Obama, You're Gonna Get What's Coming To You

"Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt."

-Thomas More

As the Obama administration is being uncovered for scandal after scandal, his plans are beginning to backfire. For example, the ever-increasing scandals at the Internal Revenue Service are now jeopardizing critical funding for the agency as it attempts to play a major role in the implementation of Obamacare. Obama was planning a major budget increase for the IRS, but now the feat is proving difficult as Congress sees that the IRS has proven to be untrustworthy. This proves the famous, unchangeable law of sowing and reaping – the Obama administration's actions are blowing up in their face. Let me explain...

There is a true story told of two men who thought it would be okay to break the law and go duck hunting two weeks before the season opened. They took with them a retriever, a brand new truck, decoys, plenty of ammunition, and a couple sticks of dynamite. When they first arrived to the lake they noticed a big problem…the lake they chose was frozen over.

One of them had a great idea. He would go to his truck, get a stick of dynamite, and then blow a big hole in the middle of the lake, throw down the decoys and then have a hay day shooting all the little duckies. So he did just that. He went to his truck, pulled out the stick of dynamite, lit the fuse and then threw it right smack in the center of the lake.

However, he forgot one thing… his retriever was there. As faithful as he was, he ran after the stick of dynamite, put it in his mouth, and then ran toward his owner. The owner, in fear of being blown up, grabbed his rifle and began shooting at the retriever in hopes he would not come back to him. The retriever was scared away and ran right under the brand new truck.

Guess what blew up? You got it, the retriever and the brand new truck. His breaking of the law was the very thing that nipped him right in the butt. The things that blew up were the very evidence of his guilt.

The two men were charged for breaking the law.

And so it is with us every day. If you were to take a kernel of wheat and sow it into the soil, you would reap wheat. If you sow wheat, you will not reap barley. And in the same way, if you sow good seed you will reap good fruit; and bad seed, bad fruit. Yet there are some who think they can get one over on a just and holy God who sees all (Psalm 97) - they sow bad seeds into their lives and think they will reap a good harvest.

How foolish!

If you sow into lawlessness, then you will reap lawlessness. And that goes right in line with godlessness. You sow into godlessness and you reap hell, literally!

It is a fixed Law that you reap the same kind of seed that you sow. It is a Law unto itself. We might as well try to blot the sun out of the Heavens as to blot this truth out of the Word of God!

In fact, your present-day circumstance is the fruit of your present-day field that you have sown. Good or bad.

You reap what you sow.

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting." - Galatians 6:7-8

Have you ever wondered what happened to those who crucified Jesus Christ?

The video below gives actual accounts from history that proves God is not mocked, whether it is tyrants and dictators (Mussolini, etc.), men in the Bible (Herod, Pilate, etc.), or the Senate of Rome who would not submit to Jesus Christ, the meek King of glory.

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  • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna

    This is my new favorite blog. Just love the way you weave God's word into your smart political explanations. Truly a blessing. Keep up the good work!!! Thank you.

  • NoChip4Me

    Can I kick the ladder out from under - oh and don't forget to invite the Clintons and Bush's as well. :)

  • lightoftruth

    OUTSTANDING article!!!

  • Martha Washington

    THE WHEELS of JUSTICE move SLOWLY,but the continue 2 move-
    HOORAY 4 Truth,Justice&the American WAY!!!!!!!!!
    Barry's Commie Ship is SINKING&the RATS are JUMPING OVERBOARD-

  • 733336

    If Obamas' birth certificate proved false, everything Obama
    did will be null and void. Then, we need to deal with every-
    one who abetted the fraud.

  • R.Young

    We the Sheeple elected the Great Black Father. We the People didn't. We the Sheeple are getting what they wanted or think they wanted. We the People are getting the Shaft! The Great Black Father, his minioms and Czars are the ones making the laws so of course they are above the law. The LAWS only apply to We the Sheeple, aren't LAWS just a most wonderful thing!

  • J J

    From your mouth to God's ears!! We can only hope that the second term of Obama's destructive Presidency will undo everything he did in his first term AND that he can accomplish no more destruction!!

