Benghazi, Russia & Syria: Why Obama, Clinton Nor Biden Are Qualified To Lead

Perhaps Hillary Clinton's now famous outburst, made during her testimony before congress, will do more to end her political career than all her lies and blunders as our Secretary of State combined. One can only hope. Among her serial lies, she asserted that she was unaware that requests for greater security at our Libyan installations were denied by her State Department, while in actuality, the consular security apparatus was reduced. A new congressional report proves that she signed off on the security reductions.  Like her husband this probably makes her a perjurer. Although most of her malfeasance will escape the attention of those who pay little attention as to how they are governed, the video clip of her infamous outburst will no doubt be seen innumerable times if she decides to run for president in 2016. It's perfect for an anti-Clinton ad campaign because it's so short and so damning.

But let me try to answer the question posed by her absurd outburst. In my book, Lessons from Fallen Civilizations, I develop a list of ten immutable principles that govern the fall of great civilizations.

My immutable law number one reads:

No nation can long survive once its citizenry ceases to believe its culture worth saving 

In 479 BC a few thousand Greek warriors repelled a million Persian invaders.  Less than 150 years later the Greeks could only muster the soldiers from two city states, from Thebes and Athens, to oppose to the invading Macedonians led by Phillip II and his son, Alexander the Great.  And in one lost battle, the freedom of Greece, where democracy was born, vanished.  The Greeks remained a captive people for over two millennia.

It matters, Madam Secretary, because you and your boss did nothing, before and during the attack, to protect our men and women who you put in harm's way.  It matters because it makes you unfit to send men and women into combat.  It matters because if you were to become president and or your boss stays in office, our men and women may not want to lay down their lives for the likes of you. Recruitment and dedication to duty within our military, at some point, can plummet, as is the case in Europe.  During your presidential campaign, you ran ads against Obama asserting that he was not qualified to answer that 3 am crisis phone call. Benghazi matters because it demonstrates that neither of you are.

Putin, the Reset Button, and Syria:

On one of her first foreign trips Clinton arranged for an international press conference to be held at the beginning of her meeting with Putin in Moscow.  On display was a placard which portrayed a big button which was underscored with what her State Department flunkies thought was the Russian word for "reset."  Only they got the wrong word "pereguzka" which translates to "overloaded" or "overcharged."  And Putin made it obvious to Hillary and all the press in attendance, he was not pleased.  This embarrassing stunt-gone-wrong at the beginning of Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State was designed to tell the whole world that Bush was a failure as an internationalist and an appeaser.  It unmistakably set the tone for Obama administration's utterly failed attempt to woe Russia to our side. The Russian world chess Champion, Garry Kasporov, a freedom fighter and brilliant Russia watcher told the Gateston Institute in New York City last week that "Putin can be found connected in one way or another to every instance of violence and trouble on the globe."

Flash forward to this week, our new Secretary of State jetted off to Moscow to see if he could get Putin to help us with the Syrian civil war.  In response, Putin made Kerry wait three hours before his meeting and fiddled with his pen while Kerry droned on. The next day with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, standing next to him, Kerry announced a Russo/American peace plan for Syria.  Kerry proclaimed, "We've affirmed our commitment to a negotiated settlement as the essential means of ending bloodshed."

To say that this peace plan is riddled with trip wires of failure would be an understatement.  It assumes, like so many failed Middle Eastern peace plans of the past, that the forces of moderation will cause the armies of blood-thirsty jihadists in their midst, those who long for a new caliphate and the destruction of the West, to stand down (to use the Benghazigate term). I think Kerry was on a fool's errand precisely because his trip was one more example of how the hapless Obama administration can't face facts.  Putin can't be an honest partner in this so-called peace process. He was and still is a dedicated Soviet KGB man whose life's mission is settling scores with the US for our winning the cold war and bankrupting his beloved Soviet empire. He hates us as much as the Islamists do. Therefore he inclines to side with them, especially if he can see that they can do damage to US interests.

It's typical Obama naiveté to be laboring under the self-delusion that Putin can be brought to our side just because this administration proclaims its hatred of everything Bush and is willing to appease. Putin is selling advanced weaponry to both Iran and Syria. His staunchest ally in the world is Syria with the relationship with the Assad family going back decades when the Soviets were given a base and warm-water port there.  Putin doesn't want our friendship. He wants our demise. He clearly looks upon Kerry's entreaties with the contempt of a tyrant.  So much for the "reset button" with Russia.

From the Worst to the Dumbest

Syrian destruction depicted… which side is right?

Syrian destruction depicted… which side is right?

The situation in Syria has one parallel to the Benghazi hearings in congress.  In Syria it is impossible to pick sides. There are no good choices. The Assad regime is a close ally of Iran and supports terrorist groups such as Hezbollah.  The strongest rebel group fighting the Assad regime, the al-Nusra front is aligned with al Qaeda.  Add to this Syria's chemical weapons stores and you have no good options, arguably a nightmare.  A wider war threatens both Israel and US interests in the region. This situation would be extremely difficult to resolve for a president with excellent diplomatic skills, experience and instincts. Obama has shown himself to be clueless in this high-stakes international arena. He is out of his league.  President George W. Bush observed, "Running American foreign policy is like playing chess in three dimensions."

The Syrian parallel to the Benghazi hearings is this. We have no good options.  If the hearings lead to the impeachment or resignation of Obama, the country ends up with Biden who could run in 2016 as an incumbent!  This would be very bad because this is a man who, over the last four decades, has voted against practically every weapons system the country has developed, every weapons system that keeps us safe.  He has voted against missile defense every time he had the chance.  In the Benghazi hearings, in an increasingly dangerous, menacing world, we are faced with two bad choices, between being governed by a president that is our worst or our dumbest.

