Obama Sends More US Troops To Mali As Benghazi Whistleblowers Are Set To Testify

As the names of the Benghazi whistleblowers are being revealed, prior to their testimony before Congress this coming week, things are beginning to stir a bit in war-torn Mali. Barack Obama informed Congress back in February that he had deployed US troops to Niger to assist French forces in neighboring Mali. Now, he is sending more troops there.

The Washington Post reports,

About 10 U.S. military personnel are in Mali to provide "liaison support" to French and African troops but are not engaged in combat operations, said Lt. Col. Robert Firman, a Pentagon spokesman. Twelve others are assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Bamako, the capital, he added.

The Pentagon had previously said that it had no intention of sending troops to Mali and that it would involve itself in the conflict only at arm's length — by providing aerial refueling to French warplanes and sharing intelligence with allies. It also said that it would ferry soldiers from neighboring African countries to Mali on U.S. troop transport planes but that the aircraft would not remain in the country.

"There is no consideration of putting any American boots on the ground at this time," Leon E. Panetta, then the secretary of defense, said Jan. 15, a few days after France intervened militarily in Mali to prevent Islamist fighters from taking control of the country.

I wrote back at the end of January informing you that the US was ready to supply $96 million in the Mali effort and put boots on the ground, at that time, for limited support of transport and intelligence assistance.

However, it was also being reported that the US military was also planning to set up a drone base in northwest Africa, near Mali. That project alone would mean that at least 300 US military service members and contractors would be required to operate the drone aircraft.

While thousands of troops from France have been in Mali since late January, we have heard from the Obama administration that "there is no consideration of putting boots on the ground" in Mali.

New York Amsterdam News draws a parallel between Vietnam and what is taking place in Mali. Herb Boyd writes:

Some Americans remember when President John F. Kennedy promised not to get involved in the war in Vietnam, but in 1961, more than a thousand advisors were dispatched to South Vietnam to help the South Vietnamese army. This was a secret operation and not made known to the public because it breached the 1954 Geneva Agreement.

Lt. Col. Robert Firman, a Pentagon spokesperson, said the troops will not be engaged in combat operations, but that's exactly what the government said in 1961.

When Adm. William H. McRaven, head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, was asked at a recent Armed Services Committee hearing if his troops were coordinating their efforts with the French military, he refused to elaborate on their mission in Mali. As early as last year, there were reports that France would be removing many of the 4,000 troops in Mali and possibly be replaced by U.N. Forces or, more forebodingly, by U.S. Special Forces in the same way the U.S. replaced the French in Vietnam.

The Washington Post adds, "The Obama administration has been prohibited by U.S. law from giving military aid to Mali since March 2012, when its democratically elected president was ousted in a coup. U.S. officials said they are legally permitted, however, to help French troops and forces from other African countries fighting in Mali."

"Since the coup," the WP article continues, "there have been signs that some U.S. Special Operations forces have been deployed to Mali on undeclared missions. In April 2012, three U.S. soldiers were killed in a mysterious car crash in Bamako."

America's presence in Africa is huge already. The map below, provided by Foreign Policy, shows the US military's presence on the continent. The article also has several aerial photos of US drone bases as well.

View U.S. military presence in Africa in a larger map

John Reed points out:

The United States may be deploying 10 additional troops to Mali, but that's just a drop in the bucket of the U.S. military's presence in Africa, which has been quietly building for the last decade. You've probably heard about the 2,000-troop hub at Camp Lemmonier, Djibouti, and the 100 special operators hunting Joseph Kony. But less is known about the handful of U.S. drone bases scattered across the continent and the dozens of exercises involving hundreds, if not thousands, of American troops (Click the placemarks on the map above for a quick description of what U.S. troops are doing in each country.)

A quick look at exercises and other activities conducted by U.S. Africa Command this spring alone reveals a U.S. military presence in more than a dozen countries -- from Cape Verde in the West to the Seychelles in the East and Morocco in the North. These exercises have shared medical techniques with the Nigerian military, provided intelligence training in Congo, trained special operators in Cameroon, and even included an East African Special Operations Conference in Zanzibar.

Just look at the U.S. Army's page on Africa to find even more examples of soldiers deploying to Africa.

Are we about to start engaging in another war to keep Benghazi out of the media spotlight? That seemed to work for one William Jefferson Clinton as I recall.




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  • http://www.facebook.com/jacqueline.lynn.940 Jacqueline Lynn

    When Americans were tortured and murdered in BENGHAZI they mocked Mitt Romney for calling it a TERRORIST ATTACK AND CALLING FOR STRONG REACTION! The IPO followed suit between his fund raisers with his elite in Vegas. More and more Romney is being proved to have been correct. He may have been too polite toward the President on this atrocity!
    During the debates Romney was interrupted and chastised by any obvious pro IPO fan when he again spoke the truth. This broke the rhythm of the debate and the lies of the IPO and the 'moderator' were not brought out until much later!
    Romney also warned of rising terrorist problems in Chad and Mali, only to be mocked by the lying IPO once again!
    Romney's biggest mistake in his campaign was to say this IPO was a "good man" and "loyal to the US"! Both proven more and more to be WRONG!

  • DockyWocky

    I bet Obama's Rules of Engagement for these troops doesn't allow them to carry any shooters, and requires them to not engage in any hostile action against the moslem terrorist in Mali.

