Obama Ignores Congress – Sends $500 million Of Taxpayer Money To Hamas

Once again we are bending the rules to send money to fund terrorists and once again the media lap dogs are ignoring it. Maybe it's just not big news anymore. It's not like the Royals had a baby or something.

Why is it not big news when we send aid to Palestinians? I am not sure but this seems to be the norm. Remember that $4 Billion Dollar Aid package that John Kerry put together for Palestinians a couple of months ago? Probably not because it went virtually unreported just as this case will.

In the interest of National Security, Barack Obama chose to waive congressional restrictions on aid to Palestinians on Friday Afternoon. The Washington Times reports:

President Obama on Friday afternoon ordered another waiver of congressional restrictions on direct funding of the Palestinian Authority, clearing the way for more U.S. aid.

In the one-page order, Mr. Obama said he was taking the action due to the "national security interests" of the U.S. The move comes as the administration is preparing to host renewed direct talks in Washington between Palestinians and Israelis for the first time since 2010.

The president in March directed about $500 million to be sent to the Palestinian Authority, also waiving the restrictions set by Congress. At the time, Secretary of State John F. Kerry said he was seeking to move another $200 million to the Palestinians.

Some lawmakers oppose the aid, both because of sequestration budget cuts and the Palestinian Authority's ties to the terrorist organization Hamas.

Supporting Hamas? Interesting choice. Evidently CAIR is in need of help in that task. Donations must be down.

John Kerry and Google continue to recognize Palestine as a country so it's no surprise that this administration would want to throw countless billions of dollars at them. If I was trying to create my own country I would certainly want them to be well-funded. However, like most Americans, my budget gives me two choices: an ant farm or Sea Monkeys.

If I ever get appointed Secretary of State, however… game on.

As for waiving the congressional restrictions… Let's turn back the clock to see if we can find a recent example of the United States waiving restrictions on aid.

We don't have to look too hard. John Kerry recently waived restrictions on aid to Egypt. That cost us $1.3 Billion and it seems to have worked out very well. One wonders if Morsi got the money into his bank account before all of the civil unrest started. Our foreign policy is a joke.

I am not sure why we even have a legislative branch in 2013 because it's obvious that Obama and company are going to do what they want anyway.

Whether this money eventually finds its way into the hands of terrorists, or not, is not entirely the point. Americans are sick of hearing how we need to make cuts, tighten our belts and sacrifice while our government keeps sending money elsewhere.

All expenditures need to be done with the utmost discretion now. When we put our families on budgets we have to make tough choices. If we can't send money to Palestinians because of our own economic troubles that would be understandable. We simply don't have the money and need to quit pretending that we do.

And once again, as for the congressional restrictions that were lifted, the laws are in place for a reason. Looking back it would seem that the restrictions would have saved us from throwing money to a bad situation in Egypt and I suspect that time will reveal the same result here.

There is not much you can do, however, with a dictatorial-minded president in office.

This is the change that Americans voted for.

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  • Tania Boghossian

    Wake up, people. Hamas is a democratically elected party that has been socialist in nature since its inception. The only terrorist organization worth mentioning is the Israeli government, which has violated every UN Security Council sanction since 1967, while flagrantly building the largest human prison in Gaza and illegal settlements in the West Bank. If the US can give $3 BILLION a year in military aid to Israel, the least it can do is level the playing field and offset the damage by giving the same amount to the Palestinians. Of course, the US has never been a credible broker in the alleged "peace process" thanks to our AIPAC-controlled Congress so this crisis will never be resolved....unless people stop buying in to the corporate media that churns out propaganda to keep the population ignorant and complacent.

  • Rosebud15

    What has to happen before we get common sense to vote these people out of office? It will take years to repair the damage done to our Nation.

  • Craven Moorehead

    this is so disturbing on so many levels.....what the hell is going on?

  • Marsha Arkebauer

    I do not want my tax money used to fund terrorists! I believe that Obama has committed treason, should be arrested & either tried or put into a straight-jacket & a padded cell!

  • Helland

    This inept fumbler White House occupant is, to use and OLD phrase," playing chess with the people who invented it" and I doubt he could win at checkers.

  • Alan Setherley

    Why is BO allowed to send our money anywhere he chooses? He has violated the constitution in so many ways That I wonder if any of our conservative office holders have any Gonads at all. I am sick and tired of having my tax $ go to other countries who are our enemies. Impeach this guy before our Country is completely ruined!! Please!

  • romevicki

    He's trying to break the United States and congress is allowing it to happen....get rid of the whole bunch...start all over...

  • joshuasweet

    Fine him for violation of the constitutional powers separations clause, charge him double, confiscate his retirement and benefits package, let him wear prison orange

  • bynbel

    We need to demand a recall election for President, but this time with IDs and without the rigged voting machines, no early voting or absentee ballots.