The Gulen Movement: Indoctrinating For Jihad In Charter Schools

The "Turkish Khomeini," Fethullah Gulen, lives in Pennsylvania. From there he runs a $25 billion international network. He is a prime mover behind the rapid Islamization of Turkey, and he urges Muslims to build schools to indoctrinate an entire generation. He is tied to hundreds of Gulen charter schools right here in the United States. (Texas alone has 36 of these Gulen charter schools.)

I recently heard from a teacher at a Gulen Movement school. "There are so many ethical violations occurring here every day," he told me, "that it is hard to know where to start." And worse, there is open support for jihad: When news broke of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings, several students defended the attack and expressed concern for the well-being not of the victims, but of the bombers. "They have also," said the teacher, "expressed theories that 9/11 was a hoax and that Americans and the West are Islamophobic."

Beyond that, the educational standards and priorities are abominable. "This school cares little for education and more for PR," says the teacher. The administration, he says, doesn't appear to have any background or training in either education or leadership. "Our vice principal has no idea what he is doing; this is evident in the fact that no one can ever find him, and he does not seem to know even basic information about mission statements, curriculum, standards, etc." The dean of academics "does not even know what is in our curriculum, and he has frequently asked teachers to go easier so that students can get good grades."

That could be said of many schools. But in this Gulen school, "as far as curriculum goes, the priority is Islam, not education. Evolution and Darwin are forbidden in biology, and literature classes are censored in order to ensure no one talks about relationships. In fact, 'Persepolis' was pulled from the classroom because it spoke poorly of veiling (despite being written by a woman who lived through the Iranian Revolution) and because the writer was 'the wrong kind of Muslim.' In addition, students asked to see the film 'The Great Gatsby' in junior year, as they read the novel in class (obviously). It was forbidden because it was 'too sexual.' The movie has not come out yet, of course, but is rated PG-13; the decision was made based on a preview."

The school doesn't have a library, teacher evaluations are nonexistent, and "the cheating here is rampant – and encouraged. Students have broken into teachers' rooms; they not only steal tests but they also think that the entirety of the building exists for them alone." Not only that, but "in the dorms, the students are 'chaperoned' by several young Turkish men who do not speak English. The chaperones are tasked with ensuring that the students adhere to Islam, and they have meetings in the dorms to pressure kids into practicing their faith. School days are planned around Islamic prayer (Fridays are shortened, for example; during the winter months, there is a 90-minute break in the middle of the day for lunch and prayer). The school is registered as nonsectarian, yet every student is Muslim."

When all of the teachers were fingerprinted and had background checks per state law, the chaperones were not required to do so. It will come as no surprise that the finances of the school are suspicious at best. Staff is paid sporadically, and there have been numerous occasions this year when they were not paid on time.

The teacher concludes: "There are so many things that are happening here that this is only the tip of the iceberg. What amazes me is that they are still in business. They seem to have local politicians in their pockets. In addition to the ethical problems this school poses, I am also concerned with the real reason for its existence. Clearly academics are not important, but is this simply a moneymaking scheme? Is it a visa factory to bring in more and more Turkish nationals? Or is it something more sinister, an attempt to guarantee that Islam is being followed in America as well as overseas?"

Whatever the truth may be, it needs to come out. Gulen Movement schools in the U.S. must be investigated.

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  • Gulen Charter Schools

    Many people comment here on the basis of cliches which make the things harder to discuss. I think this website could be a good start. Please check out "So-Called Gulen Charter Schools".

  • Gulperi Arici

    I am Muslim/Turkish/American. I have respect to every religions and every country. You are arguing about Gulen's movement, so please keep it that way, don't bring Islam or Turkey as a subject. Turkish people are uprising against to radical Islamist in Turkey. Everyone has to believe something, if I born in US I would be Christian, If I born in India I would be Hindu, If I born in Asia I would be Buddhist, You would be the same, If you born in Turkey you would be Muslim, if You born in Israel you would be Jewish, If you born in Mormon family you would be Mormon, so important thing is to have respect to each others religions and country.

    I agree Fethulen Gulen and his schools are very dangerous. Here is my whole comment and some links for you to see.

    When something
    happen in America and Muslim/Turkish people accused for it, I am not one
    of them. I am just letting you right now that Fathullah Gulen is the
    most dangerous person who ever came to this world! His followers are
    also has same danger. If you don't stop them right now Turkish/Muslim
    people are not responsible for anything might happen in few years. This
    writing is important document for you for the future. This person and
    followers are taking your jobs from your hand, they are using our taxes
    and opening thousands of charter and magnet schools and give educations
    with their ideology to innocent American kids. You will watch and see,
    in few years your own kids would be against to you, they approach very
    nicely, they look like naive but in the end, they are just trying to
    spread their beliefs and ideology. This is just small warning for you,
    you all have brain to think about it, search about it and find out the
    truth. The truth is not hard to find, you just need to look for it. I am
    Turkish born American citizens, I pay high taxes for this country, I
    want my tax goes to right places, not for enemies. American citizen
    suffered economically last few years, we don't want to waste our money
    people like Gulen or his colleagues, they don't even know English and
    become a teachers in USA public schools. I have bachelor degree from USA
    university and working on my second bachelor for Computer Engineering
    and I don't dare to apply to public schools because of my English. How
    dare they are becoming teachers in public schools in America with no
    English. I would be shamed to apply with my broken English, but they are
    not shy at all. I don't want my taxes to make them richer, they already
    robbed Turkish people, now they are trying to rob the American People.
    Don't let them do it!

    are few of the thousands of articles, I want all of you to just glance
    at it, not read it at all, because you will get the idea even when you
    glance at it.

  • curtmavi38

    Not just investigated, dismantle these schools and bring to justice these idiots and prosecute them for treason. meh