The Jihad Is Out Of The Bottle In America: The Obfuscation & Denial Has To Stop

The surviving Boston jihadi has caught, and the mainstream media is now turning to the question of Why? The Washington Post ran a story headlined, “Search for why begins.” Chicago Tribune had “Boston Marathon bombing investigation turns to motive.” The Huffington Post ran as a headline the single word: “Why?”

Why, indeed? Why do the media cover up, obfuscate and mislead the American people about the gravest national security threat this nation faces? Why do the enemedia viciously attack anyone who is brave enough to suffer the libel, defamation and death threats that follow speaking out against jihad and Shariah? This is a sickness – a societal death wish and orgy of self-hatred. The furious rush to sanitize the motive is the sanction of the victim. The enemedia are disarming the American people, inevitably leading sheep to slaughter.

Worst of all was Elspeth Reeve of the Atlantic Wire, who ran a spiteful story titled, “The U.S. Anti-Muslim Crowd Is Quite Pleased with Itself.” As the wounds are still gaping and the baby’s body not yet cold, the ghouls on the left attack those of us who have been warning of this very thing.

This vicious tool should be thanking me and apologizing for the years of smears, defamation and libel that the enemedia have directed against me, my work and my colleagues. Instead, she aids and abets the most gruesome slaughterers ever on American soil.

And there is more enemedia willful blindness from Time: They talk about some of their obvious jihadi ties and then say that there is no evidence that Dzhokhar was motivated by religion – as if the brothers had different motives, and ignoring Dzhokhar’s statement that his “worldview” was “Islam.”

The media’s knee-jerk reaction is to go into full spin mode, not to take a step back and think, or to say to themselves, “Maybe we got this wrong.”

The jihadists told us why. What’s it going to take?

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have deeply imbibed the jihad ideology that permeates Chechnya and the Muslim areas of the Russia Caucasus in general. And even the mainstream media can’t entirely ignore this: The New York Times reports: ”On Vkontakte, Russia’s most popular social media platform, the younger brother, Dzhokhar, describes his worldview as ‘Islam’ and … lists a verse from the Koran, ‘Do good, because Allah loves those who do good.’”

Apparently targeting, mutilating, and slaughtering women and children falls under the category of “doing good.”

Tamerlan Tsarnaev said: “I’m very religious.” His aunt revealed that he had recently became a devout Muslim, praying five times a day. His brother Dzhokhar tweeted: “I don’t know of anything in this Dunya that could uplift & increase the good manners & behavior of a person the way Islam does.” Their brother-in-law said: “I’m not a Muslim and they didn’t accept me.” This was yet more evidence that the Boston bombers were devout Muslims. It’s no surprise that they didn’t accept him, since, Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men. Yet their sister did just that – so they wouldn’t have anything to do with their brother-in-law. He and their sister had violated Islamic law.

Nor were they just pious, religious Muslims. They were clearly sympathizers with violent jihadists. Tamerlan subscribed to a YouTube channel entitled Allah is the One. He posted a video that hails “the promised emergence of the black flags [of jihad] from the promised land of Khorasan,” and lauds jihadis who are posing “with a flag of the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” Dzhokhar posted a video praising the jihadists in Syria: “Congratulations to you those suffer for, who go through martyrdom of Allah illaha ill Allah … Calling, calling Allah. I am appealing to Allah. Wake up, wake up followers of Allah.” Tamerlan apparently died wearing a suicide vest, and some reports said that Dzhokhar was wearing one when he was apprehended.

Again and again we see that Muslims who commit jihad violence are pious and devout. This makes the willful blindness of the media, as well as government and law enforcement, particularly unconscionable. History will remember these tools for what they were.

The jihad is in America. This obfuscation and denial has to stop.

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10 thoughts on “The Jihad Is Out Of The Bottle In America: The Obfuscation & Denial Has To Stop

  1. They have allowed 35 and growing Jihadist training camps to be right here in America, and have done nothing about it. Obama is a Muslim and wants them to take us over from the inside. Why do you think he wants Americans unarmed. So the Muslims can take us over without a fight. He doesn't care if 20 children were killed, he just wants your guns.

  2. Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

    There will be more terrorists attacks here in the US, and Eric Holder will decree that each one is a local Law Enforcement issue, not terrorism. As Barack Obama said in his book, Dreams of my Father, " I will stand with the Muslims."

  3. freedomringsforall says:


  4. Yes, the Jihad threat in America is very clear, but we can guarantee everyone, that
    the liberal, sycophantic MSM and progressive politicians across the board, will persist
    in defending political correctness and lax immigration laws as it relates to Muslims.
    They will even, to some extent, try to make us feel sorry for Dzhokhar, the younger
    19 year old brother.
    But we must try to thwart these anti-Americans at every opportunity, because if
    we don't, then they just might succeed in continuing in their efforts to convince
    Americans that Islam is still a..........."religion of peace". It is not.

  5. Gary Johnson says:

    Did Holder have anything to do with the Boston Bombing like he DID by supplying Timothy McVeigh wit explosives!!!!

  6. Gary Johnson says:


  7. Lady Liberty says:

    Thank you, Pamela, for your courageous and persistent reporting of the awful things which are happening in our country...and in others...! Your site "Atlas Shrugged" is a great source for current news (reporting atrocities committed in the name of jihad) that the 'lackeys' in the sewer-media are not 'allowed' to report. How dare they call themselves journalists? They should be sent a copy of journalistic ethics...something that, hopefully, they were taught in school before landing their first job! Or has that, too, gone by the wayside, like much of the history of our country's beginnings?
    Keep up your good work, Pamela!!!!

  8. Our borders are open and the terrorists are free to enter America whenever they want. The Obama administration seems to welcome them along with everyone else that comes across the "secure" borders that Janet tells us about. If we can't close and secure our borders, process every applicant that wants to enter America prior to entry, keep watch on the illegals who are in America with visas, we will never be safe or secure, Janet!!!

  9. The Jihad Is Out Of The Bottle In America: The Obfuscation & Denial Has To Stop - so start giving up your rights immediately!! And this will all go away!