“Religion Of Peace”: Islamists Destroy Dozens of WW2 Headstones

I suppose the following video will be understood as a "peaceful" protest by Muslims who claim to believe in a "religion of peace." However, this is exactly a demonstration of the kind of disregard and disrespect Islam has for the Western civilization. Watch as armed vandals smash and destroy dozens of headstones of Allied and Italian service members who were laid to rest in a Word War II cemetery in Benghazi. They then had the audacity to post their desecration online.

CBS reported the incident, which took place on February 24 and 26, 2012.

The U.K. Foreign Office said that on February 24 and 26 hundreds of headstones in two British military cemeteries in Benghazi were vandalized. Markers identifying Christian or Jewish war dead were damaged or broken.

In video re-posted on YouTube the men (including the videographer) are seen kicking over or smashing headstones. One man takes a hammer to a ceremonial Cross of Remembrance.

Men are heard saying of the dead, "They are dogs."

The BBC reports that a group of older people intervened during the attack on the British Military Cemetery, preventing further desecration.

As Bradlee Dean has pointed out, young people in America, once they understand why these men gave their lives and understand that it was to protect the freedoms God has given, then they would openly be opposed to such desecration. Where is the outrage over this? There obviously was none from the Obama administration, just like there was no outrage from the Obama administration over the burning of Bibles in Afghanistan, but there was an apology for the burning of Korans.

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  • tommy2guns

    why do my comments have to wait moderation because I'm a CHRISTIAN if I was a muslim making Anti American comments and cheering on those that did tis Disrespectful and disgusting act

  • seadog12

    Things have really gone to hell in North Africa since the 1960s. I worked as a petroleum consultant (1965-1970). In Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya Americans were admired and respected. We wandered the streets met & talked locals, drank tea with them, gave the kids candy and small gifts. The natives wanted to know about America. In Algiers, after their civil war which gave them independence, I was asked to go down to the souk and meet their compatriots who fought in the revolution. As I drank chi with them they spoke of how their revolution was like the American Revolution. They admired America- it was not the great Satan of today.

    Islam is a religion of peace and good will. However there has always been a militant element which hates all those they consider to be non-believers - infidels. This includes Christians, Jews, and anyone who does not subscribe to Islamic beliefs. These are the terrorists that we are at war with. The impoverished Arab is easily led and joins in the riots and demonstrations - some become bomb throwers, but obviously most do not. We, Americans, had better recognize that finding the bomb throwers is an almost impossible task, but we should not condemn every Moslem because of the few who are terrorists - like less than a quarter of 1% of a billion Moslems - still it comes to 3 or 4 million who must be considered terrorists.