DHS Patrols Multiple IRS Protests By Tea Party Patriots

“Our founding principle and highest priority is to protect the American people from terrorist threats.”
Source: DHS.gov

On Tuesday May 21st there were Tea Party protests scheduled at IRS offices all over the country. We have photographic and video evidence that The Department of Homeland Security was in attendance at five of those protests. It seems like this administration just flipped the bird at Tea Party Patriots. The quote above is taken directly from the DHS.gov website and reminds us that this organization was created to deal with terrorists and not to harass law-abiding tax payers who, in this case, may have payed more than their fair share.

Make no mistake. The Obama Administration is calling conservatives out. There is no reason to believe that local law enforcement could not have provided security for each of these protests. The fact that DHS vehicles and armed guards were present is a statement to the conservatives of America. I think it is a smug reminder from an administration that lives by their own code and continues to chip away at the constitutionally protected rights of every American. DHS agents showing up at 1 or 2 of these events could be explained as local law enforcement asking for help. Showing up at 5 protest sites (that we are aware of) is more likely a decision that was handed down from "Big Sis" Napolitano or one of her trusted American Gestapo leaders.

Championnews.net reported that the Downer's Grove protest featured a couple of surveillance passes by a DHS vehicle (pictured below):

A DHS vehicle drives by Downer’s Grove Protest. Photo Source: Championnews.net

A DHS vehicle drives by Downer’s Grove Protest.
Photo Source: Championnews.net

The IRS protests in Downers Grove had between 175 and 200 people in attendance (Pictures below). The event was held at the corner of Esplanade and Butterfield Dr. since that was busier than directly in front of the IRS offices. Several police were there to direct traffic. What surprised many was a Homeland Security vehicle came past the protest twice. As you can see from the picture, the vehicle had tinted windows so we are unsure if there were any cameras inside. Were pictures taken of the attendees? Will any of the attendees now be further targeted by the IRS or Homeland Security?

If you want to visit the Championnews.net site they also have several interviews with those in attendance.

At the New Orleans protest some obscure Tea Party superhero who calls himself "American Refugee" posted a short YouTube video of a DHS agent accepting a Constitution from this self-proclaimed freedom-fighter:

The video description on YouTube is, "This DHS cop seemed afraid to take a constitution but God bless him, he took it. This was outside an IRS office at a federal building in New Orleans, during an IRS protest."

Multiple DHS vehicles were reported at the St. Louis protest and captured on another YouTube video. It appears there were at least three DHS vehicles in attendance:

The creator of the video noted, "There were no city or county police there, ONLY DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY POLICE."

Bizpacreview reported similar happenings at a protest in Maitland, Florida:

Woman poses in front of DHS vehicle. Source: Bizpacreview

Woman poses in front of DHS vehicle. Source: Bizpacreview

The protest was held in Maitland, Florida, a short drive north of Orlando and not surprisingly, North Lake Tea Party, long the standard bearer of the Central Florida tea party movement, was on hand.

The tea party was acting on a call to action by Tea Party Patriots Inc., which bills itself as the nation's largest tea party organization, in response to recent admissions by IRS officials that the agency had intentionally targeted tea party and conservative groups.

A scandal that continues to grow in scope with each passing day.

Under the watchful eye of Homeland Security — yes, they were present — protestors carried signs that read "We Do Not Consent to Tyranny," "Abolish the IRS" and "Don't Target me Bro!," making it clear they do not condone the use of the IRS as a political weapon.

As one protestor noted, it's insulting that Homeland Security felt the need to be present as American citizens exercise their first amendment right, but decide to look away when suspected Islamic terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev travels back and forth to his home country.

By far the most compelling story of the day was the story of Diane Sult, who ended up being a one-woman protest at the Ft. Wayne office. The News-Sentinel reports:

Diane Sult of Fort Wayne has her own acronym for the IRS: Irresponsible Regulatory Service.

That's what she'd written on the sign she held up Tuesday for several minutes outside the Internal Revenue Service office at 201 E. Rudisill Blvd. Tea party protests of the IRS also were planned in other cities across the country after IRS officials acknowledged that some conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status received inappropriate scrutiny and questioning. The events coincided with former IRS head Douglas Shulman appearing on Capitol Hill to tell the Senate Finance Committee what he knew and when.