  • chefjim

    Every war; every evil against mankind; every scuffle; every dispute has at it's core the battle between Jesus Christ and Satan and each individual turmoil involving the violent and forceful death of man has as it's root, money. See 1Timothy 6:10 (Use the KING JAMES VERSION because the other versions mostly say that the love of money is "A" root of "All sorts of evil" whereas, the KJV is truthful saying that it is THE ROOT of all evil with no room for anything else. Why would the NIV and other bible versions make that very distinct change?)

    If History class in the public school included the Bible, everyone would know this. One must know True Christianity to understand how Satan has been trying to upset it since the day Jesus took upon Himself the sins of the world.

    The Crusades were a direct result of the reformation which was reforming the "church" of the age (The Roman Catholic Church) to conform to the word of God, the bible. Secular history records that the "Christians" killed so many when it was the True Christians; the ones who would not submit to the man made tradition of the RCC, WHO WERE KILLED! How subtle and obtuse Satan is to have turned the blame for Crusades and the Inquisition (True Christians were killed for not adhering to the Roman Catholic Church) against "The Christians", claiming that all wars are because of Christianity.

    If one is not familiar with the True Christian as opposed to the Roman Catholic "Christian" that lie works but once it is discovered that actual Christians were the ones being put to death for not agreeing with the laws of the RCC. For example, the "Eucharist" is the wafer that the RCC uses for it's "communion" services and in the Catholic laws (See The Council of Trent) they say that one must believe that the actual PERSON of Christ is the wafer, i.e. the wafer is turned into the actual DNA of Jesus Christ!

    If one doesn't believe "the Eucharist", they are "Anathema"! (kicked out of the church) but in the days of the Inquisition, they used this as a tool to kill the True Christians who wouldn't submit to saying that the Eucharist is real and true. Millions died but to this very day, 9 out of 10 people will say [of the Crusades and the Inquisition] that it was Christians who were doing the slaughtering, not the ones getting slaughtered! Pretty sneaky, huh?

    • fenix1

      DAMN! Someone who actually knows the Truth bout the "Crusades" besides myself!

  • John Patriot

    About the only thing this author got right is that you reap what you sew. The story about the duck hunters is so unbelievable it made him look stupid.

    The vote you make is the seed you sew, vote against the demoncratic party and teach your children and grandchildren about the concept and consequences of indoctrination, they won't learn about it anywhere else.

  • Calabash

    Have you ever witnessed when someone experienced real pain and regret for something they had done, something that was extremely grievous to another person and that 'crossed the line'? The democrat party crossed that line when, at their 2012 national convention to re-nominate Obama, by voice vote of either 'yea' or 'nay' the attendees voted belief in God and support of Israel out of their party's platform. (Most Christians believe God and Israel are a 'package deal'). After several attempts at voting to get a favorable result, the confused and embarrassed official at the podium took it upon himself to call the vote in favor of God. However, I had heard slightly, but noticeably, more and more 'nays' against God as the voting progressed. That vote, plus Obama's outright rejection of and actions against Christianity has finally brought down God's Divine Justice on their heads, and it ain't over yet. Blowing the lid off these scandals is only the beginning of God's justice. The dems are reaping what they sowed that fateful day when they actually, unbelievably voted God out of their political lives.

  • bull57

    We can hope and pray that Barry will be taken care of Biblically. Sound like something we could all pray for!

    • LouiseCA

      We are not supposed to pray that way. It does not please the Lord. We are supposed to pray that God will touch his heart, save him and his family, and Biden also, and cause them to repent and become real and honest leaders.

      Whether we feel like it or not. And whether we have Nero for a president, or not.

    • bull57

      What did I pray for that God would be offended over? Biblically? Explain what that means. You are making assumptions!!

  • Lynn Graham

    if you get a chance....read "THE HARBINGER" by jonathan cahn

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    Individuals like the Kenyan eventually get what they so richly deserve after God allows them to become fully ripe in their EVIL. People like Obama will face the ultimate justice before the judgment of God. Sadly until then such individuals usually cause much suffering and death of the most innocent among us.

