Issa To CIA On Benghazi: Get Your Lawyers Ready

Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) warned the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other government officials on Wednesday to get their lawyers prepared for a massive probe into Benghazi as he escalates investigation into the September 11, 2012 attack which left four Americans dead.

Issa sent separate letters to the legal offices of the CIA, the State Department and the Defense Department in which he indicated that some witnesses might need attorneys, should the agencies retaliate against them for their testimony.

"During the course of the investigation, numerous individuals have approached the committee with information related to the attack," he wrote.

He also requested details on how outside attorneys would be granted security clearances necessary to adequately represent those who would be discussing the matters in question with congressional investigators.

"Some witnesses may be required to retain personal counsel to represent them before the committee and in the event the agency subsequently retaliates against them for cooperating with the committee's investigation," he wrote.

"Additional witnesses may be compelled by subpoena to give testimony to the committee and can be reasonably expected to retain personal counsel at that time," he added.

This move comes as more than 100 Republicans in the House have increased pressure on Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to create a select committee to investigate Benghazi. Additionally, a resolution introduced by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) which called for the committee has been signed onto by at least 106 lawmakers. Sean Smith's mother, Patricia Smith, has also given her support to Wolf's resolution.

However, Speaker Boehner claims that the investigation would be expensive and time-consuming. Really? Someone needs to relieve John Boehner of any ability to lead in any fashion until he can be removed from office.

Congressman Issa has given fair warning to the agencies involved against taking any negative action against employees that will be involved in the investigation.

"[I]t is important that the agency makes clear to its employees that they are free to furnish information to Congress in accordance with their statutory rights," Issa wrote.

"Additionally, retaliation against a witness who communicates with the committee can be considered obstruction of a congressional investigation and is punishable by fine and imprisonment," he added.

Newsmax reports,

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra also told Newsmax Thursday that whistleblowers may have access to classified information and may need a lawyer to ensure that they comply with the rules, regulations, and legal requirements to protect themselves.

"There are multiple whistleblowers who want to get the story out," Hoekstra said. "All of these people are very concerned that they do everything appropriately."

"These whistleblowers still feel that there's a gap between what's in the public domain and what really happened," Hoekstra continued. "They've all been frustrated."

This all comes as news was breaking over new whistleblowers coming forth and talking to congressional investigators about Benghazi.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air writes, "Ever since the initial probe stalled a few months ago, many have wondered why the administration hasn't made the survivors of that night available to House investigators.  Some have also wondered why those survivors haven't come forward on their own, but if they still work in intelligence agencies, they may not have been allowed to do so.  These new whistleblowers may or may not be the Benghazi survivors, but clearly they're coming from within the intel community — and Issa's letter strongly suggest that they are pointing fingers upstairs."

I'd say that many of the Benghazi survivors need to be located and put in protective custody until they can be interviewed. It is speculation, but is possible that some of the new whistleblowers may actually include survivors.

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  • kelly kass

    How come the Tea Party uses a coiled up dog terd for a logo?

  • Lorraine E

    Who heard the cries for help from the Americans who were murdered in Benghazi and gave the order to "stand down" to those who wanted to save Americans who were abandoned by their government? Why can't the survivors be questioned? Are they afraid to answer questions? How convenient that General Petraeurs was allowed to resign because of an affair and then for some mysterious reason couldn't answer any questions about Benghazi.

  • Dempseycoleman

    I can only hope we get this Investigation in high gear
    and Boehner get put in a box he can not excape from
    till we get answers that put Obama where his
    Forged Records could not achieve

  • Knife10

    There ought to be a law that punishes obstructionism by elected and appointed officials...What am I thinking? There IS a law against obstructionism! Who would have known looking at our "transparent" administration?

  • mike

    Issa is a loud mouth bully, who talks a good game. Talk is cheap.

    • Hawkerone

      So trying to get to the truth hurts people's feelings like you.

    • mike

      No, Issa is a loud mouth who has never accomplish anything but sound his own horn. I like substance in people. All talk no action. Now do you get it?

  • Phil McMorrow

    The Secretary of State's name is John Kerry. You lose a lot of points for that in my book.

  • Annette Fujii


  • LittleMoose

    Ed Morrissey says that many of the Benghazi survivors need to be located and put in protective custody until they can be interviewed. This is a sad state of affairs to think that our government would ever think of harming these people but I wouldn't put anything past this administration.

    • kelly kass

      yet he does not want Pickering to testify.

  • J J

    It's very frustrating to see our Democrat run federal government ignore the situation in Benghazi, pretend it never happened, disregard the deaths that happened there that someone or several people in this administration are responsible for. For Hillary to shout, "What difference does it make?" in her frustration of being asked question after question about her involvement or lack thereof is infuriating!! It makes a huge difference to the families of the ones who lost their lives because of your decisions or the decisions you should have made!!!!! Hillary, anyone in the CIA, President Obama - would you be so willing to sweep this under the rug if it was a family member of yours that was killed and the government was behaving this way???

  • Steve Atkinson

    it's about time. the people deserve answers!

  • Rick LapLante

    It would be expensive and time consuming. True that. And risky. Because it got into testimoney about Obama running guns in to Syria, as a clear violation of federal law, then folks in Congress would have to either go on record of being in favor of violating federal law, or else have to initiate impeachment. Either option would place re-elections at risk. And
    THAT would be expensive.

  • Joyce Wells

    They better protect the ones who are called as witnesses, as they will either mysteriously dissappear or will die at the hands of Obamas' killing squad. McCain was such a dissappointment to me, he sure started singing a different tune after he went to dinner with the dicktaster, ooops dictator. lol.

