Texas Attorney General Blasts Obama Over UN Arms Trade Treaty

In a letter sent to Barack Obama by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, he blasted the President over his double speak concerning the Second Amendment. He noted that Obama claimed support for the Second Amendment prior to the 2012 elections, but then pointing out that the day following the election he gave his support to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (UNATT). The Texas AG also demonstrated just why the UNATT should not even be considered by the United States, despite it being overwhelmingly passed. Should Texas ever secede from the Union, I might just decide to hang my hat there unless South Carolina does the same. Then I'll stay put.

Here's Abbott's letter:

April 2, 2013

Sent via facsimile and U.S. mail

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington. DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

The Arms Trade Treaty agreed to today by the United Nations (UN) is a threat to Americans' Constitutional liberty. I urge you to reject that treaty. If you sign it, and if the U.S. Senate ratifies the treaty, Texas will lead the charge to have the treaty overturned in court as a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

America is exceptional in part because our Constitution safeguards our individual liberties -- including the right to keep and bear arms enshrined in the Second Amendment. During your reelection campaign, you consistently claimed to support Second Amendment rights. Yet the day after you won reelection, you announced your support for the Arms Trade Treaty, a UN agreement on firearms restrictions. That treaty:

  • Fails to recognize the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms or the right to defend one's family, person, and property;
  • Empowers a new UN bureaucracy focused on firearms restrictions that will be run by international bureaucrats who are not accountable to the people of the United States;
  • Employs vague and sweeping language that could be used for any number of future restrictions on Second Amendment rights; and
  • Places no defined limits on the UN's power to interfere with Second Amendment rights.

The UN has concluded its negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty. It is now up to you to sign it - or reject it. Do not sign this treaty.

Agreeing to the treaty does more than trample Second Amendment rights. It also threatens to erode all liberties guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution by establishing the precedent that the UN has some level of authority to govern our lives. The very reason we fought for independence was to free ourselves from dictates by leaders in other lands. This treaty contradicts the underpinning philosophy of our country.

I recognize that the ostensible purpose of the treaty is to combat the illegal international trade of weapons into third-world war zones. The treaty could, however, draw law-abiding gun owners and gun store operators into a complex web of bureaucratic red tape created by a new department at the UN devoted to overseeing the treaty. For instance, the treaty appears to lay the groundwork for an international gun registry overseen by the bureaucrats at the UN.

The treaty also contains a vague and open-ended call for heightened domestic regulation of imported firearms, which make up a large percentage of the market for new firearms in this country. Indeed, the most troubling aspect of the treaty is the vagueness of its language. As with most so-called international-law documents promulgated by the UN, the draft treaty is not written using the precise, unambiguous language required of a good legal document. Instead, the treaty employs sweeping rhetoric and imprecise terminology that could be used by those who seek to undermine our liberties to impose any number of restrictions on the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.

Treaties do not trump constitutional liberties. Even if you, as the President, signed and the Senate ratified the UN Arms Trade Treaty, our Constitution remains the Supreme Law of the Land and would supersede any treaty provision that violated Second Amendment rights. When the Constitution says, "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed," it means no one--including the UN--can infringe that right.

These principles have long been recognized by the United States Supreme Court. In Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, (1957), the Supreme Court ruled that the United States cannot use its treaty power to violate Constitutional rights. In that case, an international agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom provided that dependents of American service members stationed in the UK would be tried for crimes by military tribunal and thus deprived of certain Sixth Amendment rights, including the right to trial by jury. When the wife of an American serviceman was accused of murder and convicted by a military court, the Supreme Court reversed the conviction. The Court rightly concluded that ‘no agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on the Congress, or on any other branch of Government, which is free from the restraints of the Constitution." Id. at 16. In a passage that should be required reading in our public schools, the Supreme Court affirmed that "The United States is entirely a creature of the Constitution. Its power and authority have no other source. It can only act in accordance with all the limitations imposed by the Constitution." Id. at 5-6. For that reason, the Supreme Court "has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty." Id. at 17.

As Reid v. Covert demonstrates, the Second Amendment is by no means the only constitutional right that can be threatened by international agreements. Regardless of their position on gun rights, all Americans should oppose any treaty that does not adequately protect our constitutional rights. If the Second Amendment can be trusted to international organizations that do not share our constitutional traditions, then why not the First Amendment? Why not the Fourth Amendment or the Fifth Amendment?

Our Nation's Bill of Rights is a rare and precious thing. It does not exist anywhere else in the world. And the UN cannot be trusted with it. The UN includes foreign governments that have shown hostility to the kinds of constitutional liberties guaranteed to Americans. All Americans are harmed when unaccountable international bodies like the UN are empowered to interfere with our protected freedoms.

If the UN Arms Trade Treaty is ratified or applied in a way that violates the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms, it will be null and void. That will be little comfort, however, to law-abiding gun owners who would no doubt wonder why the United States entered into a treaty that empowers the UN to interfere with their Second Amendment rights. Rather than reach that point, the better course is to stop the treaty before the Senate can even consider it.

