DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American Patriots

Julia Davis, a former Customs and Border Protections Officer, was falsely declared a domestic terrorist and subjected to retaliatory efforts against her by the Department of Homeland Security. Her home was raided by a 27 man "special response team." She was twice falsely arrested and imprisoned, but later exonerated. She is now a national security expert and has put out a historical documentary titled Top Priority: The Terror Within. She claims that the War On Terror by the Department of Homeland Security is a charade and that the agency seems to be targeting concerned American patriots.

Davis says her documentary is about her time with DHS in dealing with applicants from countries with ties to terrorism, who are seeking to come into the United States.

She says that they had "very specific alerts" that on July 4, 2004 that members of Al-Qaeda would be attempting to cross the border from Mexico into the US. The land port where Ms. Davis worked is the largest and busiest land port in the world, San Ysidro Port. She says that Islamic clerics say this is the best place to breech the US border because of the large number of people coming through.

She says that she began to input the information into the DHS database, which she was required to do as a supervisor, and she noticed that she had a high number of people from terrorist countries set to come through her port on July 4. She says there were 23 people form terrorist countries who were to be admitted into the US on that day. She said the average number of people coming from terrorist countries would normally be 5-10 per month. So to have 23 in a ten hour span was "alarming."

But it goes further. Davis says that none of these people were subjected to routine checks that were in place for applicants from terrorist countries. According to Davis, "They were supposed to be fingerprinted. They were supposed to be asked why they left the US, why they were coming back, where they were living… all these different procedures that would have taken approximately an hour for each person. None of it was done."

In fact, in some of the cases, the individuals didn't fill out the paperwork or provide the documents they were supposed to in order to come into the United States.

Davis indicated that the Port Director was not informed about the situation and that when she went higher up to Intel and she said she "nearly fell down" when she found a "closed door." The entire Intel office was "given the day off so that they could Bar-B-Q on the Fourth of July." Ultimately there was no one that she could report her findings to. Coincidence? I think not.

The Port Director wasn't worried either. He simply told her to put it in their box and they would get to it when they had opportunity. This was in direct opposition to what their manual stated was to happen, according to Ms. Davis. They were to get the information to a joint terrorism task force.

That night, since she was no longer under the Port Director's orders, she contacted the FBI to inform them of the situation. In her mind, she was simply being patriotic and informing people who should be able to use the information to deal with a very real threat. She simply wanted to make sure that while others were barbequing that nothing was going to be blown up in the United States.

From that time on, every day when she came to work she was being investigated for one thing or another. She says everything they brought up to here was frivolous and ridiculous and she believes it was an attempt to get her fired to discredit anything she would say. All of this was because the FBI knew the information and DHS was embarrassed that the information came to them the way it did.

Within a period of two weeks, Davis was the subject of 19 investigations. By the time she sued Homeland Security there had been 54 investigations! On top of that, she was declared a domestic terrorist! My fellow Americans, this is a woman that sought to ensure the safety of our border! She was vigilant at her job and according to what she is saying, our government, if the allegations are true, has acted not only negligently against the American people, but criminally against her.

Davis' home was raided by a 27 man SWAT team in a Blackhawk helicopter. She said they spent more time and utilized more man power raiding her home without a warrant than the government used to raid the alleged compound of Osama bin Laden.

Davis believes that no one dealt with the issue she brought forward because either they were derelict of duty or, more likely, there was corruption. She said that the Customs Department is historically one of the most corrupt agencies, especially the land port where she worked. In fact, she said that her border crossing had a Port Director who was caught taking bribes to allow people to come across. She also said there were intel reports that came up later which indicated that Arab nationals were offering $5,000 per person to allow individuals across the border without facing any scrutiny.

When asked what she thought about DHS and their priorities, Davis said:

"It makes me think that he so-called 'War on Terror' is more of a charade and that the priority of the agency seems to be to target concerned citizens and whistleblowers because in my case… they sent an airplane to follow me… they had eight agents at a time following me… they used airplanes, vehicles, helicopters… they used OnStar to listen to what was being said in our cars."

As her lawsuit progressed, she says she obtained documentation of why DHS said she was a domestic terrorist. According to the documentation, DHS labeled David a domestic terrorist "for derogatory statements made in her filings and in her articles about the Department of Homeland Security." Well I guess I know what I'm labeled then, eh?

Davis believes that DHS acts in this way so that they don't have to follow the laws (something people like Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain agree with) and not have to follow the Constitution. Keep in mind though that we are not talking about the DHS under Barack Obama, but the DHS under George W. Bush.

Since the release of her film, their Fleur De Lis (the producer of the film) family stores have been raided by DHS and they are under continual surveillance. She also has a number of electronic interruptions as well. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audited them along with their attorneys who assisted her as she prevailed against DHS.

