White Man Beaten To Death By Gang Of Blacks – Obama, Sharpton & Media Silent

So far I haven't heard a peep out of Al Sharpton on this one but we can be sure it's coming… in the spirit of MSNBC's balanced news reporting. Before I get into this story I want to state that all I, and most Americans, wanted in the Zimmerman trial was justice. I have to put my trust in the system and leave the rest up to God. I think people need to remember this. If Zimmerman was truly as guilty as many think then God will take care of him. Today I want to talk about the double standards that sometimes exist in our society.

In early July, Joshua Chellew was beaten to death by four young black gang members. Yet, chances are that you have not heard about this story before today. A few national sources have reported it but not that many. Why? Well it is because we have to understand that our national media has an agenda. The Marietta Daily Journal reported:

Four south Cobb teenagers are in custody in connection with the beating death of a 36-year-old Mableton man on Mableton Parkway early Sunday morning.

The incident initially was reported by police as a hit-and-run death over the weekend, but the narrative changed drastically Tuesday after the arrests of four teenagers on murder charges.

Jekari Oshay Strozier, 19; Antonio Shantwan Pass, 18; and Johnathan Donald Anthony, 18; all from Mableton, are in the Cobb County jail without bonds on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act.

The fourth suspect, 18-year-old Kemonta Bonds of Mableton, turned himself in to police Tuesday afternoon.

They have been accused in the beating death of Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, of Mableton and all but Bonds were arrested Monday afternoon by Cobb County investigators.

According to the warrant, the four teenagers are accused of starting a fight with Chellew at a Chevron gas station in the 6200 block of Mableton Parkway near Community Drive at about 1:20 a.m. Sunday. They repeatedly punched and kicked him, according to police.

While attempting to escape, Chellew backed into the center five-lane highway and was pushed to the ground and knocked unconscious, the warrant states.

They then walked away from Chellew, "leaving him helpless," and he was eventually hit by a car, the warrant states.

Witnesses on the scene told police that "at no time did (the four teenagers) attempt to aid (Chellew), or to stop the approaching vehicle," according to the warrant.

Crimes like this happen in America regularly. The problem is that whenever the victim is a minority and the perpetrator is white the media tends to bring the circus tents.

Here is a reality check. People do bad things. These teenagers proved that guns don't kill people. They proved that racist crimes, if this proves to be racist, can go both ways. But we must understand that bad people kill those of all colors and just because a bad guy kills someone from another ethnic background it doesn't mean it is a race crime. Maybe this was and maybe it wasn't.

I think we need to have a national conversation about racism. Not all racists are white and not all interracial crimes are caused by the color of one's skin. For the record George Zimmerman is of Hispanic descent. He is not "white" and not the Jew that the media originally attempted to villainize. Trayvon Martin was also not the angel that he was painted to be. Beyond what I know I have to hope that the jury made the right decision and I will leave the rest up to God.

Oh yeah, remember God? This country was founded under His principles and calling for racial riots and trying to whip people into a frenzy are not part of those guiding principles. They are more so a part of communist/socialist/Marxist strategies aimed toward division. Stories like the Trayvon Martin killing are exactly how a corrupt government stays in power. These stories keep Americans divided and they know it. Their media lapdogs always oblige.

If you can't see that racism goes both ways in this country then you are probably more racist then the white crackers you speak of. Let us not forget that over 90% of black voters voted for Obama and a much lower percentage of white voters favored Romney. So could I say that blacks are racist because they refused to vote for Romney? I don't want to go there because it's not true. The truth is that roughly 90% of blacks always vote Democrat. It has nothing to do with Obama's skin color. And by the way… Obama is not black and I get sick of hearing that. He is technically of mixed race. His mother was white. Get over it.

But bigots can spin these arguments easily and the biggest sin is that people listen to them. Americans need to start thinking for themselves. Racism will always exist but it is less of a problem than it was 20 or 50 or 100 years ago. It will always exist to some extent because there will always be bad people and bad people come in all colors.