Sult, who didn't expect to be alone – and outnumbered by the three visible security guards in the IRS parking lot, including a Homeland Security officer – cited several issues in the Obama administration for why she came out: Fast and Furious, the failed gun trafficking operation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in which the agency lost track of hundreds of guns it allowed to cross the Arizona-Mexico border; the IRS controversy; appointments by Obama to the National Labor Relations Board that a second federal appeals court last week found overstepped his authority when he made them during a Senate recess; the Sept. 11 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and two other Americans after which Obama's advisers pinned responsibility on the CIA for crafting talking points that downplayed the potential of terrorism as a the motive, despite the fact that the White House was a part of the process.

Did you catch that MAJOR typo? Can you believe that journalists in this country do not even know how many Americans were killed in Benghazi? That is what we are up against America.

On the other hand, Diane Sult sounds like a true Patriot to me. This woman is so dangerous that security outnumbered her 3 to 1. But she stood her ground and stood for America.

With so many DHS vehicles and officers in so many different locations on Tuesday it is pretty clear that The Obama Administration and Janet Napolitano are sending a message to Tea Party Patriots. There is no reason that these locations could not have been secured by local police. That's a fact.

But that simply would not send the message of intimidation that this administration wants to convey.

They are calling us out. They are taunting us and begging us to react so that they can villainize us. We must stand strong Patriots. If there is to be a fight it will be on our terms and not theirs. Do not give them what they want. They are begging us for a knee-jerk reaction. That's how I see it.

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  • Jonny Angel

    Depending upon where the event is held; call the Sheriff in that jurisdiction and have the DHS run off for obstructing your right to peacefully protest. They have the authority to do so.... Now if the DHS just want's to watch, so what. However if the Sheriffs men also watch over you, DHS can just cry me a river but the can't do anything without getting arrested.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.gentile.965 Thomas Gentile


  • http://www.facebook.com/sarge43 Charles McVey

    DHS, ICE and all of the rest of the Alphabet Soup federal agencies can Kiss My Native American Royal Red Arse.

  • jimof ct

    There should be a detailed review of the Executive Order" Obama issued with respect to "Emergency Powers" to be enforced on his declaration of a "State of Emergency". Something tells me we citizens had better beware of what Obama thinks is an emergency!

  • Doc

    Name one TEA Party protest that devolved into a riot or caused property damage. You can't because it never happened. Now, name a left wing liberal protest that devolved into a riot or caused property damage. You could name dozens and Youtube has the video to prove it. Where was DHS when left wing liberal protests destroyed neighborhoods?

  • usluv

    OOOOH! The big DHS. Dumber that dirt.

  • bigjack1

    I questioned Obama's patriotism and my remarks not posted, I guess we don't have free speech even by freedom outpost.

  • Kevin

    We should gather at the IRS buildings on our knees praying for justice. That would drive Obama nuts.

  • harleysport12

    I hope the Obama administration continues to expose itself to those blinded idiots that voted him and his Chicago Mafia into office. So far this second term is getting off to a great start. Not a Tea Party member but I will say what they stand for is far better than this current administration, by far.

    • afanaglenn

      You and many others need to join the Tea Party, if for no other reason than getting the full coverage of news, not the typical slant of the press. I joined and am amazed at what doesn't get covered in the press, until some weeks later when someone like that person posting here finds out something. The Teac Party home page is a must for all freedom loving Americans

  • Paladin

    Did you see the print on the car. DHS-FEDERAL PROTECTIVE SERVICE POLICE?

    Hitler had his Brown Uniformed Socialist Party (who he later had killed once he assumed complete power and the Gestapo SS was formed).

    Obama has his blue-shirted DHS - FEDERAL PROTECTIVE SERVICE POLICE.

    As if OUR OWN POLICE DEPARTMENTS are incapable of preserving civil order?

    NOW WE KNOW why the DHS has ordered more than 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition.

    So the DHS-FEDERAL PROTECTIVE SERVICE POLICE can 'preserve peace' by practicing and firing upon American citizens.

    Since when was this "Federal Protective Service Police Department authorized and how did they get funding?

  • RobertNorwood

    DE Navarro has inspired a new bumper sticker - Un-American DHS Goons Go Home.
    They are goons and they are un-American.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.bowman.773 Kenneth Bowman

    NAZI SS showing themselves most likely attempting to start something they may use as an excuse. Fits the profile of a NAZI tyrant like Obama.

  • springstaurus

    Guess we know what they plan to do with all the bullets now.

  • DE Navarro

    Here's a message to all you DHS goons:

    You are Americans, right. Citizens. Do you want to live in a tyrannical despotism?

    You act like it, blindly following the orders of your devil-dog Obama.