    America was founded upon Christian Morals and Beliefs as REAL History records. Communist agents pretending to be "educators' have been LYING to our children for decades to the point they have no clue about American History or our founding fathers. Even less concerning the absolute importance of Christianity being the glue that holds our society together.

  • Carl Stevenson

    Obama and his regime need to be hanged for the traitors they are. It's as simple as that.

    • mathis1689

      I have plenty of rope!

    • Tony Donaldson

      I can tie the nooses and need the practice.

    • mathis1689

      Not a problem. Glad for the help. With that many Obamaheads I'd get tired after awhile.

    • chefjim

      I have a sturdy, overhanging limb of a grand old tree in my yard that isn't currently occupied by a tire swing.

    • mjritter

      Apparently it you who is the traitor.. You sure don't believe in the USA or the rule of law..

    • billwhit1357

      Apparently your on your knees before your Fake God and Fake American, Obama. Wipe that white gunk off your chin, didn't your mama ever tell you that was a very sick thing to do between two men?

    • becky

      Nope you have it TOTALLY wrong. According to the LAW of the United States, bamy-the-commie AND his evil minions have violated just about every law they can find. And have committed acts of INTERNATIONAL WAR-mongering OR TERRORISM however you wish to delineate it. Carl is NOT the traitor. bamy is. You are merely an uneducated ignoramus who has not been paying attention.

    • Austin

      what are you going to do about it, slit. NOTHING

    • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna

      Never in my life have I felt so against my own country. It is not America I am against, but I am against the terrorists who have deceived the masses, lied and cheated to usurp our rights and our constitution. I am against those who are leading our country and I am actually on the side of other countries, that is, the world--China, Russia--as they shame this administration for its blatant disregard of human rights. It's a disgrace.

      I just hope the world knows how much we protest PRISM, Gitmo and the Drones. I don't like what my country is doing and I won't stop speaking up about it until this entire criminal element is exposed and removed. We need a cleansing in our leadership. I'm praying that God will bring all the badness to the light so it can be seen for what it really is, evil. God reigns!!! God is good!!! God will prevail!!!

    • swingdancerfool

      Along with Bush and Cheney!

    • Austin

      I have the gun you can shoot your self with, it would put you out of yours and my misery, as that you are just a coward, hiding on a web site with no real balls to do any thing, and that goes for the rest of you yellow back cowards on here as well, as we say in texas your all hat and no cattle. So what are your going to do about it. NOTHING LOLOLOLOL

  • CCblogging

    My mom told me many times when I was a mere lad, that your sins will be known. Looks like the evil, lawless control freak defiling our White House and our US Constitution can't hide his anymore.

    • mathis1689

      Actually I think he could care less who knows about them in the first place.

    • Frederikahere

      Agreed, which makes me uneasy...like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • AngryPatriot5

      Not all his evil is known yet...when the entire world population knows the truth on Judgement Day, Obozo and all his wicked helpmates will wish they had chosen to follow God's Way instead. They will surely suffer the eternal punishments of hell with NO hope of it ever ending.

    • mjritter

      Your comment is pretty funny, should be on Comedy Central.

    • mathis1689

      If Obama and his Communist and Muslim buddies would ever read 2 Corinthians 5:10 and believe it then they certainly would not be who and what they are.

    • Austin

      I am sorry your mother was as big a fool as you

    • CCblogging

      My mother was no fool you pervert. Your picture by your name is sick and disgusting.

    • Austin

      aw poor baby, you were brain washed as a child and left in the dryer to long, they both are fiction like the religion that uses them they are a scam, and yes your mother was a fool, she raised one in you as well.

    • CCblogging

      Austin, you are a sick, sick puppy. If I had your address, I would send you a get well card.

  • Kukye

    It really is simple to turn back these evil creatures infesting

    In fact I have taught them the spell that will turn these evil creatures
    away. BUT only if thousands and by the millions will do it.

    What is this spell you say?