  • kbcab

    Obama informed congress that he had already deployed troops , without consulting them , and he is sending more , did you hear that congress you are not needed for decisions and if you don't start impeachment because of this then you are useless..Obama 's sending more troops to stir things up hoping the whistle-blowers will be eliminated...

  • ARMYOF69

    Beware of buying LIVESCRIBE pens...they do not work, and LIVESCRIBE will not support you when the pen does not work.

  • stonemike

    Not one American should be asked to give their life when the 'so called" president is an operative for an ideology that seeks to destroy the nation! Let the skinny, ugly, cowardly bas--rd in the White House prove his valor and commitment to our Constitution before even one more American kid dies! I never believed I could ever feel the way I do about the American govt, IT IS THE ENEMY, and I would help finance my grandsons leaving this country before ever serving in a conflict designed to further weaken our nation! I OWE NO ALLEGIANCE TO THE FEDERAL GOVT, but I owe it to our forefathers to fight oppression and "megalomaniacs" like obammi!

  • HongryHawg

    The oath normally taken by participants in the United States Armed Forces is a significant oath. The oath itself hasn't changed but what the oath means has. It's pathetic that traitors who send our youth to war and demand they abide by this oath taken since the birth of this nation are allowed to spit on their own oath and expect a false patriotism to push citizens into these conflicts that only serve them and not this nation. No child of mine will be encouraged to fight for treason. We are past the point that these traitors can even utter the word patriotism, let alone invoke citizens to fight and give their lives for their political games. Politicians be damned!

    • ARMYOF69

      I'm with you.

    • kent

      Took the words from my mouth ! Thanks ( Vietnam 1968}

  • geneww1938

    Raymond does a great job with the facts and applies them logically. Here is a non religious, purely factual proof of who authored the Bible http://jc.does-it.net.

  • kent

    US was ready to supply $96 million in the Mali effort

    Hey OBOZO, remember the hurricane victims, Military amputees who need help, veterans that need medical ??????? You cannot buy friends, TAKE CARE OF AMERICA FIRST !!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.christopher.393 Ronald Christopher

      Where is the 96 million coming from?

    • kent

      Shucks,,,,,,,, from China, or put it on the cuff ??

    • okihadit

      why, he hates AMERICA and IT'S PEOPLE!

    • kent

      Hate to admit it but I think you are correct :(

  • Raymond

    Does God have His Children in America?
    The answer is obviously yes

    Is America a Christian Nation?
    The answer is obviously no.....

    And yet, some still mistakenly believe America
    is a Christian nation.

    Let's examine the evidence..........

    Fact 1). On November 06, 2012, it's reported that 65,600,425 people voted for a Muslim named Barack Hussein Obama. Let's take a closer look at Obama.

    1). He's a muslim.
    2). He was born in Kenya.
    3). He's made it very clear that he's against Israel.
    4). He supports homosexuality.
    5). He supports lesbianism.
    6). He supports sodomites getting married.
    7). He supports placing America under muslim law.
    8). He wants to place a muslim flag over the White House.
    9). He supports the cold-blooded murder of a child in the mothers
    10). He supports placing children with homosexuals and lesbians
    so they can be sexually molested.
    11). He supports so-called "Hate-Crime" laws which makes
    talking about God's laws a crime punishable by imprisonment.
    Hate crime laws are really aimed at silencing God's children.

    Fact 2). God's Word is now considered "hate" material
    and talking about God's laws is considered a "hate" crime.

    Fact 3). Sodomy is legal.

    Fact 4). To the best of my knowledge at least 10 states allow
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    Fact 5). Murdering a child in the mothers womb is legal.
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    murdered in cold blood...

    Fact 6). Placing a Cross in a jar of urine is called art.

    Fact 7). Profanity is called free speech.

    Fact 8). Lesbians now have legal access to
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    The reason they want access to little girls is
    obvious. Many Senators and Congressmen
    support child molestation.

    Fact 9). There are well over 2100 mosques in America,
    with more being built every year. This would not be possible
    without the help of the Senate, the Congress and the legal system.

    • Randy131

      Queers and lesbians are not made by GOD, which they know but lie about. They are indoctrinated and initiated at a very young age by older adult diviates. All queers and lesbians are pedophiles, but won't admit it and are very careful not to get caught at converting the young to their deviant lifestyle, and this fear of getting caught doing so causes them to seek long term relationships with others of their own age, but they will revert to the young if they believe they won't get caught.

    • Daniel from TN

      From its beginning to a few years ago the USA was a Christian nation.
      Today, the USA is a post-Christian nation.
      Sometime in the next few years the USA will become an anti-Christian nation. The first steps towards that status have already been taken. More steps are in the works and ARE coming. This anti-Christian environment will occur because the Bible has stated it will occur in the end times, which we are fast approaching.

    • Raymond

      It's all down hill from here.

    • Dee Lee

      Does it make sense that a Muslim would support homosexuals and abortion? Wonder what BO is up to?

    • DockyWocky

      He's only moslem second. You forget, he's a politician and been paid for supporting homos and abortion.

    • futurelife

      You call this a CHRISTIAN nation. I want my nation back which my past presidents from the past gave to me. This man is a sick-o. But our true GOD will punish him if mot to late for all of us. The bible is not in his vocabulary to protect us or our children or our great grand children. Those PRESIDENTS

    • Raymond

      America has rejected God and is suffering for it.