Obama Announces "Peace" Talks With Taliban Savages

The Obama Administration announced that it will meet with the Taliban in Doha for "peace talks." The Taliban continue to orchestrate insider attacks, killing our soldiers. They continue to poison girls' schools across Afghanistan, kidnap Red Cross workers, enforce the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth (the Sharia), and call for the defeat of American and coalition forces.

These jihadists behead Afghan children, slaughter Afghans who dare to attend a party where dancing takes place, and mean to run Mullah Omar for President, despite the fact that there is still a $10-million-dollar reward on his head. Omar sheltered Osama bin Laden prior to the 9/11 attacks; he had a hand in the 9/11 attacks; and he has directed the Taliban's ongoing war against U.S.-led NATO forces. On what basis could a peace conference move forward? It is, in fact, a surrender.

The Taliban have done nothing to move towards peace. They are savages, and you cannot make peace with savages. A "political settlement" is Obama-speak for surrender to jihad. The Obama Administration may insist that the Taliban break ties with al-Qaeda and end the violence, but they have given absolutely no indication that they are prepared to do that. If anything, just the opposite.

Photo: Lance Cpl Greg Buckley, murdered by our Afghan "allies"

Photo: Lance Cpl Greg Buckley, murdered by our Afghan "allies"

The number of green-on-blue attacks has skyrocketed, now accounting for over fifteen percent of coalition deaths. Our troops are being sacrificed to the politically correct refusal to state the truth about Islam. These are senseless murders that are only possible because the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge the motive and ideology of jihadic doctrine. How are our soldiers supposed to distinguish the jihadists from people on our side? 

Worse still, the Department of Defense lies about these murders in order to prop up their failed policy. The number of green-on-blue attacks has skyrocketed, but US policy remains the same. Our boys and girls are sitting ducks. In 2012 they accounted for 15% of Coalition deaths. 2013 will dwarf that. In 2011, green-on-blue attacks accounted for 6%; in 2010, 2%; in 2009, 2%; and in 2008, less than 1%. And the Obama Administration is rewarding the Taliban with peace talks and prisoner exchanges? It borders on sedition.

Obama loves these savages. The Taliban are on the vanguard of the tsunami of Islamic supremacist movements that Obama empowered, armed and supported. Their resurrection, after Bush decimated them, is due to Obama's support and sanction. And now he is about to hand them final victory.

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  • J J

    Obama, you will get eaten alive in these 'peace' talks. The Taliban has no intention of making peace with anyone and if you intend on making peace with them, you are selling America out!!!! The intent of the Taliban is to force all humans to conform to their religion, their beliefs, their laws - that isn't peace!!!!! You are making a fool of yourself, Obama!!!

  • Death2Unions

    I guess he will be on his prayer rug grasping hands with his fellow muslim bro's. I wonder what kind of virgins he will meet up with. I just hope they all have AIDS.

  • stonemike

    Im willing to bet the "kink headed coward' in the White House never looks even one of those killers in the eye! I doubt he has any balls, of any kind!

  • lfhpueblo

    Obama-Backed Syrian Jihadists Behead Christian & Feed His Body To Dogs when I clicked on your link I couldn't get to the article.

  • vet

    Why are they afraid of this puny little black faggot muslim?when are they going to impeach this lying POS?

  • Linda C. Dines

    And now he wants to deplete our supply of neuclear weapons unilateraly without out any other nation following suite, all while North Korea and Iran want to have their own. This is insane.

  • Phillipe Violette

    Yah obumer loves the Taliban because he is one of them

  • SamRiddle

    Don't forget that DOJ is threatening to go after anyone who says anything disparaging against mooslums...

    • stonemike

      I think they ALL NEED TO DIE, hows that Sam?

  • SamRiddle

    This will make the last ten years of war for naught, has anyone ever heard of giving aid and comfort to the enemy...?

  • msbets

    Ahhh, yes, YOU DO THAT YOU FREAK OF NATURE TYRANT........by the way, you keep spending millions while the rest is in sequester........WHILE YOU IN AFRICA, STAY THERE, DON'T BOTHER COMING BACK.

    • Joe1938

      Maybe the South Africans really will arrest his arse for war crimes. Some there are pushing for this.

    • Disgusted

      I read that the attorneys in Africa were waiting for him to enter the country to file charges against him for war crimes. They want to arrest and prosecute. Now the Muslims want to join them with the charges.

  • rosie46

    God is shedding tears for this nation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    The Muslim in Chief is buying time for his Muslim Brotherhood buddies! To believe Muslims are interested in PEACE is like expecting Hitler to honor his treaties.

    Vlad the Impaler found the only known way to discourage Muslim Jihad.

  • Ray_Downen

    What will it take to cause the nation to recognize that Obama is our enemy? How can anyone think otherwise? -- Ray Downen. missionoutreach.org.

    • Joe1938

      All the slaves back on the federal plantation can and do think otherwise.

  • J J

    It's just one stab in the back after another; one slap to the face after another, Obama!! You prove every day that you hate America, that you want America to be a country of Islam, that you despise everything about the country that you lead. I so wish you had gone to live in an Islam country so you could have your way and we wouldn't have to have you!!! I am constantly ashamed and embarrassed by you, what you stand for, your inability to deal with your job correctly with pride, backbone, dignity and class. I pray that you will find God again and that he will teach you how to lead and not from behind!!!!!!!!!