Michelle Obama Spending Your Money On Unnecessary Irish Vacation

If you haven't already heard, Michelle Obama checked into a lavish $3500 per night suite at Dublin's Shelbourne Hotel on Monday. To add insult to injury, Mrs. Obama's visit requires not just the booking of the "Princess Grace" suite but an additional 29 rooms for her entourage. This is not an inexpensive trip and it is costing taxpayers huge amounts of money.

The President is in Dublin for the two-day G-8 Summit which will allow him to rub elbows with the likes of Stephen Harper and Vladmir Putin. It is expected that Barack Obama would attend this event. It is his job. Which brings about a very interesting perspective.

How many Americans take their families on business trips? There may be rare occasion to do so but the expectation would normally be that this expense would be out of pocket for the family and not for the company or, in this case, the American taxpayer.

Whitehousedossier reports:

First Lady Michelle Obama is staying Monday evening in the $3,300-per-night Princess Grace suite of Dublin's Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel, according to Irish press reports, adding some credence to accusations she is in the city for a quick vacation at taxpayer expense.

Michelle jetted to Dublin Monday afternoon Irish time after a brief stop in Belfast with President Obama, who is in the city for the two-day G-8 Summit.

The White House is billing Michelle's trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise. She and her daughters will visit the Trinity College library to explore President Obama's Irish family roots, attend a performance by the world-famous Riverdance troupe, and visit the Wicklow Mountains national forest.

How do you feel about footing the bill for the Obama entertainment budget…AGAIN?

I would like a definition of "diplomatic significance." To me it sounds like a very subjective term used to tell us that Mrs. Obama is entitled to vacation on our money. If this were an IRS matter it would certainly be questioned as a business write off. Well, that may be a bad example with the current chaos associated with the IRS. But, let's put it this way… You nor I could take our husbands, wives and children on this trip and get by with trying to take a deduction. But this goes beyond that. No deduction is necessary because taxes have already paid for it IN FULL.

America is sick and tired of the message being sent by the First Family. Everyone else in America is being asked to tighten their belts but not the elite Obama family.

So how do they get by with this? It appears that Michelle will speak to a small gathering of school children which is where the diplomatic significance must come in. Ireland's Independent reports:

Schoolchildren from Barack Obama's ancestral home in Moneygall, Co Offaly, have also been invited to attend a special performance of 'Riverdance' in Dublin's Gaiety .

Mrs Obama and Taoiseach Enda Kenny's wife Fionnuala O'Kelly will both address an audience of 1,000 schoolchildren at the theatre.

The speeches are expected to be informal and the two wives have built up a good relationship after meeting on four occasions in Washington and Dublin. The event will also be attended by President Micheal D Higgins's wife, Sabina, who is not speaking.

The only ancestral home I will get to visit with my family this year is about 2o miles away in a trailer park. And with the price of gas being as high as it is, that trip is still in question.

Many Americans are hurting and the Obama family continues to rub our faces in it.

This trip to Ireland to speak on the proud heritage of the Obama influence on Riverdance will certainly do wonders to help our national debt.

Just once I'd like to see the Obama family stand up and do what is financially responsible. I'd love to see them act like a real American family and not like a family that feels that they are above the sacrifices that the rest of us are currently required to make.

They act like we owe them this lifestyle. It's just another case of a welfare mentality.

Albeit, in this case it is welfare on steroids.

h/t Michelle Malkin

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75 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Spending Your Money On Unnecessary Irish Vacation

  1. To operate AF1 cost $229000.00 per hour,14Hr flight times two,plus the cost of C1 transports for the armored vehicles $3000000. Cost of 30 secret service agents,food ,hotel$35000.a day.And what ever the Queen BUYS.This is just the tip of the ICEBURG.

  2. We should not begrudge mochelle having a little fun on our dime. I hope she remembers all the good times when she is either in jail or in Poverty and back in that hell hole Chicago!

  3. Librrlintlickers says:

    Both are worthless n i g g e r s and deserve to be tried and HUNG for their crimes against America!

  4. I wonder how many black people live in Ireland. She must stand out like a sore thumb. Wonder what the Irish think of her and how much they know about her habits.

  5. Joe Lineman says:


  6. While in Ireland discovering O'Bama's irish heritage it would be nice if someone would go all Whitey Bolger on her fat arse and the little ones too. Now that's the Irish way, ala Southie Boston when someone rips you off.

  7. ilenerichman says:

    The Jeffersons have moved uptown.

  8. Tom for Truth says:

    Why am I not surprised that Dean Garrison is a product of the trailer trash! A shallow excuse to launch a personal attack on the First Lady of the United States. Just scanning through the comments is enough to expose the bigotry being fostered by the editorial content on this web site. What a damning example of the intolerant knuckle draggers who presume to call themselves "Americans".

    • There's plenty to not like in what Obama has done and is doing. To slander his wife is not helpful. To speak disrespectfully of others is not courteous or necessary. Telling the truth about what Obama has done is all the slamming we should be doing! -- Ray Downen.

  9. H Pinto USMC Ret says:

    Say hello to Senator Michelle Obama (D-IL) 2018. Sick yet?

    • She doesn't want to be a senator, they have to work; she wants to be president, don't work, party and fly in her own jet; just like her husband.

    • TBJWebmaster says:

      Although senators usually work, some of them just vote "present."

    • Some bills don't deserve more than a vote of "present." -- Ray.


  11. Kent Switzer says:

    Obamas' next family vacation ought to be back the the Kenyon Village whence he actually came from. I'm sure they miss their Idiot by now!!!

  12. Michelle, are you proud of your country, yet?? And to reverse the question - do you think your country is proud of you??? The amount of money you and your family are spending on this vacation could make serious dents in the sequester problem, especially all of those children visiting Washington DC that still don't get to visit the White House (aren't you ashamed of yourself, your husband and your party yet)!!

    AND then the next vacation you are taking to Africa - OMG!!! You are spending how much?? Do you ever think about the jobless, starving, sick, homeless people in your own country, the country that is affording you these vacations even under the sequestration situation?? Your arrogance and pompous attitude is growing exponentially and the fears that our country is going bankrupt are growing equally while you are out there spending $60 million + on a vacation in the name of "good will"!! How about some 'good will' at home, Michelle?? Tell your husband that America does have a spending problem and you two are a huge part of that spending problem!!!!!

  13. She should stay home and take care of the white house and engage in some charitable work and stop breaking the American bank. If she wants to take her crumb snatchers on vacations then dip into the Obama vacation fund money and do it on her own damn dime!

  14. The only place Moochelle could call an ancestral home would be an African jungle with her chimp relatives.