Rand Paul Wins 2013 CPAC Straw Poll

In breaking news, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul just won the CPAC straw poll, which indicates that he is one of the front candidates for the 2016 presidential bid on the Republican side and it has the establishment in a tizzy.

The Hill reports,

In one of CPAC 2013's best-received speeches, Paul on Thursday told conservative activists the Republican Party had grown "stale and moss covered" and said the GOP needs a more libertarian approach that makes freedom the movement's defining principle.

The poll, conducted over the course of CPAC, included 2,930 participants and skewed heavily towards young attendees, with respondents between 18 and 25 years of age making up more than half of the vote.

Young voters helped propel Paul’s father, former GOP presidential contender Ron Paul (R-Texas), to national prominence, and make up a core of the libertarian party for which the younger Paul now carries the torch.

“It sounds like this thing is off and running for 2016,” said Al Cardenas, head of the American Conservative Union, as he introduced the results.

Paul was the favorite of attendees getting 25% of the vote, just ahead of Marco Rubio with 23%, who is ineligible for the presidency anyway due to not being a natural born citizen. Senator Ted Cruz ranked seventh with 4%.

In CPAC’s 40 year history, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are the only presidents who won its straw poll.

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35 thoughts on “Rand Paul Wins 2013 CPAC Straw Poll

  1. With Daddy retired now, it's good that there's a Rand around to continue losing every GOP primary for the foreseeable future...

  2. disqus_suWyPEbzos says:

    We all should have lined the roads for impeachment a long time ago...

    • He cannot be impeached. You can thank Nancy Pelosi and the House democrats that vetted him in the first place. Look up why he cannot be impeached. We will have some very SAD days in America if the people do not wake up.

  3. Rand Paul's father Ron won in 2010 and 2011. Mitt Romney won in 2012. Look how successful they were in their runs for President. Tea Pots need to understand that they can't accomplish anything unless they win the general elections. However, they (the Pauls) were too strident and too many people would not vote for them.

  4. Reel in the drug policy and Rand has my vote.


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    What other religion’s most devoted members videotape themselves cutting people’s throats while screaming praises to their god? What other faith has tens of thousands of terrorists across the globe united by an explicit commitment to advance the cause of their religion by pursuing horrific mass murder and mutilation? What other religion actually celebrated the 9/11 attacks, described the carnage as ‘one of the miracles of the Quran’ and proclaimed it to be ‘God’s work against oppressors.’

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    ‘What’s next--are they going to ban Shakespeare because his plays have Bible quotations?’ ... ‘Just because this guy gave a student a pocket New Testament on his lunch hour--that’s enough to throw you out of school,’ ... Imhof and Tutka serve together in Gideons International--a ministry known for providing Bibles to school children across the world. ‘One of the Gideons in our local camp is from the Soviet Union,’ Imhof said. ‘In most countries overseas we are allowed to go into public schools and give Bibles to students.

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  8. Another Dem win in the GOP! Ignore the so called RINO in
    Paul and Rubio the MSM’s love those parts of them and after all “no one is
    perfect.” Pubs must surrender to Dems in order to win, right Pub voters.

    / http://www.goooh.com

  9. Not a Paul supporter. he is too short to ever be President. It's a fact that people look for taller folks to be their leaders. If a strong woman candidate emerges that is different although Condi Rice is pretty tall as well.

  10. Paul sounded more like a libertian than a conservative to he does fight for America which is more than what THEY say about obambo. I thik Cruz is more conservative so far anywyas. But we still have time to make sure we pic a conservative and not another mod lib type like romney was. I just dont see how they even figgered to win with the man that started romnney care

  11. If you think that Rand Paul can beat Hillary, then you need to change what you are drinking. I say this as a Navy vet who voted for both McCain and Romney.

  12. Rubio was born in the United States [Miami, Florida], so he is eligible to be president.

    • No he isn't his parents were both born in Cuba ! The constitution clearly states that both parents must be natural born too not just the person running ! Educate yourself on it !!!

    • I just read the relevant section of the Constitution [II, 1: 5], and all it says is that one must be a natural born citizen over 35 years of age, and have lived here for at least 14 years. Rubio fits all three qualifications. Nothing is said about one's parents needing to be citizens.

    • Provide the link to an 'original source' link, or its just empty hot air.

    • WhiteFalcon says:

      If that is true, he is every bit as eligable as Ovomit even claims to be. Ovomit only has one American parent, and the fact is that he was born in Kenya. His paternal grandmother said that she was present when he was born, then she died.

    • GilbertDavis says:

      Yes, you are correct !! Obama was born in Kenya !! I know the man who spoke with his grandmother Sarah when she said she was there when Barry was born birth in Kenya. I can vouch for the integrity and truthfulness of Bishop McRae who was on the phone speaking with her and asking the question. The conversation was recorded and can be heard by anyone with an internet connection . Obama should be impeached and thrown out of office and in to jail . The media has hidden all of this information or denied it .

    • both his parents were not citizens when he was born. that makes him ineligible.

    • his mother didnt get her citizenship until marco was born...

    • The citizenship status of Rubio's parents is irrelevant. As long as Rubio himself was born in the US, he is a citizen by birth, and eligible to become president.

    • His parents were NOT born in America. But what the heck. We know nothing about our current 2 term POTUS either. As least Rubio has stated facts and not hid them.


    • The Constitution does not require that one's parents be citizens, only that the candidate himself be a natural-born citizen.

  13. Thank you for reporting Marco Rubio's ineligibility. I'm so tired of articles promoting ineligible candidates that I could scream! It makes Republicans look so corrupt and crooked, just as dirty as the Democrats. Than you again. And, Stand with Rand!

    • I'm with you on the promotion of Marco Rubio. I have frequently pointed out that his
      parents were not US citizens until he was 4 years old. Just because the dems did it, and got away with it due to the pussy-wussy repubs, doesn't mean it's OK for us to do it, too. I would hope that we would more honor than the cheaters who put hussein into the White House.