief is more `noble`? Give them something to live up to. Ask them to see themselves as the peasant/Parisienne and then as the offspring. Teach them that every decision we make affects others and not just ourselves. We will all have to justify our actions someday. How will they justify their actions. (Young teens usually relate to selfless loyalty to friends and will relate to Bagheera's wisdom over worldly rubbish). Teach them the truth! Do NOT abdicate responsibility to your students! You will be held accountable for your decisions as well. Yeshua has overcome the world and we can too! Exercise Godly wisdom and cast off fear and religious indignation. This is a great teaching tool when done properly!

    • ConsSthLady

      That's a good idea, but since Bagheera's statement is a direct quote of Jesus Christ, from the Bible, a teacher could get sued and fired for such insolence!! We live in an absurd world, don't we? There are many lessons which could be drawn from The Jungle Book. Why was Bagheera protective of Mowgli, but Shere Khan wanted to kill him? Their hearts were different. The man-cub represented authority to Shere Khan, and he wanted Mowgli dead because he resented authority. I can think of other lessons, but that's enough.

    • aa

      Since Bagheera says it, no mention of JC in the film, one would not want to knock the great Walt Disney. Although there are a number of lessons in the excellent points you make, I was looking at how to address the peasant/Parisienne from a perspective that would inspire creative thinking leading to a desire for conduct that would be accountable for how it affects others. Good points though. Also, if one is to be dissed for taking a stand or introducing some additional material. I would choose the second route and get as much taught as possible. Jesus didn`t die for nothing. He paid the taxes, respected government and dished it where it counted with the Pharisees. He picked his battles and so should we. Wise as a serpent; gentle as a dove. :-)

  • giant33

    Most American females/mothers are stupid and lazy. They care to much to look young and watching daytime porn. Do you think they will take time to find out about common core. You'll get what's that only if their ask. And then be on their way to the beauty palor or mall. I'm sorry to the mothers who do care. The fathers are a lost cause. God help us.

    • Dana R Casey

      Really, I have to ask you how many mothers have time to stay home and watch daytime porn. I have been a single mother, not by MY choice, and I had to send my kids to school so that I could feed them, but I did my best in finding the best schools that were around and took myself poor to put them in Catholic school, which turned out to be quite a bit of a liberal den as the rest. At least it did include GOD. Where are all of the males/fathers who should be the stalwarts for their families, but are too often living the life of a 19 year old these days.

    • giant33

      I apologize to you and and the mothers who do the right thing. Lord knows their is not enough of you out there. Their is always a choice to becoming a single mother except for abuse or death of the spouse.Like I said the fathers are a lost cause.

    • Deltarose

      Sadly, for the most part your right!

  • lostnfoundiscoming .

    We should all commend Dana R. Casey on this thoughtful, well-written and informative article. "Schools should teach how to think, but never what to think." This statement at the conclusion should be added to every list of Famous Quotes.

  • J J

    I am disgusted with the liberal defense of their Department of Education that continually throws more and more money at the school districts with the specification that they teach students what and how the federal government wants. And yet, we continue to release (I won't say graduate because they aren't knowledgeable) students into the real world who can't read, add, subtract, problem solve or reason. Then they continue to dumb down the curriculum to enhance the lower end of the student spectrum instead of addressing their problems. I have a second grade grandchild who can't add and the methods used to train are so ignorant that the students aren't learning anything more than to count and some have trouble doing that! How is that preparing them for the real world (assuming there will be some kind of real wold left for them when they get there).

  • PLL

    There should be a mass exodus from the government; I mean public schools. People should form up their own private schools, homeschool or whatever.

    Alas, parents are so naive to rely on the government to teach their children. Do not believe the myths about homeschooling or privates schools. It is legal in each state to homeschool as of now. Your children will get plenty of socialization in a group of homeschoolers. Like I said don't believe the myths. Caution: Don't pull your children out of public school in anger. Do your research first. Talk to other homeschoolers, etc. It can be done and done well. My daughter turned out just fine!

