Congressman To Give Away AR-15 On July 4

Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) has put up on his re-election website that he will be giving away a Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic homeland defense rifle on July 4, 2013. Whoa! Talk about a congressman with some guts! I like it! Stockman took to Twitter on Wednesday and stirred the pot.

One can visit and enter to win a fine semi-automatic modern musket.

Of course there was backlash. Democrat National Committee Communications Director Brad Woodhouse reacted to the news of Stockman's generosity by blasting him via Twitter.

He and others berated Stockman over pushing the same weapon that was used in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut back in December. I suppose if it were a DPMS or a Colt Ar-15 everything would be OK for liberals. Probably not, but they do like to pour on the guilty emotions, don't they?

Some followers though took up for Stockman. Linsman102 tweeted "and if the school had 1 guard on duty with an AR-15 those people would be alive today. A 'No Gun Zone' sign, BS."

Another chimed in, "How much would one of those teachers given to have one when Lanza came calling?"

Still another joked, "Will I have to do a background check?"

Well, you will have to go through a Federal Firearms License holder if you win. So yeah, you will have to have a background check. Someone please inform Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John Stewart that those things do take place when you purchase a gun at any FFL dealer.

UPDATE: I got this message once I entered:

Thanks for signing up for the free Bushmaster AR-15. Good luck!

As you know, I never have and never will compromise the right to keep
and bear arms. I'm proud to have a 100% lifetime rating from the NRA,
Gun Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights and
other pro-gun groups.

In just my first few weeks in Congress I have introduced bills to:

>> Overturn Obama's anti-gun Executive Orders (HR 410), with my friend Senator Rand Paul

>> Repeal so-called "Gun Free School Zones" (HR 35)

>> Oppose all anti-gun UN treaties (HR 575), and

>> Stop the government from confiscating the guns of veterans (HR 577)

That means Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg want to spend millions
to defeat me.

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  • kkc003

    now that's a way to promote yourself when running for office
    go Texas!

  • Txlawman516

    All these school shootings and stabbings are perpetrated by a bunch of libs. Maybe we need to outlaw the right to be a commie. Oh wait, we recognize the constitutionally protected rights of Woodbouse and his constituents to be idiots.
    Good for you Rep. Stockman, and good choice of firearm by the way.

  • Txmrs

    The nutcase that slaughtered the children and teachers at Newtown could very well have been set off by the color of someone's socks. Find that color and ban it for ever!

  • FreedomFighter

    He should include a CASE of AMMO with it . . . THAT would REALLY make a STATEMENT !!!

  • Johnny Glenn

    Well Mr. Brad Woodhouse, a SAW would be more fun to shoot but those are already illegal and rightly so. If you want to blame someone for the deaths of 26 people in Newtown, blame the pharmacies that produce Prozac, Ritalin, and Zoloft. You'll find that most of the mass murderers since Columbine have been prescribed at least one of these medicines.

    • Nillerz

      Why should an M249 be illegal?

    • patriot2

      or an M134?

    • Jim Soden

      A FULLY-AUTOMATIC M249 is NOT illegal to own! If you can find for sale, have NO felonies, get your fingerprints done, pay the ATF the $200.00 for the "stamp", then you are good to go. That is, providing your state hasn't passed any Unconstitutional law(s) making this "illegal". A few have, their time will come in the courts. :-) AND, a SEMI-AUTOMATIC M249 is available for sale without having to go through all of the above (well, no felonies). :-)

    • Nillerz

      a semi-auto M29 is just sad. :c

    • Jim Soden

      I know, but it IS better than NO M249, right? :-)

    • Nillerz

      it's a 17-pound belt fed. I couldn't bear to watch it in semi-auto.

    • patriot2

      not illegal if you can find one already registered with batfe.then you have to buy lots of ammo,or borrow from the dhs they should have plenty.

    • john4637

      Along with their medical cards they also had democrat voter registration cards!!