Boston Marathon Bombing Could Be Result of “Right-Wing Extremists” Says CNN Analyst

In another shameful display of utter ignorance and desperation to cover over what will obviously be shown to be a Muslim Jihadist orchestrated bombing, CNN "national security" analyst peter Bergen spewed forth the same kind of non-sense that occurs when things like the explosions at the Boston Marathon take place. He told CNN anchor Jake Tapper that is could be "right-wing extremists."

"I'm reminded of Oklahoma City, which was a bombing, which was initially treated as a gas explosion. First reports are often erroneous," he said.

"Once the device -- if it a device -- is found;" he continued, "what kind of explosives were used. So for instance, if it was hydrogen peroxide, this is a signature of al Qaeda. If it was more conventional explosives, which are much harder to get hold of now -- that might be some other kind of right-wing extremist. … We've also seen, for instance, right-wing groups trying to attack the Martin Luther King parade in Oregon in 2010."

I completely disagree with Bergen about even talking "right-wing extremists," just like I disagreed with Nida Khan of the Huffington Post who tweeted:

I simply pose that the one thought that should come to Americans' minds is not "anti-government" groups, whatever that is or "right-wing extremists" but our minds should instantly think Islamic Jihadists. To reference Timothy McVeigh seems ridiculous. There is so much coverup in the Oklahoma City bombing it's unreal. But more to the point, whether Americans are going to wake up or not, we are at war with Islam, spiritually, politically and by means of their violence.

Why is it that after the Aurora shooting that the Tea Party was fingered? Why is it that the first reaction is not Jihadists? While Bergen did make reference to al-Qaeda, it seems clear that his first thought was to Timothy McVeigh, not towards Islam.

To be fair to Mr. Bergen, his analysis of explosives and what they are composed of would provide a signature, but it seems that if people are actually paying attention, then the idea of a "right-wing extremist" bombing the Boston Marathon would be one of the last things to enter their mind, unless they were following the Army's terrorist briefing, or maybe took a FEMA class, or bought into Homeland Security's indoctrination.

Seems to me that the outfit that claims it is "The most trusted name in news" has all but disintegrated into something more along the lines of the National Enquirer. Perhaps the National Enquirer has more credibility.

I'm pretty sure though that it isn't a right wing extremist since they have a Saudi National under guard at a Boston Hospital.

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  • gingerjo

    Peter and prick one of the same

  • Carl Gottstein

    So, any one stepping up to apologize and refute the assumption that white Americana patriots we responsible? No lets just leave that out there as part of the national assumption. The left is despicable.

  • ounbbl

    How sad they turned out to be somebody they love - that is, those who don't even need gun-control laws. How ironic and disappointing to Damn-o-k-Rats ;-< How they wish it were machine gun spray rather than rice-cookers, really hard to go back-ground check and force them to register! By the way, I just mastered to cook rice with it and became out really nice. I am now promoted with another title 'Mr. Rice Cooker' in addition to long-held 'Mr. Dish Washer' not too long before I'll be pretty soon flying (instead of driving) without gravity and noise affecting the peaceful trips ;-<

    Hey there is a country we should mimic which has zero gun-related crime record - they don't need any of b.s. laws, such a left wing political rhetoric solving nothing but pretending doing something - like stopping the ocean level rise as Ohama promise. It is the one to the West or East whichever way we have to watch - feeling proud of programming the track of missile flights to send a A gift to Alaska or L.A.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Another Limey on TV putting the blame on the "right wing". All I can say is, PLEASE stop this infestation of Limeys on our American TVs! Most don't know their hass from a whole in the ground. An intelligent limey would have known that most likely it was an Islamic terrorist attack ... Which it was. So, off with the Limey!

  • Carl Daubenspeck

    She needs to be Jobless along with being Brainless! I found it telling that one of the FIRST reports out from AP was talking about Islamic extremeists. I saved it to my computer so when it is taken down and no one can find it agan I have it.

  • TexasVetgal

    Turns out the Bombers were Obama suporters, and Islamists...seems CNN, MSNBC lied to the American People once again....try to lay blame at the feet of Conservatives and Military Veterans , or Tea Party Supporters. Typical Commie scum in the MSM.

  • MarkGN63

    Lol! Gee how could anyone POSSIBLY believe a right wing whack job might have something to do with a bombing after reading the hyper paranoia, conspiracy fantasies and foaming at the mouth hatred manifested in the posts below? Preposterous!

  • violater1

    Well would someone contact CNN management tell them to fire this mule headed idiot.liberal assshole peter bergen! He has shown his asss totally to be a stupid asssed rabel rousing jackasss and a fool! Way to go you stupid son of a whore bergen! Go back to elementary school and start over you flunked out last time! With lack of brains like you have you will become a real milestone in media as a total jackasss!

  • Kevin Doty

    As i have mentioned before and time and time before tht.. the battle is on the home front and people better pull there heads out of there back side, take up arms and be a responsible citizen. It is here and i expect unfortunately to see more of this.... in our own back yards.. time to put a stop to it all now America..

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    So now that Islamist Checnyans and a Saudi are involved - where is Peter Bergen when the obvious is becoming increasingly clear?
    No doubt Bergen is rooting for the killing of the lone bomber out there - that way Bergen can continue his obfuscation of the Islamic facts on the ground in Boston.

    Pretending that Islam does not promote terrorism against non-Moslem nations fro global conquest is like pretending Nazism was not about conquering non-Nazi nations.

    At one time there were many American Journalist pretending the Nazis were not out to conquer the world.

  • Leslie Fish

    For more than 20 years, the govt. and its media flacks have been trying hard to disguise the sheer number of bombings done by Jihadists, and blame them on the administration's political enemies -- usually anyone to the political right of themselves. No American political -- or religious -- group, no matter how extreme, would attack something as totally apolitical and religiously neutral as the Boston Marathon, of all things. In fact, no American protest group of either the Left or Right would physically attack anything without complaining long and hard about it -- sometimes for years -- beforehand. For that matter, no American political or religious group, no matter how crazy (as viz. the Westboro Baptist "Church") would be so insanely stupid as to throw bombs where there are young children around -- knowing that such an action would make all other Americans hate them totally. No, this bombing -- not to mention the structure of the bomb -- has all the earmarks of an Arab terrorist action. It's almost funny watching the media dance about, trying to insist that no-no-no, radical Mulims had nothing to do with it -- especially when everyone else, including the Boston police chief, obviously knows better.

    --Leslie < Fish

  • Kevin Thompson

    I think it might just be left wing extremists trying to create chaos to take all of our fertilizer away. What a dumb-ass bunch of left wing reporting!

  • graybuffalo

    Yet another moron.