Marco Rubio Called Out For “Lying Like Democrats” About Immigration

On Wednesday, author Ann Coulter blasted Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for his support of the immigration reform bill which is being put forth by the "Gang of Eight" that he is a part of. Her headline was classic Coulter, "IF RUBIO'S AMNESTY IS SO GREAT, WHY IS HE LYING?". In it, she proceeds to expose the obvious problems with the Florida Senator's proposed immigration legislation.

"When Republicans start lying like Democrats, you can guess they are pushing an idea that's bad for America," the conservative author wrote. "During his William Ginsburg-like tour of the Sunday talk shows last weekend, Sen. Marco Rubio was the Mount Vesuvius of lies about his immigration bill."

Coulter pointed to Rubio's appearance on Fox News Sunday, in which he explained the powerful border-enforcing mechanism, which he denied was merely a meaningless goal. He said, "Basically, Homeland Security will have five years to meet that goal. If after five years, Homeland Security has not met that number, it will trigger the Border Commission, who will then take over this issue for them."

Coulter then sarcastically commented, "So the water torture awaiting the Department of Homeland Security if it fails to secure the border is ... ANOTHER GOVERNMENT COMMISSION WILL BE CREATED! Take that, Homeland Security! Ha -- we have you now!
The only thing more frightening than 'another government commission' is a 'strongly worded letter.'"

Coulter is correct. I'm sure DHS is quaking in their collective jackboots over the threat that if they don't meet a demand in five years they will be threatened with another commission that will simply offer rhetoric.

While Rubio claims that his plan isn't amnesty because "amnesty is anything that says 'do it illegally, it will be cheaper and easier.'" However, he claims that it's "cheaper, faster and easier for people to go back home and wait 10 years," which is what the law requires "than it will be to go through this process that I've outlined."

So wait, if it's cheaper, faster and easier to do it lawfully, why is he not promoting following the law? Why is he promoting legislation that is basically amnesty by another name, mainly a "path to citizenship."

Coulter then points out:

Rubio keeps trotting out the canard about the bounty of taxes we're going to collect from millions more minimum-wage workers when illegals are legalized, stoutly asserting: "In order to keep this legal status, you must be gainfully employed and you must be paying taxes."

It's as if he's talking to someone who has never been to America and is unfamiliar with its tax system.

By "paying taxes," Rubio means "filing a tax return and getting a payment back from the government in the form of the earned income tax credit." Another term for what Rubio calls "paying taxes" is "receiving welfare" -- which newly legalized illegals will start receiving right away under Rubio's plan. The only tax they'll pay is the same tax they pay now: sales tax.

But, incomprehensibly, Rubio swore up and down that the newly legalized illegal immigrants won't get government benefits: "And then they don't qualify for any federal benefits. This is an important point. No federal benefits, no food stamps, no welfare, no Obamacare."

How on Earth does Rubio plan to enforce this "important point"?

So far there is no word on how this will be enforced except through some form of ID verification, which would be an imposition on law abiding Americans as well. That certainly is something we don't need, more Federal intrusion into our lives by way of our employment.

She also wonders about the children of illegals and points to the insanity of the interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment that we have been led to believe is true. She writes,

"It seems that, after the Civil War, what the framers of the 14th Amendment had at the top of their agenda was not invalidating the Dred Scott decision and confirming the citizenship of former slaves, but ensuring that, a century hence, the children of any foreigners who manage to sneak into the country illegally and give birth would become full-fledged U.S. citizens."

All illegal aliens do not fall into the category of Hispanic nor do they all fall into a category of people that are on welfare. However, Coulter points out that Hispanic women have a higher illegitimate birthrate than any other ethnic groups in America, including blacks and that 71% of illegal immigrant households with children collect federal benefits.

She concludes, "If you think Republicans are Hispandering now, wait until the children of 20 million illegal aliens start to vote. Rubio's amnesty isn't just bad for America, it's the end of America."

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  • pjm42744

    Finally someone who has the courage to tell the truth, politicians from both parties lying who would ever imagine that. Rubio has ambitions of being president and must raise a huge amount of money like others before him he is willing to not only lie but to sell our country and its peoples welfare. With high unemployment and dependency on government services because of flooding the market with foreign workers Rubio is providing those that bought his soul the cheap labor they request. Other politicians sell to those that want a socialist government and Amnesty and immigration reform that will bring many more millions of legal immigrants that historically vote that way. We must stand and stop this now, then start elect people who love this country and its people instead of politicians who only look out for their own personal wealth.

  • Vic Bailey

    Tell them Ann, the American people are being duped again, our health care would be a lot less expensive if we had the INVADERS that are collecting it, back in their country, I don't see Rubio or any of the other traitors willing to give their salary to pay for any INVADER, YET, they want us to pay for them, and let OUR PEOPLE go to Hell, WRONG! It's time to stand up and start taking care of us FIRST, let their countries take care of them! Semper Fi.

  • Chew

    If Rubio were a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,his alligence would not be devided.Remember,his dad was a cuban citizen at the time of Rubios birth.Just like Barry!

  • Ed Scott

    Florida, you elected Rubio.

    What are you going to do about it?

  • William G Munson

    They are here illegally they are crimminals and should be put in jail. We have americans in jail for theft and holdups even if they didn,t get anything and writing bad checks, that is alright and they are americans but these are illegals and they don,t put them in jail, so that is decrimanation right there!!

  • truthabounds

    Rubio the rat, are there any honest people in politics????

  • Charles Dykes

    He has 'stepped in it' as us southerners say when someone makes a really stupid mistake they will not be able to make go away. He is finished as a Conservative.

  • SheilaRae

    I thought Rubio was a good conservative guy, but now I remember the saying "if something seems too good to be true, it usually IS." Rubio must be working behind closed doors with is urging corporations to hire immigrants before natural born Americans, and Rubio's plan will provide the manpower. Do you get it yet, America? We have got to get off our behinds and have a march in DC and in every home town of every democrat and every RINO. We also have to get a voting system that can't be tampered with, and we have to support and perhaps CLONE Rand Paul. We have to put people in DC that care about our country more than their wallets.

  • VocalYokel

    There are a great number of competent, professional Law Enforcement Officers at the DHS, but, while appearing inept and ineffectual, they are being hamstrung by this administration through ongoing demands that they ignore immigration law and immigrant status, the lack of funding for critical enforcement efforts, corruption on the federal level that would not be tolerated in most countries, and a weak-kneed, slack-jawed, spineless Congress whose sole concern is being re-elected and continuing to ride on the Taxpayer-funded gravy train.

  • Wayne Bauer

    She got this one dead on, it's just a minor point but the rest should be coming to public day by day. Where do we find media that tells the uneducated citizenry what's happening??

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      What media?