    • ConsSthLady

      Good for you! You are right! I homeschooled my two boys, and I think I learned more than they did because I graduated from public school. They are both in college now. The older son didn't start college until he was 22. He has already done some awesome things. The younger one turned 22 in January and is now in his third day (yes, day) of college. They are roommates (freshman and senior) and best friends. Homeschooling is not something you do; it is a lifestyle. Every parent "homeschools" their children ... until they decide to turn them over to a stranger in a school room which is not a lot different from a well-run prison. Home educating parents simply decide to maintain control of their God-given right to teach and train their children until those children reach an ability to correctly discern truth from a lie, fact from fiction. We as parents believe that our values and beliefs are correct, thus we want our children to have the same values and beliefs. Why then would you send them to a stranger to be taught, a stranger whose values and beliefs are unknown to you? Parents want our children to learn to think for themselves so they will grow up, move out, start their own families and be independent. Government does not want us to be independent. Independent people might rebel!
      Homeschooled children turn out better than fine! Colleges and employers recruit them. They excell! My older son just finished a summer internship at another college. He was one of a very small, hand-picked group of students doing Biomedical Informatics Research. Now he will be the one to co-write a paper for publication, along with the professor. Two others in the group of 8 students were also homeschooled. Three out of 8 is almost half! That's a pretty high ratio!
      Before you decide to homeschool, do your homework. Find your state's home education organization online by search for "your state home education association" and study the site. Be sure you understand the law in your state. Look at the wide selection of curricula and make your choices. (My favorites are: Alpha-Omega's Horizons, LifePacs, and Switched On Schoolhouse; ABeka Book; Rod & Staff Publishers; and Bob Jones University Publications.) Join a support group in your area (free). Join your state organization and Home School Legal Defense (small fee). Then remove your child from public school. Enjoy the adventure! Oh, yeah. Being trained to talk only to people your own age is not socialization. Properly sociaized individuals can communicate with and enjoy the company of people of ALL ages.

    • PLL

      You said it well! My kid turned out just fine. We train them up with our values not the government's values.

      We found children the same age as ours and taught certain classes as a group. The six girls in our group all waited until they were married before they got pregnant. They value a traditional Christian marriage; saving themselves for their husbands.

    • aa

      I suggested that when certain curriculum showed up here. Parents were too concerned about the inconvenience and time off work to consider walking out. Sad when your own child rates lower than personal or financial convenience.

    • Deltarose

      They are coming after home schoolers and private schools also-they want all children!

  • Ray - Jesus is the Son of God.

    From the moment Barack Obama emerged as a major player on the political stage, he has been hailed by many as a man of unrivaled brilliance, eloquence, compassion, resolve, and wisdom—to say nothing of his engaging humor, his “cool,” and his ability to “connect” with the average person. In the eyes of his admirers, Obama is, quite simply, larger than life—a once-in-a-generation phenomenon. Consider, for instance, what just a few of his more prominent backers have said about him since 2008:

    • Actor George Clooney called Obama “the best candidate I've ever seen,” a man who “possesses the one quality you cannot teach, you cannot learn, which is he is a leader.”

    • The rapper Chris Brown wore an “Obama or Die!” t-shirt to make his own sentiments clear.

    • Actress Halle Berry pledged, “I'll do whatever he says to do” in order to get Obama elected. “I'll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear,” she said with utmost humility.

    • Actress Scarlett Johansson cooed, “My heart belongs to Barack.”

    • Comedian Chris Rock warned prior to the 2008 election, “You'll be real embarrassed if he won and you wasn't down with it.”

    • Filmmaker Spike Lee has called Obama “a historic figure” who “changes how the world looks at the United States” and ushers in the dawn of “a new day, a better day.”

    • Comedienne and television host Ellen DeGeneres danced free-style with Obama in front of her live studio audience.

    • Actress Alfe Woodard compared Obama to a cool, refreshing drink: “If you take orange juice and mix it with a little seltzer you get then same effect and it's good for you. And that's Obama—he's good for this country.”

    • Actor Tom Hanks said, “He has the integrity and the inspiration to unify us as did FDR and Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy—and even Ronald Reagan—when they ran for the job.”

    • Actor Josh Lucas said, “I've been around him and shook his hand. He's a truly scholarly man. I'm very excited that we have this powerful, intelligent, constitutionally brilliant president. I find him very soulful in private.”

