Obama's Abuses Of Power Are Assaults On Constitutional Liberties

Thinking of the abuses of government being experienced on the Obama watch one can think of the vaudevillian sketch "Slowly I Turned" as the assaults on citizen rights and constitutional liberties is played out front and center. 

First, the commandeering of records of the press which even though national security may be an issue, infringes on freedom of the press whether explicit or covert.  Who is to say that anyone of us will not be next if we write a column or a book or give a speech that questions the validity of government actions?

Second, the assault on the Second Amendment granting citizens the right to own weapons is tilted to gain sympathy for the innocents killed by the mentally ill, terrorists without borders and individuals on their own personal crusades whether vigilantes or jihadists.  But with a slight of hands, this same administration is willing to take aim at individual privacy and rights in the use of drones to spy and attack citizens without due process provided or allowing these citizens to face and know their accusers as constitutionally mandated.

Third is the misuse of the Internal Revenue Service to limit access to tax exemptions from those groups with Tea, Patriot or Conservative in their names.  Forgotten is that this same effort to overly scrutinize has long been suspected as applying to civil rights leaders or those with views not currently in favor during their time of operation.  But you haven't seen anything yet; for if the use of the IRS to make citizens comply with Obamacare isn't halted as Senator Tom Price and others are trying to do, havoc is going to be reeked on individual bank accounts to pay for health insurance that some might not have chosen.  What's to say the money set aside for rent or other necessities isn't that same money from your bank account the IRS will take without asking to pay for government mandated health insurance?

Fourth is the unraveling of parental responsibility and authority over their children.  Do parents have a right to a say in what their children are taught?  Does a Common Core curriculum being proposed throughout the nation step across this line?  Will the ability of minors to purchase the morning after pill as proposed by the Obama Administration's Health and Human Services and the Food Drug Administration cause unexpected bleeding and possible complications in minors who don't consult with physicians, parents or an adult before taking them?

Disturbing was and is the request to keep raising the national debt with no end in sight or a willingness to reduce non-essential spending, i.e. not spelled out in the US Constitution.  New taxes being proposed for air plane flyers ignores the millions made in excess baggage fees or the already sanctioned government subsidies which should instead be preferably removed. We are living in a nation where increasingly more is being demanded of government than it can afford to give and personal freedoms are being sacrificed on the altar of more government on the supposed notion of more security while individual responsibility loses ground to relativism, i.e. if it is important or relative to me, then it must be important or relative to you. 

Do you feel safer today than you did ten years ago?  At the price of my constitutional freedoms, I'll take a lot less government and keep my gun for my personal security.

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  • J J

    Obama should never have been nominated for President much less elected - twice!!! The more power he abuses, the more power he wants!! His head swells with power and that will not stop!!

  • popham

    An "abuse of power"? No my fellow Americans. It is pure, unadulterated treason
    and despotism with which we are faced. With the three major scandals currently
    assailing the White House, we are locked into a war with this administration.
    The government has become our enemy and they must now be defeated at
    all costs; otherwise, we go to third world status with a broken economy and
    a very sick culture and society.
    Good luck, America.

  • real talk 1

    I for one would really like to know just how much damage do we as Americans have to take in knowing what we know do we allow this clown to tear up the country or do we stop it or is it in the constitution that we let the country go to hell if that's where the president at the time wants to take the country , are we help less to let them be wrong or do we have some kind of way out . or do we just give in and say to hell with what I tried to accomplished , It would seem to me Congress should address the people as to what they should do .If the present administration has the power to end it lets stop screwing around with it give it to them or tell them to GO TO HELL.

  • phunyfarm

    Good read. Thanks!

  • KatladtWA

    Golly, they need to disarm Texas for the liberals to take over. I' m happy not to have spent my 78 yrs in an atmosphere like this. But, I have many descendants and I hope they get their rights back.

    Obama just made it impossible to keep our medical records private. This country better watch out for a big change. They are turning us into a third-world powerless arew. WATCH OUT, AMERICA!!!

  • Margarita

    Please remember to remove the U.S. from the unecessary compliance with the U.N. corruption to STOP the reduction of our population as part of their Agenda 21 project.

  • R.Young

    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

  • godlovsUall

    How much abuse of power does it take to get replaced? This is outrages!

    • SUSANM621