Yet in this country it seems that nothing qualifies as racism, or at least big news racism, unless the victim is a marketable minority. When black gang members attack an average white guy and beat him to death it doesn't tend to make national headlines.

By making those statements I will be labeled a racist and I don't care.

Stop trying to play God and start praying to God. I was raised to believe that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. If a person that has a better tan than I do kills me then chances are you will never hear about it.

But the real crime is not the color of skin but the fact that we are killing our brothers and sisters.

The truth is the truth.

Wake up America!

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676 thoughts on “White Man Beaten To Death By Gang Of Blacks – Obama, Sharpton & Media Silent

  1. Hey Dean, you tell me 90% of blacks vote Democrat and 99% of blacks voted for Odumbo, and it has nothing to do with race? Good article but your conclusions are bigoted! Your conclusion should have been blacks are the most racist people in the world!

  2. disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM says:

    Obama and his THUGS are COWARDS! DIsgraceful national media should be boycotted for not reporting and Obama and cronies shut up in Gitmo!

  3. Independent Tom says:

    The best way to deal with those violent black terrorists is to publicly rape them to death.

  4. After the president stepped in with his remark "this could have been my son" and Jackson and Sharpton had their beers and took foot-hold, the rest of the stupids took it from there

  5. [email protected] says:

    When Caucasians start seeing themselves as beautiful, intelligent, and of worth and start valuing their ethnic heritage and celebrate it once again with out fear or shame, and fight back against this demographic movement to exterminate whites from this land, then this nonsense will end. And if anyone screams racism for valuing being Caucasian, so be it. There is no shame in being of Caucasian heritage.

  6. [email protected] says:

    Open season on white lives. Wait until 2040. Jim Crow in reverse.

  7. We need groups of young whites to start defending their own people the only way savages understand, by force,they beat on of us? we beat 10 of them and let`s see how it ends

  8. If a group of blacks are coming after me, I would say back off if no bodies are turning in the other direction then they would be dropping on the ground.

  9. Only in America can a brown man kill a black man and it is blamed on a white man.

  10. First
    of nearly every case white people can be assured if they are murdered by
    anyone, particularly a minority, they will get justice. They will get the benefit of the doubt. There is no epidemic and never has been of
    police gunning down innocent, unarmed white men in the street. White men don't have to worry about being
    questioned for driving a fancy car in the wrong neighborhood, being stopped and
    frisked in high numbers for no good reason other than the color of their
    skin. White men don't have to worry
    about lopsided sentencing laws and being warehoused in prisons for non-violent
    offenses. There is also no history of white Americans being lynched en masse by
    black mobs, having their whole towns destroyed by black mobs. There is no history of whites being steered
    and redlined into whites' only communities.
    There is no history of whites being experimented upon by blacks without
    their knowledge of consent in America. White
    people take it for granted that in their country they will get justice if done
    wrong. Black people cannot take it for
    granted. That is why we have to stand up
    and demand our justice. If we did not do
    that 50 years ago there would still be apartheid in the American South. No my friends, racism in America does NOT go
    both ways. So let's put this lie to rest
    here and now. Yes, there are some blacks
    who hate white people. But black people
    do not have the type of power over most white lives as whites have over black
    lives. Even Barack Obama is largely
    beholden to white power. Racism in
    America does not and never has and as long as whites are in power never will go
    both ways.

  11. Less than 50 years ago, whites were doing this to nonwhites in this country. But they want us to believe that their crimes ended with slavery and they have since then evolved overnight. Guess how many of these people went to prison for this? None. I'm waiting for the convenient excuse whites are bound to come up with to explain this away.

