Extortion 17 is a Bigger Scandal and Betrayal than Benghazi

Extortion 17 could be a bigger scandal and betrayal of Americans than Benghazi. While Benghazi resulted in four American deaths, Extortion 17 resulted in 38 deaths, including nearly two dozen Navy SEALs. Many of these SEALs were made famous, credited with the killing of Osama bin Laden. The Chinook helicopter they were aboard was shot down by Taliban forces, which written testimony confirms knew the elite forces were coming into the area. Families are going after the Obama administration for what they believe were leaks that led to their family members' deaths. According to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on National Security, "We're going to dive into this."

Billy Vaughn, father of slain Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, recently told Freedom Outpost that the family wants to see Vice President Joe Biden and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta held accountable for national security breaches when they outed the SEALs.

Not only were the SEAL team members furious and shocked over the big mouths of the Obama administration beating its chest with pride over the success of killing bin Laden, but the families were equally enraged. The message compromised the safety of the unit, as well as their families.

At a gathering at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Washington, D.C. for the 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Council, a mere two days after the raid, Vice President Joe Biden remarked to the audience,

"Let me briefly acknowledge tonight's distinguished honorees: Adm. Jim Stavridis is the real deal; he could tell you more about and understands the incredible, the phenomenal, the just almost unbelievable capacity of his Navy SEALS and what they did last — last Sunday."

"And what was even more extraordinary was — and I'm sure former administration officials will appreciate this more than anyone — there was such an absolute, overwhelming desire to accomplish this mission that although for over several months, we were in the process of planning it, and there were as many as 16 members of Congress who were briefed on it, not a single, solitary thing leaked. I find that absolutely amazing," Biden added.

Forget Edward Snowden. Joe Biden made one of the biggest leaks of national security information in recent history!

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made leaked similar information while in Afghanistan.

Karen Vaughn, joined by her husband Billy, on Fox News said, As soon as Joe Biden announced that it was a SEAL Team who took out Bin Laden, within 24 hours, my son called me and I rarely ever heard him sound afraid in his adult life…. He said, 'Mom, you need to wipe your social media clean…your life is in danger, our lives are in danger, so clean it up right now'."

Mr. Vaughn, showing his anger and disgust with Biden, ripped the media. "The media has let this man get away with saying 'Uncle Joe's gaffes, Uncle Joe's gaffes," he said. "This is not Uncle Joe and he's not some senile old grandfather. He is the second in command of the most powerful country in the world and he needs to take responsibility for the comments he makes and quit being given a pass."

Additionally, Charles Strange, father of fallen Navy SEAL Michael Strange, has been just as outspoken as the Vaughns against both Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In July, Strange told WND "Obama sent my son to his death."

Strange also recounted his interview with talk show host Michael Savage:

After the revelations of Joe Biden that SEAL Team 6 carried out the operation that has alleged to have killed Osama bin Laden, Strange said that members of the SEAL team echoed to their families similar concerns to that of Aaron Vaughn.

Strange told Savage that on at least three separate occasions, in June 2011, his son grabbed him by the arm and announced that he had prepared his will.

Charles Strange recalled his son's words, "Something's going on with the team. Somebody's leaking things out. Something's going on."

Savage asked: "Your son knew he was being sent to his death?"

"They knew," Strange answered. "They knew something was up. Every one of them."

What's even more disturbing is that the military claimed that the bodies were so badly burned that they had to be cremated, and they were cremated without the families' consent.

Strange believes the military is lying.

"I saw Mike's dead body," he said in an interview. "It was clearly recognizable. He was clutching his gun. He wasn't burned to a crisp. Why did they cremate my boy? They didn't need to do that. Something's not right."

Rep. Chaffetz, who said he saw a photo of a deceased SEAL, believes the same thing. "The body I saw didn't need to be cremated," he said.    

To add insult to injury, a Muslim cleric was allowed to pray at the funeral of the fallen SEALs in 2011, reciting words to the effect, "That the fallen seals should be damned and go to hell as infidels."

Yet, America is told to be sensitive about burning the real infidels' Qur'an, while it's perfectly OK for our military to burn Bibles.

Perhaps, instead of the administration worrying about Edward Snowden's revelations of its own violations of the Constitution, it should be a little more concerned with the real national security violations of men like Biden and Panetta, or maybe the American people should be concerned with the biggest national security threat to the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Learn more about Extortion 17 and what is being uncovered in Billy Vaughn's book Betrayed: Exposing the High Cost of the War on Terror.

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  • JJM123

    Did Strange mention that BO said something like "Your son knew something only 4 people knew."???? So maybe, kill 38 to silence 4???

  • lostdutchman

    I suspect the Secret Service is jumping at every mouse fart, if not now, later.

  • Vickie

    Don't let this gov't get by with killing our people! Keep this alive and call/write/email congress, and whoever that can do something, or "We the People" will do it!

  • http://libertyfirewall.com/ The Firewall

    There is no greater danger to your health and safety than a government that does not obey the law.

  • Dr Moon

    I doubt Osama bin Laden was even the person killed by the Seals. Remember how they toss him in the Ocean off of a Navy Ship, nobody really knows who was killed. Obama had our heroes killed on purpose because they were killing his Muslims. Having the Muslim Imam curse the Seals at their funeral was a cruel joke by Obama just rubbing the families face in the dirt. Some way, some how restitution must be made. The people at the TOP of our government are as Evil as any government in History. Obama is cut from the same cloth as Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and any other mass murderer. Congress must be charged with treason for allowing Obama to continue.

