Ethics: Obamacare Begins Rationing Pre-Existing Conditions

About a week before the end of my social work education I bore witness to a presentation on Obamacare. The social work professor giving the presentation was supposedly an expert in healthcare administration, Medicare and Medicaid. With these credentials I figured the least I could do was entertain his presentation and try to learn something. Unfortunately, it quickly progressed into one of those situations where just sitting back and keeping my mouth shut was not an option. Instead of demonstrating an actual understanding of the law in and of itself; the professor went about in the usual liberally biased fashion and discredited capitalism, the constitution and our existing healthcare system. The best part however was the twenty minute cartoon describing how Obamacare would be paid for. This cartoon featured a little “Uncle Sam” character running around the country with a jar. What was he doing with the jar? Forcing money from other people’s pockets of course. While I was sitting there in utter amazement I realized that the other students didn’t quite grasp the point here. The professor was admitting that not only would you be forced to pay higher taxes to pay for the implementation of the law, but you would still have to purchase a plan through the health care exchanges. In other words, we are being double tapped. When challenging this professor on his assumptions of this lunacy producing actual results he responded by saying “All we can do is hope it works.” This is master’s level education at its finest folks, your tax dollars hard at work turning your kids’ brains into mush.

I found this to be a relevant start to this article because it directly relates to the events of today. Professor Munoz, this is for you sir.

The Government Accountability Office released a report today stating that the preexisting condition program which was an essential element of Obamacare has already begun rationing services because of budget constraints. New patients are literally being denied enrollment into the program because there simply isn’t enough money. Wow, with a 16.7 trillion dollar debt, who would have figured that? If this isn’t bad enough Health and Human Services is actually redirecting costs to people who have already been enrolled in the program. Unbelievable! This of course does little else but raise the costs for these people who have already been enrolled. If I remember correctly the very reason Obamacare was rushed into law (without having been read) was because of greedy insurance companies that deny people the care they need for preexisting conditions. Such is the way I suppose.

In what can best be described as typical liberal behavior, Louisiana state senator Karen Carter Peterson, who also serves as the Democrat committee chair played the race card on the senate floor. She must have been angry that Obamacare is once again proving to be nothing more than a bad train wreck because she said that anyone who opposes the healthcare law is doing so only because of their opposition to a black president. What an original statement, and one made with such sophistication that there is no way that white people could ever understand how racist we are for opposing such a well thought out plan. That reminds me of something. In a social work research class at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma I was taught a little about research ethics. Did you know that it was ethical to lie in research when the subject revolves around racism? Notice I didn’t say unethical, I said ethical. The reason being is that only the educated researchers understand what constitutes racism and because we don’t it is o.k. to lie to make up the difference. Given the fact that we have been accused of racism for every word of dissatisfaction we have spoken against Obama I am sure you can see the relevance. I think the senator should realize that we are no longer going to play this game.

Over the past three years conservatives, along with the new surprise of being targeted by the IRS, have been the subject of a relentless assault of vicious attacks where we are accused of outright racism simply for observing the fatal flaws of Obamacare. As a student I was constantly referred to as a racist for questioning not only Obama but the growth and destructive nature of the welfare state. Liberals cannot and will not admit when they are wrong. This is why they resort to behavior that is best comparable to fifth graders. Through all of this it has been proven time and time again that the 2800 page health care law, that has morphed into 20,000 pages of regulations incidentally, is an abject failure that will cost billions if not trillions more to implement than originally projected. Now, as predicted, services are being rationed because of a lack of funds and in typical fashion we are being called racist for noticing. What is it going to take? For those of us who use our brain housing group it doesn’t take more than realizing the government has a 16.7 trillion dollar debt, so it cannot afford to implement Obamacare. We realize that the only place government gets its money is us, the taxpayer, and their appetite for our money is insatiable. What is it about this that liberals don’t see? Truthfully I can’t wait to see the shock on the blind supporters face as they slowly begin to realize it is unworkable and they have given away their decision making power to an unaccountable bureaucracy. Wait a minute, what am I thinking? It will be the republicans fault!