    • This very day blacks are doing that and worse to blacks in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. I have to believe you are ignorant going to stupid if you are as unaware as you seem to be in your post.
      As I told PB you are free to leave the USA that you apparently dislike so much and go to some other country in search of a better life than you have now thanks to whites in the US. I will pay for one-way transport for you. All you have to do is let me know how to make the arrangements with and get the passage to you.
      FYI your claim that this was happening in the USA since 1963 is a bald-faced lie. Look at the clothes and styles of those people. That is more like the early 1900s, and I doubt you have a clue what crimes the hanged man might have committed.
      I doubt you have any idea what Emmet Till did to get himself killed or what has happened to him at his grave site in a suburb of Chicago since Obama came into office as president. I see also you have chosen to ignore the truth, facts and history of the Atlanta black man Wayne Williams who preyed on and murdered black boys, 1979-81, or the current out of control violent crimes committed daily by blacks in the US.
      There is no excuse for any of this inhuman behavior by anyone against other humans.

    • More people died in the Civil War than any other war the US has been involved in. You ask who went to prison? People died to right this wrong.

  12. Why do whites celebrate Christopher Columbus, knowing full well that he "discovered" an already inhabited continent, raped and murdered countless numbers of people, and stole what wasn't rightfully his?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      To annoy you, obviously.

    • I think it's most likely because they value genocide.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      No, I am pretty sure it is to annoy you.

    • I guess trolling is supposed to negate my point now. This is white folks for ya!

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      And you are the poster child for black people? You advocate the violent overthrow of our government and complain that everyone is against you. You sound like a baby.


    • That baby is nonblack...

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      So? Are you so racist that you complain against babies too?

    • I thought that was supposed to be a depiction of me. Just notifying you that I am black and your depiction is incorrect. By the way, you, and most whites supported the murder of a black kid (17 year old is a child by the laws of Florida). Isn't that the same as condoning the murder or, at the least, complaint against a baby? Funny how whites' hearts bleed when a white baby is "complained against", but smile and cheer when a black kid is followed (after being wrongly accused of burglarizing a house), confronted (according to Jeantel, Zimmerman confronted Martin), and murdered (afterwards, Zimmerman didn't administer CPR, call the police or show any remorse).

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      What are you blathering about? If a 17 year male attacks someone, they can defend themselves.

    • Well, according to the only witness of the initial contact between Martin and Zimmerman (Jeantel), it was Zimmerman who was following Martin and Martin asked, "Why are you following me." Then Zimmerman said, "What are you doing here?" Jeantel heard wet grass and Martin yelling, "Get off me, get off me!"

      So, how do you figure that Martin attacked Zimmerman?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      You do not know that Martin said Get off me. You want to believe that Martin said that. Both mothers claimed to recognize the voice on the tape.

    • A person who was talking with him on the phone said that Martin said get off me. Why wouldn't you believe her? Because she's black?

      Why would a guy with a gun be screaming for help against an unarmed guy?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Because she was a confirmed liar.

      "The murder case against half-Latino neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was dealt a devastating blow Tuesday, when prosecutors acknowledged that their star witness, the 19-year old former girlfriend of the late Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, lied under oath.

      The woman, who also told police she was on the phone with Martin shortly before his death, falsely testified that she was in the hospital on the day of Martin’s funeral — perhaps to garner sympathy.

      “In fact, she lied,” defense attorney Don West said. Prosecutors also acknowledged her lie, but were reportedly vague about whether they would charge the woman with perjury."

      Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/06/prosecutors-admit-trayvon-martins-girlfriend-lied-under-oath/#ixzz2aTTp0s00

      If someone is slamming your head to the ground, you would cry out for help. It is a natural reaction.

    • She was a confirmed liar? But for some odd reason, you had no problem buying Zimmerman's story, even though he was a confirmed liar (he and his wife were guilty of perjury). Oh...I get it...only whites can lie and still be credible to other whites.

      If I had a gun (like Zimmerman did) no one would have been able to get me on the ground to slam my head on concrete.

      Further, if you have a gun, why do you need to yell for help. Your help is your gun.

      Zimmerman is a fat white liar.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      No, you do not get it at all. You excuse every fault of a black person and demand that retribution occur for every perceived slight of a white person.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Zimmerman was the one with the head wounds.