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With his unique historical perspective and laser-targeted focus on militant Islam and the dangers of western complacency, Larry Kelley ignites insightful and thought-provoking conversations for US citizens who are concerned about America’s future. Larry is the author of Lessons from Fallen Civilizations. Throughout his career as a political commentary writer, Larry Kelley’s work has been featured on the cover of Townhall Magazine and has also been published in the Piedmont Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Human Events. Larry Kelley regularly presents his political perspectives on various talk show radio programs, publishes his own political column titled, News From the Front and authored the book, Lessons From Fallen Civilizations. Learn more about Larry Kelley at

36 thoughts on “Benghazi, Russia & Syria: Why Obama, Clinton Nor Biden Are Qualified To Lead

  1. Patrick Riley says:

    Thanks for the comment Larry. I shared your opinion for many years about the "valuable ally", Israel. Then I started some serious research and learned a great deal more than I knew then. Israel and the Rothschild Zionists who created her are the true 5000 pound gorilla in the room (world). The Rothschilds have achieved their 200 year quest to own all of the central banks of 185 countries in the modern world, thus control the exclusive rights to create debt currency out of thin air. In the process, they have accumulated more than half of the world's total wealth, estimated at over $500trillion. They own outright all of the sources of information, from Hollywood to the news services, as well as all the investment banks. They also own the government......not the so-called elected positions, but all of the permanent positions of true power and control. They have their own agenda, which is devastating to the well-being of the normal citizens. This is all very apparent when one looks objectively at what is going on in today's world. We have been carefully and thoroughly indoctrinated our whole lives to "not look" at semites in any negative way. There was a reason for this.

  2. Someone In Washington Has To Grow Some Balls And Try All Of These Corrupt Bastards With Treason and Immediately Execute Them Immediately Or We're FUCKED As Both An Nation And As An People.

  3. The clinton's the obama's has no respect for human life and think the sun only rises for their filthy stinking lying butts. That sissified BOY obama couldn't run a lemonade stand with the help of joe biden another crap for brains.

    DEMONCRATS out to help their sissified BOY obama destroy our country for his murdering muslim brotherhood.

  4. The U.S. needs to get out of Middle Eastern conflicts. That includes CIA intervention and all involvement.

    • Ann, I have now come to agree with you. Our brave soldiers are being killed by Afghans who were their trainees. Its now time to say to the Muslim world, "If you harbor terrorists we will take you out and we will leave you to rebuild your country not us.

  5. Traditionist says:

    You can tell by Hillary's picture that she is crapping in her depends.

  6. Hillary Clinton is a grave danger to civilization.

  7. Obams, Clinton and Biden are the best Politicians we have, they are the Cream of the Crop, unfortunately that crop is rotten!

  8. Traditionist says:

    This was quite clear before the Dictator was elected and his Csars were put into place. You can see Hillary is mentally deranged just look at the picture above. I bet she does not even comb her own hair.

  9. Patrick Riley says:

    It amazes me that so many people still think that Obama, Biden, Clinton and other politicians in Washington are leaders (who are "not fit to lead"). They are most certainly not our leaders but are only doing what they are told to do by the Rothschild Zionists who are the factual leaders of the US. The agenda of these true hidden powerful leaders is not what most Americans imagine, so things look puzzling when considered in the context of normalcy. The Zionists have been busy for over 200 years implementing the take down of the Goyim so that they may claim their rightful place as the inheritors of the Earth. Their day is not far off.

    • Yes. The illuminat-NAZI are the major tool of this family. This is what happened when the NAZI machine transferred its leaders to the USA, 1945-1952 via Operation Paper Clip. The CIA, NSA, NASA were all established by NAZI leadership. The CIA was established by NAZI leadership with a black budget that Congress is not aware of and has little control over, yet approved in 1947. The CIA has conducted coups against foreign governments since 1950, without congressional approval. The CIA was delivering weapons to
      its minions who have been attacking ASSAD, and broadcasting propaganda against his administration. It is a guise to acquire Syria, open the road to Iran, to overthrow Iran and gain control of the entire Near East AND OIL. The CIA has been playing both ends against the middle since 1950. The middle is the USA. Hilary Clinton is only a smaller pawn, whereas alias Obama is a larger

      The CIA delivering weapons to its minions, who are battling ASSAD, backfired. This resulted in four Americans being killed. Hilary Clinton´s job was to cover up the CIA´s illegal activity, and stalemate the discovery. Americans and the world were blinded from knowing that via the CIA the US was arming the alleged rebels - who in essence are US-hired forces, not under control of the U.S. Congress. Illegal.

      Dismantling the CIA was begun by President John F. Kennedy, Sr. Which, is one of the major reasons for which he was assassinated. The illuminati-NAZI control the CIA, the US Congress permits the stupidity to continue, while the illuminati-NAZI and its minions continue to dismantle America via patsies such as the alias Barrack H. Obama, and subordinates like Hilary Clinton and the Viet Nam fraud, John Kerry.

    • JFK was killed by a man who was married to Russian spy and who travelled extensively to Russia and Cuba. JFK was a martyr in the cold war between the US and Communism.

    • Please update your information. Neither of the MARIA-hired, nor the third assassin,.the CIA operative, who shot Kennedy were married to Russian women. Lee Harvey Oswald was drinking a coke with co-workers near the coke machine on the first floor when JFKSr was murdered.

