Will You Stand With Senator Rand Paul in Class Action Lawsuit Against NSA?

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is planning to sue the NSA in a class action lawsuit over the out of control surveillance implemented by the U.S. government upon unsuspecting innocent citizens. While many people were fooled into supporting the "Patriot Act" in the name of "National Security". It is a well known fact that the Patriot Act started during President Bush's Administration has widely expanded during the Obama Administration giving the government "carte blanche" to watch everything we do. Claiming ultimate control over our lives. Sign to join in on the Lawsuit.

The government and different representatives within our government use the excuse that it is a "Good Thing" that it will help us to catch terrorists. In most people's minds catching a terrorist is a great thing! No one wants a terrorist running around America threatening our "security" or killing our people. However, as I have reported in detail over the past year the DHS meaning of terrorist has changed. While the average American thinks of a terrorist in it's actual definition, the government's meaning is now "Evangelical Christians, Pro-Life, Tea-Party, Pro-Constitution, anyone against big government, etc..." The government through the Department of Homeland Security has completely changed the definition of terrorist and have used it to target everyday Americans as the enemy. The government is supporting arming the real terrorist's "Syrian Rebels" "Al Qaeda" while targeting unsuspecting American citizens.


The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

While the fourth Amendment is supposed to protect citizens from this sort of "tyrannical" behavior. We have seen over and over again within this administration complete disregard for the fourth amendment. Whether it be from the "Boston Lock Down", Christopher Dorner, Fbi Raid, Marine Jose Guerena Killed in Botched Raid, Hacker facing more time than Steubenville rapists, FBI raids and violations.

According to reports over one billion records a day are collected in the name of "National Security" in the hopes that they will find a "terrorist." Yet with all their "surveillance" it was a citizen that found the "Boston Bomber" not DHS, FBI, nor the Police. We all must realize what is at stake here. We must say enough is enough! We are not the enemy, and will not be treated as such.

Rand Paul: I'll File A Class Action Lawsuit to Stop Government Snooping

“I’m going to be seeing if I can challenge this at the Supreme Court level. I’m going to be asking the Internet providers and all of the phone companies: Ask your customers to join me in a class-action lawsuit,” Paul said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“If we get 10 million Americans saying, ‘We don’t want our phone records looked at’ then maybe someone will wake up and things will change in Washington.”

Paul called the National Security Agency’s monitoring of telephone call logs and the Internet an “extraordinary invasion of privacy,” noting the agency is monitoring more than “a billion phone calls a day,” an alarming number that is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

“I think the American people are with me and I think if you talk to young people who use computers on a daily basis, they are absolutely with me,” Paul said, adding that the vast amount of information being collected is actually counterproductive in the war on terror.

“We are looking through so much data that I think it makes our fight against terrorism worse,” Paul said

Senator Rand Paul I do appreciate all of your efforts to defend our rights and our constitution. I support your actions in suing the government in a class action lawsuit. However, why hasn't anyone come up with legislation to nullify the "Patriot Act" and the "NDAA"? Stop the funding, stop the programs that are destroying our rights and the rights of our children! Join in on Lawsuit here.

In all my years I have never seen such a disgusting excuse for representatives within our government that blatantly abuse our rights and defile the constitution. I am very thankful that at least some of our representatives are sounding the alarm and standing up for what is right. All representatives that are not standing for their oath to the constitution should immediately be removed from office, and charges filed against them for supporting tyranny instead of the Constitution. Wake up call to the representatives, you work for us not the other way around. The only reason they have this power is because WE THE PEOPLE gave it to them. It's high time we take it back.

American freedom used to stand for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" but has now become a wide spread police state of "Do as I say and not as I do" "show me your papers" "thought crimes" "guilty until proven innocent" "kill lists" "all officers are above the law" "corrupt judges" "corruption all the way up to the White House" "American citizens are terrorist's while the real terrorist's are given arms" "placing weapons of war on the streets of America" etc...

Can we stop this? Only if everyone quits fighting among themselves and realizes All Americans as well as anyone that is in the country are in danger. It does not matter if your a liberal, democrat, republican, libertarian or don't associate yourself with any party. EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA IS IN DANGER! We can not allow the government to continue on this path. If we do, America is gone and we all will be slaves to a system that makes Hitler and Stalin look like a pipe dream.