If the UN Arms Trade Treaty is not stopped at the federal level, I -- and my fellow state attorneys general -- will take up the fight to preserve the Constitution. Ratification of this treaty would compel immediate legal action to enforce the Constitution's guarantee that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The reality is that Abbot has called Obama out for his lies concerning arms and the Second Amendment. While Obama said that the gun lobby lied about the bills that were defeated yesterday in the Senate, the one really telling lies is Obama himself. He cannot be trusted and he has demonstrated that over and over.

Kudos to AG Abbott for standing against this treasonous treaty and do what is in his own power to do should the treaty be ratified.

The fact that the Treaty will not be ratified in the Senate is pretty much a foregone conclusion. The Senate has already voted (53-46) "to uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty."

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188 thoughts on “Texas Attorney General Blasts Obama Over UN Arms Trade Treaty

  1. moonnbeamm2000 says:

    YAAHOO for TEXAS and our Attorney General. Obama speaks with the tongue of a viper. He lies so much that people need to start calling him out on it during his blabbing. Wake up people! Obama is a dyed in the wool COMMUNIST and he has and will harm our country everyday that he is in office. He needs to be impeached. Nixon was an innocent compared to Obama.

  2. More treason by the mulatto Hitler. When are we going to try, convict and hang this human vermin?

  3. John Paul Jones says:

    We should get out of the un and stop all funding of this injustice! stop all foreign aid and start thing of our own people here in the good U.S.A.

  4. Obama would just love for the Muslim controlled UN to have some control over the people and the law in America. What we really need to worry about are those 46 senators that voted for the gun bill. That's not much of a majority vote. It would have only taken 5 votes for the decision to have gone the other way. Those 46 senators are Obama
    Drones and need to be voted out of office. Harry Reid and Feinstein being the commie rats that they are, need to be tried for treason along with Der Komindant Obama. It is imperative that we take control of the Senste in the next election to put some restraints on the fraud that has usurped the presidency of America.

  5. Abbott is a liar. Anyone who has actually read the treaty knows that it leaves our sovereignty intact and will in no way affect our Second Amendment rights. The only Americans who will take a hit are those trying to sell guns outside the United States for mostly nefarious purposes, and those immoral scum should have their legs cut right out from under them

  6. What am I saying that is not agreed with? You do not add my comment?

  7. You forget that He has stated on many occasions that He hates the USA and wasts to destroy it! So far, the congress has allowed him to do just that without even slowing him down, one iota! That, to me says that they agree with him! and all deserve to be thrown out and new ones sent in!

  8. Gribackalert says:

    BHO When does the impeachment start and where do I sign!!! On the un why are we still hosting them, why are we supporting them and why do we put up with there shitnaegins!!! Never trust a man who would through his momma under the bus!!!

  9. Dean Wedgwood says:

    Yes and Joe the sherriff and Joe the Plummer and for ironic notion. My finacee Grace Joe Son of WWII vet B-17

  10. Go to 'Obama's plan to destroy America hatched at Columbia
    Univ., says classmate,'-you tube.

  11. Say no to the treaty and get us out of the U.N. Another one of my concerns is the U.N. Agenda 21.

  12. @Bill Montagne: Amen to the TX AG making a legitimate POTUS. I'm in. Maybe He and Rand Paul can run together.

  13. How many votes in the Senate do the democrats have to push though Obama's Fail-safe if the first attempts to regulate citizens fire arms failed? here it comes in the back door with international support for disarming all nations for their one world order. Strange how it follows the Communistic Marxism that dominates Obama's life. And all the 70 or so democratic socialist or communist that follow his agenda in lock step and those rather repulsive Members we call "RINO" what ever the Law that is about to pass for some reason they are always a reason for their votes that is rewarded. He a Constitutional Lawyer by schooling supposedly, A whole new Yvonne Davis sort, that is willing to show the nation that he is in charge and is not forced to follow the Constitution, even going so far to sacrifice Americans once again to appease the Muslim Brotherhoods power growth. Just look what he forced through to help supply them in Egypt with new equipment, M1A1 Abrams Battle tanks, we had already trained them in the USA military how to use them to Help keep Egypt more westernized and could be persuaded to hold off attacks on Israel. Then he sent them a wing of F-16 fighter bombers, then as a bonus gift Obama and the democrats sent them backing to purchase two top of the line German Submarines, "And tell them what they got In the Home audience, Bob!" they got to pay for it, and then for the Syrian branch of the felicitous Muslim Brotherhood, Oh no one told them not to kill the Ambassador even though he was Very "Gay" OH-OH the American Military was there. And still the secret deal was passed through, accepted as if a sacrifice of doing business with such honorable Statesmen.

  14. I tried to warn everyone that Obummer was a communist. No one wanted to listen. There are still a lot of fools that believe in him. Absolutely sick.

  15. Thanks Mr. Abbott! Maybe a word or two of your letter will actually be heard or "felt" by BHO. The man in the Offal Office damn sure hasn't listened to my letters or to letters, comments and aired broadcasts where the majority of Americans have cited chapter and verse along Constitutional boundaries. He has turned deaf ears, not just on firearms, but many other important topics, as well