Agenda 21 By Any Other Name - Sustainable Communities Initiatives Are Now “Resilient”

I love it when the leftists realize we are onto them.  It's so much fun to watch them scramble for cover.  Well, Obama and his minions are scrambling for cover on the Sustainable Communities Initiatives now that the grassroots and Tea Partiers have begun exposing the sham.  

Not to be undone, though, Obama's cutie pies are one step ahead of us.  Bet this will fool any elite Congressperson who won't know what to look for in the funding bills.  Oh, wait, Congress doesn't read the bills anyway, so what does it matter?

Here is the latest move to cover up and obfuscate the Agenda 21 Plan for America:

Budget Proposes Major Changes to Sustainable Communities Initiative

In an effort to rejuvenate the unauthorized, defunded Sustainable Communities Initiative at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), President Obama proposed a major overhaul to both the structure and the function of the competitive grant program in his FY14 budget.

The President's budget recommends changing the name of the Office of Housing and Sustainable Communities, the office within HUD that administers the Sustainable Communities Initiative, to the Office of Economic Resilience (OER).

This represents both a name change and a shift in priorities to help communities face economic realities and challenges. The budget also recommends moving the OER to HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development.

Though Sustainable Communities is changing to focus more on economic issues, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan has voiced a strong commitment to the livability principles laid out in the initial stages of the program and plans to continue the strong federal partnerships forged with DOT and EPA.

The OER will seek out new partners that focus on economic resiliency within the federal government, including the Economic Development Administration, Commerce, the National Economic Council, and workforce development programs at the Department of Education. HUD is aiming to help communities develop strategies for economic resilience, including implementation strategies and planning. They are also hoping to leverage and align the rest of the HUD budget to work in service with the efforts of communities.

OER will provide $75 million in "Integrated Planning and Investment Strategy Grants." These grants build on the Regional Planning and Community Challenge Grants, but will place a "greater emphasis on supporting actionable economic development strategies, reducing redundancy in federally-funded planning activities, setting monitoring performance, and identifying how federal formula funds can be used smartly and efficiently in support of economic resilience," according to HUD's budget. Current Regional Planning and Community Challenge grantees will not see any changes.

 (Note:  In that first sentence do you notice the word "unauthorized?"  Gee, I wonder what that means.   And "defunded."  Looks like the Republican House finally defunded this insidious monster. Oh they can fund it under the new name!  Isn't that clever?  These folks are so smart!)

Don't you love that word, "RESILIENT!"  Instead of "Sustainable," now we can be "Resilient."  That's so nice of them.  And "Economic Resilience" at that.  I feel so much better already.  They're looking out for our pocketbooks, don't ya know.  Whew.  Just when I thought the gravy train might run out.  All is well now, isn't it?  

Thanks so much to all of you wonderfully generous Socialists and Fascists who are running our Federal government.  I just don't know how I can return the favor.  Oh wait.  You have that all figured out, too!  You can tax and enslave my grandchildren to pay for more of this Agenda 21 Plan for Amerika.  I forgot. Obama and his mobsters on both sides of the aisle don't miss a trick. 

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  • becky

    Yep. Need to start defunding AND CLOSING all those government monsters that are trying to destroy America. Just add HUD to the list of terrorists along with the EPA, Dept's of Education, Interior, etc. And the UN. Stop funding it and GET IT OUT of America.

  • AmendTHis

    and "Future Earth"? (ICSU)

  • Robert Eckert

    Check out the "Al's Trick global Warming" you tube to better help to understand this plan.

  • gadsdengurl

    We've been fighting it since 1992. Look what we put up in NH.. and check out these buzzwords

  • metheoldsarge

    Agenda 21 didn't originate with Obama. I have done some research on United Nations Agenda 21. I haven't seen any of it in the Main Stream Media, Not even on FOX News. Glen Beck is the only nationally syndicated commentator I know of that has talked about it. I think you will find that Executive Order 13575, signed by President Obama on June 9, 2011, gives the individual states the green light to implement provisions on their own. Agenda 21 is not just Obama's idea. It has been around for over 20 years. Since Agenda 21 was first proposed in 1992, similar orders were signed by Presidents Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43. Of the few Americans who know about UN Agenda 21 many dismiss it. These people are in a place called "Denial". They are convinced that Agenda 21 could never happen in America. They refuse to talk about it because they are convinced that it is all a fantastic fantasy dreamed up by a bunch of alarmists and conspiracy theorists. All they care about is being able to watch their sports and pursue their mindless entertainment on the Internet. They have an ostrich mentality. They stick their heads in the sand hoping it will all go away. They will soon be paying the price for it when they are taken from their plush homes in the suburbs and moved to cramped apartments in the major cities with only the bare necessities. I would suggest that people Google it and do their own research. You may also want to research your own communities about the terms listed like Smart Growth, Sustainability, and High density urban development and see how they may be influencing land use planning codes and local government policies. I'm not saying anything new that I haven't said many times in the past. I am saying what needs to be said over and over. Don't just take anyone's word for it. Do your own research and form your own opinions. Check this video out. It gives a simple to understand summary of Agenda 21. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • Colleen Smith

      Well said, thank you. Will be sending copies of your comment to others in hopes it will help.

    • Ethan C

      You've got me laughing on this one. You're really funny. You could be the next Stephen Colbert. Are they going to make us live in 2500 square foot $3 million dollar apartments in the Upper East Side in Manhattan? High density living surely sounds terrifying. Can you imagine living in a place like Manhattan or downtown Boston? It just gives us the chills. I want my single-family house next to the highway with all my shopping half an hour away. I hate the idea of choices. Make everything single family houses. Take away all public transit. Make people drive. Start taking away sidewalks. If people ride bicycles take away their bikes. If people can't buy cars deport them. I'm glad you woke me up on everything we need to accomplish to really make America an amazing place for us all.

  • Don Bahn

    We Need to get out of the UN and get the UN out of America.

    • Ethan C

      When did the UN suddenly become so powerful? If the UN is really as powerful as you say it is, why are they not even able to agree on anything? All the world powers are vetoing each other and therefore nothing comes about from the UN except these feel-good documents with no-binding whatsoever. Yet you take it as the next biggest threat. It's literally hilarious to the rest of us. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Don Coe

    I don't care what they want to call it, it is still a UN program to steal our ability to own our own home or property.Look up Agenda 21 on YouTube and see!

    • Ethan C

      The all-powerful UN? Really? When have we ever listened or cared about what the UN has to say? Why does something written in 1991 that was completely non-binding threaten our private property rights? Instead of getting wrapped up in something that has no relevance, you should instead start thinking a bit more logically. For example, why does the government give us give mortgage tax-deductions, which causes more people to purchase private property if as you say they are trying to take it away? This is why no one outside of this conspiracy theory movement takes you seriously.