    • Trayvon was the one who had the chest wound to his chest and is dead today. Scratches on a white man's head are only more important than a black kid's life to a racist.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Yep, he had the chest wound because he was beating Zimmerman's head into the street. That is why Zimmerman shot him.

    • "What is humorous" Zimmerman is now obfuscating on the charges of threatening with a gun, the mother of his child.

    • Not "white",.. Hispanic Jew. If you are going to be racist, you might as well get it right and face what your really are.

    • I guess when you can't beat em', use ad hominem or trolling.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      I see that sarcasm is another word you have difficulty in understanding. Or is it another word you hope to change the meaning of, Humpty?

    • I guess when you can't beat em', resort to dry humor.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      I have been using dry humor since we starting chatting. It has been one way to make this silly exchange more entertaining.

    • Or your way of avoiding the topic at hand, maybe?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Please. I have addressed the issue very specifically. Your none answers have been avoiding the topic.

    • "To annoy you" is not an adequate response to a question about why whites celebrate a known rapist, thief and murderer.

      Whites are fully aware of Columbus' criminal behaviors and still support him. So, it's no wonder that they would support Zimmerman as well. Look at you. You're named after a slave owner and rapist. Yet, I bet you are proud you chose that name to chat under. You probably think he's real noble for raping Sally Hemings.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      To annoy you is a wonderful answer when it is obvious that it does, in fact, annoy you. Given the nonsense you have been posting, annoying you, is quite enjoyable.
      However, people celebrate Columbus for a number of reasons. Primarily, because he made Europe aware of the Americas.
      I chose the screen name of T Jefferson because of his strong defense of the separation of church and state. And, yes, I am proud of my choice.

    • No, it's just a deflection because you don't have anything to say.

      So, you think notifying Europe of a group of people they can murder and steal from is reason to celebrate?

      So, his defense of the separation of church and state makes up for him being a rapist and a slave owner? Please, tell me again about the moral superiority of white folks.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      I did not say it was a reason to celebrate. I stated one reason why he is celebrated.
      Do you even try to read with comprehension or just fly off the handle regardless of what is posted?
      You have no idea if he raped anyone or not. Blacks and whites have engaged in consensual sex for centuries. If he considered her nothing more than a slave to be raped, why would he have freed their kids?
      I also never said that whites have any moral superiority. I merely have said you cannot reason very well.

    • It doesn't matter if it is one reason or many reasons, the question is is it right to celebrate such a person? It has been confirmed that Thomas Jefferson fathered children with one of his slaves. Slaves were not in a position to be in a consensual relationship with their slave masters. So we know it was rape. He did not free them until he was dead. If he was a decent man he would never have had slaves to begin with, especially his own children. He was a evil white man, and you admire him. What does that make you?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Are you completely unaware that black people have owned slaves as well?

      In fact, in Africa, there are still slaves.

      "The continent of Africa is one of the most problematic regions in terms of contemporary slavery. Slavery in Africa has a long history, within Africa since before historical records, but intensifying with the medieval Arab slave trade and again with the early modern trans-Atlantic slave trade; the demand for slaves created an entire series of kingdoms (such as the Ashanti Empire) which existed in a state of perpetual warfare in order to generate the prisoners of war necessary for the lucrative export of slaves. These patterns have persisted into the colonial period during the late 19th and early 20th century. Although the colonial authorities attempted to suppress slavery from about 1900, this had very limited success, and after decolonization, slavery continues in many parts of Africa even though being technically illegal."


    • Move to North Korea where your uncle is President.
      He misses you.

  13. Whites consider it “reasonable” to believe in the inherent dangerousness
    of Black males. The not guilty verdict is "reasonable" when everyone involved (judge, prosecutor, defense) share the same racist assumptions as the perpetrator.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      No, people in general make reasonable assumptions about the dangerousness of others based on many factors. These can include their location, the aggressiveness of the person they are evaluating and if they are wearing gang colors or other garments that show a relationship with people who engage in violence.
      For example, if you saw a black male wearing a suit and waiting to be seated at a restaurant, you are unlikely to be concerned that he might be dangerous.
      If you saw a black male wearing his army uniform, offering to help people at the scene of an accident, your first thought would not be that he might be dangerous.
      You are showing your inherent bias about white people and making sweeping and incorrect generalizations about them.