Will you join Senator Rand Paul in this class action lawsuit? Will we stand united against those whom choose to abuse their powers against us? Will we stand united or will we fall apart? The choice is up to you, as for me I stand with Senator Rand Paul on this one.


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About Lorri Anderson
Mother of four wonderful children and grandmother of four. Poet/writer/investigative reporter/singer/dancer/model/business owner/non-profit business owner etc... Started D.P.A.A.W.L. INC, a non-profit animal rescue in the state of Kentucky that worked closely with animal control, law enforcement, as well as the Lewis County S.P.C.A. in which I was elected to Chairman of the Board . Volunteered and worked with: Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Senior Citizens Social Services of Pike County, Community Action Committee of Pike County, Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Food Pantries, Children's Services in both Ohio and Kentucky, Lewis County S.P.C.A., Lewis County Humane Society, as well as many other organizations. I believe strongly in our Second Amendment right to "BEAR ARMS". I am a licensed CCW carrier and proud of it.
  • Tusense96761

    Yes, I will support Rand Paul to protect American's ailienable right to privacy. My question is what are we waiting for this should be stopped immediately! And Obama needs to be arrested immediately!

  • JL Brown Jr

    We the people, every single one of us, is under attack from this socialist sob that lives at 1600 Penn ave. The ones that love freedom, God, country, are law abiding gun owners. Our constitution, our Bill of Rights. We have to fight back. This is war.
    We have a white house, DOJ, & ATF that lies about everything, let's start
    1. obama, holder was letting gun shops sell to known straw buyers, those guns were heading south of the border, Agent Brian Terry was killed by one of these weapons. obama was going to use this to attack our 2nd amendment, here at home, and down in mexico. oObama never called the parents of Agent Brian Terry to apologize, or to offer condolences.
    2. Benghazi, Libya., obama, Clinton denied extra security, then while our Ambassador was being attacked, our commander in chief, issued a stand down order, to those that were in route to safe our people. Ambassador Ambassador Chris Stevens, information officer Sean Smith, and former navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty died. But that was still not enough, obama, Clinton & Rice tried to coverup the terrorist attack as a response to a YouTube video.
    3. (With) holder, and Obama was spying on the AP, seizing the phone records and trying to stop those in the press, from doing their jobs.
    4. Next we have obama`s IRS using their power to attack, and denie Americans rights,
    while trying to obtain tax free status for their organizations..
    5. While we are still unable to see a birth certificate to proof obama is eligible to hold the highest office in the land, document analizer have said its a fraud.
    6.the idea for a budget deal was obama`s the sequestered was all his, he coutines his golf, vacations, but he closes the white house for tours. Our house, not obama`s.
    All we have heard from the white house is lies, (with) Holder lies, IRS lies, DOJ lies, ATF lies, state department Lies. Rice member of the muslim brotherhood, along with 7 others, obama himself, a muslim,
    When are we the people going to take back our house, kick the sorry sob out, tar, feather, put him on a rail, back to his native country, funny they don't want him back either, maybe a prison sentence for treason.


  • Cheryl

    Internet Explorer would not let me access the website to sign the Rand Paul petition. Firefox finally did after many tries.

  • George Wentzel

    Yes, I'll sign on any time we can limit the scope of the Federal Government.

  • Omar

    I just feel it is too little too late. America is way past the tipping point and will drop into a dictatorship with maybe a few states like Texas, Wyoming breaking off while the rest like New Mexico and California will stay on trying to keep the money teat in it's lips. Here in Santa Fe the mayor has decreed himself an alternative to God's law. He has decided he is smarter than the Constitution of New Mexico. He is really a sick buffoon that everyone laughs at while they use his ego to change moral laws. Sad what such little power will do in corrupting a small man.


      You think you have it bad, try living in Illinois, the capital city of Springfield. Everyone raised taxes to pay all their travel expenses back and forth to Chicago, to be a part of the Chicago Machine. We are the most in debt, high crime, corrupt politicians. "Illinois, where our Govenor's make our license plates".
      Heck, Blagovich, Obama, Ryan, good ol' boys from Illinois (that rhymes):.
      This is the utmost of sick states...no jobs, just retail. Taxes too high for any new employers to move in. I cannot stand this place.