    I tell them it’s in the Constitution. Yes, it’s in there. Read it and
    learn the spell. I tell them the spell is this:

    OBEYED. In another words you can ignore it. If everyone does this by
    the millions at all levels of society we can easily turn these evil creatures
    infesting the White House and Congress into nothing but lampshades. They will
    have no power over us EVER! And we can truly have life, liberty and the pursuit
    of happiness.

    Read the Constitution, learn the spell, PRACTICE THE MAGIC!!!

    • SammysDad

      Unfortunately, our Supreme Court is complicit in ruling that laws that are rationally unconstitutional ARE constitutional. We have no part of our government that is set to support its citizens, only set to support our government, Obamacare and the recent AZ ruling, for instance.

    • BigUgly666

      I can read - can you?
      If so, do you REALLY need the "supreme court" to tell you what the Constitution says?
      I don't.

    • SammysDad

      What you think doesn't matter when it comes to the law and the Supreme Court. I guess you thought Obamacare mandate was unconstitutional, right? So did I. But it didn't matter.

    • BigUgly666

      Yes, it does matter.
      I did not, do not, think that Obamacare is unconstitutional - I KNOW it is unconstitutional and I will refuse.
      There have been number of times that I have faced down the Sheriff or other law enforcement ... there will be more times that I will do the same.
      As long as you are too afraid to stand up to the Bullies, they will continue to Bully - grow a pair and stand to.

    • lakeside227

      People incorrectly believe that they must obey a 'law' until/unless it is challenged and a court makes a ruling. If legislation violates the Constitution in any way, it is not a law, it cannot be called a law, it carries no weight, we have a duty to NOT obey it, and our state legislatures have a duty to nullify it.

      Unfortunately, people don't know this. They believe what they are told by the government (which is our creation and must obey the Constitution, but they don't), wait for a court ruling, court cases can takes years - so they spend years obeying an unconstitutional law. When SCOTUS makes their ruling they believe they are stuck following that ruling even though they know the law is unconstitutional. It's time we changed this, we HAVE the authority and power to do so, we must use it!

    • SammysDad

      So, tell me, will you pay the fine and not get insurance to stand up to the bully? Will you not pay the IRS yearly since they have been using unconstitutional means? Will you stop paying taxes because your money is being sent to Egypt? Will you resist when BO sends someone to your house to search because you have grown a pair?

    • mjritter

      Apparently you do. You surely flunked reading comprehension.

    • danimal

      Why don't you hop up on Daddy Obummer's lap and tell him all these bad people think you suck. I'm sure that he will answer your Bamma phone to make an appointment...After you sell your food stamps for more crack

    • Krazeehors

      I learned from a 91-year old member of my church this evening that -- for the first time in her life -- she is being audited and worse -- scrutinized by the IRS and the government. This person is so frightened that he/she will not even put a return address on any mail that goes out. This happened because of a SMALL political donation to Romney.

    • SammysDad

      Absolute Corruption is here! You can thank your fellow citizens who have no clue about the destructive forces they unleashed upon America in 2012.

    • mjritter

      That is such a lie it's pathetic. There is NO WAY you can back up that absurd statement. It's people like you, unAmericans, that really give this country indigestion.

    • billwhit1357

      You are the UnInformed UnAmerican A§§wipe here, mjritter! You lap up every word your gayboy muslim, Obambi, says, thinking he is all powerful. Your the problem in America, you and all the braindead ilk just like you. What a retard! Are you Gay also?

    • Krazeehors

      No, sir/ma'am it is NOT a lie. This person happens to be one of my best friends who was left financially comfortable after her husband passed away. NEVER in her life has she EVER been audited. Yet, in 2012, for the FIRST TIME ever, she donated money to a Romney. NOW, and again, for the FIRST time, SHE is being scrutinized by the IRS.

      How am I un-American for posting this comment? Did you NOT watch the hearings on Capitol Hill? I did. They sickened me.

      And liberals like you, who CONTINUE to insist that this whole IRS scandal is nothing but a Republican conspiracy to bring down the (most lawless) administration in our history (as a country) are the ones who make ME sick.

      Open your eyes for once.

