Senate Democrats Endorse Continued Advertising of Food Stamps in Mexico

Are things not good for you and your family in Mexico? Come on! Cross the border and we will fix that. We are roughly 17 trillion in debt but as long as there are printing presses, monopoly money and socialist idealism we will feed you.

Enough is enough. If people cannot see the real agenda of the socialist movement in America then they are more than ignorant. They are just plain stupid. I'm sorry but certain things make no sense.

On Thursday there was a proposed amendment sponsored by Senate Republican Jeff Sessions of Alabama. The amendment never made it out of committee and if a common sense idea doesn't make it out of committee, it doesn't exist in this country, at least in the eyes of the mainstream liberal media. I am neither a journalist nor a liberal so I will certainly share it with you.

Sessions offered a common sense proposal to cut off advertising for the food stamp program on foreign soil. OK now, show of hands… How many people even know that we advertise our government benefits in foreign countries? What I am about to tell you is exactly why you cannot trust anything the left proposes for immigration reform.

Sessions offered the amendment and it was voted down 12-10 with all 22 committee members voting along party lines. If it weren't for The Daily Caller and The Western Center for Journalism, Americans may not know about this story at all.

How much sense does this truly make? I've got news for the Democratic Party. I have no problem with someone who comes to this country to better themselves. What I do have a problem with is a government that endorses programs that continue to add to the problem. We already have too many mouths to feed. We don't need to keep advertising for more.

With the exception of Native Americans we can all trace our roots back to immigrants who came to this land seeking a better life. I am not ignorant to our history, but sometimes you have to step back and assess a situation. As a father of 3, with twins on the way, I know about making tough financial decisions to keep my family fed. It's not always easy. I bought a $7 item from my kid's fundraiser the other day. It made me feel about two inches tall. I'd like to spend $50 or $100 but I have to make sure my children eat. That's a responsible decision.

In this country our brothers and sisters are hurting. They are literally fighting for basic necessities like milk and fresh meat now. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, consider yourselves very lucky.

So what do we do? We spend money that we could use to address the problem to create a bigger problem. I dare any liberal to tell me how this can make sense. I dare you to explain this to me.

Don't tell me I am prejudiced against Mexican-Americans or any other ethnic group because I am not. I grew up in a Latino neighborhood in Kansas City and fortunately I was not raised that way. But please tell me why we have to advertise to grow our immigrant population. Do you have too much food on your table? Is your family forced to eat steak every night because of your tremendous surplus of funds?

Those of us in America who are growing sick of Ramen Noodles and Mac-n-Cheese really don't appreciate your self-righteous call to send us more poor people. How about we feed the poor we've got? That's a novel idea.

Here's another novel idea. My family is hurting now like many others. I think I will host a fabulous dinner party and invite 50 friends. Is that an idea or what? Ali would freaking kill me.

This is a decision I cannot make in good conscience. My family is too important to me. But make no mistake, this is exactly the message that is being sent by our lawmakers. 46 million people on food stamps are not enough. They will not rest until we are a country full of entitlement seekers. We have to start exposing these people for what they are. They are the worst kind of socialists. They are socialists who will put the welfare of others above the needs of their own family.

What a dysfunctional family America has become. Glad to see that none of you had the spine to vote across party lines.

You will not rest until the country I know and love is socialist. I will not rest until all of you are exposed and the truth wins out. Maybe Republicans should start pushing for legislation to advertise the 2nd amendment in other countries.

And maybe…we should tell people the real intent of the 2nd amendment. It's not about hunting deer…it's about hunting despot politicians. Luckily Senator Feinstein pointed out last week that hunting humans is legal. Thank You Madame Senator for pointing that out, because many of us were unclear. I am sick of recruiting the hungry and poor. Send us your gun-toting Patriots and let's level the playing field.

Keep pushing. America is waking up.

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  • Lucy Lou Noudidn't

    how ironic that the first thing I saw on top of your article was an advertisement for a free government is very disturbing to see so many people standing in line for something free, there is always a price, there is no such thing as free....freedom isnt free

  • ralphwylie

    Here's a novel idea: Mexico has unofficially become the Fifty-First United State! We Americans have long taken in and supported Mexico's poorest, most uneducated and sickest individuals, in other words their Losers and then educated, medicated and provided social services in exchange for a Democratic voting bloc. Welcome to Obamaland! There is no need for Immigration Reform. It's working just fine.

  • pointdan

    AMEN BROTHER. Keep up the good fight. We Americans are with you 100%.
    ANY politician who wants to destroy our laws and our culture needs to be silenced.
    NO culture can absorb 30-40 million immigrants all at once and survive. That is why we have immigration laws.
    IF you break the law, you must leave. Period.

  • Dan Kelly

    sheer idiocy!!

  • MIKE6080

    If they want to advertise it let them pay out of their pocket , no correct that make them pay and not a penny of taxpayers money

  • Bruce A Silver

    This sounds like a plan that about nothing other than an atempt to increase their voter base.

  • stonemike

    What more proof do we need to realize MILITANT PROGRESSIVISM seeks to destroy our nation! Before too long we will have civil war in the United States , it will be true, legal Americans against militant progressives and INVADERS FROM OUTSIDE THE US! When it starts DO NOT SHOW MERCY, these scum are out to destroy America!

  • Wesley M

    Are you f****** kidding me!?!?!! Impeach the mofos! This is just ridiculous.

  • J J

    So, while we are having the immigration reform / amnesty discussion here, the Democrats are spending our tax dollars encouraging Mexicans to come here because we will give them free food??? Every single day, the news out of Washington is that the Democrats are showing more and more stupidity!!!!

  • Steve Atkinson

    the time has come to seriously think about removing this administration!

  • Curtis Edward Turner

    This is Bush's legacy of unintended consequences as a result of his association with and comradeship with Vincent Fox, his buddy! Who knows, it may have been a vote buying scheme to have hispanics think well of and vote for him in his second term.

  • Woobie King

    It's bad enough that we advertise for food stamps in THIS country, never mind Mexico.

  • Robert Walker

    Republicans will go along because Food Stamps aid Farmers and larger corporate interests.