University Students Sign Petition To Legalize Abortion After Birth

I've called it what it is and will continue to call abortion murder, whether it's inside the womb or outside the womb. Now video has emerged showing George Mason University students (Yes, I'm sure Walter E. Williams is having a fit right now) signing a petition to legalize abortion after birth. According to the petition, which was signed on Wednesday demanded that lawmakers legalize "fourth trimester" abortions. In other words, they want to fully legalize the murder of a child that has been born.

According to Campus Reform:

The petition, which was circulated on GMU's flagship campus in Fairfax, VA., just outside Washington D.C., by Media Research Center reporter Dan Joseph said it was aimed at sending "a message to our lawmakers that women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies and babies" even "after their pregnancies."

"If you don't know what fourth trimester is, it's after the baby is already born," Joseph said.

"Currently fourth trimester abortions are illegal in all 50 states," he told students.

Most responses should horrify anyone with a conscience as they declared anything from "okay" to "cool."

One concerned student asked if the procedure would "cause harm to the child."

"Well the child wouldn't be there anymore," responded Joseph. "It's abortion."

The student then happily signed the petition.

These are college students! Do they not know what abortion is? It's taking a life that's not yours! It's ripping up little humans and flushing them down a toilet or throwing them in a trash can! What sort of mindless automatons is our society producing? My 3 year old knows what abortion is, it's murder.

Joseph said that after an hour he garnered fourteen signature and said it was a lot for the summer since there aren't as many people on campus.

This is what the next generation coming behind us is thinking. God help us!

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  • bynbel

    Maybe the next question put to these geniuses would be if they're OK with "abortion" after birth if it included them.

  • Billie Nigro

    The whole abortion thing is sick. Once there is conception, there is a potential human being created. If you don't want kids, keep your damned legs SHUT! If it is rape, then put the baby up for adoption. There are plenty of couple who can't have children and want desperately to be parents. Practice self-control instead of killing the results of your immaturity!

  • bahndon

    Then they must be OK with the school shootings, the school shootings are no more murder than killing a baby after it is born.

  • rukiddinsport

    GOD ... help us.

  • f8tule

    Are we in China??? The idiot that delivers this petition should be jailed for conspiracy to murder... I'm born, so if someone shoots me and they call it abortion will they be charged??
    That's just disgusting... seriously disgusting...

    I guess God will not be coming back to save us.. Is your relationship with God good.. If not you still have time to have one with him...

    For only through Jesus will you get to heaven, and I guarantee you that Jesus is against the killing of babies... and innocents.

    I pray the Jesus will stop this travesty before it even starts.. and that EVERYONE THAT SIGNS THAT FILTH will come to know Christ and eventually follow his word. I pray for their indoctrinated souls.. in Jesus name Amen

  • Greg137

    So university students want to legalize murder itself?! Well that is what secular enlightenment gets you folks! The so called secular enlightenment crowd are really a bunch of blood thirsty savage cave men! Give them all the electric chair!
    But at least we can murder the Left wingers openly if they decide to make it law, and we can at last drive them from this country forever, yet the Left will have no one to blame but themselves...
    They lose on two counts, One most left wingers don't have guns(they believe guns are evil), and two, obviously we out number them, because if they out-numbered us on the right, then there would be no point to passing Amnesty! Amnesty is just a democrat get out the vote drive... The Left wing are all fools, may God save our nation and our freedom!

  • john4637

    Too bad infant murder was not legalized back around 1990 or so. Then most of these amoral, indecent slobs may not be among decent living Christians today!

  • Greg B

    There area lot of people in college these days who have no business being there. Universities recruit anyone who can draw breath, just to get more taxpayer funding.

  • DollyT

    This is not abortion it is plain and simple genocide and murder.

  • Ontherightintampa

    Just call it what it is - murder.

  • Doc

    Sixty years of liberal education. Dumbing down of the American education system in order to "pass" lazy ethnic students.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Just pathetic, how did they pass entrance exams? What will they do with their lives?

  • Don Turnblade

    Just as we feel free to kill children, we kill Liberty's future hope. Since each child born is on average a net gain to tax roles, we literally impoverish our land with every child we abort. Those we do not kill, we teach that is OK to kill for personal reasons. Through the cycle of generations our foolishness grows darker.

    On one hand, I am glad we are surprised. On the other, it is illogical for us to be surprised by the fruit of our previous choices. The Choice of Death destroys more than the infant life; it harms us and leads to exponentially growing losses from missing lives and missing contribution to the collective good.

    By now, the missing tax rolls from 1/5 of the USA population would truly have changed our budget debate. But, they cannot earn money or pay into the public good, because we killed them. So, the sucking vacuum of missing lives leads to an intensified immigration debate as people from other lands press to fill the voids left by our chosen dead. We grow cold to the deaths of the innocent and accepting of more kinds of death. Abortion is not just wrong, it is a stupid form of national suicide.

  • R.Young

    University & College education at its best!

  • Bill

    With the vast intelligence college students have, smarter than anyone else in the history of mankind, I do believe they have hit their zenith. We should have a really late term abortion.
    We'll start with these college kids who think they are owed a college education free. And as long as we are on campus we'll take all of the "professors" who believe in teaching 2+2=whatever makes you feel good. Have sex with anything willing to hold still for a minute. Also, never consider what could be the result. Then move on to all of the politicians and appointed judges thinking they are God.
    We have, at this point, culled the a-------- and now they are an endangered species.

  • kbcab

    Maybe we ought to abort some of you pains in the butt with a bullet in the head just for good measure then you won't be a nusiance to us , you are a bunch of low-life murderers , try keeping your legs together and maybe you won't need abortions ...


    Legalize murder, great concept, it would simplify congress. God save the USA

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Shut down the government. We don't need this kind of protection from them. Oh wait: This is not protection cause it would hinder their incomes.

  • Randy K

    Outstanding! Ok. I'll buy in. Just remember Joseph...YOU have been "born". Sounds like OPEN SEASON on baby killers to me.

  • mike slaney

    the action is the same the words not..."to legalize murder" once this is accomplished the birth defected, mentally ill. mentally handicapped(PC), the old and feeble, the sick and lame, and the list could go on. After all is that not what Hitler wanted, the liberals wiped out the conservatives and socialists eradicated the liberals and the Communists eradicated the socialists and you had one happy family. The Communist elitists were the haves and everyone else, the have nots. The NWO agenda will the same above but this time no proof left behind, your History. Be careful who you align yourself with because the knife will end up in your back. He who lives by the sword will die by the sword in the Tribulation.