    • Tony Donaldson

      You are just another reason we have to put up with the imposter in OUR WHITE house. He lies, cheats, extorts and steals. He murders! You love him because he's black. You stand by him because he's black. You are a most probably black. If you approve of lying, cheating, stealing, extortion and murder, then your just as bad and need to be castrated & lobotomized to make you the truly useful idiot you appear when you post.

    • lakeside227

      You are right that SCOTUS has made many bad decisions regarding Constitutionality of laws. The thing is, SCOTUS doesn't have the authority to decide the Constitutionality of laws. The Constitution charges them with the duty to decide CASES based on the Constitution and the law, no where does the Constitution say SCOTUS is to decide whether a law is Constitutional or not. Since it is not specifically granted to SCOTUS, the Right to decide Constitutionality of laws rests with the states and the People. However, people have believed SCOTUS has this power since 1803 when Chief Justice Marshall unconstitutionally granted the judiciary the power of judicial review. It's very hard to dispute over 200 years of precedent, but it IS unconstitutional and we can change it.

    • SammysDad

      Granted! Tell AZ that! "We can change that." I agree, but the populace is so dumbed down, apathetic, and uninformed on the major issues, and keeps electing lefties, it is almost impossible to do so.

    • lakeside227

      Ahhhh Dad of Sammy,

      I know that so very well, it's disheartening. Even educated, intelligent people believe SCOTUS is the FINAL word and we HAVE to abide by their decisions. It will be very hard, but it's not impossible. We have a plan. We aren't about getting NFP members elected. We are about getting politicians from any party to support our platform and be willing to make the necessary changes needed to get the corruption and illegitimacy our of our government.

      Our goal is to get We the People to support our platform and demand candidates and elected officials make these changes. We know it will be supremely hard, there is no other choice but to roll up our sleeves and get it done. The Country won't survive unless we do.


    • SammysDad

      I agree whole heartedly, but those of us with resolve and are informed on the issues are a small percentage of the population. Educating others is the key, but we have a very long uphill battle against the MSM, the apathetic populace, and those wanting "free stuff." I email information to over 100 people everyday and write a column in the newspaper espousing these principles of learning and understanding the issues. I give talks to whatever organization that will hear me. We need more and more people to do the same, speaking up whenever and wherever we are. Many Americans just don't know how they are manipulated by 535 representatives who, overall, are in it for themselves rather than ht e future of the country.

    • lakeside227

      Thank you for doing so much to help our Country! I would love links to your articles.

    • SammysDad

      If you give me your email address, I will send you my educational emails as well. No jokes, just information for us to use to educate others on multiple subjects.

    • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna

      People are getting skeptical, they just don't know their options. If you want to replace a negative habit, you have to offer replacements.

    • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna

      We have a new means of communication today. Use social media to engage, enlighten, educate, encourage and endear them to you. (My 5 Es of Social Content). This will work! It's working already. Give people a break. They are waking up!!!

    • SammysDad

      Afraid not, jenna. There is a high percentage of people with no computers and no skills with a computer. I have been trying to spark people since 2008 only to see no response, only ignorance and apathy. MP3, iPhones, texting, and music downloads are more important than the issues of the day. I'm 72 and getting the sense that we have no support. The congress is useless, scotus is becoming unconstitutional, the media spews forth misinformation and covers up the truth everyday, and we have a transformational devil within the WH as the world laughs at our homegrown perdicament.

      The most recent despicable traitorous display by 15 RINOs may have put the icing on the cake. Where can we go from here? We need Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz to take charge. Rubio's a done deal and has no possible way to help now. 2014 will be interesting to say the least.

    • willhen50

      When you say, decide the law based on the constitution or constitutionality of the law you are saying the same thing. The thing is the law has to be argued before the supreme court to make the law permanent. The decision on obamacare was so convoluted, a justice that had a role in defending obamacare as solicitor general refused to recuse herself, the arguments about a mandated penalty was already deemed unconstitutional by constitutional experts, and the argument about a tax was hardly talked about; Roberts is the one who determined it to be a tax and making obamacare a permanent law, the other justices made their partisan decision based on the penalty mandate.