I’m afraid that it will take hitting absolute rock bottom for the ignorant to realize what it is they are surrendering and just who they are surrendering it to. You know that we are in serious trouble when people are willing to sacrifice something they don’t fully understand (constitutional liberty) for something they can only hope works. (Obamacare) Thank you college professors everywhere, for your unbiased objectivity.

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  • Jared Moen

    Right wing nutjobs like you are the problem. If republicans were not trying to sabotage the bill to use its failure in the next election it would work 100% better(not that its not working already in california). Your so focused on your giant PR campaign to make people think the bill has no chance of working. Do you think people don't know, can't see what your doing?

  • gingercake5

    A socialist (most dems now) sees a gigantic welfare state (what we have now) as evidence that our country "really cares." A conservative sees a small government (small welfare state) as evidence that individuals are prospering. And conservatives give far more to charity than the other side does.

  • Denise Gatturna

    That is a joke if you call it the affordable care act. The rich will have good care because they have the means to pay for it . The middle classwill have the worst care .Please republicans need to defund it. Anything they can do to get rid of it and start over.

    • Palrak

      Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that those who CAN afford the denied care they need cannot do so. For example, if I need a CAT scan and it's denied, I can't pay for it from my own pocket. Denied means denied. I sincerely hope I'm wrong on this.

  • J J

    So, Obamacare is only good because Obama is black??? Really?? How ridiculous does it sound to use race to make a law good or bad?? I am against Obamacare and it has nothing to do with Obama, his political beliefs or his is strictly because it is a complete train wreck, it's a unlawful takeover of American healthcare and it was voted in using threats, bribes and coercion without thought of consequences!!!

    The promises of Obamacare will never come to pass and the reality is that no one will benefit, in the end, from Obamacare except maybe the government!!

    • Palrak

      ...except the government and all the people and entities who are lucky enough to be exempted.

  • Uncle_Meat

    The socialist authoritarians, more commonly know as 'liberals', have taken over higher education many years ago. This is why they always come across as someone smarter than you. They have Ph.D's, wire rimmed glasses and fuzzy hair. How could you not look up to them? It's going to be time to fight back violently very time soon. There has to be a mass movement of non compliance with the IRS.

  • WaterExportsAndTheWaterWar

    Canada has solved the problem of rationing by setting up DEATH SQUADS.
    Patients are assessed and a decision is made about the cost effectiveness of treatment.
    Older people are routinely over medicated and thereby exterminated as part of a cost containment process. The system is officially denied but honest medical staff admit the system has been operational for years.

  • walter conell

    First off, my congratulations on a well written article. It is refreshing to actually read and comprehend the subject.
    Obama care, as it is called, is a death sentence not only to the people it has been signified to help but a death walk for the country as we know it.
    This IS the intent.

    • jkdriss

      Well thank you for that compliment. Having attended an extremely liberal university I never find myself short of writing material.

    • Palrak

      Yes, it was well-written. I heard a clip of a speech Obama gave a few days ago, in which he called it "the Affordable Care act, uh, Obamacare." What a narcissist he is. If he thinks this is his legacy, he can think again.

  • Ruby Bennett

    I have said it years ago, unfortunately we need euthanasia, and so do all countries, if they are too survive. Here in the USA we now have over 45% of the public getting some type of government help... welfare, medicare, medical assistance, food stamps, etc. It's sickening, folks are just getting too lazy, and others sadly are mentally unfit or too old to be productive members of society. If you are not an able bodied citizen that can pull your own weight, without a gov handout, you need to be euthanized.

    • 5465vick

      Thank you Adolph Hitler! You are a good nazi! Did you vote for Obama? Doesn't matter, you are still a good nazi!

    • Ruby Bennett

      I am afraid you do not understand the debt our nation has, and the increased burden from those that keep sucking more and more from us all that work, or maybe you are one of them.

    • westtexaslibrarylady

      What should we do with all the children who will be "non-producing parasites" for about 20 years before they start pulling their weight and start contributing? And disabled people? According to your reasoning Stephen Hawking would have been "disposed" of a long time ago because he was disabled before he began making his phenomenal contributions to modern science. Should most of the population of the United States have been simply eliminated instead of fed during the Great Depression because they were unemployed and nonproductive? Pray you never have a stroke or debilitating injury or illness because someone may implement your reasoning and dispose of you before you've had a chance to recover enough to be "productive" again.