    Why do you violate the rights of your equal and fellow US citizens -- for a paycheck each week?

    Is that all it took for you to sell out? A job. Is feeding your face more important than the greatest country in the world going down the tubes?

    All you government people - same thing. You IRS goons, you are supposed to be free Americans too. Is unjustly targeting fellow American citizens because of their views an American way of doing things? Does it further liberty? Is it what you really think our Founding Fathers were after?

    You military, you are fellow US citizens too. You have brothers and sisters, moms and dads, normal people all over America -- are you going to fire on them if ordered? Are you going to blindly follow the traitor in the WH?

    We are your American brother's and sisters and if you all search your hearts, all you workers in the IRS, DHS, DOJ and on and on -- (I'm not talking to the corrupt department heads and progressives who want to take us to hell - I'm talking to you everyday workers who carry out the orders of these progressive communist goons) -- if you all search your hearts you know this is wrong. We are fellow Americans. Wake up. You are selling your fellow country-men down the river for a paycheck.

    Everyone of you that loves your country ought to contact a lawyer and start spilling the beans. Expose it. Tell us all you know about the lies, the treason, and the treachery. Make it known so we can eradicate it.

    The progressive evil must be stopped. You can do it. Speak up.

    • TMO16

      Let us all promise that we will band together to support any and all who come forward and expose the corruption in this administration. If it is fear of losing a job, or not being able to support a family, let us vow to alleviate those fears and help them.

    • DE Navarro

      I agree. Everyone with means, money, companies, if these folks get turned out, help them get a job and keep going forward. I'll do what I can in my community if there are any here.

  • DE Navarro

    What business does the DHS have "patrolling" peaceful protests - NONE. So now all some Muslim lunatic has to do is organize a patriotic protest far away from where they want to wreak havoc, when all the police, DHS and other agencies show up to monitor the protest, then the Muslims can launch their attack on the other side of town while all the agencies are wasting their time at a mock peaceful protest. Brilliant.

  • http://twitter.com/debraraes debra steinman

    The DHS is out to taunt, control, intimidate, and 'harass' us into silence. But guess what? We're still here.

  • ofac

    Nothing strange there. That was the Federal Protective Service - Federal cops. Most every Federal cop is part of DHS these days. They were assigned to IRS & other Federal facilities after the Boston bombings. Part of their job is to protect Federal employees & property. Any time there is any sort of protest, you can count on them being around. Too bad though, that they can't seem to protect the rest of us from the depredations of Obama & his minions.

  • Chuck

    My take exactly---this is the Obama administration flipping the bird at the Tea Party.

    • Ron G

      You mean flipping the bird at honest citizens of this country!

    • Chuck

      Absolutely..that too.

    • Jimmy Weber

      I'm a proud conservative, and I wish our liberal friends would understand that it is them too that Obama will be flipping off once he thinks he has taken care of us.

    • Garwoodv6

      The Liberal MSM should see this clearly now as well.

      I wonder if they will?

      If they don't, they will- one day after they have outlived their usefulness to the Powers that be. It will be too late for them at that time.

    • f8t ule

      NO, He is flipping the bird as you say, to AMERICA not just the TEA PARTY..

      why should he care about us.. HE IS ONLY AN ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA and shouldn't be in our white house

    • SilverHairedSaint

      He is flipping everyone off. Ok, so the IRS targets us (honest, constitutionally savvy, taxpaying citizens). Then Homeland Security targets us (honest, constitutionally savvy, taxpaying citizens). Christians in the military are punished for their faith; while a radical Islamic jihadist wearing our uniform shoots, kills and maims dozens of our soldiers is collecting his paycheck and living on our money as he occupies a hospital bed and prepares to extoll his faith by making his trial a mockery of our judicial system. He should have been drummed out of the Army as soon as he regained consciousness and then been left to seek medical and financial aid from his radical Islamic compatriots as he rots in Leavenworth awaiting the trial he plans to use as a grandstand. Meanwhile our men and women who were killed and injured are further assaulted by the Army which they were true to by having their injuries labeled as work-place violence. By that idiocy, anyone in uniform who is killed or injured in battle should also be classified as workplace violence since the battlefield is their workplace and their injuries are the result of violence. This is what happens when we elect a 'man' who has never held a real working job, who has never served a day in the military and who's claim to fame in high school was his ingenuity at crafting outrageous ways to smoke pot with his buddies in the "choom gang". Oh I have to stop. My blood pressure is starting to climb and i need to get to bed.