Voter Fraud Trial May Demonstrate Obama Never Qualified In 2008

Questions will soon be answered as to whether or not Barack Hussein Obama actually qualified to be on the 2008 Presidential ballot as the trial gets underway for a former Democrat Party official and a Board of Elections worker who are accused of submitting illegitimate signatures on petitions that enabled both Obama and Hillary Clinton to qualify for the race in Indiana.

Fox News reports,

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic Party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. faces multiple felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe is charged with nine felony forgery counts and one felony count of falsely making a petition of nomination. The proceedings began Monday in South Bend.

Morgan is accused of being the mastermind behind the plot, by allegedly ordering Democratic officials and workers to fake the names and signatures that Obama and Clinton needed to qualify for the presidential race. Blythe, then a Board of Elections employee and Democratic Party volunteer, has been accused of carrying out those orders by forging signatures on Obama's petitions.

Two former Board of Elections officials have already pleaded guilty to charges related to the scheme and could testify against Morgan and Blythe.

Former board worker Beverly Shelton, who allegedly was assigned the task of forging the petitions for Hillary Clinton, pleaded guilty in March to charges of forgery and falsely making a petition. The board's former Democratic head of voter registration, Pam Brunette, pleaded guilty in April to felony forgery, official misconduct, and falsifying a petition.

Under state law presidential candidates must obtain 500 signatures from each of the state's nine congressional districts. In the Second Congressional District, which is St. Joseph County, Obama's campaign only got 534 signatures, while campaign rival Hillary Clinton got 704.

Prosecutors in the case claim that nine of the petition pages of signatures for Obama were forged. Each of the pages contain ten names which makes it possible that up to 90 names were forged. This means Barack Obama would have been ineligible (not that he isn't ineligible on other grounds) should he fall under the legal limit required to qualify. Clinton on the other hand still had a significant amount of petition signatures to meet the threshold of 500.

One Indiana State Police investigator, who investigated the petitions, said in court papers that "selected names at random from each of the petition pages and contacted those people directly. We found at least one person (and often multiple people) from each page who confirmed that they had not signed" petitions "or given consent for their name and/or signature to appear."

If you recall, this is the very thing that tripped up Newt Gingrich up in the Republican primaries when he failed to get on the ballot in Virginia because authorities claimed that hundreds of signatures on his campaign's petitions were fraudulent. One campaign worker pleaded guilty and another is still facing charges.

UPDATE: A guilty verdict has been reached in the trial.

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House.

Morgan was accused of being the mastermind behind the plot.

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235 thoughts on “Voter Fraud Trial May Demonstrate Obama Never Qualified In 2008

  1. When the greater state of california's 54 votes go to the Rock stare and chef when it looked like not half the state voted him that didn't help

  2. Can they impeach Obama for this? I guess they won't do anything as usual.

  3. when you live under a ruler that calls illegals, undocumented workers and muslim backed terrorists are called everything but what they are and an administration that blames a video for Benghazi and states that did not require voter i.d. have Obama winning by, 125% of the voters and more in some districts, one district turning in votes totaling over 200% of the voters registered.
    obamas social security number was originally issued to someone else, he is, without a doubt a fantastic liar, in fact, he lies better than the best conservative on earth can tell the truth.
    Why is this? simple, we let it happen, we went about our lives and day by day legislation was passed, taxes where implemented to the point that we are being taxed on taxes that have already been paid. we can no longer barter, we are taxed on purchases made over the internet, our rights have slowly been taken from us. WE HAVE TO PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH! Read that last one over and over until the full impact registers in your mind.
    Folks, all I can say is slowly, bit by bit, we are losing our country, our children, for the most part, are brainwashed in public schools so that they no longer believe as we do.
    If WE THE PEOPLE do not stand up and demand our CONSTITUTIONAL rights be the law of the land, ALL IS LOST. The supreme court has disgraced this country and our constitution by taking a simple document, written to endure for the peoples rights forever, and twisted its words around until it favored their political agenda! Exactly what it was written to protect us from. Welcome to the second stage of socialism, welcome Obama and his millions of supporters, who by the way, even though they do not realize it, are going to be the biggest losers.

  4. MR.B.O is NOT Qualified if not for any other reason,HE is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!
    NO Qualified!

  5. JEANNIEMAC2 says:

    In every state with voter ID, Romney won. If there had been voter ID in the other states, Romney would be sitting in the White House, and our nation would not be in the cesspool of corruption brought about by Obama.

  6. obama bin laden and his puppets still have their big broom, and know how, and will use it, to sweep this under the rug as they have with all the other corruption.

  7. Obama is ineligible 10 ways to Sunday, but he has so much elitist power backing him we can't get the judges to get him out of there!

    About the next election being legit, I'll believe it when I see it! I heard last night a remote viewer saying there would not be an election in 2016.