    • lakeside227

      That is incorrect. The Constitution is clear "The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority.

      They are granted the power and authority to judge the CASES under the Constitution and the Constitutional laws passed by Congress. There is absolutely NO mention of or any authority/power granted by the Constitution to the judicial branch for determining the Constitutionality of a law. This is not a power granted to the federal government in the Constitution, therefore it is a power reserved to the states and the People per the Xth Amendment.

      "The thing is the law has to be argued before the supreme court to make the law permanent."

      This statement is incorrect also. Only CONGRESS has the power to create laws. Having to argue a law before SCOTUS to make the law permanent is NOWHERE in the Constitution.

      Congress is charged with creating Constitutional laws. If they pass legislation that violates the Constitution in any way - it is not a law, cannot be called a law, carries no weight, and the People have a duty to NOT obey it. The People, through state legislatures, decide if legislation passed by Congress is Constitutional or not, SCOTUS does NOT have that power.

      Now, I know they HAVE been doing this since 1803, but it is unconstitutional. The passage of time does not turn their unconstitutional actions into Constitutional ones.

    • fenix1

      Anyone who doubts this needs to read and understand "The Federalist" Papers...it's as plain as day!

    • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna

      Yes! Social Media is a great tool for getting the word out there. My goal is to help people wake up and to stop being mesmerized by main stream media. We need to TEACH the constitution to people, one at a time if necessary. We need simple graphics that explain their rights. A pic is worth a thousand words. Then, we need those people to see other people standing up for the constitution, sharing about it and correcting one another. The people move in herds. Someone just needs to light the spark and keep the flame going.

    • mjritter

      Your ignorance is only exceeded by your stupidity. Did you bother to read the opinion on the AZ case? The opinion was clear and concise. You claim it's unconstitutional, on what grounds? Maybe you should actually read the Constitution. I would also suggest that you read the 1971 18 y/o to vote. It clearly showed that fed government can set the rules for a federal election. The motor voter reg law was legal, was constitutional. SCOTUS got it right. The real problem is you are unAmerican, hate this country, would probably love to see a Christian theocracy..,

    • lakeside227

      Your statements in this comment are also incorrect. The Constitution says states set the 'time, place, and manner of holding elections, but Congress can alter those regulations regarding Congressional elections. Time, place, and manner mean when, where, and how to hold elections. The Constitution does NOT give Congress the authority to interfere in any way regarding WHO the states say can participate in those elections. Registration is part of the WHO.

      It is sadly funny and pitiful when people who are violating the Constitution on a daily basis accuse the people who are actually upholding the Constitution of being traitors, unamerican, and hating our Country.

    • SammysDad

      Way off mjritter! You certainly can take things the wrong way. What I'm saying is simple. Americans are apathetic and do not realize how they are being manipulated by this administration. When a state can not rationally pass a law and Congress can pass a mandate that individuals MUST buy something, and corruption can run rampant, WE The People should be able to remove the trash, but the premise that when one robs Peter to pay Paul, one can always depend on the support of Paul exists, We The People are weakened to a point where our Constitutional Republic is threatened. I am certainly not Un-American or hate this country. I suspect you have a bit of a problem reading between the lines of my posts.

    • lakeside227

      I have discovered many people severely lack reading comprehension.

    • willhen50

      The supreme court is suppose to be a part of the judicial branch that determines whether laws are fully constitutional. Obamacare is clearly unconstitutional based on how it was argued but when a justice tries to find a way to legitimize the bill, that is a unethical. They are suppose to be part of the system that protects the people from the other branches and unfair bills (checks and balances.) The decisions that they have made seem to make government big and states small. The constitution is for all the people, the government is suppose to work for all the people, it seems the government doesn't care what the people want, now they want the control. It is hard to rationalize if we even have a fair election process when there was so much evidence of fraud, military votes rejected, and voting machine tampering. Then the government successfully sued states pushing ID laws using the argument it disenfranchised minorities when those same voters had to have an ID to sign up for welfare et al. We discover later those same people voted multiple times and proxied incapacitated nursing home patients.