    • PS. The murder of JFKSr was unrelated with the cold war. He was dismantling the CIA, removing the "U.S. Federal Reserve" from private ownership, and investigating illegal oil-busuness activities of the vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson. The illuminat-NAZI machine, and oil moguls pre-empted these three goals of JFK and Robert Kennedy Sr. There are less important motives also associated.

    • Patrick, you're nuts. Israel is an indispensable ally.

    • The UN-chartered "nation" of "Israel" is not the ISRAEL of the Old Testament. The current "nation of Israel" is a cult of thieves surfing on the reputation of ISRAEL of the Bible, parasiting on the Republic of the United States of America. "Indispensable ally" sounds like a spin that a member of AIPAC would write, a thought that modern-day "Israelis" want Americans and the world to believe.

  10. Gary Calhoun says:

    Obama, Biden, Holder, Clinton and ALL of those in Obama's administration and others on the list below MUST be Impeached/ indicted, prosecuted and EXECUTED for ALL of their CRIMES, TREASON, SEDITION, MURDER, and ALL the other CRIMES they have and ARE COMMITTING!!!

  11. Gary Calhoun says:

    Fast and Furious…Gun Control…Benghazi…IRS…1st Amendment…2nd Amendment…AP…Fox News…4th Amendment…SEAL Team 6 Deaths??????… MURDER of Border Patrol Agent…NLRB…Solyndra…Black Panthers Voter intimidation…

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. ---- Thomas Jefferson

    "In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate -- look to his character."

    --Noah Webster, Letters to a Young Gentleman Commencing His Education, 1789

    "If the federal government should ... make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people ... must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify." --Alexander Hamilton

    "[I]f the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them." --Candidus, in the Boston Gazette, 1772

    "Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them."

    --Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking up Arms, 1775

    Fast and Furious (CRIMINALLY supplying GUNS by the DOJ, Eric Holder, to the DRUG CARTELS in Mexico which were and ARE being used to MURDER 100’s of people including an American Border Patrol Officer) Obama allows Holder to Assert Executive Privilege on Fast and Furious;

    Gun Control (Gun Confiscation, Infringement of the 2nd Amendment); Obama Administration to Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty "In the Very Near Future"

    Benghazi (MURDER of 4 Americans, Protection of the MURDERERS BY Obama and those in his administration, the Media and others) the 4 dead Americans are bumps in the road to COMMUNISM for Obama!!! The change in talking point where it was told that the attack was from a protest was a CRIME. It was Interfering Investigations of the cause and allowed the MURDERERS to get away. This also makes it AIDING the MURDERERS after the FACTS!!! It was also giving AID and COMFORT to our ENEMIES the TERRORISTS al QAEDA which IS TREASON!!!

    Republicans press for more documents on Benghazi, Dems say case closed; Obama Wouldn’t Authorize Marines To Go To Benghazi, But Demands They Protect Him & Islamist From The Rain;

    IRS (CRIMINAL acts by the IRS DIRECTED by Obama and HIS administration) Seven Democrat senators sent letter asking IRS to investigate groups; Flashback: Schumer, Franken urged IRS to target tea party in 2012;IRS sued for improperly seizing the medical records of 10 million Americans; Disabled Veterans Have Checks Stolen By IRS; IRS Commissioner said: “It Is Absolutely Not” Illegal For IRS To Target Conservatives; IRS Discrimination and Intimidation; GOP looks for ways to limit the IRS while Democrats block action


    AP (CRIMINAL acts by the DOJ and Eric Holder DIRECTED by Obama and HIS administration)

    Fox News

    DOJ (CRIMINAL acts by Eric Holder and others in the DOJ) Gross Mismanagement: DOJ witness program lost 2 suspected terrorists,

    ICE (Criminal acts by Obama‘s administration) Obama admin released 32 felons from immigration detention; 2-Year-Old Girl Beaten To Death By Illegal Alien in Va.

    EPA (CRIMINAL acts by the EPA DIRECTED by Obama and those in his administration); EPA Accused of Playing Favorites with Green, Conservative Groups: Another Scandal for the White House? Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal ‘no different than the IRS disaster (“We know the Obama EPA has completely mismanaged FOIA, but granting fee waivers for their friends in the far-left environmental community, while simultaneously blocking conservative leaning groups from gaining access to information; is really no different than the IRS disaster,” Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an emailed statement.)

    Boston Bomber! (INTERFERING with the INVESTIGATION of the TERRORIST Bombing in Boston, Mass.); Bill Clinton: Boston Bombers ‘Were Not as Empowered as You Are’

    SEAL Team 6 Deaths Biden Now Blamed in SEAL Team 6 Deaths The families of three fallen Navy SEAL Team Six members say President Obama and Vice President Biden are culpable for the deaths of their sons for publicly identifying the unit that killed Osama bin Laden and pursuing policies that coddle Muslims and put our own troops at a tactical disadvantage.

    SEAL Team Six carried out the daring raid in Pakistan in early May 2011. Three months later, three members of the unit were among 38 killed in a Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Twenty-five of the dead were special operations forces. Larry Klayman is founder of Freedom Watch, a WND columnist and the attorney representing three of the families who lost their sons. He said the Obama administration carelessly and illegally revealed the role of SEAL Team 6 shortly after announcing the successful mission to kill bin Laden.

    “Shortly after that successful raid on bin Laden, the president ・ through the vice president for political purposes ・ released the name of SEAL Team Six. That’s classified information, and even (then) Defense Secretary Robert Gates was critical of that. So that was like putting a target on the backs of the sons of my clients,” said Klayman, who revealed the helicopter may have been infiltrated by the Taliban before the crash because the Afghans on board were last-minute changes from the names on the original flight manifest.