There is more in the video, which you will want to see. However, even after she is exonerated, DHS continues to hound her. This is not freedom. This is not liberty. This is not justice. This is the face of tyranny and yes, it's here in the US.

Watch the trailer of Top Priority: The Terror Within below:

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  • Cameron Assarpour

    This is exactly what Russo was warning:

  • CharlieSeattle

    Julia Davis is a true Patriot!

  • CharlieSeattle

    In a recent report from Newsmax, they claim that between October 1, 2010 thru September 30, 2011 that the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection division of the Department of Homeland Security arrested 327,577 aliens illegally entering the U.S. JUST along the U.S. – Mexican border and another 6,552 illegal's along U.S. coastlines.

    Of the illegal's captured along the Mexican border, 46,997 were listed as ‘other than Mexican’. Among the ‘other than Mexican’ were people from countries listed as ‘special interest countries’ such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Somalia, Tunisia, Syria, Uzbekistan, Jordan and Indonesia. Looking at the countries of origin, I think it’s safe to
    assume that many of them were Muslim, making me wonder how many may have
    terrorist ties.

    .............Do ya think they want to pick tomatoes? I don't think so.

    Terrorist scouts are testing for soft spots to smuggle nukes across the Mexican border.

    ................Hm, but where to put them.

    How about in the bottom of Yellowstone lake atop the thin 3 mile thick porous cork over the super volcano.

    If that sucker blows, radioactive ash 10 to 3 foot thick all the way to the Ohio valley.

    All farmland, DEAD. Livestock, DEAD. Rivers, DEAD. Fish, DEAD. Transportation as we know it, DEAD. 200 million, DEAD and dying! 75% of the country DEAD in a month and it will continue to erupt for three months.

    This has a high probability precisely because Obama, Holder and Congress will not secure the Mexican border and enforce existing immigration laws. They LOVE illegal's and weak national security!

    No one makes any money sealing the borders or the ports. So Military Industrial Complex Neo-con's keep pouring money into ABM related Lasers, Satellites, and Missiles and ignore the obvious.

    The next Pearl Harbor will be delivered in an beat up pickup truck on its way north from Mexico.

    And if the Terrorists have a second nuke, drop it off the western flank of La Palma in the Azores and collapse the side of the volcanic Island that is hanging by a thread. The resulting 20-30 meter Tsunami will take out the entire east coast 10 to 20 km inland. I would not be surprised if the Russians had not already planted a large nuclear mine there already to be set off by an ELF wave at their leisure.

    The combined effect would destroy 90% of the country. Yellowstone itself could start a cascading worldwide civilization ending event. But in the eyes of crazed terrorists on the other side of the world with lots of cash and little remorse...why not?

    However take heart, MAYBE we can knock down a ICBM from North Korea with the new airborne laser if the launch is patterned like the staged marsh mellow tests to date. But the Pacific based Laser cannot target a beat up pickup truck crossing the Mexican border in the dead of night hauling a couple nukes to Yellowstone.

  • http://profiles.google.com/vagnsorensen Vagn sorensen

    Homeland security was created to keep the "home land secure" by intimidating the dissenters......H o m e L a n d S e c u r i t y .....security for the elites, in the homeland....get it!

  • paul a. hitchcock

    Keep your eyes and ears out for drones!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Marshall/100001163952013 Bob Marshall

    In 2007 Zbigneiw Brzezinski told the US Senate that the "War on terror" was a "mythical historical narrative' or in other words, a complete fiction.

  • Gaines Bruce

    If it had been like this in the late 1950's I would never made it to high school, let along college where I learned enough to have a good job and pay a lot of taxes so liberal teachers as ignorant as these idiots can have a job.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.danzig1 Mark C. Danzig

    Die Ministrie uf Fatherland Sekurity

  • JK

    The federal government was created to protect the federal government.

  • expectationdamages

    Too bad Julia Davis is a lying fraud. Did the author of this article really not even bother to check the filings or decisions in her federal court cases against DHS? Just google Davis v. Dept. Homeland Security. She sued them over involuntary resignation stemming from sexual harassment charges and she lost. And she never mentioned any of this nonsense about blackhawk helicopters and police raids in her lawsuit, despite the fact that it would have been critically important to her case. On top of that, the court found all three of her whistle-blowing claims to be meritless and DHS denied and prevailed on every other single issue she brought up as well. She's just a disgruntled ex-employee looking to cash in on a bunch of bogus claims. Again, don't take my word for it (or hers!) just check her actual case. It's available for free on the justia database.

    • emasee

      Yeah, because the government is really gonna come clean. Do you truly believe that if this was true, the government would admit to it? I dont care what branch of the government you are in, you do not turn against your handlers.

