Mike Zullo To Release "Never Before Seen Evidence" On Obama's Eligibility

This weekend has some potential to be a milestone in Sheriff Joe Arpiao's dogged investigation of the Obama Fraud case.

"Mike Zullo, lead investigator, for the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Obama Fraud case has revealed to PPSIMMONS News that he will be a featured speaker at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention St. Charles, Missouri - this coming weekend, May 31-June 1. Hundreds of Constitutional law enforcement officers from around the country will be in attendance as well as U.S. Congressmen."

During his address to the whole association, Zullo says, he won't be revealing new information. The talk will almost certainly, though, be addressed to many who have not heard the information, especially given how the mainstream press has stonewalled this story.

HOWEVER, he will apparently also be speaking at an access-controlled breakout session, where only credentialed law enforcement officials will be allowed.  Zullo says,

"At this session, I will, upon the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, be presenting the entire criminal case that we have in this matter. Never-before-seen evidence and information will be presented to those in attendance. We will be asking these attendees to support our efforts to move this entire matter forward to a full congressional investigation. We believe that once they see what we have  - a united push for a full congressional investigation will be a foregone conclusion."

It's important to note that this is not a gathering of political malcontents, conspiracy theorists, or rabble-rousers. (Which may have something to do with why I never got an invite.) This is a meeting for duly constituted law enforcement officials. The conference is apparently gaining some reputation, though, for being populated by sheriffs and others who are growing concerned about the continued loss of Constitutional liberties.

Will this event, and especially Zullo's closed-door session, turn the tide? Probably not all by itself. But it's nice to see that Arpaio and crew are not only doing the investigative work, but also being proactive in regards to the political realities of the world around us. One step at a time.

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149 thoughts on “Mike Zullo To Release "Never Before Seen Evidence" On Obama's Eligibility

  1. What's happening with Judge Moore in Alabama on the case of Obama eligibility? He was quoted as saying he never saw any evidence that Obama is eligible.

  2. Tom for Truth says:

    So, did this happen?

    As predicted, there is no mainstream coverage. Of course, media has been banned from the event!

    Were all the attendees sworn to secrecy, too?

    Despite the lofty title of the get-together, it appears to be just a meeting of secretive people who actually shun the sunshine.

  3. I want to know just why it is taking so freeeeeking long to get this info in front of Congress and a judge . File charges and get this show on the road. NOW!!!!!!! Don't give un American Obutthead traitor any more time to do more damage to America and the American people. This has dragged on for waaaaay to long don't ya think.

  4. I believe all the parties involved in this investigation are safe! We hope and pray!

  5. I'm amazed that Sheriff Joe and his posse continue to do this work. The opposition and apathy they have encountered would stop lesser men. Thank God they have not been intimidated into giving up. And let's all pray for their continued safety and that their persistence will result in the exposure of the truth for all to see.

  6. Obama didn't know about the IRS snooping and persecution of conservative groups untill he read it in the news , either he's not qualified to mentally be a president or he is a out and out lying muslim or stupid , I vote for the first two...

  7. Most intelligent people in this country knew this for sure when Michele opened her big mouth and told of a visit to Obama's home country , Kenya , about three years ago...

  8. Christian_Patriot7 says:

    Why can't Sheriff Joe swear out a warrant to arrest Obama with the evidence he already has?

  9. I HAVE A DREAM!! Sheriff Joe Arpaio reading Hussein Obama his rights

  10. Death2Unions says:

    The *Oboner regime is simply gutting the USA. They had the directions directly from the Hugo Chavez regime. There will be ocean waves of blood flowing in the streets of America in less than two years...our blood.

  11. Nothin sticks to Obamao, except flies!

  12. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop on the eligibility issue but it never does. What does that tell us about truth, justice, and the American way? The fact of the matter is the only freedom we have is what we refuse to let others take away from us. No piece of paper can protect freedom. People either protect their freedom or have none.

    • It's pretty simple, no one vetted this guy, liberals have corrupted every corner of both state and federal government which means not even our elections are fair... Most importantly, because so many illegals have swarmed into the country, our cowardly representatives are doing everything in their power to kiss up to the new balance of power. We brought this on our selves for not pushing back harder against these corrupt, dishonest, and ungrateful skum we call progressives. It's gonna get much worse before it gets better. Sheriff Joe's hands are tied, even the federal courts are infested with these bedbug liberals...

    • They write the laws, so now we're the criminals...excuse me...terrorists...when we insist upon our constitutionally "guaranteed" rights. As far as I'm concerned, BHO is not the president of the USA until the facts show otherwise.

  13. Hopefully this will be recorded, printed, and widely distributed - WORLD-WIDE !

    • Prairie Pilgrim says:

      A good and growing audience is both the RT.com and dailymail.co.uk. Get these stories to their editors and tell em 'sic em'. They have no fear of Obammy and his sycophant acolytes.

  14. Rhonda Boyle says:

    I would like to see Obama out to but then we have to contend with biden being the president don't want him either.

    • I have read something to the law stating if bo goes so does biden as the fraud is in him also. That leaves bone head in charge.

    • Biden is too stupid to cause any damage. I'm not worried about him at all.