    Klayman said Vice President Joe Biden deserves special blame for these deaths.

    “Biden did something, which was more than irresponsible. He served on foreign relations committees, intelligence committees. He knew, or should have known, what he was doing. He should be held accountable. Frankly, he should even be held criminally accountable for doing that,” Klayman said.

    1st Amendment

    Freedom of the Press (secretly seize telephone records of the Associated Press), Free Speech, Obama Administration Scraps Free Speech!; MSNBC: IRS Agents Were Just “Doing Their Jobs”

    2nd Amendment

    The RIGHT to BEAR ARMS!!! Shall NOT be INFRINGED!!!

    3 Democratic Female Senators Want to Take Away Your Right of Self-Defense, “Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate”

    4th Amendment

    guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. IRS Searching Emails WITHOUT Warrants!

    Senate Allows Warrantless Search of Email!

    The ENTIRE Constitution!


    Sen. Max Baucus asked IRS in 2010 to investigate 501(c) groups, letter shows. Federal Court Slams Obama’s Abuse Of Constitution; January 1, 2013 by Leon Puissegur: Obama Walks Us Towards Socialism/Communism;


    TREASON COMMITTED by Obama and those in his administration; Alan Keyes: Obama Working with Terrorists to Introduce Martial Law; Obama Wouldn’t Authorize Marines To Go To Benghazi, But Demands They Protect Him & Islamist From The Rain;

    FRAUD, FRAUD and MORE FRAUD from the Obama administration!!!

    JURY: Fraud Put Obama on ’08 Ballot!!!

    Multiple Obama Birth Certificates Surface in Alabama Eligibility Case; Jury Concludes that FRAUD Put President Obama on the Ballot in 2008; Obama [In-]Eligibility: Sworn Affidavit Provides Hundreds of Reasons to Determine Ineligibility;


    Slain Benghazi Officer's Mom: Obama, Clinton, Rice All Blamed the Video As 'They Were Hugging Me'

    MSNBC: Benghazi-Gate Potential Impeachment Issue

    ABC: State Department Edited Benghazi Talking Points

    ANYONE that believes Obama, Biden, Holder, Clinton, Carney or ANYONE in Obama’s administration IS STUPID!!!

    Benghazi IS about the MURDER the of 4 Americans, (US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were former Navy SEAL commandos working as diplomatic security officers, Sean Smith was a computer expert)

    and TREASON!!!

    It IS NOT just a cover-up IT IS MURDER of 4 Americans and TREASON COMMITTED by Obama, Clinton and ALL in Obama's administration along with ALL those that are protecting Obama giving HIM AID and COMFORT!!! ALL those that are COMMITTING CRIMES FOR Obama. They ALL MUST be EXECUTED!!!

    President (KING) Barrack Obama,

    First Lady (QUEEN) Michelle Obama,

    Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett,

    Vice President (Vice King) Joe Biden,

    Attorney General (Sheriff of Nottingham) Eric Holder,

    U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennise Burke

    Deputy Attorney General Jim Cole,

    Former Secretary of State (QUEEN) Hillary Clinton,

    Former President Bill Clinton,

    United States Department of State spokesperson Victoria Nuland,

    White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer,

    Valerie Jarrett, a top adviser to President Barack Obama

    Former Obama Senior Adviser, David Axelrod,

    Former Senior Advisor to Obama, David Plouffe,

    White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough,

    White House Deputy Chief of Staff Mark Childress,

    White House Spokesman Jay Carney,

    Former Obama Economic Advisor Austan Goolsbee,

    Mark Hannah,

    Democratic Strategist Bernard Whitman,

    State Department Spokesman Patrick Ventrell,

    State Dept Spokesperson Jen Psaki,

    U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice,

    Ambassador Thomas Pickering,

    Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano,

    Barack Obama’s close friend and major fundraiser, nominated to be the new Secretary of Commerce

    Penny Pritzker,

    Former General and CIA Director Petraeus,


    Senator Harry Reid,

    Senator Dianne Feinstein,

    Senator Barbra Boxer,

    Senator Chuck Schumer,

    Senator Dick Durbin,

    Senator Bob Menendez,

    Senator Lamar Alexander

    Senator Michael Bennet,

    Senator Joe Manchin,

    Senator Pat Toomey,

    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse,

    Senator Jeff Merkley,

    Senator Tom Udall,

    Senator Jeanne Shaheen,

    Senator Al Franken,

    Senator Carl Levin,

    Senator Debbie Stabenow,

    Senator Frank Lautenberg,

    Senator Loretta Weinberg,

    Senator Sandy Cunningham,

    Senator Linda Greenstein,

    Senator Max Baucus,

    Senator Dick Durbin,

    Senator Jeanne Shaheen,

    Senator Michael Bennett,

    Senator Bernie Sanders,

    Senator Elizabeth Warren,

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand,

    Senator Patrick Leahy

    Senator Jeff Flake,

    Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)

    Johnny Isakson (R-GA)

    Joe Donnelly (D-IN)

    Roger Wicker (R-MS)

    Dean Heller (R-NV)

    Martin Heinrich (D-NM)

    Richard Burr (R-NC)

    Tom Coburn (R-OK)

    Pat Toomey (R-PA)

    Joe Manchin (D-WV)


