Tyranny: The Founding Fathers Took A Stand Against It. Now It Is Our Turn

The Department of Homeland Security and police forces label anyone who they disagree with  or who disagrees with government policies as terrorists.We have already seen how FEMA refers to the Founding Fathers as terrorists.

In the early years leading up to the first American Revolution our founding fathers were demonized by the majority of their fellow citizens. In fact the media of their day (newspapers) even went so far as to label them as kooks, wack jobs and people who needed to be institutionalized. This was an ad hominem attack in an attempt to destroy their creditably and turn their fellow citizens against them. Sounds like what we have been hearing from the TRAITORS in D.C. for years from members of both parties.

Patrick Henry in his historic speech Give me liberty or give me death said:

Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.

Unfortunately, many who call themselves PATRIOTS are, in fact, not our fellow countrymen, but should be considered TRAITORS as they are afraid to speak out and criticize government policies out of fear of what may happen if they do. Many who do speak out are being politically correct when they do, and tout the fact they have not been labeled wack jobs by the media and fellow Americans. This clearly shows they are not doing enough to shake up the tyrants, based upon historic precedents.

One opposes tyranny, or one enables it. There is no middle ground and time is not an ally. Wrapping tyranny in the flag and calling it security makes it no less evil.

In fact, some who many call Patriots are supporting other so called Patriots who voted for and wrote the infamous bill known as the NDAA 2012. To see the full list of traitors in the House and Senate, along with their twitter addresses who voted for the NDAA click here.

Allen West helped to write the most egregious evisceration of the Bill Of Rights and attack on civil liberties in U.S. history. See the proof of thishere.

Mr. West's "YES" vote to NDAA gives unprecedented power to the office of the president.  How interesting that he gives such power to the very man he claims to detest so vehemently.  Indeed, with his vote supporting NDAA, Mr. West voted with all of the people above quote he would like to "get the hell out of the United States of America." He then went on CNN and denied saying it. Allen West's vote for the NDAA was bipartisan with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In January of 2012 West said that indefinite detention did not apply to American citizens. However, just a few months later when the Smith/Amash amendment was introduced to clear up any misunderstanding in the NDAA in regards to indefinite detention, he spoke out against it and voted against it. If it is to clear that issue up, then why would Mr. West oppose it? Why would others oppose it? It seems quite clear that the way it was presented in January is not the way it actually is and one need look no further than the story of Brandon Raub.

This is our new normal. Strip the Constitution, get people fearful that there is a terrorist under every rock and we must strip away civil liberties to be safe! Wake up, America! We're a shadow of our former selves. All the things our forefathers fought for to establish our country, we are slowing giving up.

Allen West is proud to have assisted in the near nullification of our Bill of Rights. When does the hero worship stupidity end and the holding accountable to the Constitution begin for this despicable act? The silence is deafening.

Additionally Federal Courts have openly declared they are just fine with indefinitely detaining American citizens.

The Department of Homeland Security and police forces label anyone who they disagree with or who disagrees with government policies, or who support the Second Amendment as potential terrorists.

Don't believe me?

Well, according to a law school professor, pursuant to the Military Commissions Act, "Anyone who … speaks out against the governments policies could be declared an unlawful enemy combatant and imprisoned indefinitely." That includes American citizens.

Anyone who disagrees with the acceptable way of looking at things is a terrorist.

How is this different from Stalin or Mau's use of labels such as “enemy of the state?

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About Jim Stachowiak
Jim is the founder and editor of Freedom Fighter Radio. He refers to himself as an "Armed Infidel and Crusader Against The Beast’s Organized Religion of Government (The BORG), Islam, and any other Satanic Death Cult that would destroy our Liberty." Jim believes in and speaks out when he believes people are completely out of line and espousing views that endanger the United States Republic.
  • becky

    That kind of an assumption only leads to ONE conclusion: our government has forgotten that the STATES and CITIZENS give it life. AND THAT when the government gets OUT OF CONTROL, the citizens may TAKE IT AWAY FROM THE TRAITORS and remove them from any office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Vomacka/100000299446344 Jim Vomacka

    Don't forget the FEMA camps set up around the country to hold us when obama's henchmen gets the drift that we are getting ready to take back our country from the usurper sitting in the white house. They have the camps set up, have the arms, and yes, have plenty of plastic caskets for the patriots. When it starts hitting the fan the best thing is to move out from the address they have listed on gun checks. Because the first thing they will do is get your guns or put you in a camp.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrpaulpoole Paul Poole

    Jim, have you forgotten what happened to the Montana Freemen? That was long before the NDAA.

  • freedomringsforall

    Yes it is our trun

  • http://www.facebook.com/CookerT David Cook

    I almost think that it's too late. We should have known this was coming long ago. Now Obama and the Dems are going to crush us on this gun control thing as it seems they are always getting their way as it is. I hate to see it but he just doesn't care about the people who have to live in bad areas of the country and really need protection since the police have made it clear that they can't stop the shootings and drug dealing with the manpower they have to work with. Police and fire are always the first to be cut back when the buget need to be balanced. I now this first hand since I'm trying to live on a police pension. I can't.

    • WorryNot

      Never too late ...never too early. It's always the right time to abolish tyranny.

  • randy

    We as a nation are coming Full Circle..we fought for freedom from tyranny and taxation, and with alot of sacrifice and blood formed a more excellent union. How far we have fallen from grace. When you push a dog into a corner..you are going to get bit. Wh en you corner a mad rabid dog ....your going to get mauled. I'm just sayin. When people have ...collectively had enough, and this becomes personal, we might have a ballgame.! I believe we are in sudden death

  • Robert Gunther

    We need to stop this now, it seems local, State and Federal Government
    believe The People no longer run this country.

