Why Is A Resolution To Investigate Benghazi Languishing In Committee For 3 Months?

Earlier this week I wrote letting you know that over 700 retired Special Forces signed an open letter to the United States House of Representatives demanding that there be a select committee be formed by Congress to investigate the attack that took place on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. Well, here's something. Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) put forth a House Resolution to that effect back on January 18, 2013 and do you know where it's gotten since that time? It's languishing in committee.

Rep. Wolf introduced H. Res 36, establishing a select committee to investigate and report on the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and on the same day it was referred to committee. Nothing has been done with it. For nearly three months this resolution has sat silent.

At the time the following names were listed on those submitting the resolution:

Mr. WOLF (for himself, Mr. BARLETTA, Mr. ADERHOLT, Mr. FRANKS of Arizona, Mr. WEBER of Texas, Mr. POSEY, Mr. WITTMAN, Mr. GRIFFIN of Arkansas, Mr. SCHOCK, Mr. MEEHAN, Mr. KING of Iowa, Mr. DUNCAN of South Carolina, Mr. OLSON, Mr. JOHNSON of Ohio, Mr. WILSON of South Carolina, Mr. BROOKS of Alabama, Mr. GERLACH, Mr. BRADY of Texas, Mr. MCKINLEY, Mr. JORDAN, and Mr. FLORES).

According to the resolution, the committee would consist of 19 members as follows:

(1) The chair and ranking member of the Committee on Armed Services (or a designee from among the members of that committee).

(2) The chair and ranking member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (or a designee from among the members of that committee).

(3) The chair and ranking member of the Committee on Homeland Security (or a designee from among the members of that committee).

(4) The chair and ranking member of the Committee on Intelligence (or a designee from among the members of that committee).

(5) The chair and ranking member of the Committee on the Judiciary (or a designee from among the members of that committee).

(6) The chair and ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (or a designee from among the members of that committee).

(7) Five members appointed by the Speaker.

(8) Two members appointed by the Speaker after consultation with the minority leader.

This committee would be given 90 days from their initial meeting to conduct an investigation and issue a report to the House. That report would contain:

(1) any intelligence known to the United States relating to the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012;

(2) any requests for additional security, or actions taken by Federal agencies to improve security at the consulate before the attack;

(3) a definitive timeline of the attack;

(4) how the relevant agencies and the executive branch responded to the attack and whether appropriate congressional notifications were made;

(5) any improper conduct by officials relating to the attack;

(6) recommendations on what steps Congress and the President should take to prevent future attack; and

(7) any other relevant issues relating to the attack or the response to the attack.

Republicans control the House. Why are they not moving on this? Why is it languishing in committee?

Congressman Wolf's office spoke with Freedom Outpost today and confirmed that they have 89 co-sponsors, all Republicans, noting that they had 70 on Monday and that they are hopeful to obtain over 100 by the weekend.

Keith Sessions (R-TX) heads the committee the resolution is in. His office has not yet responded to inquiries about why the resolution continues to sit in committee.

Contact your representative here and ask them if they have added their names to this list and if they haven't ask why not. This resolution needs to be brought to the House floor and voted on and this committee established. The truth of what happened and why in Benghazi needs to be exposed.

UPDATE: At least 106 lawmakers have now signed onto the resolution thanks to you letting your voice be heard in the House of Representatives.

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  • lokiswife

    The only way the bill will make it through the House is if all the angry people in this country stand up and demand that their reps sign on as co-sponsors or promise to vote for the bill if it gets out of the committee. The bill is posted at thomas.gov in the 113th Congress, listed in the House Resolutions as H Res36 sponsored by Frank Wolf. Don't forget - those reps swore to represent us, if we don't let them know what we want, they will do whatever Obama tells them to do.... Last week Senator Lindsey Graham said "he has spoken with several Benghazi survivors, and they fear opening their mouths. They have been told to be quiet, their story is chilling and they feel afraid to tell it". -Deroy Murdock, National Review Online.

  • http://twitter.com/DonBahn1 Don Bahn

    For the same reason a farmer had to go to court to have his 1st amendment rights respected when he was arrested for having a sign on his property that told the truth about Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.ralicki John Ralicki

    i have a short musical shout out on Benghazi if youd like to hear it 30seconds

  • VeeDub57

    Because they're "Skeered"! They know it's going to go all the way to obama, and they know as soon as they try to do something to him, they'll be tarred as racists, or the black community to start more race riots. It's what they do!

    • Peanuts-and-Shells

      Then BRING IT! It is WAY past time!

  • jdelaney3

    Boehner has clearly made a calculated political decision to thwart formation of the select investigative committee. What the justifiable basis of that decision utterly escapes me. Looks like the DC elites are circling the wagons to protect their own. How principled.

  • SSMcDonald

    "Why Is A Resolution To Investigate Benghazi Languishing In Committee For 3 Months?" A dishonest CONGRESS is being manipulated and paid to keep quiet is the ONLY answer.

  • Jude O'Connor

    The over up is tremendous, live coverage showed their cries for help were ignored for many hours. This is very dirty and the lies that were sworn to be the truth only intensified the filth. We'll probably know the truth years from now. I'm sure it will be well scrubbed by then.

  • devilrider

    Because the entire liberal regime is so corrupt it is unbelievable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jfbrookbank John Brookbank

    Let the militarily police do the work, with the 2 CO's that where relived of duty that night ! the court trial by public to check for bias crap then hang the ones that did this to those men !! no justice to killers is the worst of the worst you cannot replace men at all to the families, any lies from anyone that get caught , take them to jail !

  • Bob2002

    i can answer the question. John Boehner. He is an Obama lover and will not do anything to dispose him for what he really is. Boehner is a RINO and needs to go. Vote him out in 2014. Ohio, are you listening? Do your job and get rid of this RINO whose only job is to protect Obama by punishing his own Party.

    • jlbs

      Boehner's number: 202-225-6205

      From the article, it sounds as if they need 11 more co-sponsors to sign on before they take it to a committee? I'm ashamed to say I don't really know how this works, but that's what I understood from the article. I am going to call all my reps from my state, R and D, and ask them if they are on the list and, if not, why not. Should be interesting.

  • R.Young

    There is a very simple answer to this question. As that most wonderful former Secretary fo State said "It's Over". With that being said nobody cares!

    • http://twitter.com/TheHarvestMovie Rocky Mountain Media

      The families of those brutally murdered care Mr Young.

    • R.Young

      Notice I said "Nobody Cares" (the REGIME /Elected Officials) We the People do but the Regime doesn't care about us either. Take it for what it is worth!

  • calico_kitty

    please, everyone contact your representatives! those families and the american people deserve the truth. this should not be languishing on and many of us WILL NOT GIVE UP DEMANDING THE TRUTH.

    • Bob2002

      Won't do any good to write our representatives. John Boehner can block anything from happening in the House just a Harry Reid is doing in the Senate. If Boehner wanted something to happen on Benghazi, it would have already happened. He is protecting Obama and Hillary.

    • jlbs

      See Boehner's number above.