    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte,

    Congressmen and Women

    Congressman Chris Van Hollen Jr.,

    Congressman John D. Dingell,

    Congressman Sander Levin,

    Congressman John Conyers Jr.,

    Congressman Charlie Rangel,

    Congressman Elijah Cummings,

    Congressman Dave Camp,

    Congressman Jerrold Nadler,

    Congressman William Lacy Clay, Jr.,

    Congressman Adam Smith,

    Congressman Jim McDermott,

    Congressman Richard Neal,

    Congressman Xavier Becerra,

    Congressman Eliot Engel,

    Congressman Bobby Rush,

    Congressman Rush Holt,

    Congressman Ron Dellums,

    Congressman Peter Defazio,

    Congressman Devin Nunes,

    Former Congressman Lane Evans,

    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,

    Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy,

    Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton,

    Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney,

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters,

    Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee,

    Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz,

    Congresswoman Nita Lowey,

    DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse,

    Governor Andrew Cuomo,

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg,

    Governor Chris Christie,

    Governor Martin O’Malley,

    Governor Patrick Joseph "Pat" Quinn III,

    Governor Jerry Brown,

    Governor John Hickenlooper,

    Governor Dannel Malloy,

    Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper,

    Colorado Attorney General John Suthers,

    Michigan State Senator Rebekah Warren,

    Louisiana State Senator Carter Peterson,

    Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City

    Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter,

    California Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, a Democrat,

    FBI James Comey


    Chairman Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke,

    Treasury Department Jack Lew,

    Treasury Chief of Staff Mark Patterson,

    Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller (PERJURY among other CRIMES),

    Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman,

    IRS Treasury IG J. Russell George,

    IRS Commissioner Donald Shulman,

    IRS Chief, Appeals Sarah Hall Ingram,

    IRS Official Lois G. Lerner,

    IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins,

    IRS Manager Cindy Thomas

    Mitchel Steele -IRS Agent

    Carly Young -IRS Agent

    Joseph Herr -IRS Agent

    Stephen Seok -IRS Supervisor

    Liz Hofacre-IRS Agent

    Ms. Richards (full name unknown)-IRS Agent

    EPA Gina McCarthy

    DOE (Department of Energy) Ernest Moniz


    U.S. Supreme Court;

    John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States,

    Anthony M. Kennedy, Associate Justice,

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice,

    Stephen G. Breyer, Associate Justice,

    Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice,

    Elena Kagan, Associate Justice,

    U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia,

    9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals,

    U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Judge Patrick J. Duggan,

    U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright,

    US District Court Judge Murray Snow

    Campbell County Circuit Court Judge John T. Cook

    Circuit Judge Debra Nelson,

    7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago Judge Diane Sykes,

    US District Judge for the District of Columbia Royce C. Lamberth,

    U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco

    Illinois Supreme Court accepted St. Clair Co. Judge Michael Cook’s

    Chief of Police with the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPDC) Cathy Lanier,

    Chairman emeritus of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Julian Bond,

    Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence,

    The Socialists/Communists on the Oversight Committee and House of Representatives

    May 18, 2013 by Leon Puissegur

    The Socialist Party of America

    announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus.

    Read more:

    Democratic Socialist Party

    § Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD-7)Ranking Member

    § Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)

    § Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.)

    § Rep. John Tierney (MA-6)

    § Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay (MO-1)

    § Rep. Charles Rangel

    § Rep. Danny K. Davis (IL-7)

    § Rep. Peter Welch (VT)

    § Rep. Jim McDermott

    Progressive Caucus, which is a code word for “Socialist”

    Caucus Members


    Keith Ellison

    Raúl Grijalva

    Vice Chairs

    Judy Chu

    David Cicilline

    Michael Honda

    Sheila Jackson-Lee

    Jan Schakowsky


    Barbara Lee

    Senate Member

    Bernie Sanders

    House Members

    Karen Bass

    Xavier Becerra

    Earl Blumenauer

    Suzanne Bonamici

    Corrine Brown

    Michael Capuano

    Andre Carson

    Matt Cartwright

    Donna Christensen

    Yvette Clarke

    William “Lacy” Clay

    Emanuel Cleaver

    Steve Cohen

    John Conyers

    Elijah Cummings

    Danny Davis

    Peter DeFazio

    Rosa DeLauro

    Donna Edwards

    Sam Farr

    Chaka Fattah

    Lois Frankel

    Marcia Fudge

    Alan Grayson

    Luis Gutierrez

    Janice Hahn

    Rush Holt

    Michael Honda

    Steven Horsford

    Jared Huffman

    Sheila Jackson-Lee

    Hakeem Jeffries

    Eddie Bernice Johnson

    Hank Johnson

    Marcy Kaptur

    Joe Kennedy III

    Ann McLane Kuster

    Barbara Lee

    John Lewis

    David Loebsack

    Ben Ray Lujan

    Carolyn Maloney

    Ed Markey

    Jim McDermott

    James McGovern

    George Miller

    Gwen Moore

    Jim Moran

    Jerrold Nadler

    Rick Nolan

    Eleanor Holmes Norton

    Frank Pallone

    Ed Pastor

    Chellie Pingree

    Mark Pocan

    Jared Polis

    Charles Rangel

    Lucille Roybal-Allard

    Linda Sanchez

    Jose Serrano

    Louise Slaughter

    Mark Takano

    Bennie Thompson

    John Tierney

    Nydia Velazquez

    Maxine Waters

    Mel Watt

    Peter Welch

    I want to thank Leon Puissegur for his article (above) for the list he produced!!!