    • Honorary

      Mao and Stalin had done cruel things but at least these two had never betrayed their own countries. Their conduct was reasonable under the circumstance. Their countries were broken, their rulers were corrupted and the people were poor like dirt. On the contrary, America is a great country and we are ahead of every country in the world in both economic and society until obama came and ruined it on purpose.

    • freedomringsforall

      Amen to that

      Our country and this world are spinning into insanity on purpose.

      The Internationalist have their plan, the Islamists have their plan, and the commie/socialists have their plan.

      For the moment they all align with intent so they are all using each other to
      create absolute worldwide chaos and each leader propped up by these groups is out for what they want and obama is good at that game.

      The purpose for chaos and death is to justify clamp down, arms confiscation,
      and in general steps toward dictatorial powers for these groups.

      These groups just like the axis powers in World War 2 will work together on a
      worldwide basis to make these realities come to fruition.

      Just as the axis powers in world war two believed that they could rule the
      world in sync after dominating it they each all also secretly believed that
      they could overcome the other in the end and become the one true leader of the entire world, so do these new axis powers believe the same.

      I believe the internationalists believe as Hitler did that with an overwhelming
      political power, economic power, and military power of a united Europe and the
      Americas in their pocket and with deep inroads (politically and economically)
      into the African continent and the mid asia, and asia proper continents that
      they will eventually come out on top as the unified world leaders and thus
      enforce the one world governance that they have been developing onto the world.

      We are one step away from a total worldwide dictatorship.

      The 2nd amendment.

      If we do not ensure that our 2nd amendment rights and freedoms are rock solid
      then no rights will be and if we lose the U.S. we lose the world.

      And that my friends is what all of them are counting on.

  • PainesGHOST

    All we really "know" about Saddam Hussein and his supposed death are what a lying, tyrannical, egomaniacal psychopath and his henchpeople have told us, which amounts to a pile of steaming........

    We do know that the entire Administration has been violating every law, rule, and regulation intended to keep them in check. The President has declared his intent to do what-ever he wants REGARDLESS of whether the Legislative or Judiciary will support his goals. While Congress is away He plans to sign the UN Agenda 21 gun treaty.

    This Administration is ANTI-AMERICAN and ANTI-MILITARY and is driving CHRISTIANS out of the Military as fast as possible, because in general CHRISTIANS will not shoot fellow citizens. MUSLIMS, GAYS, ATHEISTS and DRUIDS likely will.

    I could not agree more. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Panetta, Clinton, Schumer, Feinstein and the rest of that pathetic bag of sickness are absolutely GUILTY of TREASON and if there was ANY justice left in America, they would ALL be sitting in small jail cells awaiting trial for TREASON!

    Our HEROES and what is left of the REAL PRESS are being killed off by a tyrant in office and his evil cronies. Not just the Seals, which I hold in highest esteem, but also Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and a host of others. You mention to ANYONE that you have the goods on Obama and you wind up DEAD within 48 hours...........

    Not to mention "Embassador" Chris Stevens, the Obama gun runner to the Lybian Rebels, until Obama decided he needed his 400 stingers back. Stevens was a patsy, set up to be "kidnapped" and traded for weapons or "freedom fighters" and the whole thing went wrong for the Administration because there were BRAVE SEALS on the ground that still get that you don't leave ANYONE behind. They were all sacrificed to the political needs of Obama and Clinton and Reid and Pelosi.

    Pray for America, then get up and Do Something!

    • Dr Moon

      Saddam Hussein? He was arrested on Bush's watch and executed.

  • Juan Ganem

    these are very dangerous time... especilly when countries that are supposed allies of the united states of america have been thrown to the dogs... something has got to give and Osama or Obama or whatever his name is responsable.. CONFUSIUS

  • Chew


  • Shari Peterson

    Could someone clarify if it was Seal Team 4 or 6 that supposedly killed bin Laden- because I am seeing both teams listed as the "heroes" in different places (and of course it scan't be both so that tells me it's a stinky pile of BS).

    • Dr Moon


  • DouglasDauntless

    If you think you can get Obama, Biden, Penetta, or anyone else connected with the murders of these Navy Seals, that the enemy was added by Obama and Biden, and don't for get Hilary Clinton was the head of the State Department and her Chief of Staff was big time Muslim Brother Hood, because Obama, Biden, Clinton and Pennatta, made a deal with the Saudis to give up the Seals who killed a Saudi Prince, (tit for Tat) a direct relation to King Abdul, for the killing of BenLauden. As long as the Progressive Global Elites, are running this Country, the only way your going to get this bunch of Traitors is........The ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN none will go against our White/Negro President or anyone else.

  • Lew


    • Dave Carson

      Lots of protests around to go to, find a Overpasses to impeach obama group near you

  • kalli

    This became personal after losing a family member on this chopper 2 yrs. ago. When the evil emperor said there would be a thorough investigation, I said, "liar, there will be a thorough cover up." And that's what happened. Being a Christian, my comfort comes in the knowledge of knowing judgment is coming to him and his followers.

    • BushMaster63

      Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord...Now if we can just expedite the trip for the traitors invoved...

  • NextToGone

    It's been pretty obvious for a while now that our military are in grave danger from inside this country. It's also been very obvious that facts are being covered up about Osama bin Laden's death. I do believe that Biden should be held responsible too.