    • MayPA

      Just like all those people that were on Bill Clinton's 'kill' list.

  • Mike Clark

    get it done Issa we are behing you 100 percent , if yo need help on the committee , I will work for nothing to get to the bottom of this and the answers we should have had 8 months ago. I have quite a few friends who are willing to do the same to get this guy Obama impeached.

    • Rick

      Mike, how do we impeach a non-president?

    • Iamacitizen2

      very carefully Rick. Actually there is a way that the House of Representatives can do it without the Senate. There is a special name for this impeachment process darn I wish I would have written it down ugh. Maybe someone else here knows what it is. Would be a good time to do it since the Repubs and some RINO's control the House but it can be done. They are just sitting on the fence and their hands ugh.

  • CamoCoyote

    One thing is for sure, the truth favors neither Obama nor Hillary. I for one would love to see it revealed. Then Issa can start on Obama's sealed records and fabricated past...

  • rchguns

    I will believe it when I see it! Obama will fight to his last breath to defend his Moslem brothers and protect the guilty. I don't know what our ambassador did that made him so angry but if you look at the timeline and you look at the evidence Obama is responsible for his murder. I mean directly responsible more than likely he furnish the weapons that they used. This is a dark time for America where the most corrupt and despicable administration that the worlds ever seen. This guy makes Mussolini look like a Girl Scout.

    • kelly kass

      FAS no cure, sorry.

  • brickerman

    There are 30 people that saw and know about this attack. They escaped and are alive. WE want to talk to them! WE WANT TO SEE THEM. And we WANT TO HEAR what they saw!

    • Rick

      Brickerman, the question seems to be how long these 30 people will still remain alive. I will still like to donate the small amount of lumber to build obozo's non-presidential library; you know? the one with the half moon carved into the door.

    • David

      And a copy of the koran to wipe with

    • kelly kass


    • David

      Didn't really understand your comment please clarify
      Subject: Re: New comment posted on Issa To CIA On Benghazi: Get Your Lawyers Ready

    • David

      How many pressure cookers ya got ready kelly
      Subject: Re: New comment posted on Issa To CIA On Benghazi: Get Your Lawyers Ready

    • Iamacitizen2

      are you so sure they are alive or being held in some secret offshore facility?

    • kelly kass

      well you wont if Issa has his way, for some reason he wants it all behind closed doors and no recordings.

  • Kevin Doty

    ABout damn time..

  • rennyangel2

    Good. And I hope the House uses both its contempt powers and arrest and incarceration powers.

    • Kevin Doty

      all involved regardless of who they are..

    • kelly kass

      I know Cheney should be in prison for war crimes.

    • rennyangel2

      Holder and ozero could be in prison for high crimes and misdemeanors.

  • lokiswife

    It took four days to get the perps in the Boston bombing, but eight months later Benghazi is still tabled, thank God angry people are standing up now and demanding that it be investigated and the guilty parties face the charges. If all the people who voted "NOBAMA" last November stood up and nagged their elected officials to get on the Benghazi bandwagon, we could take our country back from those who don't love her like we do....

    • Florida Irregulars

      Loki....your post is on point. Your admonition to stand up and nag my elected official at first had me sit up straight and air-fist "Yeah" until I remembered that, due to redistricting, my new elected official is Alcyee Hastings, a felon and impeached Judge. So, go on without me. I'll stay here, blog, and clean my rifle :-)

    • reggiec

      I feel for you. my Rep in the house is Conservative but how would you like my two Senators? Boxer and Feinstein

    • lokiswife

      Nag them anyway, if we don't, they will vote for whatever Obama, Pelosi and Reid tell them how to vote. My rep is a Dem (who pretends to be on the conservative side), I wrote him about Frank Wolf's HRes36 to get a REAL investigation on Benghazi, I will keep following up on it until the men in black are kicking in my door. Give yourself an Indian name - 7 horse- and nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag them....

    • Iamacitizen2

      LOL lokiswife very good...but I have a dem and republican and most of the time they are both demorats. Then there's the McCain issue a demorat in sheeps clothing. What a waste.

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      Yuck. I'm sorry. Vote those two bitc$&@ out

    • kelly kass

      to bad you weren't angry enough to question Bushs 54 attacks and 9 American deaths under his administration, that would have been something hey?

  • Lynn Graham

    IT'S ABOUT FRICKIN TIME......WALK ACROSS THE STREET AND KICK JOHN MCCAIN IN THE SACK, TELL HIM TO GET BACK ON THE SIDE HE SAYS HE'S ON,,,,,,SLAP JOHN BOEHNER, AND LETS GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS SHITSTORM......IMPEACH THIS PUKE ALREADY........does anybody else think it is cosmic justice that the little girl from the rose law firm, that had so much to do with watergate, is at the center of an actual criminal scandal?????

    • 7papa7

      I wonder where they would be if this wasn't the most transparent administration in history as the mad Marxist thinks it is. They had better play hardball and just talk tough. We need to get to the bottom of this for the sake of the families and the country. Heads need to role from the white house down. When I was in Nam if we their was a chance of us being captured we were to be killed by our own people because of the highly classified information we had access to. I learned then that the government chose when Americans became expendable and I believe with all my heart that this is what happened here. They were expendable and that means something was going on that the government did not want to get out. My question is what was it?

    • Patriot_765

      Gun running from Libya to Syria,...leads all the way to Billory and the White House... No wonder John Kerry wants to put it behind him.

    • 7papa7

      This may end up making fast and furious look like child's play once and if we get to the bottom of it.

    • LittleMoose

      Don't forget Mexico!

    • Iamacitizen2

      from US dollars to Libya to Turkey to Syria

    • kelly kass

      you are a moron