NRA Addresses CPAC 2013

Tomorrow at 10:45 a.m. EST, National Rifle Association's ( NRA ) Wayne LaPierre will be delivering a very important speech at CPAC that every gun owner in America needs to hear. Please tune in here at to watch the speech live. A Replay of the video will be archived here shortly after the live speech for those who are unable to view it live.

Time – Wayne is scheduled to take the stage at 10:45 AM ET/ 9:45 AM CT (We do not control the schedule for this event. Even though this is very unlikely, I would still like to note that times are subject to change).
Place – Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC
Transcript – A full transcript of Wayne's speech will be available here as soon as the speech concludes on Friday morning.

Download the Transcript here.

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  • Dennis Gobule

    He needs to dig his heels in against background checks altogether !! Just what about SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do you not understand ?

  • A. Levy

    I've been an NRA member for a very long time, and agree with their positions almost 110%. But i truly wish they would find a better spokesperson than Wayne LaPierre. Yes, i'm aware of how much hard work he's done for the organization, but IMO, he (is not) a good public speaker. He comes across as weak, confused, and not up to the vicious fight we now have on our hands.

    Right now, with so much at stake for those of us who believe in our 2nd Amendment rights, he (should not) be our public face or voice.

    • R.R.

      I respectfully disagree. Wayne is the perfect spokeperson. He is willing to dig in his heels and fight courageously, even if the media trashes him personally. He pulls no punches and always comes out swinging.