Path To National ID Card In Immigration Reform Bill

While we are all busy discussing the sell out by some members of Congress in drafting and promoting an immigration reform bill that will give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already residing in the United States and doing little to secure our borders, a little known provision in this bill may provide a pathway to a National ID card. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote an opinion article in The Washington Times in May 2013 opposing the immigration reform that contains a photo tool contained in the Interior Enforcement and Employment Verification System title of the bill.

The New York Times reports that driver's license photographs along with biometric information of most Americans would be accessible through an expanded Department of Homeland Security nationwide computer network if the pending immigration legislation is passed. This little-noticed provision is supposed to "crack down" on illegal immigration by requiring employers to confirm the identity and legal status of any new workers by accessing the Department of Homeland Security Database via E-verify. While only seven percent of employers currently in the US use this system voluntarily today, the E-verify system would have to be expanded if the immigration legislation passes "because in four years, all employers would have to submit information on new employees, including citizens, to confirm they are eligible to work in the United States." The Senate legislation supposedly makes it clear the proposed law should not be interpreted to permit or allow other government agencies to use the E-verify information for any purpose other than employment verification. This proposed expansion of the E-verify system will add more unnecessary government spending.

Yeah, I think I've heard plenty about how information is not to be used and how it is theoretically to be used; but, we are talking about unconstitutional government agencies. Since when did they ever abide by any law or use information in the way it was intended? We have the IRS using tax-exempt applications to harass conservative organizations. The NSA is busy collecting communication meta-data on every American citizen claiming they can't or don't listen to conversations, read emails, or track your credit card purchases. That's been proven false. If an analyst deems it necessary to hear what you are saying, they'll eavesdrop.

Just for kicks sometimes, I'll use the word "terrorist" in cell phone conversations in reference to my chihuahua just to give them a rush of adrenaline on a false lead. After a few times, they might get smart enough to figure it out and ignore it. Well, one can hope and the entertainment value is priceless. But, my little bit of entertainment is nothing compared to what the NSA received when listening in to private conversations. I'm glad I don't have a spouse in the military stationed overseas.

Sen. Paul is opposed to forcing American citizens to carry around a national ID card to prove citizenship likening it to a "papers please" culture that offends the basic concept of freedom. This more than offends my basic concept of freedom! This proposal of a national ID card, "papers please" culture legislation trying to get slipped by the American public wreaks of this government spitting in the face of God.

Sen. Paul also poses the question on a national database of citizens; "What activities would require someone to present their papers?"

Admittedly, I "snapped to" with responses based on not just having the ID card but having biometric data encrypted into that piece of communist paper. Every time a visit to the fast food burger restaurant for my fix of a bacon cheeseburger happens, it gets logged on that national biometric ID card. A few days later, the high cholesterol police show up and tell me, "Ma'am, come with us. You exceeded your weekly dose of cholesterol for the week and need treatment to immediately lower it. Wait, you don't have Obamacare. You have to enroll and by the way, there will be a fine attached to that."

My favorite response would have to be the installation of a scan machine in public and private lavatory facilities everywhere in order to monitor whether or not you're urinating the appropriate amount of times per day or whether you're bowel movements fall into the appropriate number for your age group, dietary or fluid intake or how much bathroom tissue your family uses per week. That would be micromanagement. I hear the comments now – no one would want that type of information, it's useless. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

But the best micromanagement of all would be the monitoring of reproductive function to encourage or prohibit procreation.

Boy, could we all have some fun with that one; "Honey, your national ID card is going off. I think that means it's time to create a baby."

"Oh my, we better hurry."

"Now, where do I swipe this thing again?"

"Forget it, I've got a headache." Enter the procreation police.

Yes, this all errs on the side of the ridiculous. That is the point. It is ridiculous for the government to even entertain the idea as current laws are already in place regarding immigration. Those laws need to be enforced. Deal with the lawbreakers and leave law-abiding citizens alone. The only reason to implement this abomination is for control over the people, plain and simple. Please contact your Senator and Representatives to let them know you are opposed to the national ID card in any form.

I don't know about anyone else, but I refuse and I mean adamantly refuse to cooperate with any type of national ID biometric card system or any national ID card whatsoever. It's unconstitutional and violates my God-given rights. A law that is unconstitutional is not mandated to be obeyed.


