What If Obama Signs the UN Arms Trade Treaty?

The UN Arms Treaty is again, rising to the surface. The latest version was finalized this past March 2013.

It needs to be clearly understood that the United States does not need the UN. So one might reasonably ask, what is the purpose of America signing any of the UN-sponsored treaties?

When any country signs onto a UN treaty, that country effectively gives up a some sovereignty by placing itself under the auspices of the United Nations. In effect then, certain laws of a particular country could eventually become infringed or entirely canceled out because of that position.

Even if Obama signs this treaty, it would have to be ratified by the Senate. There is a good possibility that this would fail ratification attempts. I doubt that this would mean the Obama administration would give up though. 2014 is coming.

The Arms Trade Treaty is thirteen pages (28 articles) detailing the responsibilities of those countries that sign onto the treaty. Everyone should download a copy and read it thoroughly.

The stated purpose of the treaty is as follows:

  • Establish the highest possible common international standards for regulating or improving the regulation of the international trade in conventional arms;
  • Prevent and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional arms and prevent their diversion;

Like everything else done by the UN, the reasons for the treaty is to contribute to peace and reduce human suffering. For the record, the UN has never done anything that has created peace in areas of the world that have been in conflict. It has also routinely turned a blind eye to human suffering throughout the world and does so even now.

While the treaty recognizes the rights of the individual "states" (countries signing on) to continue to do whatever is needed for the protection of their own borders and people, the treaty attempts to curtail illegal arms sales. Among other things, each state can remove themselves from the treaty whenever they wish and becomes effective 90 days after giving written notice. Otherwise, the treaty lasts forever.

I'm not a lawyer so I cannot comment on every jot and tittle. However, the treaty reads in a fairly straight forward manner.

There are only two areas where I see potential problems. The first one, under Article 2, point h concerns, "Small arms and light weapons." There is no specific definition of "small arms and light weapons" anywhere in the text that I could find. However, one paragraph states, "Noting the contribution made by the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects, as well as the Protocol against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Their Parts and Components and Ammunition."

The treaty outlines how each state will essentially create an elaborate "national control system" that catalogs all ammunition/munitions as well as parts/components related to items in Article 2. Moreover, the treaty encourages this same approach with all conventional weaponry for each state, though the term "conventional" is also not defined. Article 12 also references national records.

The treaty will create larger government requiring millions in taxpayer dollars for the system and staff. The government will grow another "arm" essentially.

Could this become a national database extending to weapons held by private, law-abiding citizens? Possibly. Article 10 may hint at this. "Each State Party shall take measures, pursuant to its national laws, to regulate brokering taking place under its jurisdiction for conventional arms covered under Article 2 (1). Such measures may include requiring brokers to register or obtain written authorization before engaging in brokering." It's unclear.

The other problem is how changes are adopted to the treaty after a state becomes part of the treaty. This is highlighted in Article 20. Once the treaty takes effect, no changes can occur for six years. After that, changes could be made every three years. Once an individual states sign onto the treaty, that state's governing body is out of the picture, permanently. In other words, though the US Senate would have to originally ratify the treaty for it to become effective for the United States, after that, any amendments would be done by vote of the member states, not their governing bodies.

Six years from becoming effective, should member states pass an amendment making private gun possession illegal for all member states' citizens, that would become law for America. America's 2nd Amendment would be infringed/eradicated by this treaty. The left says this can't happen, but what's to stop it?

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125 thoughts on “What If Obama Signs the UN Arms Trade Treaty?

  1. victorbarney says:

    Obama is meaningless, but he is NOT clueless as we Anglo-Saxons! As proven by Gen. 48:16, Anglo-Saxon England & America are "Israel" by the seed of Joseph, including Judah, but the name "Israel" belongs to Joseph's children, while Judah, only was promised the MESSIAH(Gen. 49:10) & never given the name "Israel," but the knowledge of that was lost due to breaking the corresponding "SABBATHS COVENANT"(weekly & Annual). That's written & FACT! Did I yet mention that Obama is the only leader over Israel ever predicted in Scripture? Yes, Deuteronomy 17:15 calls Obama the "forbidden foreigner" & Obama is the "ONLY" NON-ANGLO-SAXON "EVER" to rule over Israel since Eden! That 6,000 years folks! Next: comes the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 on a very soon coming Feast of Trumpets(war), which occurs on October 5th this coming year. Is this the year that begins "Joseph's trouble" for the following 3 1/2 years, leaving only 144,000 Israelites(Anglo-Saxons) alive with the tribe of Joseph replacing the tribe of Dan(Irish) as being protected during this period(Revelation, chapter 7). Remember, Eve & first-born son Cain got Adam thrown out of Eden 6,000 years ago, could thrown of the "earth" itself be next? p.s. Did you know that it once was against the law of our forefather's to allow Roman Catholics to enter America, which was not changed until our civil war? Obviously, two purposes here:1(one) was to get the "forbidden foreigner" over u.s., of Deuteronomy 17:15 and unlike our brother England, who itself has been Marxist(Anti-Christ) in their ideology since the later 1800's and the other was for JUDGEMENT & that's U.S.! Watch!