    All constitutionalists, Patriots and gun owners need to take
    a stand now.

    We need to bring a class action suit on any branch of
    government or individual elected which took an oath, state local and federal
    which believe the constitution no longer applies for negligence, (The Federal
    Tort Claims Act) start at the federal level and work our way down giving
    local governments a chance to repeal the tyrannical laws place upon The People.

    How many politicians feel the Constitution is irrelevant? Every
    elected official needs to keep the oath they have sworn to as they entered
    office. If they don’t they should immediately be removed from office and lose
    all future benefits that are provided by the taxpayers. If they took the oath
    of office intending to disregard or go against the Constitution, they are
    guilty of perjury and should go to prison for the standard 5 year sentence. If
    they are trying to usurp or destroy our constitutional government, they should
    be put on trial for treason. This is what the law of the land prescribes. It
    should also be what the American people demand.

    Congressional Oath of Office

    I (name) do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the
    Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and Domestic; that I will bear
    true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely
    without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well
    and faithfully discharge the duties of office on which I am about to enter;

    It seems the Supreme Court, Congress and the Senate can’t or
    won’t stop the insanity, our future and Americas future seems to be a game to
    most politicians in office today.

    There are lawyers out there who are constitutionalist,
    Patriots and gun owners that can start the process. Start a petition web site
    so the administration knows we are serious.

  • jarnkm

    There have been MANY, over the decades that fully qualified, in their known and secret, but later revealed activities, to be on an open list of "TRAITORS", a "Clear and Present Danger". These very same people were and are no different than those targeted on foreign soils to be "taken out" by snipers in OUR Own Military Services. There have also been many, and most well made, movies that should have awakened Americans to the aproaching internal warfare. However, "We the Sheeple" chose to accept them as just "Good Intertainment" and accept the old Government Lie that: "We here in America should never worry about such ever happening on our soil"!! Considering those, that by their actions over the past decades, that should be on that same or similar list ... it is amazing and uncomforting at just how many are in very high political and financial positions in this once great nation!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/CookerT David Cook

    The arrogance of this administration will soon come to an end as soon as the American people start to see they no longer have the rights that their fathers and grandfathers once had. Once one goes, the rest will not be worth the paper their writen on. The lying about Benghazi and fast & furious seem to be fading and will soon be non existant only manifests the ability of our elected officials to get away with criminal acts as long as we do nothing to protest and let these peoploe know that they are not better than our for fathers nor are they any better than we are. We elect this people to represent us. I think we have forgotten that. I read every day how our tax dallors are being squandered by criminal acts of embezzelment and fraud by members of the Senate along with polital appointees and it makes me sick to my stomach how they can keep getting away with things that an average American Citizen would be strung up for. This double standard should not be tolerated what so ever. It's not good enough for someone to come clean once they have been caught as Menendez has done. Oops, I forgot to tell my constituants about my flights to the Phillipines to screw little children. Or about the voting polls being so crrupt that it might have changed the results of the election. Or a democrate in Florida who embezzed millions of dallors of tax payers money so that she had a gambeling problem. This crap must stop but they won't unless we tell the how we feel about using their possitions to facilitate their bank accounts. All I can say is that my fingers are sore from sending letters to my representatives on how I feel about the way our country is being run right now. I'm embarrassed to tell paople about what is going on in our country. I can only hope that my input will do some good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tncdel Tnc Del

    The globalists traitors in the Dems, GOP and even the Libertarians [Gary Johnson] are the enemy of America.

    Gary Johnson is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. Claims to be a "strict constitutionalist." But almost completely disregards one of the Constitution's core tenets; namely: domestic national defense against the illegal alien invasion.

    Johnson is so bad that non-partisan NumbersUSA rated him almost as bad as Obama [who they rated an F minus]. Johnson rated an F! See:


    Further, Johnson is a LEFTWING "politically correct" activist who spits on the Constitution. He hoodwinked Libertarians much like the commie-socialists were able to hijack the Democrat party from the true Liberals.

    The New World Order is infiltrating the Libertarian party using Johnson, and many sleep on him.

    For example, a homosexual man has THE EXACT SAME RIGHT under the Constitution as does a heterosexual man to marry a woman. But the fact that he does not wish to do so, though his prerogative, does NOT create for him another right; namely: to change the heterosexual definition of marriage handed down to us by our ancestors.

    But the leftwing "politically correct" globalist activists like Gary Johnson want to invent new rights. In fact, Johnson even opposes letting each state decide that. He wants a federal law imposed that enshrines the unconstitutional tampering. See:


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Wilson-Kingsley/100000397000382 Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Thank you! A great article!

  • m123s

    The Americans revolted against extortion, in the form of taxes, for protection/defense; Brittish soldiers were a part of the problem. The Glabal Agenda, must be financed - hint, hint.

  • d2arace

    this will answer your questions about tyranny

    copy and paste on you tube

    2ThLwfwKZlc list

  • haroldjohnson

    Not my quote , As I heard it once before, "if the founding fathers were considered terrorists and any persons who speak out against the will of our government are branded as traitors, then we can only surmise that our current administration is a clear and present danger to the United States of America and must be dealt with as one. "

  • http://www.facebook.com/shde.tree.3 Kevin Doty

    I disagree with them for the record. Guess i know whats next.. Very good post needs to be brought to light. Time for people to start facing the facts.