    • Actors Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas opened their home to co-host, with Eva Longoria, the first-ever national Latino fundraiserfor Obama's candidacy, which cost between $5,000 and $35,800 to attend.

    • Comedian George Lopez helped launch the website Latinos for Obama.

    • Basketball legend Magic Johnson has called Obama “wise beyond his years,” “very intelligent,” “very capable,” “a winner,” and “truly unbelievable.”

    • Another iconic athlete, Lebron James, said, “He's an unbelievable guy, honestly. He's very smart. He's very cool.”

    • The rapper Drake said, “I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama's life soon because I could play him. That's the goal. I watch all the addresses. Any time I see him on TV, I don't change the channel. I definitely pay attention and listen to the inflections of his voice.”

    • Rapper Jay-Z says Obama is a better choice for president than Mitt Romney “by leaps and bounds.”

    • Singer-songwriter James Taylor says, “I really love this president. I love what it says about America, that we were able to elect this man.”

    • Singer Paul McCartney says, “I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy ... he’s doing great.”

    • Madonna, shouting to her audience at a September 2012 concert, likened Obama to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.—depicting Obama as someone who has “fought for our freedoms, not just African Americans, but for all people of color, okay, or people who are different, unconventional, or people who want to believe in what they want to believe.... So y’all better vote for fu--in’ Obama, okay?”

    • Oprah Winfrey put it more succinctly in 2008, when she said, simply: “He is the One.”

    • Soon after Obama's 2012 re-election victory, actor Jamie Foxxshouted to his audience at the annual Soul Train Awards: “It’s like church over here! First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Y'all stand up ...” He then led the crowd in chanting the President’s name.

    • In July 2012, TV newsman Chris Matthews praised Obama as follows: “He’s raised his family right. He’s fought his way all the way to the top of the Harvard Law Review ... Everything he’s done is clean as a whistle. He’s never not only broken any law, he’s never done anything wrong. He’s the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American.”

    • The “little people” love President Obama, too, we are told. In August 2012, a USA Today/Gallup Poll showed that registered voters saw Obama as “more likable” than his challenger, Mitt Romney, by a 2-to-1 margin, 60% to 30%. And a Washington Post/ABC News Poll gave Obama an even wider advantage, with 64% identifying him as the “friendlier, more likable candidate,” vs. only 26% choosing Romney.

    • mathis1689

      2 Thessalonians 2:11 seems to be pretty relevant for Obama supporters.

    • Know Really

      Sure does.

  • LittleRoot_48

    I am a retired teacher and I remember find some wonderful materials to use in my elementary school classroom, but was told I could only use it if it were "tested and researched." Now, they implement a program nationwide that has NOT been tested and researched. I've heard nothing good about CC and I am so glad I retired 3 years ago. I am probably the most politically incorrect person who ever ran a classroom. When I taught and the district came up with some "krapola" that I knew wasn't worth a damn, I kept my mouth closed and when I got to my classroom, I put the material in a drawer and taught what I knew was right. Thank goodness, I was in a conservative district in FL and we didn't get too much "krapola" because our County Office was made up of good, conservative, God-fearing personnel for the most part. Every district in FL gets a few liberals, but they have always been in the minority. South FL may as well secede and become New York South.

  • patriotusa2

    Our country has been taken over by a diabolical disoriented culture that promotes evil and degrades good. Kids are being indoctrinated to relieve them of any morality they might be subjected to at home, and are being programmed to accept a liberal philosophy of the acceptance of sin and immorality. All good in this country is being suppressed, and those who refuse to follow this progressive agenda are being removed from their jobs and their livelihood. It is happening all over the country and its called fascism. The freedom to think independently has been taken away. One standard is being applied to everyone, and that standard is determined by government, not the individual person. You are to think, act and live according to governmental standards. The choice is no longer yours to make regardless of what position you now hold. It's a war of the mind and soul.

    • randykyle

      Pick up a book called "Public Education Against America" by Marlin Maddoux. From that commie puke John Dewey to the psychological warfare technique known as the Hegelian Dialectic you'll get an eye opening introduction into just how our "education" system has been put to use AGAINST this nation since the earliest days of the "enlightenment". You'll find out that the modern use of the term "progressive" is nothing more than a thinly veiled synonym for communism and get a peek into the century long agenda of the anti-American left both in this country and in the United NOTHING.