    • expectationdamages

      Regardless of whether "the government" wants to come clean of not, she had the opportunity to argue her case in federal court for four years and, during those four years, she never once brought up all these conspiracy charges that she now alleges. Moreover, when she talks about her case, she blatantly lies about it. BLATANTLY. And she seems trustworthy to you why? Because now that she's asking for your money she's telling you what you want to hear?

    • http://globalwaronyou.tumblr.com/ The War On You
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eddie-Herbert/100001806261843 Eddie Herbert

    The "True Colors" of Barack Hussein Obama came gushing into public view as he seethed about the defeat of his cherished gun-control. His carefully concealed Racist Bigotry against all things White Christian Male ( 'They cling to guns or religion') was "in your face". His long planned "trophy" for his Spiritual mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright crashed to the floor, and all these years of carefully concealed hatred burst forth in his face and words.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerome.ennis Jerome Ennis

    You have to spend 20 minutes to listen to this interview, and after you finish, you will see and hear first hand how our government can and will destroy you if you dare expose anything they are doing, and the USA government uses all the power and means at their disposal which is astronomical in order to silence you if your dare protest or expose. Folks, this is Fascism at work by our own government. Fascism defined is "No opposition tolerate or allowed, even verbal opposition." That is what HLS and Patriot Act was put into place for. The Patriot Act suspends your Constitutional Rights if the government decides you are a threat, and the only threat they have domestically is the Truth of Whistleblowers and others who know what the hell is going. You wounder why our government cannot catch Real Terrorists on Our Soil? The reason is that all the investigatory and police powers are being directed at law abiding citizens who dare expose or oppose what they are up to. If this does not concern or even frighten you, well that just means you still have your head in the sand, and saying things like, "Our government would not do that to us, this is America and we have rights." Well, under the Patriot Act, your Rights are nil and void, and as long as you keep your mouth shut, they may not get around to coming after you right away, but some day, they will come after you, and guess what, there will be nobody left to defend you, after all the True Patriots have been Removed either by imprisonment of death.

    • expectationdamages

      All you have to do is spend 20 minutes reading the decisions from Julia Davis's actual federal court cases against DHS to know that she is a lying fraud and that she is inventing these police raid incidents out of whole cloth to make a buck. (She lost her cases against DHS, by the way). Just google Davis v. Dept. of Homeland Security and you can find the case for free on the justia database.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dorisj.lott Doris Lott

      Davis vs DHS court case reads of voluntary resignation based upon a sexual harassment claim while she was employed. This is not specified in her video, that a sexual harrassment was the reason for leaving DHS. http://law.justia.com She might stand to receive a lot of compensation with winning such an allegation against a government dept., sure. On the other hand, our government also retains the very best attorney's to fight such employee claims, so that money and benefit compensation does not occur regardless of the truth in such claims. Is Julia Davis a fraud or liar....a manipulator of the system and profiteer? Did DHS have no supporting evidence reason to raid her home or put her under surveillance? I feel that there should be caution in what we are presented to believe as truth,

  • http://people.ign.com/stormfuror StormFuror

    This makes me sick to my stomach

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-B-Southwick/100003297530525 Steven B. Southwick

    Thank you for this very informative article - I had presumed that gov't investigation of Americans was primarily the work of the BHO admin. None-the-less, I do think the facts clearly show it has gotten worse recently. One thing to consider about Ms. Davis' case is that 2004 was right after the 2003 invasion of Iraq - to explain the level of the bureaucratic phobia she suffered. What interests me most is that she identifies DHS. When you read Fox News and other sources regarding email/computer monitoring, and look at ACLU sources on cell phone monitoring, it appears to me that other Departments are also involved.

  • mac12sam12

    Consider it a badge of honor when this corrupt administration labels you a domestic terrorist.I guess that makes me a domestic terrorist as well!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sirwilliambolton William Wiley Bolton

    Making me a target is damn stupid. This Veteran and the rest of the American Legion will rise up and correct the criminals that think they are ruling us.

  • conservative

    Conservatives already know this, democrats do not care.

  • stonemike

    Americans must realize the federal govt is the ENEMY OF FREEDOM, and will have to be dealt with militarily sooner or later!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    One thing is certain We the People loyal to the United States Constitution are under attack from the forces of EVIL. The Muslim SPY in the White House betrays We the People all day long. If the Kenyan was actually born in Hawaii he would be a TRAITOR so the only crime he is guilty of is being a SPY!

    DHS is apparently the civilian Army of the Kenyan's dreams. Muslim backed and communist lead We the People are their enemy! My guess is the New Black Panthers represent the updated NAZI SS personal body guard to the Dictator Obama.

    As a FASCIST the Kenyan can NEVER be TRUSTED!

  • 2egypt

    We need a good leader to get us going....all this talk on the internet is bull. Obummer and his gang are laughing their asses off. Come on patriots...let's get going.

    • BillinDetroit

      Roger that. Why not step forward and BE that leader?