    • So, Martin was walking, and you believe it was reasonable to assume he was dangerous, why?

      Also, you think black males should have to walk around in suits in the rain to soothe whites' racist fears about the danger they (perceptually) pose?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Please show where I stated that Martin looked dangerous or that black men should have to wear a suit.

      You stated that whites "consider it “reasonable” to believe in the inherent dangerousness of Black males."
      I pointed out that was an absurd statement.
      Zimmerman saw a person he was not familiar with and decided to watch him due to the high number of break-ins that had occurred in that neighborhood.

    • Well, Zimmerman supporters have never explained why Martin would try to kill Zimmerman. Yet, they stick to the story that Martin was trying to kill Zimmerman. Whites' belief that blacks are dangerous and violent by nature makes it possible for them to believe Zimmerman's story even with no apparent motive for his so-called attack on Zimmerman.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Yes, since Zimmerman was the one with the head wounds.
      Why would Martin try to kill Zimmerman? He was a thug and thugs engage in all sorts of violent behavior.

    • See, the motive white America, jurors, judges, and prosecutors used in determining who was telling the truth was their racist and stereotype-based belief that blacks are thugs and therefore attack people who are FOLLOWING THEM AT NIGHT WITH GUNS.

      Case closed.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Not all blacks are thugs. In fact, most are not. But some are. Martin was one who was a thug. Sorry that you are trying to defend a thug. And doing a piss poor job of it, BTW.

    • So, when Zimmerman saw Martin, he didn't know Martin had been kicked out of his mother's home. But you say he was a thug because he was kicked out of his mother's home. So, what made Zimmerman think Trayvon was a thug? Did Zimmerman have a file on Trayvon's history, a copy of his facebook page, school records, etc? If, not how would Zimmerman know he was a thug and begin following him? Or did he assume Martin was a thug based on his race (which you don't want to admit)?

      By the way, a thug is usually someone who is a criminal. What crime was Trayvon engaging in when Zimmerman saw him? I didn't know walking home was a crime.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      No, he did not know that. But he did know that Martin was someone he did not know from the neighborhood. So, he was concerned. You know, the feeling one gets when something is different, and possibly a problem.

    • So, if you're walking down the street and you don't recognize someone, then that means they must be a burglar? I'm trying to understand how whites jump from seeing someone they don't recognize to the reckless conclusion that this stranger is a criminal without using racist stereotypes (as you are arguing).

      Personally, I don't "get concerned" and call the police when I see strangers because I accept the fact that I don't know everyone. I also give people the benefit of the doubt before I go calling the police (like Zimmerman did), especially when I don't witness anything of a criminal nature. But again, to whites making such rash and reckless classifications of nonwhites is "reasonable" when they are being informed by racist stereotypes.

      By the way, what crime did Zimmerman see Trayvon committing?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      No, it means they might be a burglar. Are you really that dense?

    • So, if someone is walking down the street and you don't recognize them that is reason enough to assume they might be a burglar?

    • Sure PB, "down the street"

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Well, that was helpful. Any other inane comments you want to offer?

    • A little more of the excitement you like... for you and PBailey, your new bud: http://cnsnews.com/node/662438

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Right, my new "bud" that I have been criticizing for his absurd views.

    • As I have told you, the two of you - you and PB - make such a cute couple. You are so much alike and not intelligent or aware enough to know how much alike you are.

    • That has been your typical pattern as TJ or JD; cozy up to people online then turn on them like an enraged wolverine or a reptile with a brain functioning at reptilian level.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      I have never cozied up to PBailey, feeble one.

    • Yes you have, Satanic one.

    • Sure Humpty. Be gone Satan.