    • patriotusa2

      Thanks for the info. There must be a million books out there that discuss the same things you and I are talking about and yet the situation remains the same. Everyone in the know seems to be aware of what's going on and yet matters just keep getting worse. Where are all those who can make things happen in this country, or are they all too busy writing books? Crazy how all these people know what's going on and yet our country's getting worse.

    • randykyle

      Unfortunately, the vast majority evidently is not "in the know". I am in the fitness industry and I talk with hundreds of people every month. The level of abject IGNORANCE about ANYTHING of any importance is stunning. Between the deliberate dumbing down of our society and the fear of breaching "political correctness" we walk among 310 million SHEEPLE. I don't know about you, but I am the absolute LEAST politically correct person I know. I say what I mean. I back it up with fact. If that "offends" some blithering idiot then so be it. My influence is minuscule in the macro, but combine it with yours, and as many as we together can awaken, and we may at least be able to put up a fight. And will indeed be a FIGHT. Do not allow liberals to set the "rules of engagement".

    • patriotusa2

      In regards to Joe Public, I agree. The demographics of this country have been deliberately changed via our open borders, and even many Americans don't know or don't seem to care about what's going on. However, the number of people that are writing these books seem to know exactly what is happening, and yet those with the power to do something - are not. This is what I don't understand. I'm not politically correct either, and consider the entire concept self-destructive and manipulative. However, I often wonder just how many of US actually do exist in this country since the powers to be can read as well as we can.

    • FJ Rocca

      The Leaden-Eyed

      by Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931)

      Let not young souls be smothered out before
      They do quaint deeds and fully flaunt their pride.
      It is the world’s one crime its babes grow dull,
      Its poor are oxlike, limp and leaden-eyed.
      Not that they starve, but starve so dreamlessly;
      Not that they sow, but that they seldom reap;
      Not that they serve, but have no gods to serve;
      Not that they die, but that they die like sheep.

    • Deltarose

      Agree! Have said this for awhile. I hear many of them are drifting to the darkside or, have been threaten with their lively hood , even death or, death of family and friends if they make waves and don't get on board! Most have lost their backbone and more concerned about their lives than the country.

    • Deltarose

      Scary thing is, if we don't go along they will still take the children. Right now, there has been cases, if parents don't comply to medical treatment prescribed by doctors, threat of having their children taken on charges of child abuse are occurring. Will they not stoup to this in this matter?

  • Don_in_Odessa

    The Scriptures say: "My people perish for lack of knowledge"

    So, here is some knowledge: The Scriptures also say "Bring up your child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it". It does not say to send your child to another man's school and let him teach your child the way he should go.

    We have been and continue to reap what we have sown!

  • NextToGone

    Walk out.

    • Dana R Casey

      Ironically, I need my health insurance to be able to walk. I wish that I could just walk and start a school with others who believe in individual freedom and self-reliance. And GOD too.

    • NextToGone

      I'm sorry. That's why I have this username.... I don't stay in places that I can't agree with for anything.

  • The Firewall
  • David Risselada

    As I read your article and more specifically your refusal to teach the story I want to give you my full support in your efforts to stand for what you believe. As a recent college graduate I can say that I stood toe to toe with some of the most radical ideas and people I could ever imagine. From white privilege to homosexual education and the obvious attempts to keep racial hatred alive I challenged all of it. While I completed my undergrad degree my insistence on fighting the corrupt system ended up costing my graduate degree but it had to be done. I could not let those lies be told to young people who knew no better. Now I sit completely black balled in the field I went into but I know what I did was right. You refuse to teach that trash my friend and when I see your story in the headlines I promise I will call your school district and give them a piece of my mind as well just to show them America is on your side.

    • Know Really

      Isaiah had a word or two that backs what you did: "woe to those who call evil good, and good evil." Be proud you stood for right. Hang tough, this is a big fight and the radicals are emboldened by the radical occupying the white house. He, too, shall pass.

    • Deltarose

      Good for you both, and God bless you for your stand!