      If you've never suffered a tragedy or loss that required you ask for assistance from your fellow citizens, be thankful, not judgmental. If you've never had a husband dump you and your chronically ill children leaving you with the choice of whether to buy food or life-sustaining medication for your children or paying rent while you worked several jobs to scrape every penny together to survive, be thankful. If you've never gone without heat in the winter because you could either pay the rent or the gas bill, but not both, be thankful. Murdering my children because they were particularly difficult and expensive to care for never occurred to me. I simply worked harder and taught all of my children that there are ways to give back to their community even if they don't have extra money.

      There is no question that fraud, waste, and exploitation exist in the government programs, but it is beyond ignorant to suggest that all poor people are lazy deadbeats living the high life on the taxpayers' nickel. There are many desperately poor people who benefit in some way from government entitlement programs, but who not only work very hard to help their families survive, they also teach their children that education and hard work are the tickets out of poverty.

      How empty and sad your life must be if you don't know anyone on a limited income who qualifies for aid, yet gives back to their community by volunteering their time or talents. Or don't know any single Moms who work 2 jobs, but still qualify for food stamps, then volunteer as their son's Cub Scout leader because it's so important for little boys to learn the values and work ethics of scouting and there are no Dads in their neighborhood willing to step up to the task. Or families living so close to the edge that the bulk of their food is from the free lunch program at school and the few dozen cans of food from the Food Bank, yet their children take cans of Food Bank food to school during the holiday food drives because it's important to help families who are less fortunate.

  • Vancouver1941

    This is also better known as involuntary euthanasia by this administration. If you are 70 and bleed on the brain you get no "obamacare" anything other then free hospice. that became official in Nov. of 2012. What you will get if you are living is screwed out of your money more and more and get zip coverage for anything. The federal government will mandate conveniently that you are not covered for anything over a certain age because you are useless and deem you for death. Of course the crooks who pushed this crap through in the middle of the night on Christmas eve behind close doors are above this "Obamacare" and only meant for the peons. Quoting Max Baucus who was behind this " It is a train wreck" and that was out of a Democrat. It took 12 years to repeal the Volstad act(prohibition).

  • John

    Reminds me of the Mozambique jobs program back in the 70s, everyone got a job out working in the forest. Only problem no one got paid. To top it off the only way out of the forest was death. That was African communism. Americans are only going to take so much. What will happen no one knows, but 5 years from now Obama care will be trashed and never spoken of again.

  • ARMYOF69

    Unrelated, but WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THIS:
    Feinsteins’s office “strongly denied the charges”... a lot of “strongly denying” going on in Washington this week.

    The US has entered into a contract with a real estate firm to sell 56 buildings that currently house U.S. Post Offices. The government has decided it no longer needs these buildings, many of which are located on prime land in towns and cities across the country.

    The sale of these properties will fetch billions of dollars and a handsome 6% commission to the company handling the sales. That company belongs to a man named Richard Blum. Who is Richard Blum you ask?

    Why the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, that's who. What a bunch of crooks we have running this country!

    Senator Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum, stand to make a fortune. His firm, C.R. I., is the sole real estate company offering these properties for sale. Of course, C.R.I. will be making a 6% commission on the sale of each and every one of these postal properties.

    All of these properties that are being sold are all fully paid for. They were purchased with U.S. taxpayers dollars, and they are allowed free and clear by the U.S.P.S. The only cost to keep them is the cost to actually keep the doors open and the heat and lights on. The United States Postal Service doesn't even have to pay property taxes on these subject properties. Would you sell your house just because you couldn't afford to pay the electric bill?

    Well, the Post Office is.

    How does a powerful U.S. Senator from San Francisco manage to get away with such a sweet deal?

    A powerful United States Senator's husband is standing by, all ready to make millions from a U.S. taxpayer funded enterprise.

    No one in the mainstream media is even raising an eyebrow over his 6% commission on the sale of hundreds of millions of dollar's worth of quasi-public assets.

    Pass this info on before it's pulled from the internet.

    True on Snopes:

    • Palrak

      I may be wrong, but I think the commission on commercial real estate is higher than residential real estate. I think it's more like 10%. Whichever, it's shameful what Feinstein-Blum are doing.

