Congress Confirms They Are Interviewing “Dozens” of Benghazi Witnesses And Whistleblowers

Last week, Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) unveiled a 60 foot petition signed by 1,000 Special Operations Veterans demanding a select committee in Congress to investigate and end the cover-up of the Benghazi scandal and bring the truth to light. The unveiling of the document near the Capitol building was Stockman's plan to force Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) hand on forming a special House committee to investigate Benghazi, even though he has said he will not do so. As I reported that, I mentioned Rep. Jason Chaffetz' (R-UT) brief statement about the fact that the House Oversight Committee had conducted more than 25 hours of transcribed interviews, which was not released to the media. Now Congress confirms they are interviewing dozens of Benghazi witnesses and whistleblowers. Members of both the House and Senate and their staffers have held two classified hearings on the Benghazi attacks and spoken informally with several dozen additional witnesses, including some that are being referenced as "whistleblowers."

Sharyl Attkisson reports:

Among those who have recently spoken to Congress is Marine Corps Col. George Bristol who was in the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) chain of command on Sept. 11. Earlier this month, CBS News reported that the Pentagon declined Republican congressional requests to produce Bristol for interviews. At the time, the Pentagon said Bristol had retired and that they "cannot compel retired members to testify before Congress."

However, after that report about Congress' search for Bristol, the Pentagon contacted CBS News to say their original assessment was in error and that Bristol is not retired, after all. Instead, he's on "terminal leave." The Pentagon added: "In response to a request from [South Carolina Republican] Senator [Lindsey] Graham's office earlier this month, Colonel George Bristol (USMC) will be available to meet with House and Senate members and their staffs."

Bristol has since met with Graham and is set to testify Tuesday behind closed doors in front of the House Armed Services Committee.  Congress plans more Benghazi-related public hearings after they return from their August recess.

Bristol is set to meet with members of Congress on Wednesday behind closed doors for a classified briefing.

So far there have been no arrests in the attacks, even though we know who was behind them. No one has lost their job in the Obama administration over what took place and there continues to be stonewalling from the White House.

Four Americans lost their lives on September 11, 2012 and so far we've seen the White House lie about what happened, lie about what they were doing on the night of September 11, and intimidate reporters.

Is the lid about to be blown off this scandal that is anything but "phony"? I guess we are getting pretty close to the boiling point and Americans are demanding that justice be served.

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11 thoughts on “Congress Confirms They Are Interviewing “Dozens” of Benghazi Witnesses And Whistleblowers

  1. Thank God. Finally this White House may finally be held responsible for one instance of their inappropriate actions or inactions that resulted in Americans being killed.
    In this case they withheld actions and Americans in service to our country were killed..
    After Bin Laden was killed Obama immediately "leaked" information about the Seal Team. Several months later over 20 Seals were targeted and killed because of that information.
    In both case Obama said, "No, no, no. It's wasn't me."
    Well, he's the President. It is his job to know what is going on because as Commander-in-Chief OBAMA IS THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY AND SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.

  2. We will never get the Benghazi truth from Washington.

    At least 35 living witnesses are under guard and scared to speak ... and those who know about this will not tell. CNN will be castrated for this leak!

  3. Benghazi, Fast And Furious, Killer Drones. It should be clear as crystal by now that Barack Hussein Obama is a cold bloodied serial killer. Obama is more dangerous than a wounded snake. May he face justice soon.

  4. on my facebook

  5. The ones responsible for insisting no help be sent to the beleaguered citizens at Benghazi were in the White House. No one else had the authority to prevent our armed forces from going to aid those being attacked. What the "White House" did was at the orders of the president. He should be impeached if we feel he is in fact qualified to hold the office. If he is not qualified, he should be ousted. Pronto. If we imagine he is qualified, then an impeachment should swiftly follow. It's already been several months and little has been done that we know of. Surely we who are patriots want action!

    • Obama did his thing, shut it down so he could go to bed and rest for the next days hectic schedule on the campaign trail in Las Vegas! If evidence comes out aginst this cretin, and he is found guilty I for one would want him to be hung by the neck for his crime.

  6. Dog and Pony show

  7. Just how much proof do we need??

  8. How many out there believe that , it only took two years to round up witnesses , yeah right...

  9. freedomringsforall says:

    I hope that the Congress will take down a lot of people all the way to the top and let the chips fall as they may.
    God will guide us through and help us to sort it all out if we will just step out and do it and let the chips fall (or fly).

  10. Enough with interviewing, start shooting a few of them.