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About Suzanne Hamner
Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

18 thoughts on “Path To National ID Card In Immigration Reform Bill

  1. simple enough to track our every move. simply have every door set up with a cheap monitor . you walk through with your id card. BAng.. done, just entered into your file.. simple & cheap.. what you eat may effect your O care ?! something to think bout.

  2. David Hedricks says:

    "Show me your papers" is just around the corner people ... Unless you live in NYC and then you're already used to being frisked on the street without cause ... Same mentality.

  3. As it stands right now, the national ID card is to be used for employment purposes. The key phrase "to be used." The individual would present their national ID card to the employer for the employer to "verify" if the individual can be employed. All of your information would be maintained by an organization like DHS. In other words, it takes away the right to be employed and gives it back only if proper proof is presented and the government verifies it. What if the government chooses not to verify for a particular job you want in favor of a job they want you to do?

    It has the potential to be misused into a micromanagement tool of American citizens. If DHS starts confirming if you're eligible for employment, how long will it be before they have to confirm your eligibility to travel or do anything else?

    This tool has the potential to be misused by the government in every way imaginable. It leads to identity and IDs becoming the property of the government. It also opens up the increased risk of identity theft among other things.
    I cannot say whether the national ID would be required to show for voting, but I can say the more power the federal government tries to exert and succeeds in getting from the people, the more micromanagement into American citizens' lives occurs and the less power the people retain.
    There are many things wrong with the immigration bill and this is just but one little bit. This bill, if passed, will change forever the face of America.

  4. we must NOT allow the usa to TURN INTO A NWO CONTROLLED COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Will people have to show their National ID card to vote?

  6. TheTexasCooke says:

    Wait a minute.....but....but....we won't have to show them to vote....right? I mean....that would just be wrong......

  7. The system as it stands, means we are doomed to become a third world country.
    As long as those who have everything to benefit , and NOTHING to lose, by voting for what the rest of us work hard for, we are truly DOOMED.
    time to take away voting rights from those who are JUST TAKING. It's the only way we can recover our country, or by storming wastetown

    • So how would your plan of taking away the voting rights of those who are just taking go? Do you mean to take away my voting rights a disabled U.S. Army veteran just because I no longer work and therefore am not paying taxes? Or what of our seniors who worked all their lives and in retirement pay no taxes?
      It's a pipe dream that cannot be done for if you grant one person or group the right to vote then you must grant all that same right. If you can call voting a RIGHT. Rights come from a superior power who I like to call God, he gave us the ability to choose but I'm not sure that he had in mind the government of MAN when he bestowed that ability on us. And voting is a creation of MAN and as with all things of MAN it is corrupt in nature and therefore not to be trusted.

    • That is so true, liberal socialist states like Mass give loads of welfare to attract deadbeats and have a large dependent on welfare population. We should start by spreading electoral votes equally. If we cut down welfare and made everyone work we would cut illegal immigrants from pouring in. I know there is work out there because i see them working. I also know companies and ranchers that complain about not having workers. I say spread the electoral votes and cut the amount of money given to the gov who gives massive welfare cash to the lib states. They take from working states and give to those who have a large welfare population/union population. The politicians are like nuclear generators using taxes from other states to fuel their votes and further their destructive decadent agendas. Impeach Obama!

  8. John Patriot says:

    A capitalist republic like the U.S. means less government and money in our pockets if we want to work.
    Communist countries like Russia and China means power, the leadership has the power to take what it wants.
    The people in our government who we are calling socialists are the ones who really want power through communism. That is what the left is really up to.
    Between now and 2016, a stand must be made through our representatives. I mean the ones who have the balls to call a spade a spade and take action against the treasonous bastards in our government.
    If that doesn't bear fruit, there is a provision in the United States Constitution that us patriots should carefully consider and act upon.

  9. The rise of the Fourth REICH is underway. The Kenyan is a Muslim SPY who happens to also be a committed communist. We the People of America loyal to the United States Constitution are under attack from the forces of EVIL! America was indeed founded upon Christian Morals as anybody educated before the communist infestation of our education system knows. The children of darkness know this and explains the reason they denigrate Christ and all of those who attempt to follow Him.


  11. Obamao will use the threat of amnesty to push us all into a national ID system and he will use the threat of gun control to push us all into mental health checks! then the fascists will be able to monitor our every move and drug us into submission!