  • pguild01

    Don't blame me. I didn't vote for Obama in either 2008 or 2012. I am outraged that this administration is spending our tax dollars as grants to Planned Parenthood, whose main activity is doing abortions. Offspring are wonderful. No one should be deprived of the opportunity to raise offspring. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

  • Jack Parker

    Just a few AIDS patients will bankrupt any system where they don't have to pay for their care. The cost of AIDS treatment is astronomical and most of it is "acquired" due to irresponsibility.

  • Rosie46

    Those doing the rationing are not subject to Obamacare -- must be nice not to have to realize you are going to die waiting for treatment. Are they going to cut-off treatment to anyone over 70?

    • jkdriss

      I think they are going to cut off treatment to anyone who ever opposed anything they said.

    • Zinsky

      Hey, I think I hear black helicopters from the U.N. circling your house! Better buy some more ammo, some gold bars and some seeds from Glenn Beck's survivalist on-line store! Maybe Mr. Swiger above will let you ride along when Jesus tows his Church in for repairs!

    • jkdriss

      Oh ah ah ah o.k. Did you read the article bright one? The government accountability office is the one who published the report. Do you know what that means? It means the government is admitting obamacare is a mess. I know it is hard for you libs to admit when your wrong. I think that was highlighted in the article as well. You people make it too easy.

    • John

      Mister or maybe Ms. please show some respect for another religious belief. Do we have to guess what your religious belief might be?

    • 5465vick

      You will be the first to cry when you see these helicopters over your house! Obama is about to sign the weapons ban at the U.N. Which of your rights will he volunteer to give up next! Free speech seems to be a possibility as we are being told by different state AG's that we can't say anything bad about the muslim faith. Funny though they can say anything they want about christians. It amazes me how you liberals will take up with a faith that would rather cut you head of while blasting the christian faith that teaches love. Granted there are christian bigots but they won't cut off all of your body parts.

    • 5465vick

      Since you seem to be a stickler for grammar, I meant to say that muslims would rather cut your head off, instead I said of. Please excuse my typo. I'm not as perfect as you are!

    • jkdriss

      Pay no mind to Zinsky my friend, he is a perfect example of liberals who, lacking an intelligent argument resort to name calling. It seems that liberals behavior can best be described by a deep rooted insecurity in which they feel resentment towards themselves as opposed to anyone else. I mean people who are content with themselves do not go around attempting to make others feel horrible about themselves. Under normal circumstances liberals should be pitied and nurtured. Right now however they have too much power and believe they are instituting their brand of social justice.

    • mari

      As a Tea Party member whose 2011 taxes were "reviewed", and found lacking, I can't wait to see what happens to anyone needing medical care who speaks against the protectors of our health
      There are none so blind, as those who will not see.
      Your condescending tone is evidence of your liberal tendencies as liberals believe that it is ok to bully in the most hateful ways all things Christian.

    • jkdriss

      Nice Job Mari!

    • Palrak

      My tax refund was also held up for 2011 while my returns were being reviewed. I thought it odd at the time. I hadn't been entitled to a refund for decades, so I thought that might have been the reason. They didn't call for an audit, and I finally got the refund along with another check for about $5 for interest owed. I still haven't cashed that little check, just to screw up their books, if in fact they keep a balanced checkbook which I doubt.

      I do feel the need to defend Zinsky, not for his ideology, but because the syntax errors and misuse of homonyms drive me batty, too, not to mention grammar and punctuation errors. Typos are one thing, and I'm sure I've made a few, but honestly, reading so many comments with the above-mentioned, I think my writing and spelling skills have suffered.

      I try not to be the "grammar police," but when people start spouting off about "Marshal" or "Marshall" Law, it makes me wonder if they even know what Martial Law is. Oops, was that a dangling participle?

    • cordeg

      In re "dangling participle": No. Which makes me stop wondering if you know what one is. :-)

      Not to bring religion back into the discussion, but one might perhaps be better off tending to the beam in their own eye rather than picking nits over the specks in another's eye. At the very least, they ought to be very careful to have their 6th grade grammar teacher check their retort before they click "post" :-)

      Let's face it: the contemporary use of "homonym" (same "name") as a mere synonym of homophones (same sound; e.g., "hear" v "here"), rather than as that class of homophones that are also homographs (same spelling; e.g., "bear" the brunt v. black "bear") would have left many members of your parents' generation tearing their hair out. So, we are all grammar criminals now!