    12-19-2012 12:46 pm -

    The 75-member Congressional Progressive Caucus, co-chaired by Reps. Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison, is closely allied with the Democratic Socialists of America. The Communist Party USA identifies Progressive Caucus members as its “allies in Congress.”

    Rep. Raul Grijalva (co-chair)

    1511 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515

    Rep. Keith Ellison (co-chair)

    1027 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515

    The Socialist wing of the Democratic Party Consists of 76 Members of Congress who have close ties to the Institute for Policy Studies, the Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party USA

    Current Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus

    The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) was founded in 1991 by Bernie Sanders, a self-identified socialist who had recently been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Sanders’ CPC co-founders included House members Ron Dellums, Lane Evans, Thomas Andrews, Peter DeFazio, and Maxine Waters. The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) was also involved in CPC’s founding and in Caucus activities thereafter; IPS continues to advise CPC on various matters to this day.

    Another key player in establishing CPC was the Democratic Socialists of America(DSA), which has maintained a close alliance with the Caucus ever since. In 1997, DSA’s political director, Chris Riddiough, organized a meeting with CPC leaders to discuss how the two groups might be able to “unite our forces on a common agenda.” Among those who participated in the meeting were Bernie Sanders, labor leaderRichard Trumka, professor Noam Chomsky, feminist Patricia Ireland, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Senator Paul Wellstone, journalist William Greider, and the socialist authorBarbara Ehrenreich.

    A 2002 report by Joelle Fishman, chair of the Communist Party USA‘s Political Action Committee, stated that the Progressive Caucus “provides an important lever that can be used to advance workers’ issues and move the debate to the left in every Congressional District in the country.” In a 2010 CPUSA report, Party member David Bell identified Progressive Caucus members as his organization’s “allies in Congress.”

    As of April 2011, CPC consisted of 74 members of the House of Representatives—all of them leftist Democrats—and one U.S. Senator (Bernie Sanders, an Independent who caucuses with the Democrats).

    This is an alphabetical list of all members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus(CPC) as of April 2011:

    Tammy Baldwin,

    Karen Bass,

    Xavier Becerra,

    Earl Blumenauer,

    Robert Brady,

    Corrine Brown,

    Michael Capuano,

    Andre Carson,

    Donna Christensen,

    Judy Chu,

    David Cicilline,

    Yvette Clarke,

    William “Lacy” Clay,

    Emanuel Cleaver,

    Steve Cohen,

    John Conyers,

    Elijah Cummings,

    Danny Davis,

    Peter DeFazio,

    Rosa DeLauro,

    Donna Edwards,

    Keith Ellison (co-chair),

    Sam Farr,

    Chaka Fattah,

    Bob Filner,

    Barney Frank,

    Marcia Fudge,

    Raúl Grijalva (co-chair),

    Luis Gutierrez,

    Maurice Hinchey,

    Mazie Hirono,

    Michael Honda,

    Jesse Jackson Jr.,

    Sheila Jackson-Lee,

    Eddie Bernice Johnson,

    Hank Johnson (whip),

    Marcy Kaptur,

    Dennis Kucinich,

    Barbara Lee,

    John Lewis,

    David Loebsack,

    Ben Ray Lujan,

    Carolyn Maloney,

    Ed Markey,

    Jim McDermott,

    James McGovern,

    George Miller,

    Gwen Moore,

    Jim Moran,

    Jerrold Nadler,

    Eleanor Holmes Norton,

    John Olver,

    Frank Pallone,

    Ed Pastor,

    Donald Payne,

    Chellie Pingree,

    Jared Polis,

    Charles Rangel,

    Laura Richardson,

    Lucille Roybal-Allard,

    Bobby Rush,

    Linda Sanchez,

    Bernie Sanders (CPC’s lone Senator),

    Jan Schakowsky,

    Jose Serrano,

    Louise Slaughter,

    Pete Stark,

    Bennie Thompson,

    John Tierney,

    Nydia Velazquez,

    Maxine Waters,

    Mel Watt,

    Henry Waxman,

    Peter Welch,

    Frederica Wilson, and

    Lynn Woolsey.


    George Soros,

    Richard F. Goodstein, Goodstein & Associates

    Jessie Jackson Sr.,

    Jessie Jackson Jr.,

    Howard Dean,

    James Carville,

    Liberal Actress Janeane Garofalo,

    Tom Brokaw

    Lanny Davis,

    Al Sharpton,

    Louis Farrakhan,

    Rev. Wendell Anthony,

    Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson.

    Michael Moore,

    Bill Mahr,

    John Stewart,

    Stephen Colbert,

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Bill Ayers,

    Adam Kokesh,

    Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr,

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright,

    Barbara Walters,

    Gayle King,

    Bette Midler,

    Lizz Winstead

    Stephanie Miller

    Al Gore,

    Warren Buffet,

    Jason Easley May,

    Jimmy Margulies editorial cartoonist for The Record

    Russell Brand Comedian

    Jane Fonda,

    Ted Turner,

    Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC contributor, radio host and Georgetown University Professor


    Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft corporate strategy manager

    Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, George Washington University political and history professors,

    Doktor Zoom, DEAD HORSE: BEATEN!