  2. Phillipe Violette says:

    Do these fools really think they can stop illegal arms trade? Its not been stopped in two hundred years and never will be stopped. There is always someone somewhere with a gun for sale for the right price.

  3. It would be unlawful for him to do so because it violates the Constitution, just like his occupation of the White House - If it war that he wants, he's headed in the right direction.


    I have it on good authority that if the Congress does not approve the President signing the treaty, the next administration will not have to honor it.

    • govtrumbull says:

      If the Senate does not ratify a there is no treaty in place for the next President to enforce.

  5. disqus_zCfjFtk6TZ says:

    All who turn in their guns to the dhs get a one way all expenses paid trip to camp fema!!

  6. I smell a civil war coming whereas Obama will be among the very first captured eliminated.

  7. Nameless App 1989 says:

    He won't. Bloomberg news says that we are exempt.

  8. Get US out of the United Nations. NOW!

  9. JeromefromLayton says:

    Let's say Obama and Kerry sign this abomination. First, it needs to suffer the same fate as Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) which still hasn't been ratified after over twenty years. The next arena is the House of Representatives where all tax and spending bills are supposed to originate. The Message to your Congressman should be clear: Not one dime to support any Administration actions to implement this thing. (Count on our Dear Leader to try a back door Executive Order or "Action" to make the magic happen.) So, write those letters, make the phone calls, and show up at the Town Hall meetings. Make sure they know you.

  10. No, it could not in any way result in a national database of gun owners. You're either ignorant or lying when you suggest that it's possible that it could. This treaty has no bearing on individual gun ownership. It's solely about international arms trafficking.

    • govtrumbull says:

      Oh calvinus, you ignorant fool! Have you purchased a gun lately? Any type of gun, from a .22 cal handgun or rifle on up? There is this thing called an "Instant Background Check." The store is required to fill out the Make, Model and Serial Number of the weapon, and the purchaser answers a series of questions, usually on a computer. Within ten minutes the FBI data base either rejects or approves the purchase.

      The problem with the system is the bad guys. The bad guys won't go into a gun store to by a gun,. They either steal it, or buy one on the street.

      Whether the government will admit it or not, your name will go on a list and they will know what you have in your possession, unless you are fortunate enough to have guns that have not been purchased since the instant background check was initiated.

      The government already has this database. Guns purchased legally are too easy to track because the system in place hands the authorities all the information they need to knock on your door and demand that you give them up.

      As far as international arms trafficking is concerned, the United States government isn't the only one pulling off Holder's "Fast and Furious" gun running scheme. Other countries do the same thing including Russia; AK-47's are the most widely distributed automatic assault rifle in the world; and then there are the knock-offs from Czechoslovakia, Romania and the other former Soviet Oblasts. China supplies thousands of arms and other countries include Turkey. That is where my Stoeger Cougar .45 Semi-auto pistol is made.
      Now let's look at the United Nations call for universal small arms control. The statue of the "Knotted Gun" outside of the U.N. tells all we need to know about the UN Small Arms Treaty. The UN wants to make their law, U.S. Law.

      O.K. It's time for one of your liberal comebacks. 1. Use a derogatory name, 2. Use an undocumented claim and then 3. Make sure you close by insulting this writer. I just wanted to help you out.

    • You declare that I'm going to make an undocumented claim, after you just got through making the thoroughly undocumented claim that background checks leave a government record of gun ownership? Just because you say so?

    • govtrumbull says:

      Yep! And what happened to the usual liberal tactics of using a derogatory name, making an undocumented claim and then closing by insulting this writer. Your slipping up calvinus!

    • How will "they" know if it has been part of the "trafficking" if they don't have a record of it from day one?
      You can't be as completely ignorant as you seem to be .... can you?
      Remember, the NSA and the FBI don't use drones or track you phones and internet either ...... like they just admitted they did.