    • Rosie46

      How frightening is it for people to even think that? I am not saying you are wrong, but if people even think this we are losing our country as we knew it. So many died fighting for our freedoms and our life and we are losing it.

      In a message dated 6/4/2013 1:26:01 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

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    • Kiwi

      If you think about it carefully, the one to deny your healthcare will be some very low level most probably illegal person who speaks very little English.
      You should see how the crappy Medicaid system has been run. I wouldn't take it on a bet. Those same dingbats will be the same in obamacare until it all falls apart. It WILL fall apart. The question remains if we can reverse course b4 it is too late

    • TexasOlTimer

      The IRS targeted conservatives. The IRS will have control of the implementation of Obamacare. The HHS will have complete access to all your (once private) medical records. If you're a conservative, particularly one that is an ol' timer, do you think you'll receive adequate treatment? I tried to tell everyone that would listen that the last election (and it may be the last we ever have) was to save our country and our elderly.

    • Rosie46

      I did too, but too many would not listen. "I don't like Romney" -- so how do you like Obama now? He has free rein and may try for a third term.

      In a message dated 6/2/2013 6:30:33 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

      ( _Settings _ ( (

      A new comment was posted on _Freedom Outpost_ ( 028047&behavior=click&url= -rations-pre-existing-conditions/#comment-916669464:mUDiSHW-Zb1rmtOeAg_nNI1W mRI&post=916669464&

    • Zinsky

      You people are truly buffoons. You live in a delusional dream world where black is white, down is up and bad is good. A conservative is a person so twisted that they believe if every American has a firearm, that will save us, but if every American has access to healthcare, that will destroy us. You are all sick in the head!

    • jkdriss

      How is healthcare for everyone going to be paid for? Through collective taxation where an all powerful government is compassionate enough to use that money fairly and justly? The very idea of natural rights is one of understanding that the word rights means the government doesn't have to take from you to give to me.

    • Kiwi

      Everyone HAS access to healthcare now. The difference lies in whose responsibility it is to pay for it. I'm NOT paying for your sexual trysts and don't expect anyone else to pay for mine.

  • Nelson Swiger Jr.

    The idea is to completely crash America's economy to institute marshall law so that the Marxist can finally see their dreams realized. I am leaving hear soon when Jesus Christ calls his Church home.

    • Zinsky

      Ah, Mr. Einstein, that is actually "martial" law and you also are lacking subject/predicate agreement between "Marxist" (singular) and "their dreams" (plural) in your first, crudely constructed and delusional sentence. Then, in your second sentence you mistake the word, "hear", which means to detect auditory stimulus with it's homonym, "here", which means localized or in these parts. But since Jesus is calling his "Church" home (does the building need repair?), maybe he can work on your grammar and your understanding of basic health care provisioning in his workshop.

    • RobinPC

      You Sir are an ass.

    • cordeg

      Sorry, a sentence can't be "delusional", although the author of a sentence can be when they write it. Also, if you have a long association with Christian denominations derived from Catholicism, you would recognize that "Church" is a word that refers not only to individual places of worship but also to the greater community of believers and to the organization of same. In fact, even your average (and above average) historian of purely atheistic inclination is wont to make such statements as :"The early Church taught...", and clearly is not so delusional as to think a teacher might be wrought of bricks and mortar.

      This is why it's always a mistake to pick grammar nits regarding a web post -- the language is colloquial by design, nor formal, and even intelligent people apparently pay little attention to the words that have already passed from fingertips to keyboard. To make matters worse, a mechanical typo -- e.g., fumbling on the keyboard -- is often "auto-corrected" to the nearest word without notice, so you might well be attempting pedagogy with a brainless computer as a student -- which ought to make you feel at least a tad foolish.

      Now, if the subject of your retort had instead been, "How did Jesus end up in a discussion of the economics of heath care?" -- why, I'd have been right there with you. :-)

    • Mrs. James Clemons

      I agree but, only the Father knows when He is coming. We may have to endure something we really don't want before He does come. The fellowship of suffering is also a part of the Christians walk of faith with God.