    Professor Emeritus (Johns Hopkins U.) sexologist Dr. John Money

    Jesse Ventura

    Adam Levine of Maroon 5

    Christopher Swindell, journalism professor at Marshall University in West Virginia


    ABC George Stephanopoulos,

    ABC Power Players Jim Avila,

    ABCPower Players Richard Coolidge,

    ABC Power Players Jordyn Phelps,

    CBS Charlie Rose,

    CBS Bob Schieffer,

    CBS Correspondent Dean Reynolds

    Ex-CBS Evening News anchor, Dan Rather,

    NBC, Brian Williams,

    NBC's Chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd,

    NBC David Gregory,

    NBC Today Matt Lauer

    NBC-owned Joy-Ann Reid,

    NBC Today,

    NBC Al Roker,


    Keith Olbermann

    MSNBC Network President Phil Griffin,

    MSNBC, Ed Shultz,

    MSNBC Chris Matthews,

    MSNBC Rachel Maddow

    MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell,

    MSNBC Joe Scarborough,

    MSNBC host Chris Hayes,

    MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry,

    MSNBC Thomas Roberts,

    MSNBC Al Sharpton,

    MSNBC host Martin Bashir

    MSNBC’s Morning Joe Co-host Mika Brzezinski,

    CNN Candy Crowley,

    CNN Wolf Blitzer,

    CNN Piers Morgan

    CNN Anchor Don Lemon

    CNN's Suzanne Malveaux and Alison Kosik


    Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume

    Fox News Juan Williams,

    Fox News Bob Beckel,

    Fox News Geraldo Rivera,

    Fox Contributor Joe Trippi,

    Fox Contributor Evan Bayh,

    Fox Contributor Alan Colmes,


    Media Matters,

    New York Times,

    Jill Abramson, Executive Editor of the New York Times,

    NYT's Peters Still,

    The Washington Post,

    Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank,

    Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein

    Bloomberg columnist Jonathan Alter,


    Mother Jones,

    Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington,

    AP (Associated Press),


    AP Nicholas Riccardi,

    AP Kristen Wyatt,


    AP Matthew Lee

    The Atlantic Wire, ALL of them that work for The Atlantic Wire;

    The Atlantic Wire Abad-Santos,

    The Atlantic Wire Elspeth Reeve,

    The Atlantic Wire Dashiell Bennett

    The Atlantic Wire J. K. Trotter

    The Atlantic Wire Philip Bump

    Reuters, ALL who work for Reuters,

    Reuters Alexander Abad-Santos,

    The Daily Beast All that work for them,

    Sentinel Editor,

    Dave Perry,

    Weekly Standard,

    Bill Kristal,

    Media Matters for America,

    Huffington Post,

    Bloomberg News,

    National Journal,

    Charlie Cook,

    The Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Pat Bagley,, Everyone from the Board of Directors down, (a COMMUNIST DRUG ADDICT HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE Co.)

    Gotham Ghostwriters Dan Gerstein,



    Max Zahn,

    Annie-Rose Strasser,

    Lynn Stuart Parramore / AlterNet  

    Igor Volsky / Think Progress  

    Esther Yu-Hsi Lee / Think Progress

    Steven Hsieh / AlterNet

    Jessica Ferrer / Naked Capitalism

    Robert Parry / Consortium News

    Brian Tashman / Right Wing Watch

    Paul Buchheit / AlterNet  

    Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet  

    Jillian Rayfield /  

    Leslie Savan / The Nation  

    Mark Ames, Max Blumenthal / Not Safe for Work Corporation

    Rory O'Connor / Al Jazeera

    Dave Johnson / Truthout

    Les Leopold / AlterNet  

    Brendan Fischer / PR Watch  

    David Sirota / Salon  

    Steven Hsieh / AlterNet  

    TalkUSA Radio

    Leslie Marshall,

    Dan Rather,

    Politicus usa Real Liberal Politics, (COMMUNISTS)

    Jason Easley

    LiberalRoundup Progressive minds at work, (COMMUNISTS)

    Real American Liberal, (COMMUNISTS)

    Free Republic, (COMMUNISTS)

    The American Prospect the Real Liberal Elite (COMMUNISTS)

    David Callahan,

    Center for American Progress (CAP)

    Liberal Values, (COMMUNIST)

    The Progressive Professor,

    Center for Biological Diversity,

    Jessie Richard of TVNewsLies,

    Code Pink,

    Tides Foundation,

    Drummond Pike,

    George Soros,

    Tides Center,




    Earth Guardians,


    ALL of those, and some I have NOT gotten to yet, on this list MUST be EXECUTED for TREASON, SEDITION, MURDER, and many other CRIMES against the American People and/or as CO-CONSPIRATORS to those acts.

    Richard F. Goodstein, Goodstein & Associates

  12. provemewrong says:

    They are both students of Saul Alinsky's philosophy: " The best way to destroy something you hate is to become a member and do it from within". Just as homosexuals join the Catholic preisthood to destroy the Church from within!

    • I don't want to prove you wrong but............ gay men join the Catholic Church because it's where they want to be. It's where they belong. Because the Catholic Church is the most sordid, lurid, anti-Christian, pagan and "false " religion on earth since the 13th century.

    • Proveme, You are right. We have definitely elected and reelected a Saul Alinsky radical to be our president. The question remains, can we overcome such a mistake?

    • maybe they are just rying to hide from their homosexuality but it overpowers them?

  13. Add this to Syria, Russia and Benghazi:

    On August 6, 2011, a military helicopter— Extortion 17— carrying thirty-eight men (including twenty-five of the elite SEAL Team 6, five National Guard and Army Reserve, and eight Afghan commandos) was shot down over Taliban-controlled territory in eastern Afghanistan. They had been on a top secret mission to take out a high-value target. It was the worst loss of life in a single day since the war in Afghanistan began. Per a 1250-page military report, it was simply the result of a “lucky shot” by Taliban soldiers perched on top of a building. Per families of those killed and military experts at a press conference held on May 9, 2013, this is a lie among a host of other lies.

    After the families attended a several hour military briefing about this “lucky shot,” describing what happened and why their sons died, they smelled a rat and started digging around. Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of Navy SEAL Aaron C. Vaughn, started poking around at the “official” story and found not a rat, but a stinking swamp, a coverup that went all the way to the top.

    When the Vaughns began trying to drain the swamp, they received what the Obama administration is famous for: the shakedown. None other than one of the highest ranking officers in the nation—Admiral William McRaven, commander at U.S. Special Operations Command—paid the Vaughns a little visit, in essence telling them to keep their mouths shut.

    What exactly happened on August 6, 2011? What went wrong—or in this case went right that has the Obama administration dispatching high-ranking officers as thugs?
    There are two possibilities, according to information revealed at the press conference:
    1. The Obama administration sent American soldiers on a suicide mission, or
    2. Someone set up our American heroes—that is, had them murdered—that may include the Afghan government—or shockingly may include Obama himself.

    We learned seven major facts at the press conference:
    1. Thirty SEAL Team 6, National Guard, and Army Reserve were packed into a decrepit 1960s era CH-47 helicopter (something, according to military experts, that was unheard of.) Per military experts, special operations were always conducted with the state-of-the-art MH-47 helicopter—the helicopter SEAL Team 6 exclusively trained in. Further, never—ever—were that many special operations personnel packed into a single helicopter. They were always split up into small groups with multiple MH-47s.

    2. Although the military could have easily taken out the Taliban positions with a drone strike prior to the operation, as the families were later told, this was not done because there were possible “friendlies” among the Taliban; the United States wanted to “win the minds and hearts of the enemy.”
    Billy Vaughn, father of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, speaking at the press conference with rage in his voice, blasted this ludicrousness: "Aaron did not become a Navy SEAL Team 6 Gold Squad to win the hearts and minds of the Islamic jihadists. He became a Navy SEAL to fight for this republic and defeat the enemy!"

    3. Although the military had intel that the Taliban were planning on firing on a helicopter, although an intense battle had been raging for several hours, and although normal protocol mandated that the CH-47 required at least one gunship escort, all normal rules of war were suspended.

    But now for the real coverup by the Obama administration:
    4. There were eight nameless Afghan commandos onboard the CH-47. Eight Afghan commandos were loaded onto the CH-47 along with their American counterparts; but at the last minute, they were replaced without changing the manifest. It was as if someone knew they were going on a suicide mission and pulled them out. The official in charge of the investigation (General Jeffrey Colt), in his 1250-page report, did not address this fact and did not even mention it. In fact, it is likely these original Afghan commandos contacted the Taliban, telling them the CH-47 was on its way. It appears the Taliban knew the exact time and route the CH-47 would be using; that the only way the “lucky shot” would have been possible with the helicopter thousands of feet in the air in cover of darkness would have been if the Taliban had been tipped off.

    5. Everyone on Extortion 17 was immediately cremated without permission from the families, supposedly because the bodies were so badly burned in the crash. According to Charles Strange, father of Navy SEAL Michael Strange, this need to immediately cremate everyone aboard is a complete lie. Taliban on the ground in fact found the bodies of the crew. The Obama administration cremated everyone in order to cover up something.

    6. The CH-47 black box was “lost” according to the military investigation—“washed away by an Afghan flood.” As most know, aircraft black boxes don’t get “lost”; they are virtually indestructible and carry a tracking device that makes them easy to locate. It was “lost” in order to cover up something the Obama administration wants to keep hidden.

    7. Probably one of the most shocking revelations in the SEAL Team 6 coverup, something that was first brought out during the press conference that shows Obama is no Christian but is in fact a closet Muslim, is that Obama disallowed the name of Jesus to be spoken during the initial military memorial service in Kabul and permitted a radical Islamic iman to curse our dead heroes.

    • Dear Lokiswife, Thank you for writing this passionate note. I plan to use some of your information in my upcoming article. I assume you are a family member of some hero who lost his life. My heart goes out to you. I will do my part to keep your story alive.

    • I found it in a newsletter online and just copied most of it, I had heard about it earlier but this was the first detailed story on it. I posted it to help the families of those men get answers to why this happened and trace the smelly trail back to those responsible. The circumstances of the crash raise too many questions as to why they suddenly decided to abandon military protocol and do things against the rules. Why? Who gave the orders? I didn't lose a family member in the crash but my heart goes out to those who did. They deserve answers and the media will ignore them. It is up to us to get the story out there, and keep pushing for answers...likewise on Benghazi... we owe it to those families to help them heal.

  14. People like Hillary should never given power! Obama is a prime example of abuse of power. Liberals simply are VILE individuals.

  15. Jude O'Connor says:

    Why does it take forever to realize that Hillary lies with the best of them. The Clinton body count is now over 130, four more added by Hillary.

    • Jude,
      We can only hope that Hillary's Benghazi performance will preclude her from becoming president.

    • Hilary Clinton is not the person who decided to arm the CIA-MOSSAD influenced insurgents against ASSAD. Hilary Clinton was not the person with authority to order a SEAL-type of team to the aid of the Benghazi operatives. Hilary Clinton was a front for the alias, Barrack H. Obama. Hilary Clinton was appointed to be the scapegoat and protect the illustrious, illegal alien responsible for two types of treason in the Benghazi debacle. One of her assignments was to stalemate the discovery of the facts surrounding the US-CIA arming the insurgents against Assad, and prevent Americans from knowing that the CIA continues to undermine Americans and particularly the U.S. Congress.