    • SammysDad

      Despite the DOJ head, there is an enormous amount of voter fraud and that's why the dems win. Where is the guardian of the election system? There are laws but very few are prosecuted especially with the corrupt DOJ we have now, Philadelphia goons not sentences, for instance. No voter law enforcement allows terrible people to be elected and destroys our nation.

    • lakeside227

      That is incorrect, willhen50. The Constitution never gave our judiciary the authority to decide whether a law is Constitutional. It gives our judiciary the power to judge CASES against the Constitution and Constitutional laws. The judiciary is to decide whether Constitutional laws are being USED correctly, being APPLIED in a Constitutional manner.

      I know they HAVE been operating this way since Marbury v Madison. BUT, Marshall NEVER had the power to declare our judiciary has the power of judicial review - that is reserved to the states and the People.

    • willhen50

      In a way you have affirmed what I said, the supreme court is the final step in making a law permanent. Then once the law is found to be constitutional then it is up to the people to elect representatives to overturn or amend. A supreme court justice is suppose to remove partisanship, party loyalty, and allegiance to the president. Obama slipped in two of the most liberal justices and their decisions are very partisan, there already is a conflict of interest in Kagen's involvement with cases concerning obamacare because she was Obama's solicitor general, her decision not to recuse shows her lack of respect for the constitution.Now add the election of 2014 where fraud is as prevalent as the last, the (in)justice department finds no wrong doing, and both houses are controlled by the democratic party. There is a possibility that 1 or 2 of the current justices are going to retire and Obama can put whoever he wants. Justice Holder?, Justice Obama?, Justice Clinton? the nightmare has just begun.

    • lakeside227

      No, please, it is a very small but important distinction. SCOTUS rules on cases under the law - not on the law itself. The Constitution is very clear - they judge CASES not the law itself. I will try to provide an example: O's recess appts. SCOTUS ruled that O had incorrectly used his power to make recess appts. SCOTUS did NOT look at the power itself, it looked at how it was used. It goes back to the understanding that Congress is charged with making Constitutional laws. When any legislation is passed, it is immediately either Constitutional or unconstitutional - there is no provision in the Constitution that says legislation passed by Congress is not law until SCOTUS says it is. There is no provision in the Constitution that says the courts decide if a law is Constitutional or not.

      The Xth Amendment says that every power, named or not named, in the Constitution belongs to the states and the People UNLESS the Constitution SPECIFICALLY grants a power to the feds OR specifically prohibits a power to the states. Judicial review is NOT named as a power of the feds and it is not named as a power prohibited to the states, therefore it belongs to the states and the People. Judicial review is never even mention anywhere in the Constitution.

    • http://www.dotjenna.com/ dotJenna

      Maybe the Supreme Court is starting to see the monster they're creating. Perhaps they will stop the unconstitutional rulings. This is my hope. I at least got some hope with the Vote today on Voting. I'm hoping it's a new trend.

    • SammysDad

      We will see when the court rules on homosexual marriage. Many think it will be 6-3 for men marrying men. If so, Obama has destroyed America. He doesn't need another 3 years. America has cut its nose off to spite its face. The sick demented immoral apathetic ignorant leaches of our society have succeeded in destroying our country from within, lead by the great muslim impostor. America, after the debacle in 2012, you deserve what you wrought. What I hate is the innocent young Americans who, no fault of their own, will be subjugated to the scum and mire of socialism/Marxism now raising its ugly head from hell.

    • mjritter

      And who decides if it's unconstitutional? You? I think not. It's up to the courts. Your comment is absurd... take your medication.

    • lakeside227

      You are incorrect, the Constitution does not give the judicial branch the authority to decide whether a law is Constitutional or not. If it is not specifically named in the Constitution as a power granted to the judicial branch, it belongs to the states and the People.

      They have been doing this since 1803, but it was unconstitutional then and it is unconstitutional now.

    • Breeze13

      ritter. Uh, no, it's WE THE PEOPLE that decide. WE are the biggest part of OUR government.
      "When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." - Thomas Jefferson