    • "Inane comments" are one of your few fields of expertise since you specialize in making them. You don't know enough about the Zimmerman matter even to understand what Esther meant. How sad for you.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Oh, of course. "down the street" offers so much political analysis of the case. It is obvious why you love her comments, they are just as inane as yours. But enlighten me, oh feeble one. Just what amazing insight did her comment offer?

    • Clue for the clueless: Read the itinerary of the young man, Satanic one.

    • It is another megalodon tooth, Ted's email, -type issue... you just wouldn't understand. But the cards are stacking up against you, atheist. Be gone Satan.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      When there have been a number of burglaries in the area, yes.

    • So. There have been a number of mass murders committed by white boys in the U.S. in recent years. Now, according to you, I can attack every white stranger I see?

      Answer this: Was Trayvon burglarizing houses that night?

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      You can be as suspicious as you like about any white you see. I suspect you already are.
      Answer this: Why did Trayvon attack Zimmerman?

    • It was never confirmed that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman. In fact, Zimmerman said Trayvon jumped out of the bushes and surprised him. Problem is there were no bushes. But you never answered if Trayvon was burglarizing houses that night. Afraid to admit he was doing nothing wrong?

    • Something seems to be wrong with her.

    • Read my post, Bailey.

    • Fyi: Zimmerman is no more White than Obama is White. You just love the opportunity to play "THE RACE CARD." You just hate the thought that people will begin to see that oops, the Blacks made a mistake when calling Zimmerman a White man. It would simply not fit the plan to destroy White people. That would mess up their scenario and even legitimately bring the credibility of Blacks into question. Horrors. Mark my words: Your flimsy house of cards will tumble, perhaps not before you get your way with Whites, but it will eventually.

      Secondly, you still have not answered why you have not addressed your Black brothers in Africa for reparations, even for affirmative action to work in their countries, in exchange for their part in contributing to slavery.. You cannot really believe that the United States has ever been the sole owners of African slaves. Now please, get real.

    • 1. It's always amusing when white folks like this (see white person above) disown mulatto children like Zimmerman to try and prove a political point. It's like they expect the world to forget Zimmerman's dad is white.

      2. "Pulling the race card" is always whites' favorite term to use when discouraging nonwhites from pointing out their racism.

      3. To whites it is worse to call someone racist than it is to be racist.

      4. Another emotional response from whites when confronted with their racist past (particularly slavery) is to use a deflection tactic which involves blaming slavery on the victims of slavery. Particularly, they make vague references to Africans selling Africans into slavery, when most Africans were enslaved after wars with Europeans and Arabs. But claiming otherwise is an attractive mode of argument for whites because the last thing they want to do is have their lily white images soiled by their ancestors' enslavement of blacks for 400 years. So, when the truth hurts they will take the low road and "blame it on the victim." Questions: Who was responsible for the 100 years of Jim Crow that followed slavery? During slavery, who was responsible for the raping and murdering of black people? Who will you blame this on? Who is responsible for red peoples' genocide? Will whites ever take any responsibility or will it always be someone else's fault?

    • Rave on racist.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Obama is 50% white. His mother was white. What are you ranting about?
      US citizens cannot demand anything from foreign countries. Please try to make some sort of coherent argument if you want to interject your nonsense into this conversation.
      And yes, Ron, I know you are bothered by everything. Yawn.

    • I am not Ron.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Very good, you get another gold star.

    • I don't need any such thing from Satan's helpers.

    • You have found someone - PBailey - on your intellectual and maturity level to debate with endlessly. Stick with him and leave me (and Esther) alone please. You are so inferior to us you are boring and no challenge at all.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      You are not in charge of anything here, RonMar. Sorry, but I will post as I please.

    • He is not assuming charge of this thread. But you are, Satanic one.

    • To paraphrase The Human Condition: A planet of "advanced intelligence and superior" Christians have found a number of Satanic beings on their planet that "are trying to destroy their planet. they refer to them as unfortunate genetic anomalies, and dump them here."

    • The "powers and principalities" (Ephesians 6:11-13), the evil ones who will be destroyed in due time. Not a problem.

  14. RamingtonStall says: